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woman vs man wrestling fingers breaking

Update: 31.07.2020

W-635 "Big night for wrestling II"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Just about an hour before Hunter Lawless suffered a catastrophic defeat in his title match, two rookies were introduced to the UWF fans. Both were young, good looking and making their debut in the ring. Allison Fernrock is a 20 yr old female and Nickolas Penske is a 21 yr male. Both have a long history of athletic achievement. Allison was a gymnast and an armature wrestler, in both high school and college. Nickolas spent both his high school and college career in wrestling. In fact "Nicky" as he is known to his friends was a Big-10 champion.  

Both of these young wrestlers has just graduated from the UWF pro-wrestling school. They meet at the school and began dating there, neither was happy to hear who their first pro opponent was going to be.  

With both young wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. Nicky in his corner is dressed in a red skintight spandex body suit with red lace up boots. He stands there with his arms spread and his hands holding the top rope. Across the ring is Allison, she wears a high cut yellow leotard with shiny brown pantyhose and yellow boots. Both wrestlers are nervous about the match. Neither of them wanted to wrestler each other.   

The bell sounds and the match is on. Nicky and Allison exit their corners and close in on each other. Nicky is the first to make a move. He gets Allison in a SIDE HEAD LOCK and begins to squeeze her. After a few seconds using a HIP TOSS, Nicky takes her to the mat.  Allison is now on her back in the center of the ring. 

Knowing she must keep her shoulder off the mat, Allison twists and turns for side to side. Nicky holds her down by resting his body across her chest. As he does, he also digs his elbow into her breasts. The combination of his weight and his elbow is making hard for her to breath. 

In a very quick maneuver Nicky flips Allison over so she is now face down on the mat. He stretches out her left arm and scissors it between his legs. He also wraps his arms around her head and pulls up on her chin. He now has her in a COBRA-LOCK. Allison instantly begins to cry out. "My neck, oh god my neck. OOOOOOUU that hurts!!" 

Allison struggles to escape as Nicky pulls her head up as hard as he can. Allison reaches out with her free right arm trying to grab the ropes. Slowly she inches her way to the edge of the ring and grabs the bottom rope. The ref tells Nicky to let her go. "Come on Nicky, break the hold she’s in the ropes." He complies with the ref and lets his girlfriend go. 

Allison pulls on the ropes and gets to her feet.  As she steps away from the ropes Nicky is quickly on her. Grabbing her arm he gives it a twist, then slings her across the ring into the corner turnbuckle. Allison slams into the buckle and bounces back toward Nicky. As she does he drives his knee into her mid-section. 

Allison doubles over grabbing at her stomach. Nicky takes her by the hair and gives her a knee-lift to the face. Allison’s head flies up and she falls over backward onto the.mat Nicky is instantly on her, grabbing one of her legs and lifting it off the mat. As he does he also twists it, while holding her ankle. As he twists her leg, Nicky stands on Allison’s other boot and spreads her legs wide apart. 

Allison is in serious trouble as her leg is twisted as well as being spread apart. Her hands swiftly reach between her legs as she cries out in pain. "AAAAAAAHH!!, he’s tearing me apart!!! Oh god it hurts!! He’s going to rip me open!! Hearing her screams the ref asks Allison if she wishes to submit. "How about it Allison, is the pain too much? Do you want me to stop it? Are you ready to submit?" Allison immediately answers "NO-NO, don’t stop it!! I can’t lose my first match!!". 

Pushing  herself across the mat, Allison eventually gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Getting to her feet, she knows she must do something to stop Nicky’s attacks. This time as he rushes in she manages to raise one of her boots and kicks Nicky square on the point of his chin. Nicky’s head snaps back from the impact. His body comes to an instant stop and quickly drops to his knees. Allison takes full advantage of the situation. 

Dropping to her knees in front of Nicky, Allison begins to pound him with fore arm smashes. Her fore arms smash into him over and over, crashing into his head, neck and chest. After 8 or 10 hard smashes a just barely conscious Nicky topples over onto his back. 

The ring announcers seem shocked by the turn of events in the ring.

"This is unbelievable!! A complete reversal of momentum!! Allison has roared back and his Nicky in big trouble!!" 

"Yes she does. For a debut match these two young wrestlers are really putting on a show!!!"

Back in the ring Nicky is now on his back with his legs bent under him. Allison has now doubled her hands together and is pounding Nicky’s abdomen. The ref moves in and forces Allison to stop pounding Nicky. She knees down beside the young male wrestler to see if he is still conscious. She pats his face with her hands "Nicky-Nicky, are you alright? Can you get up? Do you want to continue?" 

Clearly dazed by the pounding from Allison, Nicky none the less tells the ref he wants to continue. " Yes-yes, I want to continue!! I can still wrestle!" The ref tells him the he must get to his feet before the count of 20. Moving Allison back away from him the ref begins to count over the downed wrestler. "ONE-TWO-THREE" Struggling Nicky has rolled onto his front. "NINE-TEN-ELEVEN- TWELVE". Nicky is on his hands and knees.  "THIRTEEN-FOURTEEN" Nicky is now on one knee. "fifteen-sixteen- seventeen". Although he is on his feet he is till bent over and not standing up. "Eighteen-nineteen"  Finally Nicky has gotten to his feet. 

"That was very close. I did not thing he was going to make back up!!"

"I agree, I thought that Allison has surly knocked Nicky out!!" 

Up in the ring, Nicky was also sure the he had been knocked out by Allison. 

For the next 5 minutes Nicky and Allison exchange holds and escapes. The momentum bounces back and forth between the two young wrestlers. First Allison has Nicky on his back working over his legs. She stands on one of his boots as she splits his legs apart all the while twisting his other leg. "Oh god Allison, you’re going to break my leg!! OH, it hurts-it hurts," screams Nicky. 

Then just as fast it’s Nicky working over Allison. After freeing himself from her hold, Nicky gets Allison in a CROSS KNEE BACK BREAKER. The beautiful 20 yr old wrestler screams in pain as her male opponent bends her back over his knee. "My back-my back!! It hurts, jeeze it hurts so much!!" The pain from both these holds is pictured in their faces. 

Back and forth the match rages. Nicky gets Allison in a BOSTON CRAB. Although he has her screaming in pain he can’t make her submit. "NO-NO-NO, I won’t submit!! He can’t make me submit!!! 

Minutes later Allison locks a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK on Nicky. Now it’s his turn to scream in pain. "My legs!!! My legs!! OOOOOHH!! You’re hurting me!! OH god Allison you’re hurting me!!. But he too will not give up "NO, I won’t give up!!" 

On the match goes. Allison twisting and bending Nicky’s arms and legs. Then he twisting and bending hers. Both young wrestlers fighting back and forth trying to gain the victory. At this point the entire arena is on their feet cheering on both wrestlers. There seems to be no clear fan favorite, just everyone cheering on two battling wrestlers. The battle between them continues. 

After 11 minutes of hard and fast wrestling there seems to be a subtle change in the match. Most fans do not see it, but the momentum is slowly changing. Nicky seems to be tiring and Allison seems to be finding new strength.   

It is now Allison that has Nicky in an OVER THE KNEE BACK BREAKER. She has one hand on his chin and the other pressing down on his knee. A close look at Nicky’s eyes tells you everything you need to know. Nicky is in great pain but more that that he is frightened. He is trapped and does not have the power to escape. 

As Allison applies all the pressure she can on the back breaker, Nicky screams in pain "My back. Oh god my back. PLEASE Allison PLEASE, you’re breaking my back!! Let me go Allison, oh god please let me go!!!" The ref is instantly in place beside Nicky. "Is that it Nicky? Are you submitting the match to Allison?" 

Not wanting to lose his first match, just like Allison, Nicky also refuses to give up. Not wishing to hurt him to bad Allison continues to press down on his knee and chin. Twice more Nicky refuses to submit. 

She now knows she has to increase his pain if she hopes to win the match. She slides her hand off Nicky’s knee and up his thigh. Reaching his manhood she cups her hand around it and presses down as hard as she can. Allison can now feel Nicky’s manhood swelling in her grip. She knows that he is getting a DEFEAT BONER. 

As his manhood swells Nicky cries out in pain. "She’s got me, she’s got me!! She’s crushing my manhood!! Let it go, oh please let it go!! You’re crushing my manhood Allison, please let it go!!"   Once again he is asked if he Submits to her and once again he refuses. "Are you ready to submit Nicky? Do you want me to stop it? Shaking his head from side to side Nicky answers the ref: NO-NO!!!! Don’t stop it, I can still win. DON’T STOP IT!!! 

The ring announcers are very excited by this match, as they describe the action: 

"This has been an exciting and hard fought match, up to this point. However it seems as though the momentum has changed in favor of Allison" 

"Yes it does, Nicky is almost finished. He looks exhausted. Allison has him in a BACK BREAKER and he does not seem to be able to escape"

"No he doesn’t and on top of that he is getting a huge DEFEAT BONER. It looks as though Nicky is just about finished"  

In the ring Allison has tired of trying to get Nicky to submit to the OVER THE KNEE BACK BREAKER. She pushes him off her thigh and he lands on his back at her feet. As she stands over him Nicky has a look of terror on his face. He knows that he is going to lose his first match and at this point he just wants it to be over. "Please Allison, I’m finished. You’ve beaten me. Please, just pin me, I won’t fight you. Just pin me!!" 

An almost hart broken Allison knows that she cannot "JUST PIN NICKY". She knows that a big win will give her career a huge boost and she wants to win big. "I’m sorry Nicky. I want to win big!! I have to finish you off. I’m sorry." 

Grabbing Nicky by his boots Allison flips him face down on the mat. Still holding his boots she hooks them around her thighs. At this point Nicky knows what she intends to do to him and begins to scream: "NO-NO Allison, please don’t!! don’t do this to me!! Oh please no-no!!" But it is already too late. Allison reaches forward and claws at Nicky’s side. As she does his arm comes back and she grabs it. She then gets his other arm and pulls both of them back. 

She now begins to rock back and forth building up momentum. After several rocks she pulls hard on his arms and lifts him off the mat. She continues to pull and now his Nicky up and over, looking up at the ring lights. Nicky is trapped in a CELLING HOLD. He instantly begins to scream in pain: "My back, my back. You’re breaking my back!! Oh god no!! I can’t take this. It hurts, it hurts!!" 

Not wanting to inflict more pain on Nicky than she has to, Allison tells the ref: "Ask him ref, go on and ask his him. Does he submit to me. Ask him ref, ask him!!" Seeing that Nicky is completely helpless the ref asks "How about it Nicky, are you ready to submit? Have you had enough? Do you want to give up? As she beaten you?    

The look on Nicky’s face gives the answer. Tears have begun to run down his cheeks and  his face is the picture of great pain. Nicky is finished!! 


With his submission the match ends. Allison drops Nicky to the mat and he ends up on his back at her feet. The crowd is on its feet cheering the wrestlers. This has been one of the best debut matches in the history of the league. 

As for the two young wrestlers things could not be more different. Allison is standing over her beaten opponent with her arms in the air. She is elated by her victory. Nicky is still on the mat, with his hands covering his face. Battered, beaten and humiliated by his defeat.  

After a few minutes Allison kneels down beside Nicky. "Oh Nicky, I’m so sorry. Are you all right. I didn’t hurt you too badly did I?" Nicky moves his hands from his face. Allison sees the look of intense pain in his eyes and on his face. "You destroyed me Allison. I thought you were going to break my back!! Why-why, you could have just pinned me. Why did you make me submit to you, why Allison why?" 

Allison gets to her feet and looks down on Nicky. "I’m sorry Nicky, but I want to the champion some day and you were in my way. That’s why I beat you!!!"

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