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CFNM mixed wrestling femdom ballbusting fighting

Update: 09.02.2018

B-504 "Violent Mixed Fight Club"

Gallery size: 80 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, Mixed wrestling, 80 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

In town there is a new underground club for mixed fighting. No rules, except about how a match ends – male wins by raping and female wins by castration.

The interest is high amongst men, but women are motivated by $20k participation bonus and permission to enter the ring wearing a leotard and boots. The funds were raised from tickets and filming.

Ann is a fitness athlete. She had been trying out mixed fighting, but her career came noticeably short as she had used her strength in an illegal way – her accidental low blow had destroyed her opponent's left testicle. That event changed her as thinking back at that event (his expression, red stains on pants, and the feeling of her power) still arouse her. Hearing about the club made her extremely interest.
She learned about the club as the producers needed to replace their current champion that had been winning few times and refused to leave quietly. Nobody needed a scandal, but the audience excitement levels were dropping. Having learned about her short career in mixed fighting everyone knew that this was something to try out.


At the fight night opponents meet the first time. Both are excited. The female participants had always been pretty, but Ann was remarkable, and he really wanted to do her. Although Ann did not know the opponent’s skillset she was rather confident about her better shape.

They choose to go for wrestling style and lock their hands by fingers pushing each other. He brags how he is going to enjoy raping her and Ann in return promises to mash his testicles. She lifts her right knee a bit giving him impression that she will kick his balls. He sacrifices some of his balance to prevent the damage, but that is exactly what Ann was expecting – instead of kicking she moved her leg backwards pulling him to his knees, legs apart. Looking each other into eyes she smiles and kicks her foot to his balls under his hard penis. His pain was unbearable, some pre-cum had been forcefully pushed out from him, his fingers still locked, he knew that she could follow up with couple of additional kicks and finish it all. Ann knew the same but wanted to offer more for the crowd. She released his fingers, so he could nurse his sore testicles and grabbed his hair. Moving her leg back again she built up a good speed and kneed his sorry face with a force that made him fly to the mat. Ann kneeled and whispered told the miserable rapist that she is going to make a spectacular show of castrating him. The threat caused an involuntary hardon.

She had had fantasized about how she will be doing it! It made her wet each time. She would sit on the poor rapist’s lower back and pull his head towards herself. Pulling so hard that while she maintains vertical position his head would be between her beautiful natural tits and she could look into his pain filled eyes. His lower body would be trembling vibrating her wetness. She would stabilize the position there closing one hand around his neck freeing the other one. The free hand would go between his legs to pick up his balls. She had prepared for this moment a while training her grip with a rubber ball. And finally, the moment arrives –  still looking at his bulging eyes she squeezes the nutsack with all her might, reaches to orgasms feeling how the testicles collapse with a wet splash. The rapist is powerfully ejaculating globules of semen and blood, also due to uneven pressure the sack rips apart and together with blood the pulverized testicles ooze out.

Although having it all planned she realized that the arena was too high to make spectators see the it and the plan was flawed to start with – the angle between his legs is limiting the view a lot and she was not sure about the camera angles. She decided to be prepared better next time! Not all was, this had not been her only fantasy but the best show was a bit risky as she was not sure if she can pull it off and how cooperative is her opponent. She decided to go for it and figure out something else if it fails.

Ann picked up the barely conscious mumbling rapist placing him to her shoulders. She ordered him to be still while giving his testicles a short and sharp squeeze. Regardless the overwhelming pain, bruised face, and aching testicles the squeeze caused fear delivering the message to his fuzzy mind. The threat of castration (or was it her amazing strength?) was keeping his hard-on raging. 

She was able to pull it off as planned! She was standing holding her opponent by balls and neck. Her wetness was visible to everybody, but she noticed several spectators also having hard time controlling themselves. For example, there was a nice-looking fellow with linen bulging linen trousers in the front row… Having shown the position to all she raised his balls higher so everybody could see them and started squeezing. She did not go all-in but gradually increasing the pressure: at first he was cumming semen with few drops of blood. Then she was about to lose it – the burning sensation between her spread legs was mind-taking when her fantasy materialized feeling the sack ripping and left testicle bursting between her fingers. The projectiles of blood and cum were landing on his chest and belly while he was shivering in the unimaginable pain. Getting back her breath, she gave a lustful wink to the nice fellow in front row, and finished the last testicle resulting in a bit smaller but as effectual show.

She dropped the broken rapist to her knee breaking his back and ending his misery. The crowd was going crazy. Ann took in a victory pose waving to the crowd with her bloody hand keeping the other on her dripping crotch.

She noticed that the nice front row fellow also had come in his pants. It is evident that they’ll meet again soon.

The production team was very satisfied and started planning a spin-off for this match. During the brainstorming different wild ideas came up. Award for the best one went to using clones for this in future. Customers feedback and ideas they wait as comments in this store.

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