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woman vs man ballbusting she kneed him in the groin with full force

Update: 17.04.2020

W-620 "Cowboy Lance"

Gallery size: 390 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 390 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s a cool night for late spring in Texas. The doors to the Dunbar sports arena are open and the ceiling fans make the four thousand people inside comfortable. They have seen a great card of Pro-Wrestling. The first seven matches have been all they could have asked for, fast action and exciting wrestling. Many in the crowd are already horse from yelling.

In their dressing rooms the wrestlers for tonight’s main event have been preparing for battle. The champion has done this it seams a thousand times. His mind wanders back over the years and his long climb to the title. He has been champion now for over four years. He hopes to soon retire undefeated. He puts on his jock strap steps into tights slowly pulling up and smoothing the shinny white nylon, after years of wrestling he still has the body of a twenty year old. His tights fit like a second skin; he puts his feet into white paten leather wrestling boots and slips on his sequined white satin ring jacket under the jacket he wares the world championship belt. He is ready to fight.

In the challengers dressing room a completely different ritual is taking place.  Dark pantyhose are pulled up a black satin leotard is put on and black paten leather wrestling boots are laced. Make-up is applied to an already beautiful face and golden blond hair is brushed into place. The women’s world wrestling championship belt is buckled around her waist. A shinny black satin robe, much like a thigh length kimono is tided at the waist finishing the look. She is the women’s wrestling champion. At twenty-eight she is five years younger that the heavy-weight champion. Like him she is the dominant force for her gender in wrestling.

The preliminaries over the crowd returns to their seats after a break. As the house lights dim the ring lights grow bright. The ring announcer takes the mike and calls for the bell.


"Ladies and gentlemen this is the main event of the evening. A one-fall one-hour time limit match for the Pan-Handle Wrestling Federation Championship of the world".


Spotlights now follow the two wrestlers down the isle to the ring.


"In this corner weighing 141lbs. standing 5ft. 10in. tall the challenger. She is the current women’s wrestling champion of world Betty "the body" Wilson and in this corner at 178lbs. standing 6ft. 2in. He is the Pan-Handle Wrestling Federation Champion of the World Cowboy Lance Hudson".


At the sound of the champion’s name the crowd erupts in a standing ovation. Cowboy Lance Hudson is the most popular champion the federation history. As Lance looks across the ring at his opponent his face grows red with anger. He looks at the people at ringside and calls one to his corner. It is the promoter and Lance shouts at him.


"I’m the champion of the world and you match me against a woman? I don’t care how good she is she should not be in the same ring with me."


The promoter explains that he had no choice.


"You signed an open contract, and she put up the challenge fee. If you don’t wrestler her you forfeit the title".


That matter having been taken care of the ref calls the two wrestlers to center ring. The instructions are brief, the wrestlers return to their corners Lance removes his jacket and Betty her robe. They each unbuckle their championship belt and place it over the turnbuckle in their corner as the bell sounds. 

Cowboy Lance and Betty "the body" move out of their corners and circle each other. They come together at center ring and lock up collar and elbow. They push and pull twisting from side to side looking for an opening. Slowly Lance pushes Betty back against the ropes; her head and shoulders bend out and over the top rope. The ref calls for the break and begins the count. At three Lance releases Betty, as he steps back he slams a fist into her mid-section. Betty doubles over at the waist and sinks to the mat on her knees. Lance acts quickly grabbing Betty’s arm and twisting into a wringer. He slams his elbow into her arm and shoulder again and again. Taking her arm and bending back behind her drives Betty face first to the mat. The cowboy bends her arm with all his might. Keeping the hammerlock on her he grabs her chin and pulls up and twists her head. The match is less than five minuets old and Betty "the body" is screaming in pain, looking for an escape. Betty kicks her legs wildly as her free arm reaches out for the ropes. She twists and wiggles looking for a way out, after several minuets a handful of Lance’s hair is her only escape. Lance is quickly on his feet; a kick to Betty’s side sends her sprawling across the mat. Lance follows her across the ring taking her black boot in his hand he pulls up on her leg trapping her in a standing leg lock. Betty turns from side to side keeping her shoulders off the mat. She bridges up with her free leg to ease the pain. The cowboy twists her boot back and forth as "the body" cries out




Asked if she’s had enough she shakes her head no. In a move of desperation Betty kicks with her free leg. After several kicks have no effect on cowboy Lance, she drives her boot deep into his lower abdomen. Lance screams in pain as the heel of her boot smashes into him well below the belt line of his white nylon tights and spandex jockstrap. Lance sinks to the mat on his knees cupping his hands over his injured man hood. Betty "the body" Wilson waists no time as she gets to her feet, her black wrestling boot crashes onto the world champion’s back over and over. Cowboy Lance Hudson keels over face first onto the mat Knees and forehead resting on the mat legs held tightly together butt in the air hands holding his injured parts he is an easy target for a powerful kick in the side. Lance flies across the ring landing on his back. Before he can move Betty’s boot comes crashing into his belly. Stomp after stomp drives the air from his lungs. Cowboy Lance’s breath comes in gulps as he clutches his stomach. The ref moves in to pull Betty off the downed champion and starts a count over him. By the count of five Lance is on his knees, as it reaches seven he has one foot flat on the mat and is trying to stand. Betty can be held back no longer she charges at him looking to end the match. As she gets close enough Lance throws a right hand that lands right at her pubic area. Betty stops dead in her tracks. Her hands grab at the painful area, and she drops to her knees in front of Lance. The next several minuets are an example of championship hart. Cowboy Lance and Betty "the body" each a true champion slam punch after punch forearm after forearm into each other. In the middle of the ring on their knees inches apart they trade blow for blow. The crowd has grown horse from screaming, as the two wrestlers finally collapse to the mat. Side by side they struggle to get to their feet, as the ref counts over them.  As they stand both champions stagger back against the ropes, holding the top one for support.


The ref signals for them to continue wrestling. They each take a deep breath and move toward each other. Betty is a little quicker as she hooks Lance’s head under her arm. She goes between his legs takes a handful of his white tights and lifts and slams him to the mat. The cowboy bounces twice and arches his back in pain. Betty moves in and pulls him to his feet. As she is about to body slam him again Lance drives his fist into her stomach. Hooking her head grabbing her satin wrestling tights he flips her on to her back in a suplex. Now it is Betty’s turn to arch her back in pain. The next twenty minutes see both champions batter each other all over the ring. Elbows fly, fists smash into flesh, body slams, suplexes, ever type of hold is used to weaken their opponent. The crowd is standing in almost stunned silence. They have never seen two wrestlers fight this hard. One moment it is Lance screaming in pain from a hold applied by Betty. The next moment sees Betty crying out as Lance punishes her. Both wrestlers are weakened and winded but it is obvious that Cowboy Lance Hudson the world champion is slowing down faster. He is slower to his feet. His punches seam to lack power and he can now barely lift and throw Betty. On his next attempt to body slam her; she drives a knee into his lower abdomen. Lance staggers back against the ropes. As his back hits the top rope he slowly collapses on to it. His arms hook over the rope as his knees buckle. Betty shows the world champion no mercy; she is on him in a flash. Knees and forearms crash in to him punch after punch slams into his face and body. The champion does not seam to be able to fight her off. His head rests on his chest his eyes glazed over as the ref pulls Betty off him. As the count is started Lance slides down the ropes slumping to the mat. He paws at the ropes trying to get up. "ONE – TWO" Lance has hold of the bottom strand. 

"THREE – FOUR" he is on one knee. "FIVE- SIX he begins to pull himself up. " SEVEN –EIGHT" the champion has regained his feet. He tells the ref that he wants to continue. Lance moves slowly away from the ropes. As he goes to lock up with Betty he is grabbed and suplexed on to his back. The ref and the crowd know that all Betty has to do is fall on him, hook his leg and pin him. Instead she stomps on his belly over and over. As the ref pulls her off, Lance cannot seem to get to his feet. Betty again moves to the attack. She pulls Lance to his feet taking his arm she twists it into a wringer. Lance bends forward at the waist and is whipped to the ropes. As he comes flying back at her Betty drives a two handed knife-edge thrust into his stomach just below the waistband of his tights. Lance clutches his belly with both hands staggers forward two steps and collapses to the mat. Cowboy Lance is face down on the mat the only sounds coming from him are low moans of pain. Betty again pulls the champion to his feet.


Twisting his arm she pulls him close to her "HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT WRESTLING A WOMAN NOW". Betty again whips him to the ropes this time as he flies back she ducks under his arm wraps her leg around his goes behind him and locks his arm out strait. Cowboy Lance Hudson is trapped in an abdominal stretch. The only sound in the packed arena is the champion screaming in pain. The ref has officiated at many of Lance’s matches and has never seen him take a beating like this. He is shocked as Betty clamps the submission hold on Lance. He is slow to react to what he sees. Lance’s free arm flails wildly about. He tries to get free but it is no use. Betty " the body" Wilson has him trapped. As she continues to apply great pressure to the hold the fight slowly goes out of Lance.


"I GIVE UP – I GIVE UP," Lance screams as Betty tightens the hold. The ref at first stunned now moves into position and Betty yells at him "AS HIM – ASK HIM IF HE’S HAD ENOUGH – DOES HE WANT TO SUBMIT". The ref looks into the champions eyes they are foggy and glazed over.


He asks him "HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH LANCE – DO YOU WANT TO GIVE UP – DO YOU SUBMIT". Cowboy Lance does not answer, he seems not to understand what is happening to him.


Again Betty yells at the ref "GO ON ASK HIM AGAIN – DOES HE GIVE UP – AM I THE NEW CHAMP" as she claws Lance’s side with her free hand. Before the ref has a chance to say anything Cowboy Lance Hudson is already screaming his answer.


"YES – YES – I SUBMIT –SHE’S THE NEW CHAMPION– PLEASE – I SUBMIT – I SUBMIT". The ref signals for the bell he tells Betty to let Lance go that he has given up the match is over. As the bell rings signaling the end of the match Betty "the body" is slow to release Lance from the submission hold she has on him. A dazed and defeated cowboy begs for freedom from the painful hold.




Shouting at the new champion the ref tries to get her to free Lance "COME ON BETTY – LET HIM GO – YOU’VE BEATIN HIM – HE"S SUBMITTED – THE MATCH IS OVER". As Betty releases her hold on Lance the defeated former champion collapses to the mat and low mummer begins in the arena. The crowd cannot believe what it has just seen. The ref takes the World Championship Belt from Lance Hudson’s corner and places it around the waist of Betty "the body" Wilson. Cowboy Lance Hudson the now former champion lies on the mat knees pulled up in the fetal position rolling from side to side holding his stomach. Lance’s long time girlfriend and trainer Louise kneels beside her beaten wrestler supporting his head and shoulders.


Looking into his red and swollen eyes seeing the tears streaming down his cheeks Louise asks, "MY GOD LANCE HONNY, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU  – YOU’VE LOST YOUR TITLE". His breath coming in sobs his mid-section twitching in pain the defeated cowboy can barely speak "SHE BEAT ME LOUISE  – OH GOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO – SHE BEAT ME – I COULDN’T GET OUT OF HER HOLD – IT HURT SO BAD – I HAD TO GIVE UP – I COULD"NT ESCAPE – I’VE BEEN BEATIN  - OH GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE I LOST".    

The announcer calls for the bell. "Ladies and Gentlemen in the time of 41mins. 28sec. the winner by Abdominal Stretch submission and New World Wrestling Champion BETTY "The Body" Wilson.  It takes several seconds but soon a huge cheer comes up from the crowd, especially the women for the new champion. 


Cowboy Lance Hudson the now defeated former champion has gotten to his feet. His trainer helps him on with his sequined white satin ring jacket; he no longer wares the championship belt. She helps Lance through the ropes and down to the floor. Slumped over and holding his mid-section the beaten former champ slowly makes his way back to his dressing room. Humiliated by his lost to Betty he begins to sob uncontrollably. Tears stream down his face as he slowly removes his satin ring jacket the beautiful championship belt he wore is n longer around his waist. He unties and removes his white wrestling boots. He hears sounds coming from the arena; it is his former fans chanting for the new champion "BETTY – BETTY – BETTY". Tears caused by the shame of his defeat and the pain of Betty’s submission hold pour from his eyes and run down his cheeks. Lance peels off his white spandex and nylon tights. The pain in his mid-section throbs with every movement. Taking the waistband he carefully lowers and pulls off his jockstrap. With his wrestling gear finally removed Cowboy Lance Hudson former World Wrestling Champion collapses onto the trainers table. It is over an hour before he can get to his feet shower, dress and leave the arena.                                                                            

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