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mixed wrestling girlfriend vs boyfriend young teens bikini erotic fighting

Update: 15.07.2016

W-416 "Natasa vs The Schmidt Family"

Gallery size: 240 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, catfighting, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Germany is not a well knowned land for wrestling. But here lives the family Schmidt: Karla (44 years old mother), Ulli (47 years old father and coach), Susanne (20 years old daughter, 170 height, 60 kg), the german champion in wrestling and son Ken (185, 85) a very strong and confident fighter in all known and practized fight-categories. Because oft he fact, that you can t earn a lot of money in Germany with wrestling,the family ordered a manager, to make the two young fighters well-known. This man has an old School-friend Zoltan Vardai who is the manager of Natasa the world champion in freestyle wrestling. Vardai looks at the videos oft he young Germans and said: Natasa would kill the two in a minute But if you pay what can I say 100.000 - I will agree and both Schmidt s will have the chance to get the world champion-title. A voluntary chance given by Nastasa. Schmidt s Manager said: This is okay. We have enough Sponsors to let this party happen In my fantasy Susanne had to start. What I needed is a absolutely dominating Natasa from the start to the end (in all fights) - There is an obviously difference in the appearing. Here the prettier and stronger than ever looking Natasia. There the young Susanne. A little bit smaller, in the weight ten kilogamm behind the champ. Nastasa asks her if this fight really should starting. The German chicken answers, that she never lost a fight. She throws two through the air flying fists. Makes a test with two karate-flying feets. Than Natasa is playing with her (maybe one minute) and finishes her with a combination body-scissors/full nelson. Of course the fight time was short. So she waits for Susannes Comeback. As the poor woman lifted her head, she becomes aware with Nastasas calves. The question: You want to give up and the second unconsciousness who knows the answer? As the stretcher brings susanne out oft he ring Ken is declaring his family revenge. Therefore Nastasa starts with a terrible kick to his jaw. Ken is out in his sockets but Natasa let the referee not count, mangles the young his torture not awaring young man through holds the wrestling-company had never seen. Nastasa is so aroused, that she did nt mention that Ken comes alive. The poor German tries to take a chance by biting Nastasa in the leg. What a mistake. Till now only playing with Ken she becomes really pissed off. With a combination of (jabs, karate chops, karate kicks) she nails him in the corner, where she held him with her strangling foot. Sliding slowly to the earth, she finishes him with an terrible axe-kick on his head. His unconsciousness body she puts between her thighs. The ref congratulate to her victory. A Smile in her face the hands in the air - she gives the poor Ken a two or three ribs cracking and breaking squeeze. Slowly a fluid of blood ouzes out of Kens mouth. The ref declares Nastasa in this match to the winner. Father Schmidt is looking for his unconscious beaten and bleeding son - an angry Mother Schmidt arrives the ring with an swinging umbrella. With her left hand Nastasia held the umrella-hand with her right the champion held the chanceless lady high in the air and chokes the pitiable mother out. Now Father Schmidt comes in action. As he saw, what happened to his wife, he storms to Nastasa. The hungarian beauty had enough - will end this horrible story. Taking the poor man in a standing front head-scissor, lookig with hand at her hips in his dying eyes, she didn t stop his misery. Going with his little body slowly on her right knee and turning to he right, with a crack she easily break his neck.

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