ballbusting mixed wrestling leotard female domination victory pose

Update: 29.09.2017

W-482 "Ballbusting fun!"

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Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Who will win a mixed wrestling match where the woman sexually assaults and rapes the man by torturing and furiously punching a man's testicles and squeezes them agaisnt his will? Fall in love with the dangerous young lady as she subdues her male opponent. Pain inflicted by female has never been this sexy! This young hottie wearing a sexy cyber 80s outfit can do some serious gymnastics moves. The gymnast kicks this guy’s ass hard and then at the end does back flips into ball kicks! You have never seen a ballbusting gymnast before? This is hot! It's SO hot when a beautiful clothed girl has a completely naked guy by his balls. It's like she is taking total control and ownership of him through that which men hold out as being their pride of manhood, and what defines their masculinity. When he is already totally naked and she is not, he is already vulnerably exposed and helpless, but when she then reaches down and forcefully attacks his balls, is delightful to see her taking control of him smiling in gleeful triumph. You'll see a lot of headscissors, lift and carry holds and ballbusting. Unusual ballbusting. You have not seen anything like that! The female martial artist uses her ballet and gymnastics skills to make attacks. Ball squeezing, knees and kicks in the groing - you'll see it too, but the best ballbusting moves are concentrated in the end of this illustrated story. When you'll look at that pictures, you'll understand: the wrestling ring is the best thing for make fun with naked vulnerable balls!

Winston, the male fighter, says: "A guy's package is the source and the symbol of his masculinity; and yet it is also so delicate. I've wrestled lots of girls, and ball-shots are totally effective. Even if guy wrestles a girl to the ground, but his balls land on her uplifted knee and this renders him helpless, unable to stop her from bending him into a pretzel. Playing in contact sports versus girls is just too hard on the balls. To be clear, I agree that, in open competition, if the only rules change is that the groin is a legal target, then girls/women would win more often than not. In mixed wrestling, if the balls are fair game, then the guy's going to lose often. I had lots of playful wrestling "bouts" with girls/women, and lost more than half. And size didn't matter... the worst "beating" I ever got was from a girl 4'-11" and 85 pounds. Speed was her advantage. Every time I moved in I got kneed."

Lisa, the female fighter, says: "For girls at my school, ballbusting was our favorite past time. Nut kicking was practically the school's number one sport. It was a common sight to see a guy doubled over holding his aching sack or walking bow legged down the hall to keep his swollen nuts from rubbing together. The girls always wondered what it would be like to permanently destroy a guy, and often threatened to when they had a guy gagging on the ground with his balls up in his throat. Bulls can be led calmly by putting a ring through their septum (a nose ring) and leading them by it. They don't want to feel pain while you're tugging, so they follow meekly. The same goes for men. It's more sense to grab a mans testicles than to put a ring through his nose, and both work equally well, so it's all about leading a man and controlling him through pain. Before of this wrestling match, a female fan asked me if I was worried about my male opponent being so much stronger than me. I replied that no, I was not at all worried because I could always knee or kick the man in his testicles if me had to, or squeeze them to immobilize him. I enjoy it when I'm wearing my dance leotard and squeezes a naked balls of my male opponent. It gives me feel of my power and superiority. I have two absolute rules: First, I'll never be nude or even topless. Second, my male opponent must be completely naked as it shows his respect of my superior combat skills. So, first of all I'm removing all his clothing when I'll have him in one of my favorite wrestling holds. Wearing clothes is a female prerogative, men have to be naked when they fight against women! The nude body has inspired fear, awe and many other emotions that are usually both conflicted and repressed. It gives Me great pleasure and delight to have my male opponent strip down naked for me while he s under my control. What is ultimately going to cause the men to lose the 'battle of the sexes' is what makes them a man in the first place. My honest opinion is that in a no rules, leotard clad female against naked male, fight to the finish, having testicles is a major weakness. Depending on how hard it is, a single blow to the balls could essentially end the fight!"