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Update: 05.10.2018

W-540 "Caleb vs Yvonne"

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She has been waiting for this night ever since her father took her to her first match five years ago. She was fourteen then and much too young to compete as a pro. To fill the time she went out for her high school team were she was a stand-out. She turned down a collage scholarship not wanting to wait four years. At eighteen she began her training leading up to tonight's d but.

Yvonne Canberry is just minuets away from her childhood dream of being a professional wrestler.

Yvonne is very nervous; she wants to look good for the fans. And she wants to put up a good fight against her opponent. Having just learned that she will be wrestling a much more experienced and older wrestler she hopes to give a good account of herself. Sliding off her jeans and top Yvonne begins to get ready to wrestle. First she slips into a shinny black spandex thong leotard. Next she pulls onto her legs black thigh high stocking with tight lace tops holding them up. Finally she laces on shinny black boots and slips into a black silk robe.


Across the hall in another dressing room Caleb Black, Yvonne's opponent is fuming with anger. Shaking his finger at the promoter of the matches Caleb shouts:


"A rookie? You match me with a rookie? Are you crazy? Do you know what I'll do to her? This match is an insult."


However Caleb knows he has no choice but to wrestle Yvonne, the contracts are signed.


Quickly out of his street cloths Caleb slips on a tight white spandex thong. He adjusts his manhood and takes a glance at himself in the mirror. The thin spandex leaves nothing to the imagination Caleb is all man and well endowed. He then laces up shinny white boots and finishes with a white satin ring jacket.


Yvonne enters the ring first and is greeted by cheers and whistles. The gorgeous 19yr old wrestler is overwhelmed by the fan response. As Caleb enters the first thing he sees is his opponent. He too is amazed by her beauty; she looks more like a high fashion model that a professional wrestler.


The announcer enters to get the match started:


"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the co-feature it is a one fall to a finish pin or submission match. In the far corner he is currently ranked the number 3 contender for the title. CALEB BLACK. And in the opposite corner making her IWL d but YVONNE CANBERRY"


Anger again wells up in Caleb as he knows he should have been introduced last as the senior wrestler.


Removing their ring jackets both wrestlers come to the center of the ring for their instructions.


Returning to their corners both wrestlers stretch and adjust their gear as they wait for the bell.


Moving out of their corners the two wrestlers lock up in the center of the ring struggling for dominance. Yvonne moves quickly getting a SIDE - Head Lock on Caleb then taking him to the mat. Caleb kicks and squirms managing to get one of his shinny white boots on the bottom rope.


Both wrestlers are swiftly back on their feet looking for an opening.

For the next ten minuets Caleb and Yvonne wrestle back and forth each giving and taking punishment. The pace is extremely fast and both wrestlers have a shinny sheen of sweat on them.


Their last exchange of holds has both of them breathing heavily gulping air. Standing on opposite sides of the ring Caleb takes a few seconds to adjust his shinny white thong wile Yvonne pulls up her thigh-high stockings.


Moving off the ropes they come toward each other as if to lock up. However Yvonne has other ideas, as Caleb approaches she leaps into the air and delivers a powerful kick to Caleb. The heel of Yvonne's boot smashes into Caleb right at the junction of his neck and chest. Stunned by the kick Caleb hands fly to his neck as he tries to massage his throat. It takes several seconds for him to realize that he is having trouble breathing.


Yvonne has no pity for Caleb as he struggles to breath. Quickly getting to her feet she smashes her fore-arm into to his upper chest several times driving the 28yr old male back into his corner. Trapped in the corner Caleb takes knees, elbows and fore-arm smashes from Yvonne. Caleb tries cover as much of his face and chest as he can with his arms, but many of the blows get thru.


The ref moves in to pull Yvonne off Caleb, as Yvonne steps back Caleb slides down the turnbuckles crumpling to the mat. Sending Yvonne to the opposite corner the ref turns back to Caleb telling him to get up and wrestle or be counted out. Caleb waving his hands in front of his face as if to ward off danger tells the ref:


"Please I need some time. I can't breath. I need air."


The ref begins to count Caleb out:




Caleb struggles trying to get to his feet. He reaches up for the middle rope and begins to pull himself up. However the ref has continued the count:


"Eight - NINE - TEN - Eleven - TWELVE".


Caleb has gotten to his knees and is reaching for the top rope.




Caleb is on his feet, however his legs are wobbly and he remains in his corner holding the ropes.


Stalling for as much time as he can get Caleb adjusts his thong as the ref signals the match to continue.


It is very clear to all the fans in the arena that the momentum of the match has changed. 28yr old Caleb Black the older and more experienced wrestler is now on the defensive. 19yr old Yvonne shows her male opponent no mercy. Before Caleb can move Yvonne is on him, grabbing him by the hair and arm and pulling him out of the corner. Wrapping her arm around his head Yvonne locks Caleb in a Dragon neck breaker. Bending him back she drives her fist into his exposed abdomen. After several hard shots to his mid-section Caleb knees buckle and he sinks slowly to the mat.


With the match now 18minuets old Yvonne switches tactics attempting to finish Caleb off. A side kick sends the 28yr old male crashing into his back. Stunned by the kick Caleb lies stretched out on the mat. Grabbing hi by the hair Yvonne pulls his head and shoulders off the mat. Stepping over his prone body Yvonne traps Caleb's head between her thighs then drops to the mat. 


Caleb immediately begins to kick his legs wildly wile twisting his body trying to escape the head-scissors. His muffled screams can just barely be heard. The panic stricken wrestler waists time and energy twisting and kicking but not trying to pry Yvonne's legs apart. The lacy tops of her black thigh-highs pinch Caleb right at his ears and her thighs make his breathing very difficult. Caleb Black the 28yr old number 3 ranked contender for the world title is in very serious trouble.


Seeing his predicament the ref kneels down beside the trapped wrestler:


"How bout it Caleb? You had enough son? Want me to end the match?"


Even though he is taking a beating at the hands of his female opponent Caleb refuses to submit.


For the next three minuets Caleb struggles but can't get free. However his twisting and kicking have brought him close to Yvonne's corner and he is able to get one of his shinny white boots onto the bottom rope. The ref moves in and tells Yvonne:


"Let him go Yvonne. He's in the ropes."


Reluctantly Yvonne breaks the hold and gets to her feet.


As Caleb's head comes free he gulps a huge breath of air. His finger tips and lips have a blue cast to them as his air was cut off. The ref moves Yvonne back toward the center of the ring then returns to were Caleb is still on the mat. Looking down on him he sees the young male wrestler gasping for breath with his legs pulled up tight lying in an almost fetal position. The ref leans over the downed wrestler:


"Come on son, you've got to get up. You have to wrestle, or I'll count you out."


Looking up Caleb's face is a mask of fear:


"PLEASE, more time. I need more time."


The ref just shakes his head and begins:




Caleb makes no effort to move and the count continues:




Caleb has gotten to his knees and is holding the top rope. Grabbing the rope with both hands he begins to pull himself up:




It's clear that he is having a very hard time getting up. He seams light headed and just a little dizzy. On his feet he is leaning back against the turnbuckle holding the ropes with both hands:




Cable quickly adjusts his shinny white spandex thong and steps out of the corner with only one second remaining before being counted out.


Hopping to gain more time he slides along the ropes not moving toward Yvonne. However Yvonne knows she his Caleb in serious trouble and swiftly moves in on him. Backing to him she hooks his head and Snap-mares him off the ropes. Caleb flies over landing in the center of the ring on his back. Before he can make any move to get to his feet Yvonne is on him pulling him up by the hair and arm. Caleb is noticeably wobbly on his feet as Yvonne scoops him off the mat and slams him down. Kneeling down beside her opponent Yvonne grabs the front of Caleb's shinny white thong pulls his mid-section off the mat and drives a fore-arm into him. Twice more she pulls him up by his thong and slams away at his belly. The ref move in and tells her to let Caleb up and no closed fists.


Holding his mid-section and again gasping for air Caleb slowly gets to his feet. Bent over at the waist clutching his belly he staggers around the ring unable to get steady on his feet. Falling backward he is held up by the ropes still bent over. The ref moves to him and takes a long look at the struggling young wrestler:


"What do you think Caleb? Want me to stop it? Are you done son? I can end it for you".


Bravely Caleb shakes his head "NO!!"


Slowly moving off the ropes he shuffles toward the center of the ring and Yvonne. Still bent over at the waist he is easy prey as Yvonne connects with a Bent-arm upper cut that slams into Caleb's chin. The upper cut straightens and stiffens his body. In almost slow motion Caleb's legs buckle and he sinks to the mat on his knees. Two seconds later he topples over on to all fours. Down on his hands and knees Caleb is completely defenseless.


Yvonne's black hart has no mercy for her battered male opponent. Locking Caleb's head between her thighs she drops to the mat and begins to squeeze. Looking down between her legs she can easily Caleb's face turn bright red. This time he makes a very half-harted effort to pry her stocking covered legs apart. But he is far too weak to move her powerful legs.


Caleb knows he cannot win the match his only though now is to get out of this hold before he is knocked out. He has a tremendous fear that being knocked out by a 19yr old rookie will end his wrestling career. Looking up into Yvonne face deepens his fear as he sees no pity in her eyes. Caleb knows that his only hope is surrender:


"Can't breath, PLEASE let me go. I GIVE UP - I GIVE UP"


Expecting freedom Caleb is shocked as the pressure on his head increases. What he does not realize is that Yvonne was the only one who heard him submit.


A now terrified Caleb claws and pulls on Yvonne's stocking covered legs. However all it gets him a very tiny opening that he can get several breaths thru. After taking two deep gulps of air Caleb looks up into Yvonne's face again looking for any sign of human pity. He finds none. Again starving for air Caleb tries once more to surrender the match:


"PLEASE Yvonne PLEASE!! Have mercy on me. Please don't knock me out. I submit to you".


Looking down at her hopelessly trapped and now defeated foe Yvonne just smirks at Caleb's pleas for mercy:


"No mercy for you tuff guy. I've defeated you and now I'm going to humiliate you."


Caleb understands what she means, she is going to finish him off and knock him out.


The beautiful young legs that hold his head trapped slowly begin to increase the pressure. His eyes cloud over and his hands slip off Yvonne's legs and fall to the mat. His legs stop kicking and lay uselessly spread eagle. With his final gulp of air Caleb gives up his last speck of his masculine pride:


"You've defeated me Yvonne. I beg you, PLEASE don't knock me out. I submit - I submit. Let me go, I GIVE UP!!!"


Unfortunately for the 28yr old wrestler, once the number 3 contender for the title. These are his last words tonight. Caleb's eyes roll back into his head and he slips into darkness. Caleb Black has been knocked out.


Yvonne releases Caleb's head and gets to her feet. Her unconscious male opponent doesn't move. Yvonne backs into her corner as the ring announcer enters. Taking the mic he begins:


"LADIES and GENTELMEN. In the time of 22min & 31sec. The winner of the match via knock out submission and still undefeated YVONNE CANBERRY!!"


Yvonne dances out of her corner with her arms in the air. The crowd cheers wildly for the beautiful 19yr old wrestler. As for her opponent he is still on the mat out cold.


After several minuets of cheers and applauses Yvonne exits the ring and returns to her dressing room. The medical staff enter the ring to attend to Caleb the beaten male is still on the mat unmoving. Kneeling beside him they are surprised to see that his is still out. Using smelling salts they slowly revive the unconscious wrestler. After witch they give him several deep breaths of oxygen. As his head clears Caleb asks the medics:


"What happened? Is the match over? How did I do? 


The chief medic answers:

"No so good Caleb. You lost the match. Yvonne knocked you out."


A some what bewildered Caleb shakes his head no:

"Knocked me out? She knocked me out. But I submitted to her. I gave up the match. She had no  reason To knock me out."


Angry, hurt and humiliated Caleb Black slowly gets to his feet and is helped back to his dressing room. Removing his boots and thong he just makes it into the shower before the tears begin to fall.