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girl with gun black amazon female killer assassin spy

Update: 02.12.2016

A-438 "The Black Death"

Gallery size: 180 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 180 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, bloody action!

What's her name? No such information. Just codename - The Black Death. She is a special agent, her mission is conquer a secret flying machine from hidden place in African jungles. Ten male soldiers - it's a guardian squad trying to protect old temple in jungles. They are fully armed: hand guns, knives, stun guns, police batons. But first time they doesn't waiting for danger - and danger is coming soon! The Black Death using her fighting skills first time to receive a knife from first killed guardian.


His knife is perfect weapon to make next murders easy and silent but one of guardians has a good fighting skills - black girl must shoot and sounds of her shootings is a signal for other guardians! Who will shoot better? Of course a professional killer, The Black Death! Nine soldiers was killed, her target is looking so close but she was disarmed by the last guardian, his hand gun is pointed to her back and looks like nothing can save her from fail. Is it right? Check it yourself!

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