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leotard sister vs naked brother CFNM mixed wrestling teens femdom fighting

Latest update: 03.04.2020

W-618"CFNM tag team grudge match"

Gallery size: 290 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 290 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

It is a huge night at the CFNM arena. Tickets for this night have been selling on E-bay for thousands of dollars. It is a first of a kind match. Never before in its history has CFNM ever had a match like this.


Tonight Jake and his son Jacob will be wrestling his wife Cathy and his daughter Calie. It is a father and son vs mother and daughter tag match. In their dressing room Cathy and Calie are getting ready to wrestle. Both mother and daughter will wear pale blue spandex leotards. They are skintight and thong cut. Under their leotards both will wear shiny black pantyhose and pale blue boots. 
Across the hall Jake and his son Jacob will be naked as all men are in the league. Both will however wear white boots and white elbow length gloves. Both men are very nervous Although they have never wrestled in a tag match before both men have been beaten by wife and mother Cathy before. She has in fact forced both men into submission. As for Calie she is a rookie and this is her first match. One other important fact, Calie and Jacob are twins brother and sister. This match is for the dominance  of the Dunkin household.  


With all four wrestlers in the ring the match is about  to start. For the men Jake will start and for the women his wife Cathy will start. To say the Jake in nervous in an understatement, he is actually scared. He was beaten by his wife just 3 weeks ago and has no gotten over his defeat and tonight he must face her again. 

The bell sends Jake and Cathy at each other. Cathy is brimming with confidence. She knows she can and has beaten her husband before. Cathy attacks first and gets Jake in a FRONT HEAD LOCK Jake is stunned by the speed of Cathy’s move. He is bent over at the waist and is clawing at Cathy’s arms trying to get free. A quick HIP TOSS sends Jake onto his back on the mat. With his knees bent and his feet on the mat, Jake is trying to bridge up to ease the pain. Cathy has the hold locked in tight. Doping back down to the mat, Jake twists from side to side looking for a way out. 

Every few seconds Cathy pulls on her own wrist tightening the head lock on Jake. This is a very tiring hold and Jake’s strength is fading already. Releasing his head Cathy rolls her husband face down on the canvas. Getting on his back she cups her hands under his chin and pulls back. Jake’s back is bent as she pulls hard. 

Over in her corner her daughter is very excited by what her mother is doing to her father. She would have never believed that this could happen to him. She is thrilled by seeing what her mother can do. As for her father he is not so thrilled by it. Cathy has now hooked his arms over her knees and now has a CAMEL CLUTCH lock on Jake. 

As Cathy applies the pressure to the camel clutch Jake begins to cry out in pain. My back, my back. Oh god my back!!" As she hears him cry out Cathy leans forward and asks How about it sweetie? Ready to submit to me yet?" Jake answers back "No, not this time!! You’re not going to beat me this time!!" All Cathy says is "OK Jake darling, we’ll see!!" 

Back in his corner his son Jacob is stunned by how quickly his mother has gotten his father into trouble. He is more scared now that ever. He does not want to get into the ring with her. Letting go of the CAMEL CLUTCH Cathy pulls Jake to his feet. She whips him into a neutral corner and follows him in. Jake slams against the turnbuckle hard. One second later Cathy’s knee explodes into Jake’s mid-section. 

Slowly Jake slides down the turnbuckles to the mat. Cathy again reaches down and pulls her husband to his feet. She twists his arm and sends him whipping across the ring into the opposite corner. Unable to cushion the collision with the turnbuckle, slams into it face first. Cathy takes his arms and hooks them over the top rope. With Jake hanging from the rope, Cathy begins to pound on his back. Every time her fist impacts his back Jake lets out a cry of pain. 


After several hard punches to his back, Cathy pulls him off the ropes and forces him back to the middle of the ring. Cathy then slips her arms under his then up behind his neck. Cathy now has Jake in a FULL NELSON. She then lifts him off the mat by his neck and begins to shake him like a rag doll. It is at this point that Calie notices something strange. Her father is getting hard and stiff. 

Cathy releases the FULL NELSON she has on Jake and slides her arms down to his mid-section. Wrapping her arms around him she gets a BEAR HUG on Jake. Squeezing him tight she lifts him off the mat and as high as she can. She then drops to one knee, slamming Jake down as hard as she can. Jake impacts her knee right between his legs. 

Jake screams loudly and drops to his knees clutching his manhood. The pain is excruciating and he falls over onto his side. With his hands between his legs he rolls around wildly crying in pain. "My manhood. Oh god my manhood!! You smashed my manhood!!" 

Cathy kicks screaming husband and he ends up on his back still hold his manhood. At this point Cathy slowly walks back to her corner. "Ok Calie he’s all yours, finish him off." Calie is stunned by what her mother said. "Me mom. You want me to finish off dad?  Cathy answers her daughter, "Yes Calie, finish him. Get him in a Boston crab and make him submit." Calie tags her mother and enters the ring. she stops as she notices "god mom, he’ stiff as a board!!" Her mother can only chuckle "Yea, that’s what happens to men when they get beaten. In fact they call it  DEFEAT BONER, and you’re dad has one." 

Doing as she was told Calie walks to where her father is still lying on the mat gasping for air. She bends down and picks up her father’s legs and tucks them under her arms. Just as she is about to roll him onto his stomach he says to her "Please honey please, don’t do this to me. Please don’t do this." Before he can finish speaking Calie rolls her father into a Boston crab. 

Jake begins to scream instantly.

"My back, my back!! I can’t take any more, please Calie let me go, please let me go!!"


Hearing her dad beg for mercy Calie asks him, Is that it dad, are you submitting the fall to me? Are you giving up?" 


Jake has no choice the pain is just too much for him.

"YES-YES!! I’m done, you’ve beaten Me Calie, no more!! Oh please no more!! I submit!! You win, you win!! I give up, Oh god, I give up!! Let me go, I GIVE UP!!!!"


Finally Jake’s daughter lets him and he drops to the mat grabbing at his back. Jake’s son races to where his father is laying. "Dad- dad, are you alright? Can you get up?" Jake doesn’t move a muscle. "I’m hurt son, she really hurt me!! Please help me up, I have to get up."  Both men know that they are in real trouble now. 


"What are we going to do dad? We’ve both been beaten by mom and now Calie’s beaten you. If she can beat you, I know she can beat me, what are we going to do?   Both already know the answer to that They are going to be defeated again. 

Jake tries to get himself together during the rest period. Although his back still aches he seems ready to go as the bell rings. The second fall will start as a father vs. daughter match. A humiliated Jake must now face his daughter with the huge DEFATE BONER she gave him by beating him in the first fall. As she gets ready to face her father again she turns to her mother, "Mom, he’s still stiff and hard. How long will that last?"  Her mother tells her, "A very long time, especially if he loses again." 

Surprisingly Calie has no qualms about wrestling her father. In fact no one in the family does. She also has no qualms about punishing him and making him scream in pain. Calie wants’ only one thing and that is to win!!   

At the bell Jake comes out of his corner very slowly, he can’t afford to get caught again. As he gets close to Calie he raises his arms to lock up. Calie has other ideas, She slips behind Jake and gets his him in a FULL NELSON. Jake is stunned by his daughters power, Calie has her father screaming in pain in just seconds. "My neck, oh god my neck. She’s breaking my neck." 

Calie holds Jake in the Nelson for almost 2 minutes. Everything on Jake’s body has gone limp. His arms, legs and neck have all gone limp. The only thing that Jake has that has not gone limp is his stiff and swollen manhood. 

Jake is just about out of it. He has almost no strength left to fight with. He pleads with his daughter. "How can you do this to me Calie? Why, why I’m your father." Calie quickly answers him "It’s because we’re both wrestlers and I want to win and I need to beat you to do it." 

Jake knows he can expect no mercy from Calie. After a few more seconds Calie releases Jake. He is stunned that he is free, as he was close to submitting to her. Taking advantage he staggers to his corner were a very reluctant Jacob is waiting. As Jake reaches out to his son for the tag, everyone can see the fear on his face. Slowly he enters the ring.

This is just what Calie has been waiting for, a chance to wrestle he twin brother. She has dreamed of defeating him for months. Standing in the center of the ring Calie uses her finger to signal her brother to come to her. 

Brother and sister lock up and Jacob learns something very quickly, Calie is stronger that he is. He is both surprised and frightened as she easily pushes him back into  corner. Having him locked in the corner Calie begins to take advantage of her twin brother. She bends his head back as far as it will go over the top turnbuckle. She then begins to pound his chest, neck and abdomen. Punch after punch, Forearm after forearm slam into the hapless male wrestler. 

Less than two minutes into the second fall, Jacob already has a swelling DEFEAT BONER. Little by little his manhood swells and stiffens. Calie smiles at her brother’s growing problem. "Look mom, he’s already got a BONER!! Cathy has also noticed her son’s stiff manhood. "You’ve got him now Calie, don’t let him go!!" 

Calie has no intention of letting her brother go, she wants to win this match bad. Calie grabs Jacob’s arm and pulls him out of the corner. Jacob has a great deal o trouble just walking, let alone defending himself or mounting some type of offence. He is now more of a rag doll that a skilled wrestler. 

Back in the center of the ring Calie jams her arm between Jacob’s legs, she then grabs his head and lifts him of the mat Holding him high in the air the entire crowd in the arena can see his huge boner. Calie then slams him down to the mat. Jacob screams but makes no attempt to get to his feet. For the second time Calie again lifts her twin brother off the mat and into the air. For the second time she slams him to the mat. 

After the second slam Calie can see tears in her brothers eyes. She can hear his sobs as his chest heaves up and down. "PPLEASE, PPLEASE!! Don’t slam me again!! IIII’m bbegging you. Just pin me, I’m finished please just pin me." However, Calie has no intention of just pinning her brother. She’s waited too long for this opportunity. 

Jacob looks up at his sister as he lies on his back unmoving. He has made no effort to get his shoulders off the mat, almost pinning himself. He again pleads with her "Come on Calie, I’m just lying here. Pin me, please pin me." A strange smile comes to Calie’s face, her brother knows just what that means. He instantly begins to scream "No Calie, no!!! Don’t do it, don’t hurt me please just pin me." 

Calie ignores her brother’s pleas for mercy. She grabs his shiny white boots and lifts his legs off the mat. She tucks his boots under her arms and rolls him over, face down on the mat. His large manhood is pointing straight down toward the mat. Calie steps over her brother and drops down locking a BOSTON CRAB on the struggling 18yr old male wrestler.

Calie begins to taunt her trapped brother: "I’ve got you Jacob!! You can’t escape from me!! I’m going to beat you. I’m going to make you submit to me!!. Come on Jacob, GIVE UP, tell them I’ve defeated you!!" 

Trapped in the crab his sister has on him Jacob is now crying loudly from the pain. He knows that he is beaten but does not wish to submit to Calie. Instead he calls out to his father for help. "She’s got me, she’s got me. Help me dad, please help me!!! Oh jeez, she’s hurting me. Please help"!!!        

In truth his father does not want to get back in the ring. He wishes that Jacob would just submit to Calie and let the match end. But he is Jacob’s father and he must try to help his son. Jake leaps over the top rope and heads toward Jacob. Before he can take two steps. His wife Cathy is on him. She drives her knee into his mid- section driving the breath out of Jake. Just as he is about to drop to his knees, Cathy wraps her leg around Jake’s ducks under his arm and gets him in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH.

Now all four of the Dunkin family are in the ring at the same time. The Dunkin women have both Dunkin men trapped in painful submission hold. Cathy has her husband Jake in an ABDOMINAL STETCH and Calie has her twin brother caught in a BOSTON CRAB.

Both men have huge DEFEAT BONER’S as they scream in pain and beg for mercy. Once again Jacob cries out for help. "Help me Dad please help me. I can’t take any more she’s going to submit me!! Please help me!! 

On the other side of the ring out of Jacob’s view his father is helplessly caught. "I can’t Jacob, I can’t. Your mother has me, I can’t escape. She’s going to submit me. I can’t help you!!" 

This now signals a big change in the Dunkin household. The women are now in complete charge and the men are facing total defeat. Both men have come to the end of their ability to endure the pain the women are inflicting on them. Both are just seconds away from defeat. 

First to surrender is 18yr old Jacob who now gives up to his sister. 

"I GIVE UP!! I GIVE UP!! You win, you’ve beaten me!! Let me go!! Oh please let me go!! I submit!! I’m finished, I SUBMIT!!!"


Following his son’s submission Jake has nothing left to fight for or with. He is completely devastated and beaten. 


"OH, Cathy I’m finished, you’ve defeated me, I’m done!! I submit to you!! You’re the better wrestler!! I just can’t take any more!! I’m beaten, you win!! Let me go, please let me go!! I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!!"


With both men submitting, the match is over and the women have won. They have beaten the men two falls to none. Neither of the male wrestlers came close to winning a fall. 


As for the male wrestlers both father and son lie face up on the mat. One glance can tell most wrestling fans what happened. Both father and son have large DEFEAT BONERS. Neither man is able to get to their feet. 

In the women’s corner there is jubilation. Mother and daughter hug and high five each other as they celebrate their total domination of their male opponents. The announcer begins:

"The winners of this special tag-team in two straight falls the team of Cathy and Calie Dunkin!!"


A huge cheer from the crowd tell the winners they are appreciated by the wrestling fans. 


Back in the center of the ring father and son lie motionless on the mat. Both men are still crying in pain as well as from their defeat. "Can you get up son?" Jake asks Jacob. "NO-NO, I can’t hardly move. Calie really hurt me dad. His father is no better. "Yea, I know son. Your mother hurt me to. They beat us both real bad." Jacob is worried about other things. "How are we ever going to face them dad? They know they can defeat either of us any time they want."  


Now that the cheers have died down Cathy and Calie return to the men they have defeated. Cathy  stands over her husband and Calie stands over her twin brother. "Look at you two, on your backs beaten and crying. Not much manhood between you. Both of you have DEFEAT BONERS. Both of you are stiff as a board. Stop crying get on your feet and out of this ring. Neither of you are wrestlers, you are both sissies." Both men struggle to their feet and leave the ring. Their home lives are now changed forever.      

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