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young teens femdom ballbusting high cut gym leotard schoolgirl beats boy

Update: 27.09.2019

W-591 "Wrestling school"

Gallery size: 310 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

As the world changes with the female sex now starting to  overtake males in everything they do, men are realizing that they are being classed as the weaker sex by women. Even physically, women are gaining strength and with their normal attributes of fast reflexes, ability to think faster and make quick decisions and above all they are far more flexible and when all put together it is called girl power. The numbers are climbing in the statistics that women are challenging men in boxing, wrestling and other contact sports and are beating them. Men now know they are living in a changing world as they wonder what the future of men maybe.

More and more girls and women are doing strength training, so they are getting stronger. Also more of them are playing more sports consistently from a younger age, so they're getting that skill and confidence generally associated with boys and men. The average female is still weaker than the average male - its just that more females than ever are trying to be strong and athletic while fewer males are.

Danielle was a tough girl at school. She was boyish, but far from boy looking. She was into sports and physical activity and while this usually resulted in girls becoming over-toned, breastless she-males, Dani never lost her sex appeal. She was never allowed to play on the boy’s sports teams at school, not for her lack of trying, but it was the coaches personal opinion the boys would all be too distracted. Her large breasts and fine ass were the highlight of any school boy’s day and as much as they drooled, it was always look, but don’t touch.

Her favourite sport was wrestling, she liked feeling the physical superiority of pinning her opponent, the helplessness the felt beneath her. She fueled herself on that. In class she was always forced to wrestle the girls, which was fine but a serious lack of challenge. While Dani was not overly muscular she was a much smarter opponent and always thought out her moves before acting. She quickly grew bored of wrestling the girls and made the case to the coach he was holding her back by keeping her from the boys. The coach eventually conceded to her wishes and reminded her not to come complaining if they got a little too touchy-feely.

Dressed in black gym leotard and matching laced boots, Danielle centered herself in the wring to face her first opponent, a boy named Josh who was one of the better on the team. The way he leaped up off the bench when she stepped in the ring was only a reminder to Dani how easy this was going to be. They squared off and forwarded towards each other, Josh lunged forward and put her in a hold, but she was able to get free and fight back.

They putted each other in different wrestling holds and each time Josh tried to touch Danielle's feminine body parts. She made all that was possible to elude from those harrassments, but after five minutes of intense wrestling he almost pinned her down, applying a pressure on her breasts.

The fumes were almost visible as Danielle felt his hands all over her breasts, squeezing and massaging as he faked trying to pin her. Josh was in heaven and began circling her nipple with his thumb, big mistake. Danielle was pissed.

Even if the two combatants are of same size or close in size the the male will always have a strength advantage. So if it is a wrestling match I think the ball grab or twist should be allowed to nullify the male strength advantage. The female can make the male submit easily by these. But the male should not be allowed to grab boobs or pussy and stick to conventional wrestling holds.

She easily countered the fake hold and quickly pushed him to the ground. Josh fell on the floor with his legs spread wide and it wasn’t long before Danielle realised her chance. She flew to the ground, holding Josh’s arms to the floor and pulled on them as her knee was carefully positioned on his balls, squishing them against his pelvis. He let out an audible moan as his nuts were being squished by the girl and could do nothing but flail his legs as the pain swelled upwards to his brain. She began releasing the tension on his arms, and repulling to smash his balls into her knee over and over again.

She quickly grew bored of this and released her hold. She dragged him out of the ring and the match was called. The coach stood in disbelief and dismissed the class for the day. Danielle walked over to Josh and helped him up, he sure needed it. She shook his hand and applauded his performance in the match while the coach looked on, but the second he left the room things took a very different turn.

Danielle pushed Josh against the wall of the gym and darted her hand down his shorts. Her hand quickly found his balls and she squeezed them hard. Josh’s eyes bulged out of his head as he felt completely helpless to her firm grip. “Don’t fuck with me Josh, or you won’t be able to fuck anyone at all.”, she whispered as she clenched his balls tighter and tighter. “You wanted a feel, here.” She moved his hand onto her leotard to her tits. “Is it worth it Josh?”, she began twisting. Josh was in a world of hurt and was beginning to black out.

She brought her knee into his naked balls over and over again sending jolts of pain straight through his body. Josh’s screams went unheard as Danielle was merciless with his nuts.

After more than a dozen direct knees to his already tender testicles she turned around, placing her leotard covered groin in Josh’s face as she cupped his balls in her hands. “Do you see it Josh?”, she asked. “Do you see now why you should respect women?” She stretched his balls out to the end of his sack with her left hand. “It’s not about equality, oh no. It’s about inequality. Do you feel my pussy Josh?”, she rubbed her smooth crotch in his face. “Do you feel your balls?”, her fist slammed into them hard. “There’s a big difference, no?”, Her right hand slapped his balls again for emphasis. She grabbed the pair and began squeezing tighter and tighter as she continued her monologue. “You need to respect women, not because it’s the right thing to do.”, her grip was extremely tight now. “You need to respect them because if you don’t…”, Josh knew it was over his mind was fading out. “If you don’t, you will loose what makes you a man!”

Danielle let go of his balls with her right, lifted up and punched them as hard as she could. Direct impact on his left bal, it exploded in his sack. Jopsh was in extreme pain, but hadn’t blacked out yet. “If you tell anyone about this remember, you tried to wrestle me.” She punched the remaining nut to another glorious demolition, Josh was instantly unconcious. “It’s only payback.”

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