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mixed wrestling ballbusting femdom fighting

Update: 01.07.2016

W-413 "Champion's title defense"

Gallery size: 210 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 210 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), some male nudity in dressing room, no blood.


Well here it is, the night that many wrestling fans have been waiting for. The marquee says it all. Good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, America vs. terrorism: World Championship Match!! Two out of three falls, no time limit. The Champion The Super Hero American Geo Vs The challenger The Arab Princess Amada!

The champion makes his way to his dressing room along with his wife/valet Cathy. They have been married for almost three years just about as long as he has held the title. To call Cathy the champs valet is really a misnomer, she is far more than that. She's his manager, trainer and so much more.

In his dressing room they prepare for the title defense: you've got to be careful of this girl. She's tuff and mean. She likes to hurt people and she especially likes to humiliate them.

I'll be fine; you act like she's some kind of super woman. I'll figure her out and I'll put her away just like always.

Listen to me G don't mess around with her. She is super strong, maybe stronger that you. The best thing you have going for you is you're experience. Don't let her get to you and whatever you do don't let her get that back breaker on you. No one's ever escaped that hold. Trust me she can defeat you with that hold.

Yes mother, I'll be a good boy and win the match. I won't let her get me in the back breaker.

With that they smile at each other and fall into a loving embrace. A deep passionate kiss and a loving hug. The champion steps out of his shoes as Cathy unbuttons his shirt and he unbuckles his pants. Taking off his pants he hands them to Cathy and she hangs them up. He slips off his socks then stands and slides his underwear off. Standing naked in front of his wife he moans softly as she caresses his magnificent manhood.

Now it's Cathy's turn. She quickly removes her jeans and top, unhooks her bra and slides it off. She stands in front of the champion in just a silky white thong. He now caresses her, running his fingers across her breasts and down to her thong. She moans loudly as he touches her.

As it's almost match time they begin to get ready. Cathy pulls sparkling tan pantyhose up her legs then slips into a stunning white cocktail dress and high heels. The champion will also wear sparkling and shimmering dark tan pantyhose which he slowly wiggles into. One foot at a time then up his calves. Slowly he pulls them up his thighs and finally across his butt and manhood. They fit him to perfection. Then a skintight white thong. After a few adjustments they hold his large manhood in a perfect bulge.

Then it's shiny white boots and his most prized possession the world title belt. He slips on a stunning white with stones, sparkling ring jacket. One last kiss for luck: Remember honey please be careful. Don't let her hurt you. Stay away from that back breaker.

Don't worry Cathy, I'll handle her. She's not going to beat me. Come on lets go.

In another dressing room another wrestler is getting ready to fight. There are no smiles, no hugs and no kisses in this dressing room only grim determination. Princess Amada is a believer. From Saudi Arabia she fights to prove something and to help fund several groups that hate America. She is everything Cathy warned her husband about and more. She is out to hurt and destroy an American hero tonight.

On go sheer black pantyhose, black boots and a black robe that looks very much like a burka. The Saudi princess is ready to fight or more likely ready to destroy.

As is normal the challenger enters the ring first. As the princess makes her appearance a strange silence comes over the arena. Except for a few almost soft boos there is no noise. The crowd seams almost stunned by the challenger. As for her part she looks upon the fans with distain and disgust. She cares nothing for them. She slowly makes her way down the aisle and into the ring.

Just then a blinding spot light catches the first glimpse of the champion. A deafening cheer erupts from the fans. Almost instantly the chant of "USA-USA" begins to accompany the champion to the ring. All the way down the aisle the champion is groped by his fans, they reach out to touch him or to shake his hand. Girls, women and some grandmothers kiss his cheeks. The women in the crowd look upon the champion like a roman god. The men all want to be him or at least have his manhood.

Up the steps he come and enters the ring. Right behind him his wife/valet and lover enters also. They are an unbelievable pair, both incredibly gorgeous and both the leading couple in wrestling.

After almost a minuet of cheering the bell sounds and the announcer begins:

"This is the main event. It is a two out of three falls match. It is for the Wrestling Championship of the World. The combatants are, in this corner she is from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is the challenger PRINCESS AMADA and in this corner he is the current world champion and hails from suburban Philadelphia The American Super Hero American Geo."

The mention of his name sends the fans into frenzy. They instantly pick up the chant again USA-USA-USA!!

Again the bell quiets the crowd, as the ref calls both wrestlers to center ring. Debby Gato is a highly experienced referee; this will be her 19th world title match. She give both wrestlers her instructions and begins to check them over. Turning to the champion she runs her hands around his raised up boots and then down both his legs. She turns to Princess Amada and does the same thing. She then asks the champion for the world title belt. Geo removes the belt and hands it to Debby. Debby shows it to Amada then raises it over her head to show the fans. Geo offers his hand to Amada who looks at it like it is poison before making a spitting gesture toward the champion. With that both wrestlers return to their corners.

Back in his corner Geo slips off his sparkling white ring jacket and hands it to Cathy. Cathy begins to slowly massage Geo's shoulders and upper arms. Across the ring Amada slips out of burka, as she does a gasp comes from the fans. Under her Muslim garb Princess Amada is a stunningly beautiful woman. Full firm breasts and fantastic legs and body.

As both wrestlers warm up Cathy again tells her husband to be careful: Please Geo be careful; she's powerful and she's mean. I think she wants' to hurt you, embarrass you in front of your fans. Please honey don't let her beat you.

OK sweetie anything you say. I won't let her beat me I promise. They embrace and kiss deeply seconds before the bell. Cathy exits the ring and climbs down to the floor. Geo reaches down and pulls up his pantyhose and adjusts his manhood.


Amada levees her corner and heads toward the champion. Geo is quickly out of his corner looking to lock up with the challenger. One of these wrestlers has just made a huge mistake. Less than a foot from getting his hands on his opponent Amada's boot slams into the champion's mid-section. Her boot toe has caught him two inches below the waistband of his pantyhose. Pain in his groin explodes like a bomb. His hands instantly grab at his lower mid-section.

The champion staggers and stumbles a few steps forward. The air has left his lungs and he is dazed. Before he can regroup Princess Amada slips in behind him, wraps her arms around his middle just at the top of his pantyhose. She squeezes him as tightly as she can, then lifts him off the mat high in the air. Dazed and confused the champion grabs at her hands instead of covering his neck and head. Too late he realizes what is happening to him.

Up and over her shoulder the dazed champion flies only to be slammed to the mat in a belly to back suplex. His head and neck impact the mat with explosive force. The dazed champion is just barely holding on to consciousness.

Stretched out on the mat the champion seams completely immobile. The Arabian princess has no mercy in her. Grabbing the champion by his hair she effortlessly pulls him up. Jamming his head between her legs she locks on a standing head scissors. Geo's legs begin to buckle and he sinks to the mat on his knees.

The match time clock says that the match is only 22 seconds old. To Geo it feels like he has been in the ring for hours. As he claws at the princess's pantyhose covered legs she wraps her arms around his middle. In one fatal swoop she lifts the champion off the mat and onto her shoulder. The Arabian princess now has the hold Cathy warned her husband about locked on the champion.

From just outside the ring the fans can clearly hear Cathy's screams: NO-NO, I warned you now she got you. She's got the back breaker on you. Fight Geo fight, you can get out of it. Don't submit, honey please don't submit.

Draped across his opponents shoulder the American hero screams in pain as his back is on fire. Amada slowly locks the hold on tightly. Reaching between Geo's legs she grabs his manhood as well as a fist full of his pantyhose. With her other hand she cups his chin bending him almost in half.

The arena is filled with the screams of the tortured champion:

"My back my back oh god my back. She's going to break it. AAAAA, it hurts."

Down on the arena floor Cathy has covered her face with her hands. She hears the screams from her husband but can do nothing to help him. As he cries out in pain she begins to sob, I-I-I wwwarned yyou, I told you not to get caught in her back breaker. SSSHE's going to beat you.

With his entire body now in pain the champion has no alternative, he must surrender to the princess. He tries to speak but nothing comes out of his mouth. As his pain increases so does his manhood. Held tightly in the Arab Terrorists hand the American Hero's manhood quickly swells and stiffens. The champion has a "Defeat boner"

Moving close to the ring ropes Amada stairs down at the champion's wife Cathy: "You see this? You see what I have done to your husband? I have beaten the great American Hero. He screams like a little girl. His manhood grows stiff with fear and pain. He is a coward."

Then princess Amada begins to laugh. Cathy cries out as she races up the ring steps: You're hurting him, please let him go. Please I'm begging you let my husband go, don't hurt him anymore.

The princess of terror shouts back at the champion's wife: "Let him go, why would I let him go? He has not surrendered to me yet. He must submit and tell the world that I have beaten him.

Locked in this back breaker the world champion cannot believe what is happening to him. The pain from the hold is overwhelming and he is very near the end. If he can't find a way to get free he will have to surrender to the Arab Princess losing the match and his title.

With his back bent almost in half there is very little he can do to escape the hold. He has tried kicking his legs but every time he does Amada squeezes his manhood tighter. He has tried pulling her hands off his groin but her hold is too tight. With his face a mask of pain and sorrow Geo looks toward his loving wife. She quickly sees that her husband and lover is finished. Tears have formed at the corners of his eyes and begun to run down his face. Sadly she calls out to the man she loves: Give up Geo, give up. It's time honey, she's beaten you. You can't escape, it's over. Submit the match to her.

Up in the ring she sees the battered champion nod his head, as she does she begins to cry over his defeat. They had everything, soon they will have nothing. Title gone, huge paydays gone, star treatment gone, all gone, taken by an unholy Arab. The American Hero defeated and stripped of his title, everything gone.

Openly sobbing in pain The American Hero Geo admits defeat and surrenders the match

No more-No more!! You've beaten me, I'm finished I submit-I submit!!

If the champion thought that was it he is sadly mistaken.

Even though he has submitted to the Arab princess the American hero is still trapped and held tightly in the terrorist's back-breaker. Seeing her husband being punished mercilessly Cathy climbs the stairs and stands on the ring apron. Let him go-let him go, you've beaten him let him go!!

The American Hero is in terrible pain, tears have begun to run down his cheeks and he is now openly crying. Help me please help me. She won't let me go. She's breaking my back!!

Up in the ring it is a horrible and humiliating scene for The American Hero. Trapped in the Arab Terrorist's back-breaker he hangs helplessly off her shoulders. He has stopped screaming and is now just crying in pain. The ref has repeatedly asked the Princess to drop Geo but as the match is technically and actually over there is nothing he can do. The American Hero's arms and legs quiver and jerk spastically, his body convulses in waves of pain. And the biggest humiliation for a male wrestler, The American Hero's manhood has become stiff and swollen as he now has a defeat boner. It is stretched tightly against his shiny pantyhose and bounces as he struggles.

The Arab Terrorist taunts The American Hero: Tell them, tell everyone that I have defeated you and that you are helpless. Beg me to let you go. Submit to me and beg for freedom.

With the match being less than two minutes old and having to face a second fall The American Hero Geo has no choice but to surrender on the Terrorist's terms.

I submit to you!! You've got me I'm helpless!! You've defeated me, Please let me go!! I'm finished, you win, I submit! Let me go PLEASE let me go!!

At one minute and 47 seconds the first fall ends. The bell rings and Geo is dumped on the mat in his corner, directly in front of his wife.

The champion's wife leaps into the ring and rushes to her downed husband. Pulling up her dress to reveal her perfect legs in pantyhose matching her husbands, she kneels beside the champion. Geo, honey are you alright? What happened? I told you to watch out for her back-breaker. Can you get up sweetie?

As the champion lies on the mat in pain the ring announcer enters.

Ladies and Gentlemen In one minute and forty-seven seconds The winner of the first fall via back-breaker submission The Arab Terrorist Princess Amada!

Slowly rolling back and forth the champion can hardly speak thru his tears. HHurt, hhurt, she really hurt me. She's so strong so fast. I couldn't stop her; she had me in just seconds. What am I going to do Cathy? She's going to beat me again; I'm going to lose the second fall. She's going to take my title. I'm going to surrender the title; I don't want to be submitted by her twice.

Taking a tissue out of her bra Cathy begins to wipe away Geo's tears. You can't surrender the title, they won't let you. You have to face her again.

Now just sobbing The American Hero nods, I know-I know. I'm scared she's so strong. She's going to hurt me and make me submit to her again. I'm sorry Cathy, I'm sorry. I'll try to win. Just don't leave me, please don't leave me.

Cathy assures the champion that she has no intention of leaving him and she will be by his side win or lose. Slowly she is able to help him to his feet and back to his corner.

OK we don't have much time. Let's get you ready to wrestle. Cathy quickly tries to revive and rejuvenate the battered champion. She wipes his face trying to remove the tear stains. She runs her fingers thru his hair to smooth it down. Ok sweetie put your boot on the rope and let's straighten out your pantyhose. You're still stiff and hard your boner won't go away. Be careful try not to let her grab your manhood and fight her this time.

With just seconds before the bell Cathy kisses her husband and exits the ring whispering I love you before she goes. By the time she reaches the bottom step tears are running down her cheeks. She knows that the man she loves is about to be destroyed.

Looking a little better Geo pulls up his pantyhose for the finial time just as the bell rings. He moves out of his corner hesitantly not really wanting to lock up with the Arab Princess. The Princess makes several lunging moves toward Geo that have him flinching in fear The American Hero is scared of the Terrorist.

Moving in on him The Terrorist advances slowly. As she comes forward Geo backs away until he is up against the ropes. With no place to go the World Champion must fight, he has promised his wife that he would try to win the fall. It is a monumental mistake.

Making his move Geo lunges toward Amada, his effort results in a powerful fore-arm on the point of his chin. The stunned champion staggers back against the ropes, before he can regroup Princess Amada drives her knee into him well below the waist-line of his shiny pantyhose. She grabs his arm and pulls him off the ropes, as a second knee slams into him impacting on his swollen manhood. He screams in terror as her knee explodes into his rock hard boner. Grabbing his aching manhood with both hands Geo slowly sinks to the mat on his knees.

Princess Amada never flinches, with the champion on his knees right in front of her she kicks him high on his chest sending him flying backward landing on his back. There he lies stretched out at her feet, legs apart hands still clutching at his manhood ready for an easy pin.

Princess Amada makes no move to pin the downed champion. She reaches down and snatches his shiny white boots of the mat. Quickly she locks on a leg-lock, spins it tightly and switches into a figure-four leg lock. In less than twenty second from the second fall bell The American Hero Geo is trapped in a second unbreakable submission hold.

In just seconds the world champion is screaming in pain. Standing just inches from the ring were her husband is brutally trapped by his opponent Cathy screams out in fear of what's happening. NO-NO, not again. She's got you got you again. Don't submit! Fight out of it Geo. Don't let her beat you don't submit!

Cathy knows it's already too late; her husband is trapped and cannot escape. The only way out for him is to submit to the Terrorist again there by losing the second fall, the match and his world title. The American Hero Geo's reign as world champion is over, he can no longer win this match he is completely beaten.

In the ring Geo's screams confirm what Cathy already knows he's beaten She's got me, oh god she's got me. My legs she's going to break my legs.

The Arab Princess knows she has won. She hears the champion's screams and knows he is finished. HA! The Great American Hero, what a pitiful excuse for a man. I have defeated you again and now I will take your title. Tell the world that I a woman have defeated an American man and made him submit to me. Tell them that I am a superior wrestler to you.


With no way to escape The American Hero knows he's been defeated for the second time.

OK-OK, You've defeated me! I've been beaten by a woman, I to submit to you, You are the superior wrestler.

The American Hero's surrender is greeted with laughter. Now you will suffer American Hero. All Americans will see their Great Hero scream with pain and beg for mercy.

On the outside of the ring Cathy shouts at Princess Amada let him go, it's over the match is over. He's submitted to you, let him go!! It seems The Princess has other ideas.

Once again the American Hero has submitted to The Arab Terrorist Princess Amada and just like I the first fall she has failed to release the defeated American male wrestler. Once again Geo is screaming in pain as he is held tightly in the submission hold The Princess has on him. Once again Geo's wife climbs the ring stairs and shouts at the Terrorist: Let him go, come on let him go. You've defeated him, he has surrendered to you. You're breaking his legs, please let him go. Can't you see he's finished, you won let him go!!

This time the ref moves in on The Princess: OK-OK, enough. He's finished; you've defeated him the match is over!

Ignoring the ref Amada maintains her hold on The American Hero. The ref tries once again to get Geo released from the hold, what he gets for his trouble is pushed out between the ropes. Now there is no one who can help the defeated former champion.

Well beyond most people's tolerance for pain The American Hero Geo screams from the torture of the hold. His wife, Cathy notices that his eyes have begun to flutter. He seems to be quickly going in and out of consciousness. If it is The Terrorist's intention to knock The American Hero out she is very close to her goal

Up in the ring the now openly crying former champion has begun to beg The Terrorist for mercy:

PLEASE-PLEASE LET ME GO!! The pain, I can't take any more pain.I submit to you Princess, I submit - Let me out-let me out. You're breaking my legs. You've beaten me, I'm defeated. You've taken my title, you're champion now. OH, PLEASE LET ME GO!! I GIVE UP - I GIVE UP!!

At this point the beaten former champion's head falls back, his arms give way and he slumps to the mat. The American Super Hero Geo overcome by the pain of the hold has been knocked out by The Arab Terrorist Princess Amada.

The Princess slowly unlocks her from around the ex-champion's. The American Super Hero hardly moves as he lies unconscious on the mat. The new champion Princess Amada stands over her defeated opponent Super Hero Geo. She looks down on him with distain and without an ounce of pity. She throws her arms in the air and her chest out and shouts to the stunned crowd "I have defeated this weakling American. I have destroyed him and taken the title. He lies at my feet in disgrace. I am the only true Champion."

Princess Amada immediately struts over to The American Hero Geo's corner and removes the title belt from the turnbuckle. Heading back to where the defeated former champion is laying she straps on the title belt places one of her boots on Geo's chest and raises both her arms in the air. Now you see it you all see it. I am the true champion.

As The Arab Terrorist Princess Amada arrogantly struts around the ring, Cathy wife of the former champion enters the ring to see to her defeated husband. It is very quickly apparent to her that The American hero is in bad shape. He lies on the mat unconscious and unmoving. His legs are spread wide apart from a kick by the Arab Princess. His stiff and swollen manhood strains against the nylon of his pantyhose, his Defeat Boner is rock hard and enormous. His breathing comes in gasps and is very shallow; it's very hard to imagine that just a few minutes ago he was a powerful young athlete at the top of his game a world champion.

Kneeling at her husband's head she gently lifts it off the mat and lays it in her lap. She softly pats his face trying to revive him. After just a few seconds it's obvious to her that her husband is completely out. Quickly waving her arms she calls for the medical staff.

Several uniformed people arrive at ring side and step between the ropes. The female medic goes right to Geo's head lifts it off Cathy's lap and begins a search for lumps and bruising. The male medic aware of how Geo was beaten knees down beside him at his thighs. Swiftly and professionally he runs his hands up and down each of The American Hero's pantyhose covered legs. Lifting each leg he thoroughly examines each of his knees then gently lowers his legs and slides then closer together. Looking up at Cathy who is extremely worried about Geo he tells her "Nothing broken and his knees seem to be OK. There is no dislocation." Cathy nods her thanks.

Having determined that there is little or no physical damage to the former champion they begin to administer oxygen to him. The female medic tells Cathy "it seems as though he was completely overwhelmed by the pain. It must have been very severe to have knocked him out. We think he's going to be OK soon."

After several minuets The American Hero Geo slowly comes to. He is clearly dazed and his eyes have a strange look to them. He looks up and sees his wife in the ring and his head on her lap. What's happening? Why are you in the ring? Is the first fall over, did I win? Tell me please what's going on?

Looking down at him she asks: "you don't remember, you don't know what happened?" His eyes get wide and there is a look of fear on his face: "No-No I don't know what happened I have no memory. Did I win, did I beat her am I still the champion? Tell me, please tell me.

With great sadness she begins to tell him what has happened. "First the match is over. You've been defeated and you've lost the title.

Geo "I've been beaten? How-how was she able to beat me?

Cathy The first fall only lasted 1 minute and 47 seconds. She go you into that Back-Breaker of hers and submitted you. Then she wouldn't let you go. You were screaming so loud. You were begging her to let you go. It was horrible. I've never seen you beaten like that before.

With The American Hero still down on the mat the ring announcer enters. Here it comes honey, the big announcement. This is where they tell everybody that there is a new champion. Just take it easy, it'll be over soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, In the total time of only 4 minuets and 31 seconds. The winner of the second fall and The match in two straight Submissions she is now the new World wrestling Champion The Arab Terrorist Princess Amada!

There are almost no cheers for the new champion. The fans sit in almost stunned silence as the announcement is made. As for the new champion she struts over to were Cathy and Geo are down on the mat. She looks down on the former champion laughs and walks away.

I lost to her? NO-NO I can't believe it. I let her beat me. What am I going to do? I've been defeated by an Arab. Cathy continues to try to comfort her beaten husband. You didn't let her beat you. You tried your best, she was just to tuff and too strong for you. You never had a chance.

Geo again begs his wife for info: The second fall, how did I do in the second fall? What happened, please tell me. Cathy is again reluctant to tell Geo what happened, but he insists: You were still very groggy from the first fall when the bell rang for the second to begin. You went out and tried to wrestle her but she was just too much for you. She took you down and locked on a Figure-Four Leg Lock. After only a few seconds she had you. With the figure-four locked onto your legs there was nothing you could do. Almost instantly you were screaming your submission begging her to let you go. She just wouldn't, she held you in the Figure-Four until you passed out.

A stunned and humiliated Geo again starts to cry: I never had a chance. She beat me bad. My legs, my back I don't think I can stand up or walk. I'll need help getting out of the ring and back to my dressing room. She really hurt me.

Cathy nods her understanding: We'll help you, the medics and I will get you back to your room. But there's nothing we can do about that. As she looks down at Geo's gigantic Defeat Boner. At least your pantyhose are holding it in.

Geo rolls under the ropes and is helped down from the ring to the floor. With his arms draped around the shoulders of the medics the former champion is half carried back to his dressing room. The remaining fans look away as he passes by them. No one want' s to see his tear stained face, his bruised body or his rock hard Defeat Boner, this is the walk of a defeated champion.

Back in his dressing room The American Hero Geo is carefully helped onto the rubdown table. He lies face up with his arm shielding his eyes. Cathy comes beside him and takes his hand, she can see the tears forming at the corners of his eyes and slowly running down his cheeks. Take it easy sweetie; everything is going to be OK. Will get back into training, we'll find her weaknesses and we'll win the title back. She's not invincible, I know we can beat her her. Now let me get your boots and pantyhose off, then take a shower and let's start our comeback.

Cathy unties Geo's boots and pulls them off. She takes the waistband of his shiny pantyhose and works them down his legs and off. She helps him up and into the shower. She sees that he can hardly walk and he is stooped over by his back. She knows it will take several weeks before he is ready to wrestle again. As to his comeback and regaining the title, she sees no way that he will ever be able to defeat The Arab Terrorist.

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