CFNM mixed wrestling grapevine pin girl on top

Update: 01.12.2017

F-494 "Elaine vs Larry"

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I was hanging out with my girlfriend Elaine. We're both juniors in high and both on sports teams. I was on the baseball team while she was on the softball team and a cheerleader. I considered myself lucky to even talk to here. She was blonde with blue eyes and with a perfect body. She was just an inch or two shorter than me. I wasn't the best looking guy but I don't like thinking about it. One day we were at her place during summer break while her parents were at work and her sister was at summer school. We were watching Beverly Hillbillies the movie for some reason and we saw Elly May beat that boy at wrestling. She joked about how she could beat me.

"Yeah right," I said.

"Oh yeah?" she said. "I bet I can beat you right here right now. Take your clothes off!"

Dreaming about sex, I disrobed myself completely but she just removed her dress, she wore a black long sleeved leotard underneath. Seeing me naked, she giggled "You have no clothing on and no chance!"

We cleared the area in her living room and stretched.

"Three rounds , pin or submission," she said.
We were ready and started wrestling. I instantly had her pinned down. She got me off her but I had her down once again. I counted to three and I won the first round.


"You got lucky," she said.

We started round two and she got off to a good start. She got me in a headlock and gave me a noogie as she laughed at me. I got out but she jumped on me and had me pinned on the carpet. She got me in a grapevine pin. She was overall very athletic and the strongest part about her was her legs. She used them to spread mine out wide and I groaned in pain. She let go of my legs and got me in a schoolgirl pin. She gave me a kiss and I was already too worn out to get out. She counted to three and won the second round.

"I win baby!" she exclaimed giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"There's still another round," I said getting up.

"Don't worry it'll all be over soon" she said in playfull voice.

We took a five minute break to regain energy.

When we were ready we started. I got her in a headlock which she easily got out of it. She pulled my arm and knocked me down and tried to pin me but I got out of it. I tried to get her pinned but she rolled away from me. She knocked me down and proceeded to get me in a hammer lock. I overpowered her and almost got her in a hammer lock but she got away in time. I then threw her down and started to pin her but she managed to wrap her legs around my body and she got me in a body scissor. I yelled out and tried to get out but her legs were way too strong. I tried to make it through so she would wear our but she didn't and I tapped out.

"Yes I'm the better wrestler!" she exclaimed as she let me go. I just layed down getting some breaths.

"Aw," she said. "It's okay to be weaker than your girlfriend." She then straddled my face.

"Now I want to be pleasured in this pose," She said. "Loser pays."