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granny mixed wrestling old woman adidas leotard fighter

Update: 12.06.2020

W-628 "Moving up"

Gallery size: 140 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 140 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

After two crushing defeats in my last two matches in the over 50 league I now have to move up to the over 60 league. These are all men and women that have reached their 60th birthday. I hope to get back on the winning track in this league. The first thing I need to do is make the team. Yes even though I was a former champion and wrestled on a championship team, I must still go thru the process of earning my spot on this team.   

As I do not yet have a team singlet, I will wear one of my own for this match. First I step into my jockstrap and pull it up. It’s a smooth spandex jock that forms my manhood into a perfect bulge. Next I wiggle and stretch into my singlet. It is tan in color almost skin tone. It is also almost see thru. The special blend of nylon and spandex stretches very tightly across my body. It reveals every muscle and bulge and the skin tone makes it look like I’m wearing almost nothing.  

I head to the mat and see my opponent waiting for me. WOW! She is gorgeous, but she is also big and looks very strong. Even though she wrestles in the heavyweight division there is no fat on her that I can see. She has on a red singlet that is also very tight. It fits her so well that it levees nothing to the imagination. You can clearly see her breasts, it’s also clear the she does not have a bra on. Her nipples stick out like points. She also sports a noticeable camel toe. Just before the the match starts the coach tells both of us that this is a roster match. The winner gets a spot on the roster and the loser goes home. I also find out the she is quite angry to even be challenged for her spot.   

We step on the mat shake hands and move to our starting positions. The whistle blows and we begin. We lock up and struggle for dominance. It seems to be more of a struggle on my part than hers. She drops and grabs my leg. I fall into her and grab on tight. Bouncing on one leg she tries to take me down. Without my experience she would have had a take down on me already.  

This match is three, five minute periods and we are about half way thru the first one. Up till now it’s been a muscles VS muscles struggle. The only problem is I am the one struggling. She is not only strong she is very strong, in fact she is stronger than I am. With 2 minutes to go in the first period I and very winded and weakening fast.  

With my strength slipping away she grabs my arm and pulls me into her. Twisting the arm she gets behind me. With my arm pulled across my chest I am no match for her. Tripping my leg she gets me down to the mat. She has just scored the first points of the match, I’m down 2 to 0.  

She has now gotten on top if me and is holding me down. My heart is racing and I am gasping for breath.  She quickly slides off to one side of me. Still controlling my arm she reaches under me and tries to flip me onto my back. 

I spread my legs out wide and stretch my free arm out trying to stop her attempt to get me on my back. I am now desperate, I don’t have the strength to fight her off. My vision has begun to blur and I can’t seem to get enough air into my lungs. 

Dazed and gasping for breath she flips me over. For the first time in a very long time I’m on my back fighting not to get pinned. I take a quick look at the score board, there are ten seconds left in the period. I twist from side to side, I push up with my legs. At long last the buzzer sounds, the first period is over. My opponent get off me and gets to her feet. I struggle but can’t seem to get up. I am almost completely exhausted. I gasp for breath, but can’t seem to get enough air into my lungs. Looking up at the score board I see the ref has awarded her a near fall on me. I am now down 5 to 0.

My opponent has gone to her side of the mat and is watching me struggle. The team trainer come out to me to check. He quickly advises me to concede the match. I refuse and he swiftly starts to work on me. First he places an oxygen mask over my face, he checks some vitals and helps me to my feet.

With less than a minute before the second period starts he again advises me to concede to my opponent. I shake my head no!!

Still very weakened from the first period I slowly make my way to the center of the mat. I’m behind in the scoring so I may have to pin her to win. All she needs to do is not let me get her on her back to win. I have the much harder job. 

I am still breathing very deeply as the whistle blows. She comes directly toward, she has no fear that I can beat her. I instantly learn the she is right. Getting thru my guard she gets behind me and wraps her arms around my waist. In an obvious attempt to weaken me further she squeezes me very tightly. After only a few seconds she lifts me off the mat and slams me down on my chest and mid-section.   

I struggle to get free of her hold, but it’s no use she has me head tightly. Content for the moment to keep me trapped and hurt me she releases my mid-section. Far from being free she grabs my arm and pulls it up behind me in a hammer-lock. Instantly my arm and shoulder burn with pain. She has me locked a little higher that the rules allow but is getting away with it. 

Still on my stomach she has scored another take down on me. I am now behind 7 to 0. Still holding my arm she reaches across my back and between my legs. Her arm is directly over my manhood and is putting pressure on it. I moan in pain as I am being crushed. Smiling she seems to know that she is hurting me.  

Slowly she begins to try and turn me over on to my back. The pain between my legs is growing stronger. I cannot move my arm or free it from her hold. Inch by inch she is rolling me over. I try to twist and wiggle to get free, all that does is cause more pain between my legs. 

I am in serious trouble. She is over powering me and I can’t stop her. This has never happened to me before, I am always the stronger wrestler. With her head very close to mine she whispers in my ear

"I’ve got you big guy. You will never take my spot in this team. I’m going to pin you." 

She has me nearly onto my side. I kick my legs wildly as she continues to crush my manhood. It’s no use, she’s got me and she is going to roll me onto my back. She again whispers into my ear.

"Wow, you’re really getting hard down there. Does that mean you’re attracted to me? Or is that just a defeat boner?" 

With one completely over powering motion she flips me onto my back. I guess she is right, it is a defeat boner. I tuck my legs under me as tight as I can and bridge up as high as I can. My singlet as well as my spandex jockstrap are stretched as tightly as they can be. The shape, size and every line of my stiff and bulging manhood is clearly visible. Again my opponent whispers in my ear "Wow, that thing is enormous. I had no idea you were that big."   

I struggle twisting from one side to the other trying to keep one shoulder off the mat. After about 30seconds of struggling the ref awards my opponent a second near fall. I am now down 10 to 0. 

There is no hope that I can win this match by points. My only chance to to pin her. That chance come to a crashing end several seconds later. Bridged up as far as I can get, my wrestling gear stretched to their limit the sound explodes in my ear.  The ref’s hand has slapped the mat and I’ve been pinned. 

She quickly lets me go and I collapse to the mat. Still on my back I am gasping for air and am completely exhausted. She has gotten to her feet and is standing over my with her arms in the air. I cannot move or get to my feet. I lie there with my legs spread apart and my arms out from my sides.  

Well, tuff guy, I guess that’s it. I’ve finished you off and you’re heading home. No spot on the team for you. Defeated and humiliated all I can do is lay there and take it. She has finished me off. I’ve just suffered only the second defeat in my entire career. 

"I wish I could get up. I want to get away from her and off the mat. I still can’t move and the training staff is headed toward me. She put a real beating on me." 

The staff works on me for several minutes before they help me to my feet. With my arm draped across the shoulders of two staff people, I am helped back to the dressing room. I sit on the bench facing my locker with my head in my hands. I can’t believe this, I’m out of wrestling. I have no team to wrestle for. How could she beat me so easily?   

I untie my boots and slip them off. Slowly I peel down my wrestling singlet and take it off. Standing in in only my jockstrap I hear her voice behind me. "Well at least that thing returned to normal. I didn’t think it would ever stop growing. I turn and there she is. "what are you doing in here? You come to gloat? Isn’t enough that you defeated me? Now you want to rub it in."    

Shaking her head she says "NO-NO, you got this all wrong. I’m not here to gloat. I want to take you out to dinner. You are the toughest man I’ve ever fought. I was hoping we could become friends".

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