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mixed boxing femdom leotard leather gloves sister beats brother

Update: 27.12.2019

B-604 "Boxing with sister"

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Mixed boxing, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

One day I was sitting in my room listening to music and reading a copy of Maxim. I heard my sister walk in through the front door; our parents were out of town on a weekend getaway. Heather came into my room and told me she was going to have a bath because she ached from being at the gym, so not to disturb her for an hour. Our parents have a suite bathroom with an oversized tub I knew Heather couldn’t resist. My sister, Heather is almost 19 and I hate to say it but I've always been attracted to my own sister, but hey I'm the only person that knows about it! She has a gorgeous body; she’s about 5 foot 9, toned body, and 34D tits, the most gorgeous pair of tits I've seen. She keeps herself in great shape as she is always at the gym and plays at her girls’ school's field hockey team. She has rich cinnamon brown hair, and steel blue eyes. 

I heard my parents’ bathroom door close. I had become pretty horny from reading that magazine, so my dick took over my body. Heather had finished running the bath, and my imagination was running wild as I visualized my own sister getting into the bath. I walked towards my parents’ bedroom, and slowly and quietly opened the door so Heather wouldn't realize I was there. Luckily she had the radio on in her bathroom, so she couldn’t hear me getting closer to her. I saw her school clothes on the floor in her bedroom: a skirt, a blouse, tights, but not what I was looking for. Knowing that she was in the room next door naked cleaning herself and I could get caught at any minute just made it more thrilling. I could hear the water sloshing around in the bath, so I knew I was safe being in the bedroom. I lifted up her school clothes, and saw her bra and panties underneath. I first inspected her bra, it was lovely, and I could just imagine those big tits being in there a little while ago. Then, her panties. They were a little small pair, full back, but I guess she doesn’t like wearing thongs at a girl’s school. I picked them up and look closely at them. There was a large wet patch on the crotch earlier which looking at made me rock hard in my boxers. She must have been pretty excited earlier herself. I wouldn't settle for just these to get off on, I needed to see her hot body completely naked.

I decided to try and get a peek of her in the bath, as Mom’s bath was round a corner in the bathroom. I knew this was really risky because if she caught me I could be in some serious shit. I didn't even care, I was so hard and horny that all I wanted was to get a glimpse of her and to jerk off and shoot my load all in her panties. I listened to make sure she was still in the bath, and when I thought it was safe, slowly and quietly opened the door. I could see her legs, which was such a sexy sight in itself, she was shaving, must mean she had plans for the evening. I slowly moved up, and began to see her thighs, knowing that I was really close to getting a glimpse of her pussy, one more step was taken, and I saw the gold. Her pussy was in the process of being completely shaven. I was so hard, and could have started jerking off at that moment and blown my load all over the place. I got greedy; this whole escapade was a stupid idea. As I poked my head a bit further around the corner I made contact with her grey blue eyes. 

She screamed, "JAAAAAAAAAMES!!!" 

I ran out of the bathroom as fast as I could back to the relative security of my room. I knew I had a bit of time to think of a half-way decent excuse as she had to get out of the bath and dry off. I couldn't think of anything! I heard her storming down the corridor towards my room. I picked up the magazine and began reading again. 

She stormed through the door, dressed in a racing swimsuit and began questioning me, "What the hell were you doing in my bathroom when you knew well that I was in the bath."

"I wanted to ask you if I could barrow a CD, OK." 

It was the only excuse I could think of but it made me look like a brother who cared rather than a perve. 

"You knew I was in the bath, James! You could have waited until I got out, or just taken the fuckin' CD."

"I don't just take stuff, Heather."

"Yes, you do! You take my CD's all the fucking time."

I knew I was just digging myself a deeper grave but I said, "Then why don't I have your stupid CD then, Heather?" 

"Well maybe you do, which one did you want?"


"You don't even know what CD you wanted to barrow?"

"No, not with you yelling at me, Heather."

"You're a fucking perve, James, you know that? You made up that whole excuse about the CD when the real reason you were in there room was to check me out."

"For one, get over yourself, you aren't that good looking."

"You pants say otherwise."

"Well I've been reading Maxim, alright... And for two, that's just gross, Sis. You honestly think I want to look at my own sister naked? I mean it's not like you are desperate to catch an eye full of me," I said trying to defuse the situation but as soon as I said this I knew it was going to just make things worse. 

She replied "Well I think the only fair thing to do right now is let me see you naked so drop your pants." 

I was shocked, I never expected my sister to be at all interested in me the way I was of her. Then again maybe she just was embarrassed and wanted to embarrass me. Still there was no way in hell I was going to show my sister my raging hard on.

"You heard me, Jamie, show me your cock. You don't have size issues do you?" She taunted. I'm about 5ft 11, 18 years old, reasonably toned body and a thick 6" cock. 

"I have issues with you being my sister and wanting to see me naked."

"I didn't start this you did when you decided to go through my panties while I was taking a bath."

"You want to see my underwear, you fucking whore, I have a whole drawer full over there." I yelled as I headed for my laundry basket. I next picked up some of my dirty underwear and threw them in my sister's face. "Or maybe this is more your style."

My sister pulled my dirty boxers off her still wet hair and I saw the flames in her eyes. She lunged forward at me and we began to tussle. She was trying to tear my shirt off; I was trying to keep her off me. I was surprised at how strong my sister was and had to admit that I was getting even hotter wrestling with her. Her soft moist skin was pressed up against mine, while nails dug into my back and chest. She had stripped me of my shirt just about the moment I was able to push her off me. We stared at each other for a moment. My chest was heaving and covered with some light scratches, while I saw her dangle my torn shirt in her right hand with a big smirk on her face that said "I'm better than you." 

She ran back to the safety of her room. I yelled something about her being a crazy whore and slammed my door. Then I sat down to start reading again trying to calm myself down. My peace didn't last long because I heard a muffled thump at my door a few minutes later.

"Whadda yah want, Sis?" I yelled not bothering to get up from my chair.

"Round two!" came her reply.

"Look, I don't want to fight with you can't we just forget about this."

"No way, now open this door right now."

"You do it, I'm busy."

"Well my hands are full. Now open this door!"

"Fine just stop bitching at me."

I opened my door to find my sister dressed in her racing swimsuit and a pair of boxer shoes that were. That that wasn’t all, because on her hands there was a pair of black boxing gloves with Velcro closers. She tossed me a pair of red gloves the second the door was open.

"You got five minutes to put these on and meet me in the basement before I come looking for you."

"Looking for me to what?"

"First I'm going to beat your ass, then I'm going to strip you naked. That ought to make us about even."

"Look I don't want to hurt you."

"Trust me you won't. I've always been stronger than you."

"Well things change."

"We'll see, that is if you're man enough to face me one on one." And with that my sister turned and head down stairs yelling, "You got four minutes now, bitch."

My sister and I used to play fight all the time, and she looked dead sexy in her high cut racing swimsuit. I figured what the hell, if she wanted to play I could go a few rounds with her. I stripped off my jeans till I was down to my boxers and put on the red gloves and secured the Velcro and headed to the basement where most of our childhood wrestling matches had taken place. 

There was Heather, looking hot as hell. She had a little spring her step as she bounded from side to side and tapped her gloves together. 

"Alright, I was afraid you wouldn't show and I'd have to come looking for you."

"I'm not afraid of you."

"You should be." My sister started off by snapping my head back with the crisp jab to my nose and then a cross to my eye. Any hope for some sort of play fight was gone. I tried to clinch with her but she shoved off me with her powerful arms and then decked me with a nice hook.

"So that is the way you want it, huh." I said as I let my first punch fly, a short hook to the body that I was sure was going to floor her. To my surprise though my sister had some real defense, and my punch glanced off her arm and only grazed her. She countered with a hook to my head and then two quick shots to my body. I came back with a cross to her face that gave her reason to back off for a second.

"Hey, you're the one looking to pound her sister. I just thought you should see what it feels like to have your sister pound you." Taunted my sister, and then she threw out a double jab to my head, followed by a right to the body I was able to block with my gloves. I was clear that my sister was a knockout in more than one meaning of the word. Sure she was gorgeous, but she also knew her way around a fight. I'd like to take some credit for making her this fierce fighter, but I honestly was surprised she had this level of skill. Her punches were crisp, fast, and above everything else hard. She was really ringing my bell, and I the worst part was I kind of liked it.

Here I was getting my ass kicked, by a woman, my sister no less, and it was one of the most erotic things I've ever experienced. Maybe it was all those shots to the head, but I felt like an outside observer to the whole fight. I didn't so much care about beating her, or even protecting myself, as I was concerned about watching her firm breast struggle to burst free of the tight racing swimsuit of hers that was now transparent with sweat. I put my gloves up to protect my head and then moved in close to her. My sister just moved to work my body, drilling me with shots to the ribs. I peeked through my gloves to watch her chest heave as she worked to push me off her. With each shot she let out a primal grunt, and with each grunt my dick got a little bit harder. 

"Fight me damn it!" came she ordered in a husky voice. 

Desperate to keep the fight going I fought back. I felt the satisfying smack of my leather into her soft breast that further seemed to enrage her. Now my opponent let loss with a primal fury the likes of which I've never seen since. Rights and lefts came at me from all directions. My sides were on fire at this point but I punched back. Every time I thought I landed a punch to stagger Heather she shook it off like nothing happened and kept hitting me. I was having a hard time breathing, and my eagerness to trade leather just made me run out of air quicker. I dropped my guard, and somewhere in Heather's next flurry she connected with a big upper cut to my chin that dropped me to my hands and knees. 

I was worried that Heather's killer instinct would overwhelm any sibling love, but to my surprise she backed off to let me try and get to my feet. There was no ref to count the fall but even if there was I wouldn't matter. My head was still pretty clear, and I felt I could have been up before the count of six. Still I didn't want to fight any more, as much as I enjoyed having a pretty girl in racing swimsuit work me over with her fists those punches hurt. More importantly I truly felt dirty for enjoying my beating so much. I came down to take my punishment and here I was enjoying it. So I decided to just stay down and let Heather count me out. 

"Come on and quit milking it, Jimmy! Get up and fight me."

"I don't wanna."

"Well you should have thought of that before you decided to spy on me. Now GET UP AND FIGHT ME!"

I looked up to my surprise my sister had been replaced by some sort of warrior goddess. The beads of sweat caused her skin to shimmer like tiny jewels under the florescent lights of the basement. My sister's deep brown hair hung loose at the side of her face, framing the wild look in her eyes. The anger was gone, replaced with a look I couldn't quite place till I took a look at the damp spot on crotch of her swimsuit. Turned out my sister liked beating up men as much as I liked getting beat up by women. She seemed even hornier than me now. Still I had enough off all this.

"Look you beat me, you’re still the toughest. Now can we end this?"

"NO! This isn't over yet, you little pussy."

I slowly got to my feet with my arms my side and pushed my shorts down revealing my fully erect cock for her to see. Her jaw dropped immediately, she didn’t realize that her 18 year old brother was quite so well hung. She didn’t know what to say, so she just said "wow!" There was a very awkward few seconds following that. I was just standing there completely naked, and she was standing there in a racing swimsuit and a boxing shoes. She smiled when she saw my reasonably big cock standing to attention for her.

"There, you happy, huh! You get your eyeful, now we can just put this thing behind us." I yelled to break the awkward moment.

"No, not just yet..."

"What do you mean. You wanted to see me naked, well now you did. You wanted to beat me up. You did, what do you want now?"

"You ever hear the phrase, you are what you eat?" She said with a wicked little grin.

"Oh, no."

Just then she pulled aside a thin crotch of her swimsuit. I surveyed her hot sweaty pussy, and my cock twitched with excitement. I don’t know any girls who wouldn't turn hard looking at that shaven pussy and those powerful thighs and calves. "Come on, Pussy, eat up."

"Heather, this is gross."

"You seem pretty into it, besides I beat you so you have to do what I say."

"You didn't beat me." 

"I must have hit you harder than I thought. You forgot about the beating I gave you already, huh? Now come one, I beat you, now you eat me."

"That's sick and you know it."

"And you want to do it don't you? Besides you don't have a choice because I beat you."

"You didn't beat me. I'm just tired of fighting you."

My sister now took a step up till she was just inches from my stiff dick. I was at full length now, almost touching her. 

"Now you listen to me, you are going to bend down and eat me out until I tell you to stop or else."

"Or else what?"

"This!" My sister blindsided me with a right hook to the temple and sent me staggering to the side. "Now get over here and do it, Bitch!"

Now I was the one who was mad. She might be my sister, and I might even have wanted to bone her, but nobody sucker punches me. I came back with a left hook from hell that landed flush in her pretty face and snarled "I guess this is round THREE!" 

Whatever spring in my step had been beaten out of me, but my sister had punched herself out beating me around the room, so now we stalked each other slowly. I was totally naked and she saw my raging hard on, but we both were more concerned with how we held our gloves high. We couldn't care less about our lower bodies as we both tried our best to size one another up as we slowly circled the center of the room. Heather had busted my nose open sometime early in the fight, and I had just returned the favor. The right side of my face was throbbing mess, and I was beginning to lose some vision from that side. I don't think I did that much damage to my sister, she still looked ready to bang with me. And so far Heather had shown herself to be just as strong as me, but I was still a little bit taller than her so I had reach on her.

"You gonna, fight or are you gonna dance, Pussy?" 

I feinted with my jab and my sister ducked it, falling right into my cross. 

"What do you think?"

She slipped my follow up hook and countered with two uppercuts to the body. I shoved her back and jabbed her again. She came at me with a right cross, but I jabbed to those perfect boobs of hers. She threw another big hook looking to knock me out, but blocked it with my glove and delivered another upper cut to the same breast and she moaned aloud. I took a moment to admire my work, but my sister was still looking to fight. She jabbed my nose, causing the trickle of blood to speed up, then she landed a solid one two to my head and body that backed me up. We started trading leather, it is hard to say who was getting the better of it. I was naturally bigger than my sister, but she did a lot of body punches early that sapped my strength. She was fighting with a lot of passion, we both were, and that was all that was keeping us up at this point. 

My arms were getting tired, and I could tell hers were too because her punches lost a lot of their snap. We clinched, clinched tight. The clinch became the fight within the fight, we slammed out bodies together trying to force one another back.

I sunk a couple hooks into her ribs in quick succession. At first she thought I was playing rough, but when I pulled out she knew I was after her submission as much as anything now. I punched her twice more in the face, and she back peddled right until she found herself against the wall.

She shoved me back. Heather came up with a big upper cut to my chin that caused me to let go. Then she came at me with both barrels, driving me back with a hail of punches. I did my best to cover up and weather the storm but I getting tired. After cannon like punch to my gut I dropped my guard. And then it came, my sister's best Sunday punch, a right cross with everything she had left. Everything seemed to slowdown, I knew I only had one chance to stay standing and that was to beat her to the punch with a uppercut to her chin. We both landed at the same time and I dropped to the floor panting. 

Everything was dizzy, I did my best to stand and fight but I was beat. I couldn't do it so I crawled over to where I thought my sister was standing, to my surprise I was looking her in the eye. She was on all fours too spitting out a little blood from her mouth. We worked out way to our knees, and for a moment I was sure we'd fight, but instead we just hugged and kissed each other. Not some peck on the lips, but a deep probing kiss. Her glove reached out and stroked the tip of my cock, which made me even harder. Because she was touching my cock, I felt I had the right to grope her tits, and I reached out and she didn’t stop me, I got a gloveful of her battered tits, even with the gloves I could feel her nipples. She wrapped her glove around my cock and began stroking, I was so close to cumming after only this, so I tried to take my mind off of it, as I wanted this experience to last much longer! I ended up on my back with my sister on top of me, the action was a real dominate pin. Heather was more experienced in such matters, and I felt more comfortable with her in control. At first Heather rode my face slowly moving her hips back and forth while she jerked my cock with pleasure and a big smile on my face.

“You like it don’t you? You like having your big sister jerk you?”

“I’m cumming, Heather.”

“Uh, uh, just hold on a little bit, uh, longer. A little bit… Come one don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop. That’s it! Don’t stop.”

I couldn’t hold it any longer and shot my load into her hand. 

"I win! I straddled your face and forced you to cum, you're defeated!", she screamed, "Girls are stronger sex, admit it!"

I felt Heather begin to slow down as my dick started to go flaccid. She had a grin on her face that went from ear to ear. Heather bent down and gave me a deep kiss once more and said, “You did good, Bro. Now come on let’s cleaned up before Mom and Dad get home. You shower while I clean this stuff up.”

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