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CFNM mixed wrestling femdom choke hold nude male defeated by young girl in black adidas leotard

Update: 30.08.2019

B-587 "Babysitter's workout"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Maria, the female challenger, says: "I am a 22-year-old straight female. My name is Maria and I'm 5 ft 5 inches with a 38C bust. I used to babysit for a wealthy family, but their children have outgrown babysitters. The dad of this family is very into martial arts/fighting and has invited me over several times for “self-defense training.” I have accepted his invitations a few times, and it has always started off as a normal workout in their home gym — treadmill, weights, swimming laps — but he is always pretty anxious to get to the self-defense part. Often he will blindfold me and then come at me, and I must then wrestle my way out of the situation using the moves I’ve learned.

I did this a few times, but I found it a bit unsettling. However, he never touched me inappropriately. Last time we did this, he told me he wanted to see how much pain he could take. He asked me to kick him in the groin with no protection until he couldn’t take it anymore. I thought, “This is strange,” but I was curious, so I did it. He was able to take it for a surprisingly long time. I haven’t been back since, but for the last six months, he has been pestering me to come back. Recently, he suggested that we have what he calls a “competition.” He will stand there, and I'll kick him in the balls — or anywhere else I want— and if he gives up, I get $150. If I give up, by getting too tired, I give him $20. His wife knows about the workouts, but he said he doesn’t want me to tell her about the fighting.

My question is this: Is there a sexual component to this? I have never heard of anything like this before, and I find it odd. But I am a poor college student, and for $150, I’ll stand there fully clothed and kick this guy in the balls! There's no one around and a fit attractive guy after making small talk asks u to kick him in the balls- as he likes to be dominated. Would you do it?

I've asked my female classmates about it and their answers made me confident then I'll made a right choice!

Olivia said: "What we’ve got here is a rich guy attempting to manipulate his kids’ former babysitter into doing sex work for him — no, scratch that. What we’ve got here is a rich guy who has already manipulated his kids’ former babysitter into doing sex work for him, and that’s pretty fucking creepy. (Your previous workouts with the blindfolds and the wrestling and the kicking? Unpaid sex work.) Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think his ball-busting fetish is creepy. It’s extreme, as fetishes go, and there are definitely risks. But the risks are his. Paying you to kick him in the nuts doesn’t put his wife at risk (swift-kick-to-sack is not a known mode of STI transmission), it won’t take food out of his children’s mouths, and, as he presumably has all the children he wants, ball-busting-induced sterility might be a blessing/vasectomy in disguise.

If you need the money, and you don’t think you’ll be scarred by the experience, tell the rich guy you’ll consider doing this for him — you’ll come over, remain fully clothed, and kick him in the nuts — but only if he levels with you: He’s getting off on this. If he can’t level with you, don’t do this.

You don’t want this rich asshole to think he’s successfully manipulated you into doing sex work for him, because once the session is under way, you don’t want him thinking, “Well, if I could get her to do this, I can probably get her to [remove her clothes, watch me masturbate, have sex with me.” If you go into a ball-busting session without both of you having acknowledged what you’re actually doing — you’re sorta selling sex, he’s definitely paying for sex — and he does try to get you to remove your clothes or watch him masturbate or have sex with him, you may find it difficult to say no. Being direct with someone (“No, I’m not taking my clothes off, asshole!”) after you’ve accepted a dishonest premise (“Sure, rich guy, this isn’t about sex, you’re just testing yourself!”) requires you to admit that you were being dishonest, too. Most people are reluctant to admit to dishonesty, and a skilled manipulator will exploit that inhibition to get what he wants.

So tell him you’ll play — you’ll bust his balls — but you’re not going to play along. He has to admit that this is about sex and he has to agree to honor your conditions: Everything that happens is agreed to in advance, no special requests during a session, he remains fully clothed, you remain fully clothed, no recordings are made, and you get the $150 — make that $250 — whether or not he bails. You must be confident in your kicks. Are you saying you kick that hard you would ruin his testicles with one kick? You must be strong!"

Lisa said: "Kicking a man in the balls and winning a fight is such an overrated tactic, a myth spawned by many lame Hollywood films in the past 40 years or so. It can hurt a man a lot, but as a way to “win” a fight, it’s not a sure and guaranteed method. Many men are unfazed by a kick in the balls, especially during the heat of a fight when their adrenaline is running high and they are fighting like wild animals. And to wonder if a girl can beat a guy and win by merely kicking him in the balls? That is ludicrous and erroneous thinking. Self-defense courses and instructors give many women and girls a false sense of security, making them think that this is the “end-all” to any rape situation. This idea needs to stop. Many men are highly protective of their balls. They almost instinctively protect that region of their bodies, especially in a fight. In addition, to effectively strike the balls, you have to have great aim and timing to get at that small area between a man’s legs. Moreover, the man will most likely be moving around quickly, another reason why it would be difficult to strike him there. And if you miss, watch out. Any normal man would be seething with anger, knowing that you tried to kick him there, and he’d be bent on killing you for threatening his honor. Not a good tactic, and particularly not a sure thing that guarantees a victory, especially if you’re female and generally weaker than most men. But if he is not going to fight back and defend himself - have fun, kick him in the balls as hard as you can, it's a perfect chance to learn how to defeat a male with one swift kick!"

Brooke said: "A kick to the balls is game over in 99/100 cases. I've accidentally and unfortunately hit a few guys in the balls. One of them couldn't walk the whole day and didn't come to school next day. Two others couldn't walk for at least the next two hours.

If a girl kicked man in the nuts, she's free to do whatever she wants with you for a few minutes. Men strongly recommended not to fight girls but if they have to, they must protect their nuts all the time. That's probably the only place an average girl can hurt them.

How to kick him? It depends if you are barefoot or not. If you are wearing shoes of any sort, it wouldn’t matter, but it would most likely be best to keep your toes straight to get most of the pressure in the small surface area of the front of the shoe.

Since you ask about toe-up or toe-down, you are probably asking because you will be wearing socks or will be barefoot. In this case, it depends on how good of a shot you are. Toe up will cause your toe nails to jab his balls, which will put him in unimaginable pain, but you have to be precise for it to work out. If you do toe down, aiming won’t matter too much, but it won’t hurt as bad.

If you can avoid kicking and knee him instead, you might even have a better shot altogether, as there will be less of a chance of missing the target. If you choose to kick, remember to get a few practice kicks in to work on your aim, and remember that the swifter the kick the better."

Helen said: "I use to be a professional dominatrix in New York for many years and kicking a man in the balls was a very common service. I used to make a lot of money out of it. Yes, there's a huge sexual element to it, yes he's manipulating you into getting a free sexual service that otherwise would cost him 300 dollares in a Manhattan dungeon and the worst part is he's doing it without your consent, meaning: this is not consensual as you never signed up to take care of his sexual fetishes. The fact that he'd rather manipulate his children nanny into giving him sexual pleasure rather than pay a sex worker or a dominatrix makes him a horrible person. I hope karma takes care of him. But if a guy was being an absolute knob to me I would not hesitate to kick him in the balls!"

Sheila said: "People, especially people who are insecure teenage girls, often doubt their own judgement. She is clearly aware of the nature of the situation, but she does not want to believe a man who hired her as a babysitter put her in this situation so she doubts her own feelings.

The invitation to do cardio, swimming, and blindfolded wrestling, where this 22 year-old woman is changing into and out of body-revealing workout clothes and a swimsuit, and showering in-between, wasn't sexual or creepy or boundary crossing, but the segue to ball-busting was too much? And where is his wife and children when this is going on? Don't they wonder what he is up to in the family gym when the 22 year-old former baby sitter drops by for a few hours?

However this guy is getting off for one of two reasons - the first that he's manipulating you into doing something that he can't get elsewhere by either honestly asking for it or paying for it, perhaps because not doing those things is part of his fun, or because he is in some weirdo self-delusional land in which he thinks he's really just building up your own self-defense and building up his own resilience, pushing his boundaries etc. Thing is, rich people can often lie to themselves way longer and in more complicated ways than the rest of us can since they can control so many more aspects of their environment, that's the point behind the Emperor's Clothes story. I mean, dude might not be actively manipulating you - he might be totally delusional.

When you're worked out with the dad, swam with him, put on a blindfold and wrestled with him, you knew perfectly well that was sexual. When, after doing all that, if you'll be agree to kick him in his balls, be sure - it's 100% sexual.

There are loads of people who have fetishes and 'nonconventional' sexual interests - this guy is obviously in that camp- and cool, go play with them for your mutual fun or for money."

So, all answers of my girlfriends leaded me to the right decision. When John next time asked me to kick him in the groin, I said I'd be pleased to kick him in the balls for $150. $150 for an hour of work is a lot of money to a college kid. When he stood naked in front of me, I'm understood that I want to kick him in the balls. I like actually wanna fight the guy!

John, the male challenger, says: "Could a girl actually beat me with a kick to the balls? Yes. Without a doubt or reservation, yes. The reaction you see in movies to someone fake getting kicked in the balls isn’t ever dramatic enough. They just sort of double over and go “ooof”. The reality is so much worse. My second wife kicked me in the balls once. She was a dancer and happened to be wearing boots with pointy toes. I did the typical male thing. I covered my nuts and started to fall on the floor. Then I felt her take the .45 out of the back of my pants. I lunged forward hitting her arm and pinning her on the bed with my forearm across her throat. I’d heard the gun hit the floor so I wasn’t overly concerned. So now I’m dealing with exorcist chick hissing at me. We’d been having a disagreement but nothing major. She’s tripping because she thought I took my wedding band off. I’d removed my pinky ring because it was bothering my finger. She did a hand over face type of OMG. I suddenly remembered I’d just been kicked in the balls by a dancer wearing five inch heels. I kind of rolled off her and lay in bed for half an hour.

If girl is not very strong, your adrenaline may be enough to keep you from going down. If she has powerful legs and lands it just right, she can drop you like a sack of potatoes. Beyond that, her aggression is key. If she really wants to beat you up, she wouldn’t stop at a pop to the nuts. She’d probably drop you to your knees with a knee or kick then crack your nose on her knee and kick you in the gut a few times for good measure once you hit the ground. Not just any woman can do this to a man, because there are some huge men out there who won’t take a shot to the nuts as jarringly as a smaller man would. But if you are close to the same size, and as long as she doesn’t go easy on you, keep your balls protected!

For me the fantasy is having a woman attack me using her full force, doing an incredible amount of damage to me. In this fantasy I attacked what I thought would be a helpless woman but she was a more skillful fighter than I could have guessed, and she uses her skill to defeat me and destroy me. When I act this out with a woman during a session, her kicks are far from full force. I feel the kicks but they do not do any real damage. Her kicks and punches make her superiority clear but this is more like acting than like a real fight.

Maria is young, sexy girl with long legs. It was my dream - to be kicked in the groin by fit long legged girl. She denied all my propositions, but this time she surprised me and finally agreed! She said she'd be pleased to kick me in the balls for $150. My sense was that I was maybe more embarrassed about this being a contractual, sex-work relationship than she was. Another point is that a patron-protégée or ward relationship with this rich family (the wife and kids, as well as the guy) could be an advantage to her in as far as she's young and poor.


I said to her: "It would be an honor to be naked in your presents, and have you kick my nuts till they were ready to harvest. What good would they be for after you damage them to no return. Thats why we were born with them between our legs. Power to WOMEN!!!!" and she giggled with smile of superiority. I was held my legs apart and encouraged her to kick me in the groin, asking her to boot me in the balls. First time her kicks were mostly wrong because my karate gi covered my balls and her legs almost didn't touch my family jewels. Tired from senseless tryouts, she was disappointed and ready to admit her defeat in our ballbusting challenge, but I offered to give her additional advantage by removing my gi. She refused, but when I increased a bet to $400, she agreed and I felt a real fury of young long legged girl. Her dangerous legs now had no reason to fly in wrong ways, and after perfect devastating kick I ruined down very soon. She looked a bit surprised, and I said: "Maria, have you understood what happens to a man who has been kicked in the testicles by a woman? Even if she holds back and kicks with only part of her strength, he suffers from a pain which women cannot even imagine. This is how delicate testicles are. A woman who would have been at an overwhelming disadvantage with a "no blows below the belt" rule defeated a man she would never have been able to defeat otherwise just because she was allowed to kick him in the balls. Furthermore, men who possess testicles, the ultimate weak-point, are in fact the ones with the overwhelming disadvantage. The "no blows below the belt rule" was made up by men for their own advantage, because they did not want to lose to women, and is a form of sexual discrimination. The ballkick is natural in this age of equality between the sexes".

Maria says: "He got up and stood before me again. I then whispered in his ear if he is ready. He tells me that he is. I then ask what it is he would like. I ask him if he would like me to kick him in the balls. (I've seen him take them so I knew this was something he liked) He assures me that I can. I tell him to ask me to kick him in the balls. He says it, but very meekly. I then say louder. He says slightly louder.

So I up the stakes: "Do you want me to kick you in the balls?" I say very loudly.

"Yes" he says.



"Louder slave! Let everyone hear you!"

"Yes Mistress. Kick me in the balls!" he finally says loud enough that me could actually hear and understand it.

So I kick him in the balls. After all, he asked me to. He moaned and tried to collapse but after a few seconds, started straightening up.

So I kick him again. Again he staggers and cries. He recovers a little.

Kick, kick, kick. Three little but rapid fire kicks. I wanted to do more but I was starting to lose balance. I grabbed his wrist and decided to have sone fun and turn our ballbusting session into self defense workout. I twisted his arms almost breaking his bones, I applied a different painful wrestling holds and I saw a masochistic satisfaction in the eyes of this reach man. I straddled his back and finished him with chokehold, he was knocked out. I won $400, but looks like I may get much more! He called me "Mistress" and asked me to kick him in the balls - now I know how to turn him into my manipulated slave and establish a financial dominance over him. But it's another story, coming soon."

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