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Update: 22.05.2020

W-625 "Big night - Bad night"

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It is a huge night for the Delany family. For the first time all 3 of the Delany men will be wrestling on the same card. Liam, Liam jr and the youngest Delany 18yr old Patrick will all wrestle tonight. To say the Liam is very proud of his sons is a huge understatement. He has lived for this night for years. Tremendously successful in his own career Liam only stated in wrestling for nights like this. 

In their dressing room the three Delany’s are preparing for their matches. Patrick will be the first one up and is already to head to the ring. He will wear the Delany family ring gear, shiny black pantyhose, shiny bright red thong and shiny red boost. As for his father and brother they too will be wearing the same gear. Liam and Liam jr have just stripped of their street cloths as Patrick is called to the ring. Father and brother each wish Patrick good luck, before they begin to dress for the ring. 

Out in the crowd sits two very beautiful women. One is Mary Francis Delany wife of Liam and mother of both Liam jr and Patrick. Mary Francis is also a very skilled wrestler and has held the world championship twice. Sitting next to her is 19 yr old Grace O’Rilly, 20 year old Liam jr’s girlfriend. 

The crowd cheers as both young wrestlers enter the ring. Patrick heads to his corner. Across the ring stands his opponent. Patrick is stunned as he looks at her. She is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Blond hair, blue eyes a fantastic body and undeliverable legs. His hart almost stops as he sees her. Lanai Miller is 18 years old and stunning. She wears a light blue thong cut leotard, dark pantyhose and light blue boots. It’s obvious that she is also very athletic. Her leotard cannot hide her powerful looking arms and legs, she will be a very formidable opponent for Patrick.  

With the introductions and instructions over both young wrestlers return to their corners to await the bell. Patrick pulls up his black pantyhose and adjusts his thong. Lanai dose the same thing. BONG!!! The bell sounds to start the match. Both Patrick and Lanai exit their corners and begin to circle each other. Patrick moves first charging at Lanai. The 18 yr old girl quickly moves out of the way of Patrick’s wild charge. As he slips past her, Lanai slams a DOUBLE AX HANDLE down onto Patrick’s back. Her balled fits crash into him just below his neck 

Patrick stumbles a few steps before dropping to his knees. Lanai moves in fast and sends a kick into the back of Patrick’s head. Patrick falls face first onto the mat. With her opponent stretched out on the mat Lanai wastes no time getting on him. She grabs his boots and folds one over the other. She then sits on his bent legs locking them down. Reaching forward she grabs Patrick under his chin and pulls up hard. Lanai has 18 yr old Patrick locked into a BACK BREAKER. 

Patrick begins to scream as his back is bent. "AAAAAAAAHH!!! My back, my back!!" The trapped young wrestler has violated one of the top rules of wrestling, "never let you opponent know it hurts!!!" Lanai is now sure she is hurting him with this hold. 

Patrick twists and wiggles trying to get free, all he does however is tighten Lanai’s hold on him. What no in the crowd knows is that Patrick is badly stunned. Lanai has hurt him and he is struggling to to stay conscious. As for Lanai she see this as an opportunity to punish Patrick and drain away his strength. 

After holding Patrick on the back breaker for several minutes, Lanai releases his legs, grabs his boots and rolls him over. Patrick is now on his back and Lanai has put a LEG LOCK on him. As she twists his leg over hers she is also pushing down as hard as she can. Patrick twists and turns trying to get free, but Lanai has him locked up tight. 

Out in the crowd Liam’s girlfriend Grace turns to Patrick’s mother: "Patrick isn’t doing very well is he?" Mary Francis looks over at her: "No, he’s not. Not very well at all". Up in the ring things are getting worse for young Patrick. 

Lanai has dropped Patrick’s leg and now has locked one of his boots over the other. With his legs folded his knees stick out from his body. Lanai, locks his boots tighter with her knee and begins to push down on Patrick’s knees. From the center of the ring everyone in the arena can hear Patrick screaming in pain. "OOOOOOUUU!!! Oh god it hurts. It hurts!!! Patrick knows he is in big trouble he has been unable to mount any kind of offence against Lanai and has also been unable to escape from any of her holds. 

As the 18 yr old boy struggles his mind races "I’ve got to get free. Oh god she’s hurting me. I’ve got to do something, she’s going to beat me." Dropping to his back Patrick reaches out to the ropes. They are however just too far away for him to reach. Sitting up Patrick pounds on his 18 yr old opponents arms trying to stop her from pressing down on his knees. 

What everyone has noticed is that as he struggles to escape Patrick has also gotten a huge, stiff boner. From their seats at ring side both Patrick’s mother and Liam’s girlfriend can see what is happening to Patrick. Grace leans close to Liam’s mother: "What is happening to Patrick? He’s getting stiff." Mary Francis explains to Grace "Yes he is. He is in trouble and he knows it. It’s what happens to male wrestlers when they know they are losing a match. It’s called a DEFEAT BONER and Patrick has one." 

In the ring things are happening fast. Lanai has seen that Patrick has grown stiff and hard. She knows she has him. Getting to her feet she grabs Patrick’s hair and pulls him to a sitting position. She quickly gets behind him. Dropping to the mat behind Patrick she wraps her pantyhose covered legs around his waist. Taking his left arm she pulls it up and across his face. As she does that she also reaches under his arm and presses against his temple. Lanai has Patrick locked into a BODY SISSERS & COBRA CLUTCH.         

Patrick’s eyes grow wide with fear. There is soon a searing pain in his head as well as his mid-section. He grabs at Lanai’s hands and tries to pull them away from his head. It’s no use, she is just too strong for him. She has him locked up tight. 

Hopelessly trapped Patrick begins to scream "She’s got me, oh god she’s got me!! It hurts, she’s hurting me!! OH PLEASE LET ME GO!!" With her opponent scream in pain Lanai calls on the the ref: Ask him ref, go on and ask him. Ask him if he submits to me. Ask him ref ask him!!" Hearing the young boy crying out in pain the ref does ask him: Is that it Patrick, do you want to submit. Have you had enough son. Are you ready to give up? 

Patrick has no choice he’s beaten and he knows it. 

"YES-YES, I’ve had enough!! I’m finished, get her off me!! PLEASE MAKE HER STOP!! I GIVE UP-I GIVE UP!! I SUBMIT TO HER, SHE’S BEATEN ME!! I SUBMIT…!!! OH GOD I SUBMIT!!" 

That’s it for Patrick, it’s over he’s been defeated by 18 yr old Lanai. She gets to her feet and stands over her beaten male opponent. Looking down on him she raises her arm in the air as a sign of her victory. 

On the mat Patrick lies unmoving. He can’t move or stand, the pain he is feeling is overwhelming. Looking closely those at ringside, including his mother can see the tears running down his cheeks. Patrick is flooded with thoughts:  "how am I going to tell my father that I was defeated? I’ve waited so long for this night only to lose. How can I face my family?" 

After several minutes Patrick is able to get to his feet. The ring is empty as Lanai has already left. Patrick stumbles to the ropes slightly bent over at the waist and holding his stomach. After several minutes he is able to get back to the dressing room. He stumbles in still holding his stomach. 

His father and brother turns to him. They are surprised that his match is over already. "What happened Patrick, your match over already? His father asks him. "Yea dad it’s over, I lost. She beat me, forced me to submit to her. I lost the match." 

His father rushes to console him, "It’s OK son, we all lose sometime. Both you’re and I have been defeated before. You did your best." 

Next up Liam jr heads to the ring. He is very excited to be wrestling in front of his girlfriend. 20 yr old Liam has a large following among the fans. Most of his following is young girls, Liam is extremely handsome. Seeing his girlfriend in her seat Liam smiles and gives her a waive. Just like his brother Liam also has a very large female following. As he enters the ring whistles, cat calls and screams great the 20 yr old wrestler.

In their seats Grace terns to Mary Francis asking "what was all that? Liam’s mother laughs, "those are your boyfriends fans. They love him just like you do."  Grace is very excited to see Liam wrestle. She has never seen him in his wrestling gear and she is highly turned on by him. She loves his black hose and especially his red thong not to mention his bulging manhood. Even more now, Liam is the man of her dreams. 

Across the ring from Liam stands his opponent. Her name is Olga Petrovich and she has just immigrated from Russia. At 6 ft 1 & ? inches she is a little taller that Liam. She has on a bright red spandex leotard that is thong cut. She also wears very shiny tan pantyhose and red boots. She is a body builder and looks like it. Her rippling muscles bulge out under her leotard and pantyhose. She looks massively powerful.  

With the introductions and the instructions over both wrestlers return to their corners. Liam takes a few seconds to  smile and blow a kiss to his girlfriend. Quickly he pulls up his shiny black pantyhose and adjusts his thong. 

BONG!!! the match starts. Both Liam and Olga move toward the center of the ring. As they get close, Olga spreads her fingers wide and offers Liam a TEST OF STRENGTH. They interlock their fingers and begin. Liam raises his arms and begins to bend Olga’s hands back. For several seconds it looks like Liam is winning the test. 

Then Olga smiles at him and instantly reverses things bending Liam’s hands back. Liam’s eyes grow wide as his hands are bent. His face suddenly turns into a mask of pain. Farther and farther Olga bends Liam’s hands. He tries with all his strength to fight back but Olga is too strong for him. As she continue to bend his fingers and hand Liam’s knees begin to buckle and bend. Slowly inch by inch he is forced to the mat. 

After several seconds of struggling Liam’s knees touch the mat. No longer face to face he is now looking up at his opponent. Olga continues to torture her 20yr old male opponent. As she increases the pressure on his fingers and hand Liam is forced to cry out in pain. "My hands, oh god my hands!! You’re breaking my fingers. OOOOOOOOHHH!! 

Olga now turns Liam’s hands over reversing the hold. Now it is upward pressure and it forces Liam off his knees. Slow he rises off the mat till he is once again standing. He seems almost unable to comprehend what is happening to him. How is this women able to overpower him so easily. She continues to bend his hands under. Liam is now on the tips of his shiny red boots. 

He moves from leg to leg trying to ease the pain. Just then Olga drops Liam’s right hand. She quickly ducks under his left arm and yanks it up into a HAMMER LOCK. Liam’s shoulder and arm explodes in pain as his arm is twisted up behind him. Liam’s eyes close and he screams with the pain "AAAAAAAAAA!!! My arm-my arm!! 

Liam knows he is violating the first rule of wrestling by screaming out like that, he just can’t help himself. As Olga bends his arm up behind him, Liam grabs at his shoulder. Olga then pulls his arm out strait and twists it. She then pushes Liam back against the ropes. Getting a running start she whips Liam across the ring and into the turnbuckle in the corner. Liam slams into the turnbuckle with a force he has never felt before. 

Rather than run after him, Olga slowly walks cross the ring. As she does she raises her arms over her head in the victory sign. In the corner Liam sees Olga approaching him. There is nothing he can do, as he is holding on to the top rope and if he lets go he will fall to the mat.

Holding onto the top rope Liam is badly dazed. He has taken a beating so far in this match. As Olga gets to the corner she slams a powerful FOREARM SMASH into Liam’s upper chest. The punch drives the air out of his lungs and he collapses to the mat. His legs are folded up under him and he is slumped back against the turnbuckle.   

Out in the crowd both Grace and Mary Francis are fighting back tears. Grace is stunned and horrified at the battering her boyfriend I taking. Suddenly she points at Liam up in the ring. "Look- look it’s happening to him. He getting one!!!" And it’s true, Liam is in fact getting one. His manhood has begun to swell and stiffen, he is getting a DEFEAT BONER.    

Reaching down Olga grabs Liam by his arms and drags him to the center of the ring. She then flips him onto his back. Liam neither tries  to fight her off or puts up any struggle at all. He is now lying on his back in the middle of the ring gasping for each breath.  

Olga grabs one of Liam’s boots and lifts in up. She steps on his other boot pinning it to the mat. She pulls up on his leg and lifts his boot onto her shoulder. Wrapping her hands around his knee she interlocks her fingers. She then begins to pull down on Liam’s knee. 

Liam instantly begins to scream. "OH god no- please no!! My knee oh god my knee!! OOOOOHHH!! It hurts. Olga holds his knee like this for about a minute or so. She then drops his leg , then grabs the other one. Once again his boot is on her shoulder and her hands are around his knee, once again Liam cries out in pain. "AAAAAAOOUU!!! It hurts, my knee!! You’re going to break my knee!! PLEASE don’t cripple me, PLEASE!!!" 

After about a minute she drops his leg to the mat. Liam is now crying as he lies on the mat. Both his mother and his girlfriend can see the tears running down his cheeks. Grace buries her face in her hands not wanting to watch her boyfriend suffer. Mary Francis looks at her son lying helpless on the mat just a few feet away from her. 

Liam now has a full stiff DEFEAT BONER, it stretches his thong and pantyhose. Olga comes close to Liam, "I FINISH YOU OFF NOW LITTLE BOY!!" she grabs one of his boots then twists his leg around hers. Realizing what she is doing Liam scream in terror "NO-NO, PLEASE oh god no!! Don’t do this, please don’t do this to me!!  Dropping to the mat she pulls his other leg out straight. Olga has 20 yr old Liam trapped in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOC. 

Liam twists and turns trying to get free. He sits up and pounds on Olga’s legs. He grabs at his own legs trying to pull them lose. It’s no use Olga has his held tight. She then begins to tell him "Submit to me boy!! I’ve got you, you can’t escape. You are a weakling and I have defeated you!!" The ref move in "How about Liam have you had enough? Are you ready to give up son?"


The ref calls for the bell ending the match. Olga releases Liam from the figure four and gets to her feet. Not satisfied forcing the 20yr old male wrestler to submit to her, she now stands over him with her boot on his chest and her arms in the air. 

At ringside Grace is inconsolable as she sees Liam lying on the mat unmoving. In the ring Liam is stretched out on his back. His arm and legs are wide apart and his manhood is sticking up, hard and stiff. Slowly he begins to come around and starts to move. It takes him about 3 minutes to get off the mat and on two one knee. It’s clear that he is still dazed by his defeat. He gets to his feet but is unsteady. The figure four has made his legs very wobbly. 

It takes his almost five minutes to get back to the dressing room. Patrick has just come out of the shower but is still in pain. Liam sr. is in his pantyhose and boots and has his red thong in his hand. Seeing Liam limping in pain he rushes to his side. "Liam, are you Ok son? What happened to you?" Liam limps to the bench and sits down.  "I got beat dad, just like Patrick. She was all over me. I never had a chance. She got a submission from me. She made me give up right in front of mom and Grace." Liam sr. tries his best to console his oldest son. Telling him the same thing he told Patrick. 

But for young Liam it’s different. "No dad it’s different, she called me a weakling and a boy. And she’s right I am a weakling. I was scared, she hurt me. I was afraid of her." Again his father reassured Liam and hugs him tightly. 

As he calms down Liam removes his thong, unties his boots and takes them off, then slides his pantyhose down and off. He is left standing there with his DEFEAT BONER just like his younger brother. 

Having gotten his son calmed down Liam sr. pulls on his shiny red thong and heads for the ring. He is the last of the Delany men to wrestle tonight. At 38yrs old Liam is still a very formidable opponent for any wrestler. He is still movie star handsome and in grate physical condition. As he enters the ring there is a loud cheer him, he is still very popular with the fans. 

Across the ring stands his opponent. She is 42yrs old and at the end of her career. She will be retiring at the end of the year. She is however, just like Liam still a formidable wrestler. She is also very good looking and very athletic. Bonnie Watson still loves wrestling and still loves winning, she backs down from no one. 

Tonight Bonnie has on her white spandex leotard, like many of the female wrestlers it is thong cut and revels her very tight behind. She also will wrestle in black pantyhose and shiny white boots. With the preliminaries out of the way both wrestlers wait in their corners. All though both of these wrestlers have been wrestling for many years they have never wrestled each other before. They are friends as is her husband and Liam’s wife. Both spouses are in the arena tonight to see the match. 

At the bell they both come at each other. Liam strikes first sliding in behind Bonnie and getting a FULL NELSON on her. Bonnie’s arms are up in the air and her neck is bent forward. Liam is putting a lot of pressure behind this hold. Bonnie’s chest is being pushed out and her gorgeous breasts are pressing hard against her leotard. So much so that you can clearly see her nipples. 

Bonnie struggles against the NELSON trying to escape. After several minutes she manages to push Liam back against the ropes in the corner. Slowly and carefully Liam releases Bonnie from the NELSON. She steps away from the corner. Backing a foot or two she turns just as just as Liam step forward and drives her knee deep into his lower mid-section.  

Liam’s eyes explode wide, his mouth opens as if to say something but nothing comes out. Bonnie’s knee slammed into him just below the waist band of his thong and pantyhose. Liam grabs at his stomach and drops to his knees. Bonnie has knocked the wind out of him. 

Moving in behind him Bonnie takes Liam’s arms and twists them up behind him locking on a SURF-BOARD. Pushing up on his arms forcing his to crawl forward, Bonnie steers him to the center of the ring. Liam’s face now reflects the pain he feels as his arms are twisted. Slowly Liam is able to get to his feet and then to the ropes. With one leg outside the ropes Bonnie is forced to break the hold. 

Free from the SURF-BOARD Liam retreats to his corner rubbing his shoulders. He cautiously moves out of the corner and toward Bonnie. As he gets close to her he faints a move and slips in behind her. Wrapping his arms around her middle he squeezes her into a BEAR HUG. In a short time Bonnie’s face turns red and she begins to gasp for air. 

Bonnie pounds on Liam’s arm, she pulls t them trying to escape. She tries to twist out of the hold but Liam is just too strong for her. Bonnie tries to pull Liam toward the ropes but cannot move him. Almost at the point of fainting Bonnie goes for her last resort. Working her hand in behind her she grabs Liam’s manhood and squeezes it hard. 

Liam screams drops the hold and staggers backward cupping his aching manhood with his hands. Bonnie quickly takes advantage of this opportunity. She wraps her arms around Liam’s head. As she is facing his back, she kicks her legs out straight and crashes to the mat. As she does she also takes his head with her. Liam’s unprotected head slams into the mat hard. 

The 38yr old male wrestler is badly dazed. He lies on the mat face down unmoving. In her front row seat Mary Francis gasps as she see her husband crash into the mat. She knows he is in trouble as she cries out, "No not him too. OH god, not my husband!! Please not my husband." Her cries fall on deaf ears. Having seen her two sons being defeated, she has no wish to see the same thing happen to their father and her husband. 

Bonnie senses an opportunity to win the match. She moves in on the dazed Liam, pulling him to his feet. She jams her arm between his legs and grabs his thong and pantyhose. She hooks his head, lifts his off the mat and slams him back down. Liam crashes into the mat and lays there unmoving. 

Bonnie rolls her opponent over face down. She then begins to stomp his back over and over. Two, three, four times Bonnie’s  shiny white boot slams into Liam’s back. Although he is fully conscious Liam cannot move or get to his feet. Bonnie drops onto his back, cups her hands under his chin and pulls back as hard as she can. Bonnie has Liam in a CAMEL CLUTCH. 

All Liam can do at this point is softly moan. "OH-OH, my back. It hurts, oh god it hurts." As for Bonnie she calls out to the ref, "Ask him, go on and ask him. Does he want to submit? Ask him ref ask him." Kneeling in front of Liam so she can look in his eyes she ask him "Do you want to submit Liam? Can you hear me, do you wish to give up? Still keeping his fighting spirit Liam answers "NO-NO won’t submit. Not giving up, I can still win."     

Unable to make Liam submit to the CAMEL CLUTCH, Bonnie decides to try a more painful hold on him. Jumping on the back of his thighs she hooks his boot around hers. Reaching down she punches him in the side over and over. The punches have forced Liam’s arms back to his sides. Bonnie grabs both of Liam’s arms and twisting them hard she pulls back on them. 

From ringside Mary Francis cries out for her husband "Oh no, she’s got him, she’s got him!! He’s going to lose. PLEASE god, not all three of them. Not all three!!" By this time Bonnie has pulled Liam up and over trapping him in a CILLING HOLD. 

Here’s the picture. Liam is on his back facing up toward the ring lights. His back is arched up, his legs are bent and has arm are twisted behind him. Liam is trapped in the single most painful hold in wrestling. No one, man or woman can stand up to this. Everyone who is trapped in to submits. 

The ref quickly moves in on Liam. "Liam, is that it? Are you finished, do you want to submit ?" The 38yr old wrestler, husband to Mary Francis and father of two quickly admits his defeat and surrenders the match to Bonnie: 


Liam’s submission end the big night for the Delany men. 

Up in the ring Bonnie has released Liam from the hold and dropped him to the mat. Liam now lies on his back in the center of the ring. The 38yr old male is softly sobbing, "My back, oh god my back hurts!!" In her front row seat Liam’s wife looks up at her beaten husband, she can see the tears in his eyes and flowing down his cheeks, "OH god she beat him!! She’s defeated Liam. All three of them, I can’t believe all three of them have lost."

Slowly Liam struggles to his feet. He slowly makes his way to the ropes and to were his wife is sitting. I’m sorry Mary Francis, I’m so sorry I’ve been defeated. We’ve all been beaten, all three of us." 

Slowly and painfully Liam makes his way to the dressing room. Bent over at the waist and holding his back with both hands he staggers to the bench. Both his sons begin to ask "Dad, dad what happened. Are you Ok, did you win dad, did you win? Looking up at his sons Liam sees that although Patrick has showered both he and Liam jr. Still have their DEFEAT BONERS. 

As he stands is clear that he also has a DEFEAT BONER. Even thru his pantyhose and thong his stiff manhood stands out. "No boys I didn’t win. Bonnie got me in a CILLING HOLD and make me submit. I’ve been defeated too. We’ve all been defeated.