leotard femdom sword fighting female domination girl wins

Update: 04.11.2016

A-434 "Milady vs d'Artagnan"

Gallery size: 270 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, Ballbusting, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Do you remember 'Three musketeers'? Was it right when Milady had no chance to defend herself against four armed male fighters? Why they didn't gave her a sword - who know, maybe she was a perfect fencer too? Look at alternative story - let her fight one on one against d'Artagnan, who of two fighters will be defeated? Yes, medieval female dress is not usable clothing for fencing, but this time the tall blondie swordswoman opposed to him dressed in a black leather leotard with long black latex gloves and thigh high boots with high heels and deadly steel spurs. She told him how she like to aim her rapier at her opponent's male groin and thrust hard. Milady dreaming about a scene when towering over his helpless body in her black leotard and leather stiletto boots, girl gives him a wicked look. She announces she's going to pierce his balls! Can she do it really, or experienced male fighter will be stronger? And what choose would be made by the winner of this duel, to be merciless or merciful? Let it be a little secret in description of this gallery, look it yourself and maybe you'll be surprised with end of this story!