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Update: 31.03.2023        W-774 "Kitty vs Steve"

Mixed wrestling, 280 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Steve was in his dressing room. He was dressed for the upcoming fight. He was trying get in the proper frame of mind.

He was getting too old for this and his body was showing the middle age paunch. His last few matches had ended in humiliating submissions, but he was able to negotiate a pins only match this time. That should help.

He left his room and went out to the arena to his mat area. There was no ring. It was a former Olympic wrestling site. There several grappling matches going on today. A lot of people were there today, not necessarily to see him. His glory days of wrestling in a ring in front of a crowd were behind him.

He was just training fodder for the next up and coming XXL wrestling recruit. She would be judged on how well or poorly she did against him. Every match was also a chance to prove he was good enough to be in the ring again. He got to his mat area at the far end of the building away from the main events that were happening. There were still people around, but not as many as the centre mats. The referee was standing in the middle of his mat. He walked out to her and she offered her hand. As they shook, she said "My name's Kaitlin. Welcome the the arena Steve. I hope you do well. She smiled up to him. "She's so young and beautiful" Steve thought. I hope I can 'do well' in front of her". His opponent, Kittty, came onto the mat from the other side. She was dressed in a black leotard and tall boots. She was very shapely and quite a bit smaller than Steve. She also had a beautiful face, but she had an intense look about her. The referee offered her hand to her and she took it and they shook. Kaitlin said "Good luck" to her but she ignored it and stared at Steve. Kaitlin outlined the rules. This was a 30 minute pins only match. 20 count instead of the usual 3 count. No holds barred grappling. Steve held out his hand to Kitty but she ignored it. She looked at the ref. Kaitin flinched. "Okay then. Take your positions". She blew her whistle and started the timer. Kitty went into a crouch, both hands extented towards Steve. Hands like claws, demon eyes staring up at him. Steve was a little unnerved but he locked up with her. Scary as she seemed, Steve was stronger and eventually got her in a front headlock. His next move was to flip her to the mat and lay on her for an early pin, but before he could do that , he felt her hands on the waistband of his trunks. She pulled the string to loosen them and then forced them down to his ankles. She the put her boot on them and ramed ahead knocking Steve flat on his back.. Steve still had her in a headlock but she was on top of him. The ref began to count Steve out. Meanwhile Kitty used her feet to push Steve's trunks all the way off his ankles. Once that was done she tried to get out of the headlock but he was too strong. Steve didn't want to be counted out so he rolled over on his side taking Kitty with him. Kitty was trying desperatly to get out of the headlock but Steve just tightened his grip. She couldn't pry her head loose so she took one hand away from the struggle and moved it down to Steve's groin area. Once her hand got there she fished around for Steve's balls. At first she just cupped them. Steve gasped and loosed the headlock which was a huge relief for Kitty. She was still caught but it didn't hurt so bad now. They were at a stand off. Steve was definately in control, but she had him too. She increased the pressure and he loosened his grip even more. So did she. He let go of his hold altogeather. She maintained her grip until their bodies were seperated, then released her grip. Some of the people that were watching were not sure what they were seeing because her move was so discreet. They separated and got on their feet. Steve went over to his trunks and bent over to pick them up. Kitty leaped on his back and rode him like a pony. Heals dug into his balls and fingers laced over his face. Steve aleady had the trunks in his hand but Kiddy wanted them gone for good. She spurred him on with her boots to the out of bounds line so the ref would call for a break to reset in the middle of the mat again. Kaitlin blew her whistle but Kitty held on. She dug her boots hard into Steve's balls and whispered into his ear "Throw your trunks off the mat and I'll release you!"

Steve did as she comanded and she let him go. Kitty got up but grabbed Steve's hair before he could get up. "You were losing when you went out of bounds. Your going to have to start in the referee's position, You will be on your knees anyways. Come on. Let's go!" She lead him to the centre of the mat where Kaitlin was waiting. Kitty, still holding his hair, knelt down on one knee beside him and slightly behind. Kaitlin explained the 'referee's position' was used in these kind of match's just like freestyle wrestling. One wrestler gets down on hands and knees. The other kneels beside with one hand on her opponent's arm and her other around his lower stomach. Usually with her chin on his shoulder. "That's fine" said Steve, trying to look up at the ref as best he could while Kitty was still holding his hair. "I want my trunks back. She's cheating!" Kaitlin had to kneel down to look him in the eyes. "Sorry Steve. This is no holds barred grappling. Just do the best you can". She stood up. "Take you positions!" Kitty let go of his hair and grabbed his forearm. Her chin went down on his shoulder right by his head as she wrapped her other arm around his stomach. Only her hand went much lower, She got a good grip in his balls. Steve started to protest but she bit his ear. Kaitlin blew the whistle and the match resumed. Steve tried to escape but Kitty pulled his arm back forcing his face down on the mat. She maintained her grip on his balls and eventually was able to yank on them enough to leverage him onto his back.In the process .She was able to hook her arm around his leg forcing it up for leverage so she could pin him, She still had a grip on his balls with the same arm so it kind of locked it in place. If he bucked or tried to straighten his leg by pushing againt her arm he was only putting more stress on his balls. Meanwhile she was doing a cross body press across his upper torso, her other hand mashed over his face. Kaitlin counted to 20 and that was it. First fall to Kitty. "You guys get a 3 minute break. I'll be right back." and Kaitlin was off to see another official about something. Kitty had released Steve and he started to get up to look for his trunks. Kitty followed him. He found them behind a judges' desk which was unoccupied. He was on his knees to pick them up when Kitty grabbed his balls from behind. "Just stay still Steve. You don't need those" They remained motionless. She had grabbed his hair to to keep his head down, She kept her head up to keep an eye out for the referee. Steve just endured his time out. Balls in a vice like grip and face forced to stare at the floor, unaware of how many people were watching them. Kitty could see Kaitlin making her way back."Okay Steve. Back to work! Leave the trunks here." She let go of his balls but kept her grip on his hair and led him back to the mat. Steve was on his feet, but his head held low, just following her lead. They got to the mat and waited for the ref. Soon as Kaitlin got close, Kitty released Steve. He was standing there, naked, rubbing his head when Kaitlin came on the mat. "Why didn't you get you clothes Steve?" "We couldn't find them." Kitty said. "Well, actualy....." Steve started, but Kitty cut him off. "We here to fight or what!". Kaitlin replied" Okay, let's get started. You have 17 minutes left.. She blew the whistle. Kitty immediatly turned on Steve. She grabbed his hair, pulled his head down and kneed him in the face. He landed flat on his back. She pounced on him but he got one knee up and caught her in the stomach. She rolled off to the side with the wind knocked out of her. Steve imediatiatly pounced on her with a cross body press laying across her chest. Kaitlin got down and began counting to 20. Steve had the weight and he had grabbed one of her arms with both of his and had it outstretched and harmless. Her other arm was was free however and outstretched between his legs. As she came to her senses she tried to buck him off but it was useless. Instinct kicked in and she used her free hand to grab his balls. The count was already up to 10 and Steve was sure he could prevail. He kept his weight on Kitty as the count got to 15. She squeezed harder, manipulating individual balls. The count was at 18 when he shreiked and rolled off her. She let go and he felt instant relief. They both were slow to get to their knees and face each other. When they did Kittly automaticaly grabbed Steve's hair the control his head and bring him down to her level. He'd fight back back best as he could from this position but he was always at a disadvange. Even if could outmuscle her with his bulk she would find a way to gain a release through his balls. Also if she gained the upper hand, she would find a way to make it difficult to escape by latching on to his balls. Sometimes she'd just rest her hands on them or cup them when the ref called a break for going off the mat or some other technical foul. This went on for rest of the match. Steve had his moments, buts she always cheated her way out and that seemed okay for the ref who seemed sympathetic towords Steve. Kitty, although too small and light to pin Steve for a second time, continued to make his life hell.

She was able th apply multiple holds to immobilize him and keep her one  pin lead. Whether it was a headscissor, or hammerlock she would make him pay to escape with his vulinable balls.

When the ref blew the whistle signaling the end of the match, Steve was releived. Until he looked at the formerly sparce stands to see how many people were ther now. Mean while Kittie still had his balls. She got him up to shake hands with the ref. He followed her lead over to Kaitlin. "I think you can let him go now. The match is over" She had to pry Kitty"s fingers loose and she used Steve's balls to lead him away from Kitty.

She released him so the fighters could stand on each side of her. Kaitlin raised Kitty's hand and kept Steve's down. Katlin said congratulations to Kitty, then turned to Steve.

"You fought really hard. Just wasn't your day. My girlfreind found your pants. She'll meet you at the front entrance." 

"Great!" thought Steve.

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