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big breasts muscle woman high cut leotard victory pose fighting femdom

Update: 31.05.2019

W-574 "Battle of lovers"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

They were born in the same hospital, grew up on the same street. They went to the same elementary and middle schools. In high school they were sweethearts and in collage lovers. They both got a degree in physical education. They had hoped to some day teach and coach sports at the same school. The two were inseparable, up to a little over a year ago. What happened is any ones guess but they have not spoken to each other since then.

The plain was to build a nest egg from wrestling on the private club circuit; maybe to win the tag team title then start teaching. Those plains had changed. They now wrestled singly. The last year had been good to both Billy and Kim there separate careers were going well, they were undefeated and moving up in the ratings. The only problem was to move ahead they now had to wrestle each other. The match was signed and the date set.

Kim had decided to pull out all the stops, she will dazzle Billy with her wrestling ability and with her attire. She had a special new outfit made just for this match. In her dressing room she begins to get ready. She puts on a sheer purple nylon leotard. Purple satin gloves cover her arms and she laces up high cut purple boots. She looks more like an exotic dancer than a wrestler. The purple lace and rhinestone cape only adds to the look.

Billy also has made plains to shine. He has no though of loosing, and wants to look good in victory. He wears a white satin thong jockstrap and tight biker shorts made of sheer white nylon. 

They come to the ring amid the cheers of the crowd, the betting as usual is heavy for a special match. Billy seems to be the favorite of the big bettors, though no one is sure who the best wrestler is. The referee gives her usual instructions and sends the two wrestlers to their corners to wait for the bell.

The match starts to fast for Kim. Billy runs from his corner and slides across the ring and traps Kim's legs in a scissors and brings her face down on the mat. He folds one leg over the other and puts on the pressure. Billy pushes on the toe of Kim's boot and soon has her shouting in pain. Kim twists and turns trying to escape the hold. She can not get hold of Billy, so she claws and wiggles her way to the ropes, grabs on the bottom rope to break the hold. The count reaches three before Billy lets her go. Kim gets to her feet and again ties up with Billy. They push and shove, twist and turn. Billy drives Kim into a corner, plants a boot in her mid section a flips her over onto her back. She gets up off the mat only to be put in a front headlock.

Billy sends several forearm smashes down on Kim's back. He then snaps her over in a suplex that crashes her down on her back. Kim is stunned the match is less then ten minuets old and she is in serious trouble. Billy pulls her up and twists Kim's wrest in an arm wringer. Kim clutches at her shoulder trying to ease the pain. Billy interlocks her fingers, bends her hand up and forces Kim to her knees. Kim cries out "MY ARM, MY ARM - PLEASE BILLY DON'T BREAK MY ARM". Billy puts his hand on her shoulder and pushes her face down on the mat. He places one white boot on Kim's wrest and stomps her arm with the other. Billy gets in four or five good kicks before the ref makes him break. He then takes Kim's satin gloved arm and bends it into a hammer lock and chicken wing. Billy then pulls up on her arm and raises her head and shoulders off the mat. Kim knows what's coming. In a panic she kicks her legs, and paws the air with her free hand trying to reach the ropes. Billy bounces her several more times. Kim is helpless she pleads with her former lover " PLEASE BILLY NOT THIS - DON'T DO THIS TO ME". On the third bounce he lifts her off her feet. Kim is kicking and twisting, screaming as she tries to get free of the hold. Her purple boots dangle off the mat, Billy has her in a flying hammerlock an unbelievably painful submission hold. Kim is no longer a skilled and athletic wrestler, she is now like a rag doll as Billy swings her back and forth increasing the pressure on the hold. Kim begs the referee " PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP - I SUBMIT - I SUBMIT - LET ME GO - I GIVE UP - I GIVE UP !!!! Billy lets her fall to the mat, his arm raised in victory. Kim sits on the canvass her legs out stretched rubbing her arm and shoulder not yet believing her defeat. The first fall had taken only 15 minutes and she has been humiliated. The last thing she ever wanted to do was to submit the fall to Billy.

The two minutes between falls went by to fast for Kim, she was rubbing and massaging her arm trying to get feeling back. Billy spent the time leaning against the turnbuckle his arms draped over the top rope. The next fall for Kim will be deadly serious she has not given Billy enough credit. She can not be defeated again.

The bell sounds for the second fall. The wrestlers leave their corners, Billy moves with the coolness of victory; Kim is slow and careful. They lock up collar and elbow. Billy backs Kim into the ropes bends her over the top rope and sends a knee to her stomach. The ref breaks them and warns Billy. Kim is angry a being caught off guard again. They lock up again Billy begins to push Kim back toward the ropes. As she backs up she puts a boot in Billy's stomach and pulls his head and shoulders. Billy is flipped over on his back. Kim raises him to a sitting position and digs her fingers into Billy's neck and shoulders. She has him in a nerve lock. Billy screams with the pain "OH GOD NO !!! " The ref asks him if he wants to give up " NO " he tells her. Kim is now squeezing as hard as she can. He again says " NO " after being asked to give up a second time. As Kim releases the hold she kicks Billy as hard as she can in the back of the neck. He falls on his back arms out to his sides waiting to be pined. Kim has other ideas, she pulls him back to a sitting position puts her knee between his shoulder blades and yanks his chin. Billy again cries out in pain. Kim pulls and jerks on his chin, he is asked again if he wants to give up his answer is the same " NO ". Kim lets him fall to the mat. Billy makes no effort to get off his back, almost like he wants her to end it by pinning him. He will not get off that easy. Billy is pulled up by the hair; Kim grabs his wrist and twists his arm into a wringer. 

She pull him to center ring and whips him into the ropes. Kim is waiting as he races back at her, she gets him by the chin locks her free arm over his head around the Temples and begins to squeeze. Billy is trapped in a Sleeper Hold. He desperately claws at Kim's arms; he paws wildly in the air trying to reach the ropes. There is no hope Billy is caught in the middle of the ring, he can not escape. He begins to slowly sink to his knees. His arms become weaker they are now only slapping at Kim's. They soon fall to his sides useless unmoving. The referee ask Billy if he wants to give up, there is no response. She lifts his arm and lets it fall to his side; twice more she lifts it and sees it fall. The second fall is over Billy has been knocked out by Kim's sleeper.

The time between falls is used by Billy's trainer to try and revive him. Billy spends most of it flat on his back not knowing what has happened. With only 20 seconds left in the rest period Billy has gotten to his feet, and is standing in his corner. Kim looks at his eyes, they are glassy and out of focus. Billy is out of it he does not seam to know what is going on.

The bell sounds and Billy moves out of his corner, his legs are weak he can not seam to move as he should. Kim shows him no mercy; she grabs him between he legs and behind the head. Billy is scoped off the mat and body slammed, his back arching in pain. Kim pulls him up reaches between his legs lifts and slams Billy again. Billy is dazed and disoriented he makes no attempt to get to his feet. He looks up at Kim almost begging her to end this torture and pin him. Kim has no pity for Billy as she looks down on her former lover. She takes hold of Billy's legs twists one over the other and flips him on his stomach. Kim sits on his back puts one of Billy's arms over her knee then does the same with the other, she pulls hard on his chin. Billy is trapped in a Camel Clutch. The third fall is less than two minuets old and Billy is helpless. The referee is not in position to hear his surrender " I SUBMIT" he cries, but the hold is not broken. The ref is finally in front of Billy, she hears him beg " PLEASE - KIM - PLEASE - LET ME GO- NO MORE - I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE ". She asks him if he gives up " YES-YES - I GIVE UP - I GIVE UP- LET ME GO. The ref tapes Kim on the shoulder and tells her Billy has given up. As the ref turns to raise Kim's hand in victory Kim pulls harder on Billy's chin she will make him pay for their break up. Billy is now kicking his legs wildly and trashing from side to side in an effort to escape from Kim's crushing hold. Billy's trainer is on the ring apron shouting at Kim to let his wrestler go " LET HIM GO-LET HIM GO- HE GAVE UP-LET HIM GO". Billy is almost in tears as he cries out to the referee " MAKE HER STOP- PLEASE-MAKE MAKE HER STOP- I SUBMIT- NO MORE- I SUBMIT". The referee's count reaches four before Kim lets Billy fall to the mat, and stands over her beaten former lover. Her hand is raised in victory now everyone knows who the best wrestler is.

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