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mixed wrestling holds leotard femdom ryona leglock

Update: 09.07.2021

W-684 "I can never win!"

Gallery size: 270 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s been almost 9 months since Angle and I lost the tag match to my wife and his mother. Since that lose we have been doing very well in the tag team division. In fact in that time we are undefeated. We have also risen in the rankings to the number 3 contenders. However tonight we face are biggest challenge. We will be facing the team of my wife and my daughter. They are a new team having wrestled together only 4 times, but they have also won all four matches. 

In our dressing room my teenage partner and I are talking about our plains for the match. We are hoping that this will be a more even match that before. As my daughter is only 19 yrs old and does not have as much experience as my partner angle. Only time will tell.

Angle and I begin to get ready. Slipping out of our street cloths we get into our wrestling gear. Angle slips on his spandex jockstrap. He then begins to wiggle into his shiny gold metallic body suit. It takes him several minutes to get into the suit. It is very tight and very reveling it shows off all his curves and bulges. The suit runs from his neck to his toes. He then laces on his shiny gold boots and finally his shiny gold gloves, the gloves go from his finger tips up to his elbow. 

As for me, I pull on very shiny dark tan pantyhose, then my shiny white thong. Next come my shiny white boots. We are now both ready to head to the ring for our match. In another dressing   room our opponents are also getting ready. My wife and daughter begin their preparations. They both slip on and pull up shiny black pantyhose. Next comes their dark red leotards. They too are very shiny. Then comes their dark red boots. Mother and daughter are now ready to wrestle, taking on Angle and I.   

I will start the match for our team and my wife will start for the female team. The bell sounds and the match is on. I exit my corner and move to the center of the ring to engage my wife. I need to be very careful as she is very fast and almost always tries to quickly get behind her opponent. I am ready for this move and anticipating it.  

I am shocked and stunned as she leaps in the air. Instead of trying to get behind me. Almost instantly the heel of her shiny red boot slams into the side of my head. My head snaps back and my eyes roll up into me head. I am all but out. The kick has stunned me badly. I have almost been knocked out by it.     

3 seconds into the match and I am almost unconscious. Instead of dropping to the mat I am shoot backwards into my corner. Lucky for me, my tag team partner, Angle alertly grabbed me. As he did he managed to tag me. The ref saw the tag being made and allowed Angle to enter the ring. 

Instantly after the tag is made, I drop to the mat. At that moment, I am out of it, having been knocked out y my wife. Angle enters the ring by leaping over the top rope. As he does, he kicks out with his legs, landing the bottoms of both his gold boots on my wife’s chin.   

The fans are stunned as my wife is staggered by the kick. She stumbles back a few steps and topples over backward onto the mat. Angle is on her in seconds. He grabs one one of her boots off the mat and twists and bends it into a STANDING LEG HOLD. For being only 19 yrs old, my partner is very strong and soon has my wife crying out in pain. "My leg-my leg. He’s trying to break my leg!!! 

My wife is stunned that she is in pain. It is almost always her that is causing the pain. She twists back and forth as she tries to escape. She waists a lot of energy trying to get away. It’s almost as if she has forgotten what pain in the ring is like. My gold covered partner does not let me wife out of ther hold. He obviously remembers what she did to him in out last tag team match. 

He now has her face down on the mat. He has her legs folded over each other and is leaning on them hard. He reaches forward and grabs her by her chin. Cupping both his hands under her chin he pulls back as hard as he can. 

My wife is stunned, she can’t believe what is happening to her. In the last 22 yrs, she has never been handled by a male wrestler like this. As she is trapped in the center of the ring, a tag is not possible. However, she still cries out for help. "DAM!!! He’s got me!!! Oh dear god, he’s got me!! Help me , please help me!!! He’s breaking my back!! 

Back in our corner I am completely stunned. I have never heard my wife cry out like this before. Angle has he locked up tightly on a modified CHIN LOCK-BACK BREAKER COMBINATION HOLD.He is in complete control of her. 

After several minutes of struggling she is very nearly exhausted. Looking up toward the referee she seems a beaten wrestler. In just a few more seconds the entire arena knows she’s finished.


And just like that it’s over. The first fall is over and we have won. In all our years of marrage that is the first and only time I have heard my wife submit to a male wrestler. 

I am so stunned by my partners victory I don’t know what to do. Finally I leap into the ring and wrapping my arms around Anglehug him. "You won man, you won!!!! I can’t believe you beat her!!! You made her submit!!! OMG, you made her submit to you. FANTASTIC!!!! 

In the center of the ring my wife is down on the mat and my daughter is trying to get her up. "Mom, are you alright? Can you get up? Come on mom you need to get to you’re feet!!! After a minute or so, my daughter helps her mother to her feet and back to their corner. 

Looking across the ring, I can see that my wife is in trouble. She’s never been beaten like tis before. It taks her all of the 2 minute rest period to recover from the first fall. I tell angle: "you have to be careful out there. She won’t be as easy to beat this fall. She’s ready for you now. PLEASE be careful!!!" Angle asures me he will be very careful. I am just not sure he will be. 

The bell for the second fall rings BONG!!! Angle is quickly out of our corner and going right at his opponent. 

He has made his first mistake. She sees him coming, leaps in the air and wraps her legs around his head and neck. 

She then flips forward, taking Angle with her. They both land on the mat, but with her ontop of him. She now has my partner in a HEAD SISSORS. It takes Angle a second or two to realize that he is caught in the sissors. As soon as he does, he begins to scream in pain. My head, oh god my head, she’s crushing me!!! She’s crushing my head!!" 

Angle begins to kick his feet wildly. He pull at my wife’s legs trying to get them apart. It’s no use, she is just too strong. Holding my partner tightly, she rolls to her side causing his neck to be bent back. Again she forces my partner to cry out, My neck, she’s going to break my neck!!!" Angle is totally trapped. He can’t break her hold on him. He is now on his back stretched out on the mat. Instead of trying to escaspe, he uses all his energy to keep his shoulders off the mat. 

After several minutes of struggle, she releases Angle and gets to her feet. As for my partner, he remains stretched  out unable to get up. My wife then runs to her corner and tags in my daughter. She enters and begins to batter Angle herself. 

Pulling my partner to his feet, she twists his arm up behind his back. Instantly he is up on his toes trying to ease the pressure on his arm. Using her free arm my daughter reaches across angle’s head, grabs his chin and locks a CROSS FACE on him. 19 yr old Angle in now trapped in an excruciating combination hold, CROSS FACE-HAMMER LOCK. 

"AAAAAAAAAHH!!! AAAAAAAAHH!! OH GOD, SHE’S STRONGER THAT HER MOTHER. SHE’S HURTING ME, SHE’S HURTING ME!!!!" Angle is in trouble again, this time caused by my daughter. He desperitly needs to get out of the ring. Sumining his remaining straingth Angle back up to the ropes , reaches out with his right arm and just bearly is able to touch my outstretched finger tips. 

The ref quickly tells my daughter that Angle has made the tag. "TAG-TAG, HE’S MADE THE TAG!!" She instantly sees what has happened. Releaseing Angle she moves down the ropes, with her back still to the ropes she grabs my head and snaps me over the top rope and flat on my back in the ring.    

I land hard and get the wind knocked out of me. I’m stretch out on the mat stunned. My daughter taks full advantage of me. Gabbing one of my shiny white boots she twists my leg around her’s. She has me trapped in a painful LEG LOCK. Holding tightly to my boot. She begins to twist my leg back and forth. 

To add more pain to the hold, she slides her boot over my exposed manhood and slowly presses down. I instantly begin to scream, "AAAAAAAHH!!!, OOOOOOHH!! She’s crushing me!! She’s crushing my manhood!!"  I try to pull her boot off of me but I don’t have the straingth. "Oh god it hurts!!! Stop please stop!!! You’re hurting me!!! You’re hurtinh me!!!! Let me go!!!! After almost another minute of this torture, my daughter moves her foot off my thong and releases my manhood. 

Not that it matters very much, I am almost completely exauted. Seeing that I am in trouble, my daughter moves to end the fall. She picks up my boots and bends my legs forward over me. She has me in a MATCH BOOK PIN. I struggle trying to escape or get my shoulders off the mat. I can do neighter. I am firmly pinned to the mat. The ref is quickly able to check my shoulders and knows that they are down. I can’t move, I am held tightly to the mat. I can’t believe how strong my daughter is or how ruthless she has become. She seened to have no problem crushing my manhood inable to weaken me. 


That’s it, I’ve been pinned. My daughter has pinned me, we have lost the second fall. The match is now tied at one fall apiece. The winner of the next fall will win the match.  

As for me, I’m stretched out on the mat with my daughter standing over me. I have not only been pinned but I am in  lot of pain. My daughter has also hurt me. Looking up I see my wife come over and hug my daughter. "Out standing job, sweetie!! You pinned him. You’ve won the fall by pinning your father!! Great work!!!" Both women head back to their corner. My tag team partner comes and knees down beside me. "Oh jeez man, she pinned you!! You’re daughter pinned you. We lost the fall and now we’re even. One fall each. We have to win the next fall." 

Slowly Angle gets me to my feet and back to our corner. I sit on the middle rope as I try to recover. Too soon, the bell for the third and decieding fall rings and I must face my daughter. Slowly I exit my corner and move to lock up with her. As soon as I do she quickly overpowers me. She locks fingers withn me and engages in a test of straingth. It’s a test the I can’t pass. With my arms in the air, she slowly bends my hands back. 

Inch by inch, my hands are bent. The pain is way too much for me. My knees begin to buckle and I m slowly driven to the mat. She holds me down on the mat for a minute or two. To me it seems like an hour. My fingers, hands, arms and shoulders are in excruciating pain. 

Suddenly she reverses my hands turning them upward. I am forced to rise as my hands are bent. Slowly I am back on my feet. However, she keeps bending my hands upward. I am forced to the very tips of my toes trying to ease the pain. My daughter has demonstrated a complete dominance over me. She is stronger, faster and a better wrestler that I am. 

Waiting in the corner, her mother is eager to inflict more pain on me. My daughter pulls me by my hands to her corner. Dropping one of my hands she tags in her mother. With my wife now in the ring, she takes up right were my daughter left off. 

My wife begins to work over my arms. She twists and bends them as hard asd hse can. After applying holds to both my arms and shoulders, she changes to my legs. She quickly knocks me down with a hard FOR ARM SMASH. I am sent backward landing on the mat face up. My wife then begins to work over my legs. Both legs are bent, twisted and pulled. 

By this time, I am completely drained. I have no straingth to fight with. My wife and my daughter have both battered me. There is no way I can win this fall. They have taken all the fight out of me. As too my partner, he is also in bad shape. Having taken a beating in the first fall. 

Having worked me over very well, my wife tags in our daughter. It seems a though she want’s her to finish me off. If that’s the case, my daughter is in full agerment. With my daughter in the ring, she rolls me face down on the mat. She steps on the back of my  thighs and locks my boots around hers. 

Reaching forward she digs her fingers into my side. This forces my arms back toward her. First she grabs one arm, then she grabs the other. Slowly she begins to rock back and forth. Fter several rocks it’s up and over. I am now looking directly up at the ring lights. My daughter has me trapped in a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. 

This hold is one of the most, if not the most painful holds in all of wrestling. In just a few seconds I am completely drained of all my remaining straingth. I can’t fight back and I can’t escape. My daughter will be able to finish me off in just seconds. That’s it I’m done. I have no choice but to surrender to her. My 18 yr old daughter will defeat me and win this match. The two women will have beaten both of us. 

"I’m done, you’ve beaten me!!! Let me go!!! Please let me go!!!! OH DEAR god I SUBMIT I SUBMIT I SUBMIT!!! YOU WIN, YOU’VE BEATEN ME!!! I’M DONE HONEY, I’M DONE!! OH PLEASE, LET ME GO I GIVE UP, I GIVE UP!!! YOU WIN!! I SURRENDER!!" 

With my final surrender my daughter lets me go and I fall to the may on my back. 

From across the ring my wife runs to our daughters side. The two women hug and then raise their arms over their heads in victory. I remain on the mat gasping for air. Angle comes and knees down beside me. "How are you partner? They put another whipping on us. We just can’t beat them. They are just too good fro us."    

Yes I know, we can’t beat them. Now with my daughter, they are even better. I never want to wrestle them again."

Angle helps me to my feet. We slowly make our way back to our dressing room. Angle unties his gold boots. He then peels off his shiny gold suit and heads forth the shower. I untie my white boots and take them off. In comes my wife and daughter. My daughter comes up to me and hugs me. "I’m so sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry I made you submit to me. It’s what the promoter wanted. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. 

Standing there in just my pantyhose and thong I put my hands on my daughters shoulders. "It’s ok honey. You’re supposed to win if you can. You beat me fair and squair. You got me ton subit to you. You did what you were supposed to. Both you and you’re mother are great wrestlers. I very proud of both of you!!" 

They then quickly leave. I slid off my thong and peel down my pantyhose. I never want to wrestle them again.

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