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gymnast mixed wrestling headscissors femdom fihting

Update: 15.12.2017

W-496 "Gymnasts mixed wrestling"

Gallery size: 480 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 480 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

The "ideal" mixed wrestling match must be:
- authentic;
- full of pathos and emotion;
- full of sexuality;
- the girl/woman has to be at least attractive;
- age and aspect of the male is not important.
- end with a proud winner and an humbled loser.


At the opposite, the "ideal" mixed match must NOT be:
- faked or staged;
- therefore, the man must NOT be too strong ( a good male trained wrestler of 80 kg could beat ANY woman).


The ideal mixed match is the challenge to man's pride from a strong/skilled competitive woman. It' not a sporting competition, is rather a sexual provocation.

Strength. Speed. Agility. Explosive power. These are all qualities one must posses in order to become a successful mixed martial artist. On top of the aforementioned qualities, a top level college gymnast will have extraordinary flexibility, balance, and coordination beyond what most people can even comprehend. Everything they do, from rings to swings and is based on having complete control over their bodies.


Young couple of air gymnasts doing their circus routine, but looks like something goes illegal. Dispute leads them to wrestling mat when male gymnast must learn a lesson and understand who is the boss of their team! Powerfully sexy, her aggression is domineering. Instead of controlled and graceful pirouettes, we see her express her aggression on her male opponent. He is terrified by her aggression?? Her intelligence and her aggression could be her advantage. What a perfect are her aggression and confidence, she was definitely gold medal worthy for this routine!

Air gymnastics part of action consists of position when girl handles a male body in the air, her strength and skills allows her to have a full control over him under ceiling of circus.

Mixed wrestling part of action includes just unusual custom made positions when female fighter demonstrates her superior strength, speed and flexibility. Look at those pictures - be sure, you will not find something like this gallery anywhere!

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