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mixed wrestling leotard headscissors femdom fight

Update: 13.05.2016
Gallery W-405 "Natasza vs Hardy"

    Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.


Hardy says: "I believe a girl can kick a guy's ass in wrestling even if she's weaker. Here's why: Girls are more flexible than guys and in wrestling that is a huge advantage. We don't get to swing those fists and what not so they don't have to worry about that. In a wrestling match it's about flexibility and leg strength. Girls naturally can use their legs better than guys and can put on better squeezes. Maybe cause they have to carry babies their legs are naturally better. So let's have an example here. A girl takes the guy down. Then she can pin you down by stretching out your legs with her until you beg for mercy. Or she could work her legs up around your hands and humiliate you with a school girl pin and then headscissor you. If you won't allow her to do that, she can just wrap her legs around your body and bodyscissor you. And once a girl locks her leg on you there is not much you can do. Now let's imagine you get the takedown. Then she can squeeze her legs around you and bodyscissor the crap out of you and turn you around using her legs and get on top. If you are on top and have her legs trapped on the inside with your legs she can just stretch the crap out of your legs with hers as she is more flexible until you wince in pain and then she can regain control by getting her legs on the outside and scissoring or by flipping you over while you are in pain. Guys can't scissor like that, it's just awkward for us and we don't have that sort of skill, however for girls it seems to be very natural and once trapped you can't do absolutely anything. In the worst of situations she can grab the shit out of your balls and then get control of you and dominate you".


Natasza says: "I like being a girl cause I can hurt guys. That was the first time I ever saw a boy get hit hard in the balls, and I remember thinking that it made me so glad to be a girl! The girls take such pleasure in kicking and punching the guys in the balls. They laugh and giggle because a smaller, weaker girl can overpower a bigger, stronger man with surprising ease. It's perfect to control a man by holding his testicles in my hands and using pressure to transform him from self-confident, aggressive and dominant, to insecure, pitiful and submissive servant. Young girls must be sure in their physical superiority above their male partners, and exploit their natural advantage without hesitation when necessary, commanding instant respect from their male opponents! I love to see my male opponent curl up and beg for mercy when I can totally control, paralyze or even kill a huge man with one hand is amazing. It really is the end of the world for men when girl's foot hits them. This wrestling match gave me a sadistic satisfaction. I have trodden on poor Hardy's toes with my stiletto heels, kneed him in the groin and kicked him in the shin. Finally he was crawl under me and begged me for mercy. Nothing sexier than a girl standing over a helpless boy, clutching his balls!"



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