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amazon woman vs man warrior femdom fighting medieval swordplay fantasy

Update: 24.02.2017

A-450 "The Deadly claws"

Gallery size: 250 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, Ballbusting, 250 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, some blood shown.

Queen of Amazons against big muscle powerful barbarian male. Both fighters are skilled, well armed and armored. Competition of strength, dexterity, speed and cunning stunts - cruel merciless swordplay fighting! Female fighter has a steel claws on her combat boots and gloves, it's a deadly weapon of sexy assassin - and she knows about her advantage. Her male opponent has a steel armor on his head and wrists, but this girl fights like a big cat, fast and unpredictable. Each her move is most dangerous, she give no chances to her enemy. Poor guy, his strength costs nothing in this duel!

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