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mma sit punch cfnm leotard femdom fighting girl on top nude male beaten

Update: 15.05.2020

F-624 "Sara punishing the pervert"

Gallery size: 240 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Sarah loved her job. She was both a professional actress and a professional fighter, and she hired herself out to women who wanted revenge on a man. Her most common customers, sadly, were battered wives who wanted someone to punish their husbands. But she did have other assignments: "dodgy" car dealers who sold women cars which broke down; door-to-door salesmen who wouldn’t go away; bullying PE teachers; and bosses who tormented their secretaries.

But today’s assignment was unique for her. Several young women together had hired her to "teach a lesson" to a man who taught women’s self-defence. He advertised himself as an instructor for women who wanted to gain confidence in everyday situations. A typical advertisement of his read, "You are walking home after a night out, and you find yourself caught up in a street fight (it can happen). Karate and all that are all very well, but nothing works as well for a girl as being able to beat a man on his own terms, in a good old-fashioned ‘one-two’."

This odious man, whose name was Trevor, charged girls a lot of money for what turned out to be a con and a grope at the same time. He would take a girl into the ring at his gym, and pretend to teach her to fight in one of his "everyday situations". His favourite strategy was to stand behind a girl, holding her left wrist and encouraging her to make a fist and to punch out in front of her. At the same time he would fondle her bottom with his right hand. Girls came away furious, upset, and poorer by a lot of money. But some of them knew each other, and one had heard about Sarah’s services. It didn’t take long before they hired her, with instructions to humiliate him in any way she thought fit.

She was going to enjoy this! She made an appointment for a "session" with Trevor, and chose her favourite leotard for the occasion. It was a "teasing" leotard, and practically see-through. She had a gorgeous figure, and it showed off her splendid breasts, lovely round bottom, and narrow waist perfectly. If this didn’t have Trevor groping, then she wasn’t the judge of men that she thought she was!

At the gym, Trevor did all that she expected him to do. She played the part of a shy, giggly girl as they entered the ring, and sure enough, Trevor moved behind her and held her left wrist.

Now, I want you to clench your left fist," he began.

"Is that right?" she asked, demurely.

"It’s a lovely fist!" He assured her. "Are you sure you haven’t done this before?"

"Oh no, I don’t like the idea at all really. It’s just that people have warned me that the streets can be so dangerous at times, that I need to learn."

"Well, you’ve come to the right person," he replied, in his best smooth manner. (He was also quite a good actor, Sarah concluded.)

"Now, he continued, "There’s a nasty man threatening you. We’ll punch him together." He stood very closely behind her now, moved her wrist forward with her giggling, and with his right hand, began to stroke her bottom.

"Ooh, that’s a bit naughty," Sarah declared, leaning back into him to encourage him.

"I can’t help it," he protested, "It’s so lovely!"

She turned round, felt his cock through his shorts, making him gasp, and whispered, "Close your eyes, and don’t open them until I tell you to."

She knelt down and pulled his shorts down. Trevor obligingly stepped out of them, she stood back up again, telling him to keep his eyes closed, while she reached out and took his erect cock in her left hand. Smiling, she clenched her right fist and drew it back, still holding his cock. In perfect synchronisation, she let go of it the moment her right fist made contact with his face in a devastating straight right.

If he hadn’t been standing with his back close to the ropes, he would have gone down. As it was, he fell back against them, astonished. Needless to say, he had opened his startled eyes. Sarah stood in the middle of the ring beckoning him to come and fight. She kicked his shorts out of the ring. Trevor approached her gingerly, and swung an innocuous right punch; she avoided it and responded with her own right fist into his stomach. 

"You’re a fraud!" Sarah declared as he gasped, coughed and wheezed. "Most of the girls who went to your sessions would have been able to beat you, if only they’d known."

"How do you know about them?" he asked, staggering.

"I’m working for them," she replied, smashing her left fist into his stomach this time.

She was ferocious! A right hook into had him against the ropes, and in desperation he at least managed to get her into a clinch, hoping to be able to do a bit of dirty fighting. How he had gloatingly imagined getting her into a clinch barely 10 minutes earlier! He held onto her tightly, trapping her, and had the consolation that he was preventing her from using her fists, which were doing so much damage.

Sarah, tutted to herself. Typical, she thought. He was rubbish as an attacker, and his only ability in defence was the clumsy clinch. Well there was one very good way for a woman to free herself from such a hold, especially when the man was naked … 

Trevor roared in pain as her knee powered up into his balls. He was the one who had contemplated dirty fighting! He felt sick and let go of his hold, only able to think of the excruciating pain in his cock and balls. But Sarah soon reminded him of his perilous situation. A right uppercut pounded into his jaw, jerking his head back. She followed it with a powerful left hook, which moved him far enough along the ropes to the corner. 

Sarah was able to pick her targets now. She drove her left fist into his stomach; she gave him another beauty of a straight right; then a left uppercut had him crashing down onto the canvas. She followed him down, moved him onto his back and sat with her buttocks teasingly against his still-erect cock, and helped herself to several face punches with alternating fists.

Deciding she needed a bit of a break, Sarah moved off him and held the far ropes, pointing her glorious bottom towards him. "What’s the matter?" she gloated, "Don’t you want to squeeze it anymore? Come on, you know you want to!" But Trevor was whimpering. She’d made him cry! She left the ropes and moved a few paces towards him, looking down at him contemptuously, while he wiped his eyes and started to get up. Once he was on his feet, she resumed her fighting stance. 

He tried to hit her, he really tried! But she darted out of the way, laughing. He tried again, and she blocked it. He tried a third time, with the same result. He gave up, and put his hand up to her, acknowledging his defeat. But Sarah had other ideas. She held his jaw with her left hand, and balled her right into a fist again. It struck him in the left eye. Then she gave him a straight left, which was just as effective as her straight right. The pain was etched on his face. A right hook had him stumbling dangerously, and putting his hand out to stop himself falling down again.

She allowed him to recover just enough before driving her left fist into his side, rocking him over towards his left. This set him up perfectly for her next punch – an angled right uppercut. He was back against the ropes again. With her left fist, she now got him in the right eye. She stood back and looked at him for a moment. What a sight he was! Both his eyes were almost closed over, and his face was swollen grotesquely. It was like a caricature of a man who had lost a fight.

She now mercilessly punched his face with both left and right. 

Smack came a right hook. "That’s for Chantelle, who was in tears after her class." Crunch went a straight left. "That’s for Suzanne, who had to work overtime to pay for her class. His teeth snapped together with yet another right uppercut. "And that’s for Sharon, who said she felt dirty after her class."

Once again she surveyed him. One more punch should do it. She hauled him back into the middle of the ring. He was so dazed that he couldn’t do anything to prevent it. She looked at him for a moment, while preparing her right fist. 

"There’s a nasty man standing in front of me, and I’m going to knock him out with this punch," she mocked, echoing his earlier, pointless, instruction.

It blasted his face, and Trevor went sailing through the air, to land on his back, unconscious. Sarah went and stood over him for a moment, still with her fists clenched in triumph. It fascinated her that he still had a massive erection – it was as if that part of him had enjoyed her beating him up. Perhaps it had.

Her job done, Sarah climbed out of the ring and walked out of the gym, smiling to herself while the wreck of Trevor lay snoring on the canvas.

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