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Update: 09.06.2017

W-465 "Big surprise for Trevor"

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18 yr old Trevor Easton is pacing back and forth in his dressing room. He is very angry and is talking to himself This is a joke, it has to be a joke. Why would anyone put her in the ring with me? Again he continues to pace she's no match for me. What do they expect, do they want me to hurt her?  Trevor is dressed in his wrestling gear, light blue tights and blue boots. The only thing he doesn't have on is his TEEN CHAMPION BELT!! Trevor is the world champion of the teen division. He has been champion for over 2 yrs. In less than 7 months Trevor will have to relinquish his title as he moves up to the adult division.


As Trevor is still pacing the league promoter comes in to his dressing room. Just wanted to wish you good luck Champ. Have a good match."  A still angry champion stairs at the promoter. "Good luck, you wish me good luck. Is that a joke. Are you being funny? What do I need luck for. It's her that needs the luck. She is no match for me. I'll have to work just not to hurt her.

The promoter tells Trevor it calm down. The match is not meant to be an insult. "Listen Trevor, no one wanted this match. NO ONE!! A big money fan is paying huge to see his little girl wrestle. We will both make a lot on money. Just go out there and beat her. With that reassurance Trevor buckles on his title belt and heads to the ring.

Already in the ring is Trevor's opponent. Instead of cheering her or booing her most of the fans just laughed. Penny Morningstar is the youngest pro-wrestler in the world. She is 18 yrs old and has a very good record in the ring. She is 17 and 2 in the 19 matches she has wrestled. Both her loses came in her first 4 matches. She is dressed in gray and black and is ready to fight.

The ring announcer begins: "Wrestling fans, this is the main event. It is a one fall to a finish pin or submission. And it is for The World Teen Championship!! In this corner. He is undefeated and is the current WORLD TEEN CHAMPION!!! TREVOR EASTON!!!! And in the opposite corner. His opponent making her very first attempt at winning the title. PENNY MORINGSTAR!!"

Once again there is a murmur from the fans and some soft giggling. Trevor removes the world title belt from around his waist. Both wrestlers now await the bell to begin the match. In his corner Trevor pulls up his tights and makes last minute adjustments. Across the ring Penny does the same.


BONG!!!! At the bell both wrestlers move out of their corners. Trevor takes two steps when the soles of Penny's boots crash into him right at the waist line of his tights. He gasps OOOOOH! And grabs his stomach. Penny quickly climbs the ropes behind him. Jumping from the top turnbuckle in the corner she kicks his viciously high up on his back at his shoulders.

Trevor is sent face first to the mat. Penny is instantly on the downed champion. Sitting high on his back she pulls his arms over her knees and thighs. She cups her hands under his chin and pulls him up into a CAMEL-CLUTCH. Trevor is stunned by the young girls strength. His shoulders and chest are off the mat and bent back, a look of pain crosses his face.

Held tightly in his opponents Clutch Trevor is trying to seek a way out. He kicks his legs looking to hook the ropes. However, he is just not close enough. His mind races "I'm caught, how did she do this to me? She's so strong!!" Twisting and turning he manages to get his boot over the bottom rope and break the hold.

Penny is quickly back to her feet. Trevor struggles as he pulls himself up by the ropes. Slowly he moves off the ropes and tries to lock up up with Penny. The young wrestler moves quickly behind her opponent. She kicks on of Trevor's legs behind his knee. She instantly kicks his other leg the same way. The 18 yr old champion drops to his knees. Penny grabs his head and bends him back into a DRAGON-NECK-BREAKER.

Trevor screams in pain as his back and neck are bent. AAAAAAUUUU!! MY NECK!! Again the champion is surprised the by the youngsters power. "She's got me again!! She's really hurting me. I got to get free!!  Using his hands Trevor tries to pulls Penny's hands from around his head. He grabs her arms and struggles to free himself. "I've got to get out, I've got to get out. She's going to knock me out!!"

After a minute or so Penny lets go of Trevor's head and he falls forward to the mat. The crowd is stunned by what is happening in the ring. Everyone was sure that Trevor was unbeatable. Absolutely one believed that this very young girl posed any threat at all the the champion. But here she is in control of the match and in control of the 18 yr old title holder.

Over the next 5 minutes Penny puts on a display of wrestling holds. The champion is subjected to many painful holds. His arms are bent and twister. Both his legs are also bent and twisted. As he lies on his back Penny is working over Trevor's legs. She has his right leg up off the mat and is twisting it in a STEP OVER TOE HOLD. Trevor's leg is bent around Penny's and she is putting lots of pressure on it. Trevor's hands are at his knees trying to support his leg to ease the pain. Trevor's thoughts are confused and he seems a little scared. "She's working me over. I've got to get back in this match. I can't let her beat me."

Penny now drops Trevor's right leg and swiftly grabs his right boot lifting it off the mat. The young wrestler then begins to work on her older opponents right leg. First she steps on his left leg as she splits his legs as far apart as they will go. Holding his blue boot tightly she twists it as hard as she can. Trevor cries out in pain OOOOOOH!!!! MY LEG!! And grabs at his knee. Trevor's hands are wrapped tightly around his leg. He tries to pull it free of Penny's hold. Penny moves from a leg twist to a toe hold. She wraps her arms around Trevor's calf and pulls his leg out straight. Trevor again grabs at his knee. As she twists his knee back and forth Trevor grits his teeth trying to mask his pain. However the pain he is feeling is etched on his face. "My leg, she's going to break my leg!! This can't be happening to me. I should be winning this match."

Penny drops Trevor's leg. He instantly is relieved of the pain. "Thank god she let go of my leg!!" Trevor's relief is short lived. Penny reaches down, grabs Trevor by his hair and his arm and pulls him to his feet. Again Trevor is shocked by her strength. "She's so strong, how am I ever going to beat her?" Penny then twists Trevor's arm and whips him across the ring. He is shot into the ropes from the force of the whip. Rebounding off them he flies back toward Penny. As he gets close to her, she slams her fist into his mid-section just at the waistband of his blue tights. The air explodes out of his lungs "OOOOOFFF!!! Trevor grabs at his belly and drops to his knees.

Penny gives the 18 yr old champion no time to recover. Grabbing both his arms she pulls them away from his mid-section and twist them behind his back. Penny now has Trevor lock into a SURF-BOARD HOLD. Trevor seems dazed as his arms are bent behind him. He tilts his head back as far as he can and gasps for breath.


The champion struggles to get to his feet. He gets to a position where one of his feet is on the mat while his other knees remains down. He then struggles to both feet with his knees bent as well as his body at his mid-section. Penny then lifts his arms high as she holds them behind his back. Trevor is once again forced back down to his knees.

18 yr old Trevor Easton is in big trouble and he knows it. His very young opponent has battered him for the entire match so far. He is currently on his knees in the center of the ring with his arms stretched out behind him. He is frightened and very nearly exhausted. "I'm going to lose this match. She's going to defeat me. I've got to get free. I can't let her win. I can't lose my title to her!!" Trevor begins again to try and get to his feet.

Using almost every ounce of energy he has left the teen champion gets to his feet and to the ropes. He manages to get one of his blue boots over the bottom rope and out of the ring. The ref makes Penny break her hold on him. "Come on Penny, break the hold. Let him go, he's in the ropes."

Penny releases Trevor and steps back. Trevor stumbles backward into a the corner and grabs the top rope to steady himself. With his chin resting on his chest the champion looks dazed and almost out. The ref tells him he must start to wrestle or she will count him out. "Out of the corner Trevor. Come on, you have to start wrestling. I'm going to count you out". It is almost as if he does not hear her. Trevor makes no move to come out and face Penny again. The ref has no choice but to begin counting.

"ONE-TWO-THREE". Trevor looks at her with daze eyes. It's as though he does not understand what is happening to him. "What's she doing? Why is she count me. I need time to rest." FOUR-FIVE-SIX-SEVEN". "NO-NO you must stop counting me. I'm not ready. I need more time. PLEASE, don't count me out." After a few deep breaths Trevor release the ropes and steps forward.

Penny is on him instantly. She grabs the front waistband of his tights and pulls him forward. At the same time she slams her fist into his mid-section.  Trevor doubles over from the punch. Penny gets a Front Head Lock on him and pulls him to the middle of the ring. She then hip tosses his onto his back. Releasing his head Penny then drives her elbow into his stomach. The air rushes out of Trevor as he grabs his middle with both hands.

Kneeling beside her opponent Penny slams her fist into Trevor's mid-section over and over. Three, four, five punches slam into the champion's abdomen. The 18 yr old teen champion lies battered face up on the mat breathing deeply.

Penny stands over her opponent with her arms in the air. Everyone in the arena knows that all she need do is to fall on him for the pin and the title will be hers. As her hands are held in the air, her fingers suddenly curl into claws. She drops to her knees beside Trevor and her hands dig deeply into his belly. For a second there is no sound. Then all at once Trevor lets out a spine chilling scream. AAAAAAAH!!! OOOOOOOUU! He twists from side to side. He grabs her hands and tries to pull them off him. His face is a mask of pain as he struggles to free himself. "She's got me!! It hurts, it hurts so bad. She's going to make me submit!"

Penny knows that she has Trevor and he cannot escape. She knows that it is only a question of how long he can endure the pain. The smile on her face tells that she knows she will soon be the champion. Looking down on him she tells Trevor: "I've got you Trevor. I'm going to defeat you. You can't escape. I'm the new champion. Submit and I will let you go!!"


Trevor knows the Penny is right and that he is beaten. "I can't get free, I'm beaten. She's defeated me. I'm going to lose my title!!"

The ref comes to were Trevor is lying on the mat. "How about it Trevor? Are you finished, has she beaten you?? Do you want to submit? Tell me Trevor, you have to tell me!!"


Tears now run down the 18 yr old champion's face. Defeated and humiliated in front of all his fans he knows he has lost both the match and the championship. "YES-YES I'm finished, she's beaten me!! I SUBMIT!!!"

The ref tells Penny: "OK, that's it Penny. You've beaten him. Trevor has submitted". The sweet looking, 18 y.o. baby faced wrestler acts as though she has not heard the ref. She continues to claw Trevor's AB's. The now former champion is panic stricken. His AB's are on fire and he has no way to stop it. He again screams out his submission and pleads for his release: "LET ME GO!!! PLEASE PENNY LET ME GO!!!! You win, you've beaten me. Please stop hurting me!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!"

Finally Penny lets go of Trevor and gets to her feet. She stands over the defeated former champion with her arms raised and fists in the air. Trevor lies at Penny's feet holding his belly and moaning: "OOOHH! OOHH! She hurt me. Oh god she hurt me!!"  The ref sends Penny to her corner and kneels down beside the beaten 18 yr old: "Take is easy Trevor. You're going to be OK. I know it hurts but you'll be fine."

Leaving Trevor lying there she returns to her duties: "Wrestling fans, the winner of this ?match with an AB CLAW submission. And now the new WORLD TEEN CHAMPION PENNY MORNINGSTAR!!!!"

Penny has taken the world title belt from Trevor's corner and buckled around her waist. Coming to the center of the ring she again stands over her defeated opponent as the ref raises her arms in victory. Trevor covers his face with his hands as he sobs in defeat. The ref returns to were Trevor is lying and helps him to his feet. Bent over at the waist he slowly returns to his corner as Penny accepts the cheers of the crowd.