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woman vs man bloody femdom fighting steel spikes high heels kicking

Update: 04.01.2019

B-553 "Fiona's triumph"

Gallery size: 240 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, ballbusting, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, bloody action.

It is Fiona's 103rd cage fight in her favorite arena - the rules were as always: no rules, and it’s either castration, or getting raped by them.

However, this time was special as they got to choose a weapon. Her obvious choice to go for a whip and it turned out that the male had chosen a spiked club. The club was a strange choice as it looked really brutal and one hit should do the job, but naturally it was equally uncontrollable and slow piece.

The bell rang and Fiona was getting aroused thinking about leashing the whip to his balls from below right away. But it was too dangerous because in the worst case (or best?) the whip could have ripped through the scrotum and tear off the testicles ending the match in few seconds. Fiona just could not afford to go for that as her pay was also depending on the duration of the match and he looked perfectly clumsy even without the club to be played a bit. It is amazing how can they find these guys...

They circled each other, the oaf swinging a club and Fiona taking a lash to his ribs. There was a loud crack and the first drops of blood were escaping from the trace. But Fiona also cried out. It turned out that the oaf had strongly jerked his club hand reacting the pain and the spiked club had scratched Fiona's hand also drawing some blood. It was the whip holding hand and she dropped it!

The crowd was intensified, but some of her old colleagues were not too worried. Sofia - the extremely muscular fighter - smirked explaining her admirers that although Fiona is not built of marble, she will pull herself together and make the way out of perilous situation by agility as a number of times before. The reason why organizers liked Fiona was her making mistakes sometimes whereas Sofia was a tad boring due to being overly efficient in the ring.

He went offensive really trying to take her out. The club was swinging powerfully, but slowly enough to not be a real threat to her. Fiona avoided it like dancing ballet while learning about the speed and his vulnerabilities. She had recovered and was not blinded by the adrenaline and decided to continue her stile. Instead of ripping his nutsack apart with her spiked boots she ducked under the next swing turning her ass towards him and landing the right heel into his ribs from front. At a slightly different angle it would have punctured his lung directly. Maybe she still had overdone it or maybe it was precision, but this time it was breaking a rib with an audible crack.

The oaf bent over and Fiona jumped on him bending his arm so that he needed to release the club. It should not have been a dangerous weapon, but well, she did get some scratches in the beginning.

In any case - she was in total control now and decided to spend some time by showing off and entertain the crowd by practicing some submission poses before breaking his balls. After stretching his shoulders to extremes she went for camel clutch. She had heard it being possible to bend the victim so much that she should be able to reach his testicles while his erect member should be visible to the spectators from front. This would enable a spectacular show... However, she did not manage to get there and showed off by trying out other holds.

That went on for about 10 minutes and she had worn herself out a bit. This resulted in mistake with applying the body scissors. Her opponent was a real troll - clumsy but strong - and managed to stand up her on his back. Fortunately she did not panic and jumped off before the hulk would have caught her under him. In air she managed to note Sofia's smirk and knew that it was enough of fooling around. Although tired and injured they were back in fighting stances. Troll or not, but he felt the pain - the end started with her boot spikes sliding through his side. Followed up by her hands behind his head speeding up the way of his nose towards her knee. He turned his head a bit and took the blow with his shin. It was a massive one making him spit blood while bouncing off from the knee.

Fiona kept her arms interlocked behind his neck and stretched her right leg out. The crowd cheered when she pulled it forward kneeing his nuts with all she had. His troll face was filled with agony, he was not even able to scream, and she pulled it between breasts for a short while until his knees gave out completely.

She was not pleased! The oaf had come to rape her but had not got erection even once. He was weakened by the pain and she really had her way with him by switching between playing with his dick to get it hard and hard punches to testicles. He meekly plead for mercy and wanted to submit but it was not this kind of fight. Fiona took him in reverse head scissors muffling his pleas with her crotch. The majority of spectators were familiar with her stile knowing that she is about to end it and really focused on the action as her hands were closing around the swollen right testicle.


It gave away and she did enjoy it all - his hands grabbing her buttocks, his screams simulating her sex, and her fingertips pulverizing the pieces of the remaining testicle. She climaxed violently and the spectators were cheering. Regaining her senses she approached the cage fence and made some victory poses. It pleased her to see that the male spectators were also enjoying the show instead of sympathizing like the Brad guy. She will choose better next time although Brad was some fun too in the end. Otherwise she might still be retired.

The spectators roared seeing that the troll was getting on all fours. She picked up her long lost whip and ran towards the oaf kicking his chin, spikes bloodying his face. He lands on his back knees parted. She cannot hold back any further and lashes with the whip. The aim is perfect - it lands a bit below the limp dick on the left testicle.

*thud - squelch*

She steps over the sobbing troll catching one of his hands under her boot. She lowers herself to access the remains and traps his other hand under her knee. Although the second testicle exploded into pieces he is spasming in pain when she probes the scrotum making sure that the work is done. She did not feel sorry for him, but milking the limp member with one hand she squeezed the sack holding other one into a fist. It was a successful attempt - his eyes bulged in his last unspent sperm oozed out together with testicular viscera and blood.

Using the blade hidden into her whip handle she separates the limp dick, presents it proudly to the crowd and ends misery by pushing her heel through his ear.

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