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CFNM fistcuffs femdom MMA mixed fighting

Latest update: 08.06.2018

F-521 "Cage fighting championship"

Gallery size: 330 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

This is about to be a huge night for Cage Fighting. The World Welterweight championship is on the line. Tonight the World Champion will defend the title against the #1 challenger. It will be a 3, five minute rounds fight for the undisputed World Title. 

The Champion arrives early as he does for every fight. He needs time to meditate and to get into the correct frame of mind. He needs to overcome his nicer qualities and become a ruthless destroyer in the ring. Sitting on the bench with his head bowed and his hands held prayerfully in front of his face he sits quietly. For just over 15 minutes he maintains this attitude of meditation. Then suddenly it’s over. He quickly gets to his feet and is now ready to fight. 

The look on his face is completely different than it was before. He has a look of evil in his eyes. It is a very frightening look. With his meditation and transformation complete the time has come for him to prepare for his title defense. Perpetration consists of only a few things. First he completely disrobes. Stripped down he laces on very shiny tight to his shin white wrestling boots. Next come white MMA fighting gloves. These gloves are the ones with the fingers exposed that allow you to both punch and grab your opponent. The 24 yr old champion reaches for his most prized item, The World Title Belt. Having been the champion for just over 3 years the belt fits perfectly around his middle. 

Just across the hall the challenger is also getting ready to fight. At just 20 yrs old she is the youngest fighter to ever challenge for a World Title. Her record of 11 wins and no defeats has propelled her to the top of the contending ladder. Tonight is her big chance. Most experts predict a knock out for the Champion in the second round. No one thinks she can go toe to toe with him. 

In her dressing room the young challenger cares nothing about what the so call experts think. She is completely confident in her abilities as a fighter. She knows two things that they don’t seem to know. One she is faster than the Champion and she is a very hard puncher. Her punching power is quite devastating. 

Unlike the male Champion, she will be fully clothed for this fight. It is what is known in the fighting league as a CFNM match. First she pulls on sheer black pantyhose. Next comes her light blue thong cut leotard. She follows that with shiny light blue boots and matching light blue fighting gloves. She is now ready to fight. 

The arena is packed to capacity and there will be a Pay-Per View audience. This is a very big fight. The fighters have entered the cage and the announcement re beginning.



The crowd screams wildly as Greg’s name is called. He takes a few steps to the middle of the cage and raises his arms over his head as again the crowd goes wild. The ref calls both fighters to the center of the cage for instructions. They are brief and to the point. Both fighters indicate that they understand the rules. With that done both fighters return to their side of the cage to wait for the bell.   


BONG!!! The first round has begun. The fighters meet up in the center of the cage and begin. JAB, JAB, JAB!!! Each begins to try and establish a rhythm with their jabs. JAB, JAB, the champion soon has his going and is right on target Each time he lands Helen’s head jerks back. JAB, JAB, two more stiff jabs connect with the challengers face. This time the Champion follows it up with a left hook to her side, just below her bra. Those at ring side clearly see her wince. 

That was a heavy shot from the champ that caught her by surprise and did some damage. It forced her arm down lower and opened up room for his jab.  BAM, BAM, BAM, the champion lands 3 quick jabs to Helen’s face. 

Although she does not appear to be badly hurt she does however back off looking to regroup. Straightening out her arms she shakes them to loosen up her muscles. A deep breath and Helen moves back into range. What her trainer instantly notices is that she is now moving her head far more than just a moment or two ago. This head movement has thrown the Champions jab off, as his timing was disturbed. 

As for Helen her jab has once again begun to connect regularly. BAM, BAM, BAM, POW!!!! Helen’s lends three quick heavy jabs followed up by a hard hook to the Champion’s side. This seems to waken something in the Champion as he comes forward firing both jabs and some heavy shots. 

The crowd gets very excited as the Champion throws each punch. What they don’t notice is that many of his punches are falling short of their mark and that Helen is blocking many of the others. In short the Champ is doing very little damage to his opponent. 

The crowd continues to cheer everything the Champion does. It seems to them that he has taken control of the fight and is dishing out lodes of punishment. Although some of his punches are landing Helen is able to avoid many of them. She is using her skill and movement to avoid getting hit. 

With only 2 minutes and 28 seconds left in the first round The Champion has slowed down somewhat. This is just what Helen has been waiting for. JAB, JAB, JAB, JAB!!! The Champ has just thrown 4 quick jabs that have all missed. JAB, JAB, he tries two more that Helen has been waiting for JAB, JAB, BOOM!!!! This she has perfectly timed his punches. She has followed his jabs with two of her own followed by a very hard shot to the Champion’s side just below his rib cage. 

With one minute and 42 seconds left in the first round Helen’s punch explodes into the Champion. He staggers back a few steps then drops to one knee. For the very first time in his career the World Champion has been knocked down. Down on one knee, his head is bowed and he is holding his side with one of his gloved hands. 

From the ringside table the pay-per view announcers are excitedly shouting “HE’s Down, he’s down!!! For the very first time in his career Gregory Mc Danial has been knocked down!!” As Gregory remains on one knee holding his side the ref sends Helen to the edge of the cage. 

Now standing over the downed champ the ref begins, “ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR. The Champ finally seems to understand what has happened to him and begins trying to get back to his feet. “Five-six-seven-eight!!! At last he has made it to his feet and his gloved hands are up. The ref asks him “Are you OK? Do you want to continue to fight? Greg nods his head yes and the ref steps back. The two fighters begin again with Helen controlling the action. She lands several jabs before the bell sounds.  

Both fighters sit on their stools between rounds. As he sits on his stool the ref comes over to the World Champion and again asks “You feeling OK champ? Do you still want to go on? Are you ready to fight?” The Champion takes several deep breaths before he answers. “Yea, I’m OK. I want to continue, I’m ready to fight her.”  The ref says OK but is not sure the Champion means it. 

The bell begins the second round. Helen is very quickly off her stool as the Champion seems to struggle getting to his feet. She resumes just where she let off in the first round. Coming right at the Champion Helen begins to pound him with her jab. JAB, JAB, JAB!!!! Helen lands three stiff jabs to the champion’s head. Greg raises his guard and backs off from Helen. Holding his arms out in front of him, he retreats as if to keep her from hitting him. 

From the commentators table comes surprise: I think the Champion is in trouble. He seems to have no idea how to keep Helen off him. The second commentator ads “Yes, I agree!! She is able to get to him anytime she wants. Unless her finds a way to stop her he could be facing the end of his title reign.”  

Greg has retreated as far as he can as his back is now against the metal cage. Helen is at arm’s length and continues her jabs. JAB, JAB, JAB all three land flush on Greg’s chin. Greg has now turned his hands palm out toward Helen. He holds them high in front of his face. For the first time in his career there is a look of fear on the Champion’s face. 

Again Helen comes at him, JAB, JAB, BAM!!!! Helen lands two jabs and a hard straight right hand to Greg’s head. His head roll back against the cage. His hands are still palm out trying to ward off her punches. JAB, BAM, BAM!!!! Helen lands her jab and as Greg moves his hands to cover, she sends a heavy punch to his mid-section. She follows that with a tremendous hook to the Champion’s side. 

The two body punches are devastating. The Champion’s head rolls to one side and he begins to slid down the cage. Helen lands a quick head shot to the Champion just before he collapses to his knees. With his back against the cage, Greg’s head has fallen forward and his chin is on his chest. Both gloved hands are in his lap and he looks completely out of it. 

From outside the cage the pay per view announcers call the action. “The Champion has just taken two stiff JABS and a straight right hand”. He has stumbled back against the cage”. Helen is on him quickly. OH!! Wow two hard punches have just slammed into Greg’s mid-section. She lands a powerful head shot to his cheek. HE’S DOWN, HE’S DOWN!! THE CHAMPION IS DOWN AGAIN!!!!! 

Watching the action the two announcers are frantic as they describe the action. “For the second time in this fight Helen has knocked the champion off his feet. He is slumped against the cage an may not make it back to feet!!

The ref has moved to where Greg is kneeling on the mat. Standing over the downed champion she begins. ONE – TWO – THREE, The only movement from the champ is , he has moved his head and is looking up at the ref. “FOUR-FIVE-SIX  Greg seems to understand what is happening to him, and has gotten to both his hands and knees. “SEVEN – EIGHT, He is up on one knee and is making an effort to stand. “NINE – T”. Greg has made it to his feet. 

The ref takes a long look at him, “How you doing champ? Want me to stop it? Have you had enough? Greg shakes his head wildly “NO – NO, don’t stop it. I’m the Champion and I am going to retain my title!!! Don’t stop it I can still win!!” At this point Greg may be the only person in the arena that believes that.  

With over 3 minutes left in the second round Greg has a long way to go. As the ref signals for the afight to resume Greg quickly back away from Helen. Holding his closed fists out in front of him, he is trying to buy time to recover from his second knock down. 

Those at ring side can very clearly see the fear in the Champion’s eyes. He does not want to get knocked down again. Helen knows what he is trying to do and moves in on him. She faints with her jab, then lands a straight right hand to Greg’s body. He grimness in pain as the punch lands. However he does not go down. 

Helen continues to stalk the champion around the cage. She flicks out her jab that continues to find Greg’s chin. Every time it lands he shudders and tries to cover up. Moving in on him again Helen lands two quick jabs. JAB, JAB, BAM!!!!!!  A straight right hand lands flush on the Champion’s chin. 

Greg stumbles backward and falls to the mat. Helen has knocked him down for the third time. He lies on his back with his legs spread apart and his arms at his sides. The ref sends Helen to the opposite side of the cage. Before she can return to where Greg is lying on the mat, he has already started to get. Showing a true Champions hart he has rolled over onto his hands and knees. Although struggling he slowly begins to get up. 

Quickly moving back to the downed Champion the ref finds him on his hands and knees. At once she begins the count.  “ONE – TWO-THREE, Greg has gotten to one knee. “FOUR – FIVE, he is struggling to get up. “SIX – SEVEN – EIGHT, He is standing on his feet, but is doubled over at his waist with his hands on his thighs. “NINE, at last he stands erect with his arms up in a fighting stance. 

As for the pay-per view announcers they seem almost hart-broken by what is happening to the World Champion. “DOWN GOES GREG!! DOWN GOES GREG!! FOR THE THIRD TIME IN THIS FIGHT THE WORLD CHAMPION HAS BEEN KNOCKED DOWN!!!!” 

At this point in the fight there is a very animated discussion between the ref and the Champion. And after much arm waving the ref has decided to let the fight continue. She signals both fighters to fight on. 

Helen moves quickly away from the cage and toward the Champion. As she closes in on him, he tries to back away. Holding his arms up in front of his face it seems as though he is desperately trying not to get hit. Helen see the fear in his eyes and moves in. With his arms and hands in front of his face Greg has left his body wide open. BAM!!! BAM!!! BAM!!!! Three tremendous punches slam into the Champions body. One lands in the center of his abdomen. The second crashes into his side and the third explodes into his chest. 

The three punch combination nocks the Champion off balance and he stumbles backward. Lowering his arm to protect his body opens up the Champions head. As he stumbles backward Helen lands two devastating punches. BAM!!!! BAM!!! Her first punch smashes into the Champions ear. He is instantly dazed by the punch. The second one explodes against his chin. Dazed and off balance from the body shots, Greg is already out as he falls to the mat. 

From the instant that the second punch impacted his chin Greg has been an ex-champion. He is unconscious before he hits the canvas. His knees buckle and he topples over onto his back. There is no movement from him. He makes no effort to get to his feet. His legs are spread apart and his arms are out to his sides. 

The pay per view announcers are stunned by the outcome of the match. “The champion is down for the fourth time. He lies on mat at the feet of his opponent. The only movement from him is his chest going up and down as he breaths. Gregory Mc’ Danial has been knocked out!!”

Although it seems obvious the ref must still count him out. “ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR – FIVE. There is no movement from the Champion. “SIX – SEVEN – EIGHT  at this point the ref kneels down beside Greg and looks him over closely. It is very clear that he is not going to get up. “NINE – TEN.  YOU’RE OUT!!!!” 

That’s it the fight is over, the bell rings and Greg is no longer the World Champion. It is an incredibly sad sight to see this proud male athlete lying helplessly on the mat. Greg’s trainer come to where he is laying and knees down beside his beaten fighter. It takes him almost 5 minutes to revive Greg even though he is now awake he cannot move or get to his feet. 

While his trainer works on the defeated former champion, the announcer makes it official.

“At 3 minutes and 12 seconds of the second round. The winner of the fight by knock out and now the new WORLD WELTRWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! HELEN POSEY!!!"


The crowd cheers the new champion as the ref wraps the world title belt around her waist and buckles it on. Across the ring the beaten ex-champion has come to rolled onto all fours and is now on his knees. He is not yet ready to stand. With his hands on his lap and his head bowed he is still very wobbly. 


With the title belt wrapped around her middle Helen comes to were Greg is kneeling. She puts her hand on Greg’s shoulder and he looks up at her. “I’m sorry. You were a great champion”.

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