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woman vs man boxing match

Update: 20.09.2019

B-590 "A mixed challenge"

Gallery size: 390 Full HD pictures

Mixed boxing, 390 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

As we moved to the centre of the ring to touch gloves, I gazed at Karen’s body. Her confident walk caused her breasts to bounce slightly, in her low cut swimsuit while her nipples betrayed her excitement at our imminent fight. We were going to sort out our differences once and for all. I had been looking forward not only to the fight, but also a chance to go one to one with her in a ring in swimwear. This was a private fight with no audience at a ring she had hired at the local gym. Karen wanted to box, I wanted to wrestle, so it was agreed that there would be two matches, boxing now and a submissions only wrestling match in a week or so.

I circled cautiously to my right, and snapped out a jab, prepared to follow it with a fast right, but she slipped it and came back with a long right hook, which landed solidly on my ribs. She stepped forward, trying to follow up with a left uppercut to my chin, but I was able to block it, allowing me to slam a left hook of my own to her ribcage, then to throw a bone-jarring right into her face. Amazingly, she didn't even blink, instead coming in with a hard right to my side, just under the ribcage. I rapidly backed away, using a pair of jabs to keep her from following up on her momentary advantage. Once again she slipped my jab, and this gave her a chance to slam a right cross to my chin.

I threw a punch and as she slipped to the side to avoid it, I stepped forward, digging a hard right uppercut to her undefended ribs, and then hitting her with a left hook, also in the ribs. She proved to be an exceedingly good infighter, hitting me in the ribs and stomach with some very hard shots. She was breathing hard her breasts heaving with the effort and she tried to open the distance between us. As we separated, I was able to get in a hard right, and slammed my fist into her face. She went back pivoting and smacking her right into my nose. Before I could react, she drove another blow into my head. As she was trying to rearrange my face, I snapped her head back with an uppercut into her chin. For the first time, my blow seemed to hurt her—her head snapped back, and she backed up a step before coming right back at me. I moved into her but she caught me with a stiff jab in the nose, then followed it with a right cross.

She shot a crisp jab at my face but I stepped forwards, driving a solid left hook into her ribs. She grunted as it hit and looked surprised, but she blocked my next blow, and slammed her left into my face . For a split second, she was out of position, and her firm, sweat slicked breasts were invitingly exposed. I took advantage of the opportunity, stepping forwards and slamming a big right cross into her left nipple. Things almost seemed in slow motion as I felt her tit squash under my blow, she winced from the pain, bringing her gloves down for the split second I needed. Her face was completely open, the pain and shock visible, and I drove a vicious left hook into her jaw, knocking her back a step. Her long hair flew in all directions as her head whipped around from the force of the punch. She snarled at me and came back punching, trying to nail me with a right cross. She paid for her effort, though — I slipped the right and slid inside, digging solid uppercuts to her ribs with each hand. She refused to give ground, and slammed another hard left hook into my face. As she connected, I dug another left into her side.

Once again she was willing to mix it up with me inside, and I was certainly going to take advantage of it. I smashed my left into her chin, snapping her head back, but it didn't slow her down, and I felt her hard fists slam into my abs even as I connected with a right uppercut to her left breast. This time it didn't seem to hurt her, although I enjoyed seeing her bare breast fly upward from the blow. I could feel my stomach muscles weakening under her continued assault, her fists pounding like pistons, but I knew that hers were starting to weaken, too. My next blow, a hard left hook, found her nose and drove her back a step.

She came back at me hard, I avoided her left as she came in, and her momentum carried her right into a perfect right cross, which caught her squarely on the jaw. I moved in quickly, hoping to put her down before she could recover. I was able to land another good shot to her chin, but she quickly tied me up. As we were face to face, her tits pressed into my chest, I tried to dig at her side, but she blocked me with her elbow.

Looking into her eyes, I could see that I had hurt her, but she was still dangerous.

I tried to stay close enough to hammer her abs some more, but she blocked a right with her forearm, and snapped a jab at my nose. She was backing away, trying to gain a moment to recover, but I was determined not to give her that time. As I tried to corner her, there was that jab of hers, flicking into my face as she retreated. They didn't have a lot of force, but two of them hit the side of my head. I finally managed to slip one of her jabs, and stepped forwards, digging a hard left hook into her side, and then slamming a right uppercut into her chin. Her head snapped back again, but she seemed to have recovered from my earlier stunning right, and she stood her ground, slamming a left hook to my jaw. She knocked me back a step, and came at me again. I managed to slip the right she threw at me, and met her as she was coming forwards with a solid left hook to her breast. The shock stopped in her tracks and gave me a split second opening. My right fist slammed into her jaw, snapping her head back again. She glared at me, obviously hurt, her eyes starting to glaze over, but still eager to fight. Her hook for my chin was badly aimed—I pulled back, then I flattened her left breast with a good right cross. Her guard came down as her breast flattened under my hard punch, and I smashed her face with a short, hard left hook. The pain from the breast punch shocked her into action. As I tried to come around with right, I saw stars as she hit me with a hard right to my jaw. It staggered me, and she followed with a left. We clinched but she worked her left free, and dug a hook into my bruised side before we broke free of each other. I was hurt, but so was she and she had signs of bruising on her face and breasts. I slammed an uppercut to her left breast followed by the same to her right breast. Her face was all shock and pain but I knew this was her weak spot and had resolved before the fight to batter her chest at every opportunity and show her no mercy.

She backed off, jabbing at my face, connecting with my left eye and my nose. I replied with a jab to her right eye, and then stepped forwards, aiming a hard right cross at her chin. She stepped to her right, and met me coming in with a wicked left hook. It stopped me in my tracks, stunning me with its force, snapping my head back and leaving me an easy target. She snarled at me as she stepped forwards snapping my head back again with a right uppercut. Even as we clinched, she dug another uppercut to my right side. She had realised that her breasts were vulnerable and might lose her the match so to counter she was going all in to knock me out.

She snapped her jab into my face—the pain was bad. I kept retreating as she followed me around the ring. I blocked some of her punches, but others got through. I somehow managed to stay on my feet, reeling across the ring. I came to a stop with my back against the ropes. She came at me raining blows all over my head and body. She flicked out another jab, smacking it into my face then slammed a tremendous overhand right into my exposed jaw. I felt the blow land, and then the next thing I saw were the ring lights—her punch had put me flat on my back. As soon as I was on my feet, she came at me again, looking to finish me off driving her me back into the ropes. She seemed slightly flushed in the face and her nipples were now straining the material of her swimsuit and I realised the fight had turned her on to such an extent that her urge was giving the strength to go for a knockout. She caught me with a vicious left hook right in the stomach and followed it with a hard right, both of which snapped my head around. This was now a full on fight, she was going to finish this now.

The beating she'd given me was slowing me down, and she managed to block the first couple of punches I threw. She faked with a right, and then slammed a left hook into my side. I stayed in close and we laid into each other. Both of us landed some decent punches and I manged to mash both her breasts with my fists. Neither of us could manage to catch the other with a finishing blow though. Then I got a clean shot at her chest, and sunk a short, hard right into her left breast. I could see the pained expression on her face as my glove sunk into her soft breast. I followed it with a left hook aimed for her jaw, trying to knock her out while I still could but missed. She fired a short, hard right at my exposed jaw. I staggered back from the punch. She stayed close, crashing a left hook into my jaw and stunning me before I could recover from the last punch. I fell into the ropes just as another right caught me squarely in my face. As I bounced off the ropes she was ready. Her chest swaying as the blow came at me, as her right glove crashed into my chin, slamming my head back again. The gym echoed with the thuds as she slammed a pair of vicious hooks into my face. Her next blow, a hard left uppercut, sunk into my stomach, doubling me over as I tried to get my wind back and cover against her onslaught she rammed her thigh into my face.

As she closed in on me, I ducked low and drove a left uppercut to her bruised side. It landed at the same time as she hit me with a right cross. As she came at me, I stepped forward, throwing another jab to try to slow her down She slipped the jab, driving a left hook into my ribs, and snapping my head back with a straight right to my jaw. I barely remained on my feet .She turned and slammed a big left hook to my jaw. My head went back my knees buckled, and I slid down her chest as she dug a solid hook to my ribs.

I got up and she came at me carelessly, looking to finish me off. I was ready for her, and ducked under the first left, responding with a right uppercut to her chin. Her head flew backwards, and she staggered back, eyes crossing as she tried to keep her balance. I followed closely, smashing her breasts and hitting her chin with a solid punch, She went back and I hit her with a big uppercut which rocked her snapping her head back and sending her long hair everywhere. She fell back into the ropes, then slid to the canvas. It was over.

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