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woman vs man fistcuffs she punched him in the face

Update: 28.12.2018

F-552 "Women in army"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

The debate has been raging for weeks. We have been working on hand-to-hand combat training. There has been continuing resistance to women in combat so some have argued there is no need to train the women for combat duty. The men feel women are not suited for combat and in a one-on-one situation‚Ao the women would not stand a chance against a man. Since there are separate units for the men and the women, we do not train together so it is difficult to determine how the women would handle themselves against the men. 

One afternoon a couple of the guys came over to where they were practicing. They were making jokes about us and how they didn‚Aot think we needed to waste our time practicing. They said there was no way any woman was going to be able to handle herself in unarmed combat against a man. We all gathered around the guys and suggested we hold a little private match to settle once and for all whether the women could hold their own against the guys. We suggested that each group choose their best fighter and we would meet them that night at the gym. They readily agreed and left.

We all gathered at the gym that evening. Each side had chosen their best fighter and the rest of us would watch. The guy was big and well built, weighing around 190 each. He was wearing his combat fatigue pants and no shirt. The woman was wearing her combat boots and fatigue tank leotard. She was much smaller than the man, weighing closer to 130. But she looked awesome and sexy in the tight fitting fatigues. Her leotard was form fitting almost molded to her feminine full figure. She had a small waist with full hips and a full round ass that was clearly accented by the fit of her clothes. The guy was shirtless showing off his powerful muscular chests and arms. Next to the woman, he looked almost indestructible. But what this guy did not know was we women had been practicing moves that would give us an advantage over any man. We have been working on various ways to attack a man‚Aos balls. We had discovered we really enjoyed these moves and were anxious to try them on a guy. We incorporated groin strikes in many of our attacks. Most of us knew how effective it was to hit a guy in the groin but most had never actually had an opportunity.

There were two things we noticed when we had watched the guys practiced. One was the virtual lack of groin strikes. I guess they felt it was unsportsmanlike to hit the other guy in the balls or were afraid of retaliation. The other was they all wore cups; again they obviously were taking no chances and were very protective of their testicles. The guy tonight had what appeared to be a rather large bulge in the crotch of his tight fitting pants. He was either well hung or he was wearing a cup. While an accurate hard kick to a cup protected crotch was still very effective, we did not intend to allow the guys any special protection. It had been decided to challenge them to a CFNM fight. That way they would not realize our real intention was to strip them of their cups.

After we suggested that the guys be nude, the guys were quick to remove his clothes as well. The woman was startlingly beautiful standing in leotard and combat boots on the mat. She had a firm, flat stomach and full round tits. She looked like she had been working out as her arms and legs had a distinct muscular shape. The guy stood somewhat taken aback by his well-built female adversary. The guy was even more awesome standing near naked except for the cup and jock he continued to wear. His body had well developed bulging muscle rippling across his bare chest and exposed legs and thighs. The guy quickly regained his composure as he strutted around the mat flexing his mighty muscles. The girl did not stand a chance against this well built stud except for her special advantage. The girl pointed toward the guy‚Aos crotch and said those must go, referring to the cup protecting his balls. 

At first, the guy refused to remove them until the girls accused him of being chicken and afraid to fight a mere girl without protection. Reluctantly, the guy removed the cup and jock. As his balls suddenly dangled fully exposed it struck him how vulnerable he now was and he both put he hands in front of his crotch. His balls swung loosely as he moved around the mat. The girls became excited at the sight of the fully nude guy standing in front of them. 

The two fighters squared off facing each other. There was a very erotic feel to the sight of a naked male and female in leotard fighting each other. As the fight started, the guy came at the girl quickly and took a swing with his right fist that caught her solidly in her exposed belly. She dropped to her knees and it looked like the fight would end right there. She had put up virtually no defense and looked as if she were no match for the much bigger male. However, the guy was standing smugly over his vanished female foe with his legs spread and his testicles dangling freely in front of her face. Every girl there knew what she would do in that situation. And it did not take long before the winded woman recovered enough to react. The foolish man was not expecting her next move as she suddenly reached up between his legs and grabbed his heavy hanging balls in her fist. She squeezed hard and the man let out a loud scream of agony. She held on as he reached down to pry her hands from his nuts. Her grip was firm and if he could not get her hand on his balls quickly he knew he was finished. Suddenly he drove his fist deep into her left tit. The pain was too much for her and she released the guy‚Aos balls as she grabbed her injured tit. He fell to his knees clutching his injured testicles. They both struggled to regain their breath. Slowly they both rose to their feet and resumed the fight. 

It did not take long for the match to end decisively. However, it was not as expected with the male standing over the vanquished female. To the contrary. Not more than two minutes into the fight, the girl faked a kick toward the man‚Aos groin knowing he would drop his hands to protect his now injured balls. As he did, she hit him in the mouth with a surprisingly hard right hook. His head snapped back and he had to spread his legs to maintain his balance. At the same time, she followed with an accurate, devastating kick squarely between the guy‚Aos legs. Her foot connected solidly with his dangling balls, driving them hard against his pelvis. He stood motionless for a moment, hands pressed tightly to his balls. His expression was one of total shock and his eyes bulged with the pain exploding from his testicles. His legs buckled and he fell onto his side curled in a fetal position unable to continue. We all started cheering as we realized the girl had won the fight. The guys all stood there in shock as their buddy laid motionless at the girls feet. You could see the look of shared pain in their eyes as they looked at their buddy lying motionless and unable to fight anymore. It was with out a doubt the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Every girl there was laughing excitedly looking at the helpless male curled at the feet of the woman. I knew then that I had to have my own experience of beating a man by exploiting his most private parts. It turns out there were to be opportunities later in our training.

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