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woman vs man fighting face kick leotard karate femdom

Update: 07.05.2021

W-675 "Husband vs wife"

Gallery size: 380 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 380 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It is a mixed couples league. It’s participants are very special as are all of the fans. You must be invited to join the league as either a wrestler of a fan. All of the wrestlers are married couples, although they do not always wrestle their spouses.

The announcers open the show. "This is truly a huge night for the The Mixed League. It is the very first HUSBANDS Vs WIVES TOURNAMENT. All of tonight’s matches will consist of a Husband Vs his wife.        2nd announcer   You know Barbara, this is the most anticipated night of wrestling in league history. The arena is filled to capacity and is standing room only.  1st announcer  Well it in now bell time and the first match is about to start".        

As the fans become excited about the matches the first one is about to start. First to enter the ring is 41 yr old Natalie Rosenberg. In her teens and twenty’s Nat as she is called was a real stunner. She was Miss Cleveland and runner up to Miss Ohio. Now in her 40’s she is still a gorgeous woman. She enters the ring wearing a Shiny gold thong cut leotard, very shiny black pantyhose and gold boots. 

Her opponent for this match is her husband of 16 yrs Caleb Rosenberg. Caleb and Nat have 3 children, a boy that is fifteen yrs old and twin girls that are 12. A minute after Natalie enters the ring Caleb makes his entrance. At 43 yrs old Caleb is still a very handsome man. He still retains a very athletic body. He enters the ring wearing an orange spandex wrestling singlet, with black tights and orange boots.  

After the refs instructions both wrestlers return to their corners. Both Nat and Caleb adjust their wrestling gear and wait for the bell. BONG!!!! The first match of the night has begun.  Nattily and Caleb exit their corners and begin to circle each other. Caleb acts first, He uses his speed to attack Natalie. He slips in behind her and locks on a FULL-NELSON. Instantly Natalie is up on her toes as Caleb applies as much pressure on the NELSON as he can. 

Both of Natalie’s arms are stretched upward as high as she can reach. Her head is bent forward at a painful angle. Very soon she is moaning in pain. "My neck, oh god my neck. You’re hurting me Caleb, you’re hurting me!!" Caleb knows that his wife is just trying to get sympathy from him. He does not fall for it and continues the pressure on his wife’s neck, shoulders and arms.  

After several minutes Natalie is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. She takes a minute to stretch out her arms and shoulders. Then suddenly she shoots off the ropes and right at Caleb. He is very surprised by her swift move. She slams into to him and as she does she jams her elbow into her husband’s mid-section. 

Caleb is very obviously stunned. He grabs at his stomach and drops to his knees. Natalie then sends a spinning kick slamming into Caleb’s upper chest and neck. Caleb’s hands fly off his stomach and grasp at his throat. He instantly begins to choke and gasp for air. The kick has sent the 43 yr old male sprawling onto his back.  Lying on his back, Caleb cries of pain and fear are just a whisper. "Can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!! Air-Air, I need air!!" 

Luckily for Caleb, he is very close to the ropes and grabs the bottom one and hangs on tightly. Still gasping for breath, he is very slow getting to his feet. Soon the ref tells him, "Come on Caleb, get up and wrestle. Get to your feet or I’ll count you out." Slowly he gets to his feet and moves off the ropes. 

For the next 6 or 7 minutes Husband and wife exchange holds. Both their arms and legs are bent and twisted. The Action is so fast and furious, the crowd is on its feet cheering both wrestlers. After 7 minutes there is a very small but noticeable change in the action. Caleb has begun to slow down and gasp for air. He now reaches for the ropes to buy time. Several times the ref has told his to get off the ropes. "Come on Caleb, you have to stay off the ropes!!" 

The fans are not the only ones that notice Caleb slowing down. Natalie has also see it. As Caleb lets go of the ropes and moves toward the center of the ring, Natalie attacks him. Driving several powerful FOUR-ARM SMASHES into her husband’s chest she drains his remaining energy from him. Dazed by the powerful smashes, Caleb staggers back a few steps and falls to the mat on his back.  

With her husband now lying on his back at her feet, Natalie scoops up one of his gold boots and begins to work over Caleb’s leg. She twists it one way them the other. She bends is as hard as she can. Caleb is very intense pain and begins to cry out. "My leg-my leg!!! Oh god she’s got my leg!!! OOOOOOOOHHH!!! God it hurts!!! You’re breaking my leg Natalie!!!" 

She then drops her husband’s leg. Most of the fans think that she is taking pity on him. However she quickly grabs his other boot off the mat and begins to work over that leg. She does the same thing to his other leg. Twisting and bending it over and over. Again Natalie hears her husband cry out in pain. "Not again, Oh please not again, my leg, oh god my leg!!! 

Believing that she has sufficiently weakened Caleb, Natalie drags her husband to the center of the ring by his boots. Holding his legs in the air, Natalie wraps one of them around hers grabs his free leg and drops to the mat.  Caleb instantly knows what his wife has planned for him. He instantly begins to scream in almost total terror. "NO NO not that, oh please Natalie not that, Don’t do this to me. Oh god, please don’t do this!!! I’m begging you!!!"

Caleb’s pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears. Natalie quickly has her husband locked into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! Caleb quickly begins to twist and roll trying to escape the excruciating in his legs. He screams in pain. His face is a mask of both fear and pain. My legs, my legs!! You’re breaking me legs!!! Oh please no, my legs oh god my legs!!! 

The ref quickly drops beside the screaming 43 yr old male wrestler. 


Frightened, in terrible pain Caleb has no choice but to submit to his wife and surrender the match. 


Having caused the man she loves great pain and humiliating defeat, Natalie releases Caleb’s legs instantly. He pulls them up close to him and holds them tight. 

Natalie gets to her feet and backs into her corner very quietly. No fan fair, no raised arms an no gloating.  She stands there looking out at the cheering crowd. Suddenly she is horrified. In the back of the arena she sees hers and Caleb’s son standing with tears in his eyes. Their son has just seen his mother defeat his father in a wrestling match. Not only that, he has seen his father submit to her. 

As for Caleb, he remains on the mat moaning in pain. "Oh my legs, my legs. She really hurt me!! She forced me to submit to her. Oh god the pain. Beaten by my wife!!" 

It takes Caleb almost 4 minutes to get to his feet. In that time Natalie came to where he was lying on the mat. She kneeled down beside her husband and gently stroked his hair.  "I’m so sorry Caleb. I didn’t want to hurt you, I just wanted to win. I love you, please don’t  be angry at me!!"  Caleb looks up into his wife’s eyes? "I’m not angry at you. I love you too. I just didn’t know that you were such a good wrestler. I never knew that you were better than me. You beat me fair and square. You won, I lost. That is just the way it is." She just could not tell him that their son saw him lost to his mother. 

The next three matches were just as exciting as the first. In these matches The husbands won two and the wives won one, so after 4 matches the score is 2 men and 2 women. Just as the first match pitted the oldest couple against each other, match 5 matches up the youngest of the married couples. 

First into the ring is 19 yr old Melody Astor her opponent will be her husband of just one year 21 yr old Trevor P. Astor. Melody  enters the ring wearing a very light yellow very shiny spandex body suit. And yellow boots. Her opponent and husband enters in his very light blue tights and white boots. 

The fans have no real idea of what to expect for these two wrestlers. Both have winning records but are very much unknown to everyone. This match will tell just how good they may be. With both wrestlers in their corners it is bell time. 

BONG!!! The match has started. Melody is out of her corner very fast. Her husband seems to be much less aware that the match has started. He seems almost unconcerned that the bell has rung. Well his attitude is about to change very fast. Melody races toward him, as she gets close she leaps in the air and lands both her boots on her husband’s chin and forehead. 

It is as if Trevor has been hit by a baseball bat. His head flies back his arms fly out and his legs buckle. 4 seconds into the match Melody has sent her husband crashing to the mat. Not wanting to waist an opportunity, Melody moves in fast. She pulls her only semiconscious husband to his feet and forces him to the center of the ring. She then reaches between his legs, hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. Lifting him over her head, she then slams him down as hard as she can. 

Again Melody pulls Trevor to his feet. This time she sends him racing into the corner. Trevor hits the turnbuckle very hard. He staggers a few steps out of the corner and falls to the mat on his face.  With the match now less than 1 minute old, Trevor is almost completely out and Melody is in complete control of the match and her husband. 

The strange thing is the these two met at Wrestling school. He was the star student and she was just about in the middle of the class. Everyone thought that he was a sure bet to achieve ring stardom before anyone. 

Melody quickly is standing over her downed husband. Not holding back anything, she lifts her boot off the mat and stomps on Trevor’s back. The sudden jolt of pain seems to wake Trevor up and he tries to get to his feet. That is a big mistake. Melody has no intention of letting Trevor back into this match. 

Just as he gets to his hands and knees. Melody again stomps on his back, sending her husband crashing down to the mat again. Now with the match being just over two minutes old, Melody grabs Trevor by his hair and his arm and pulls the just barely conscious male to his feet. She then drags him to the very center of the ring. 

Holding him up so he won’t fall down Melody shoves Trevor’s head between her legs. What is very clear to everyone in the arena is that Trevor has started to get a DEFEAT BONER. His growing manhood has begun to stretch his light blue tights. He was never in this match and Melody has controlled both him and the match from the opening bell. 

Standing in the center of the ring with her husband’s head between her legs Melody is in total control. Wrapping her arms around Trevor’s middle, she lifts his off the mat. Holding him tightly she lifts his onto her shoulder. Cupping her hands under his chin, Melody has locked her husband into an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER.

All most instantly Trevor begins to scream in pain. "My back, my back!! What are you doing to me Melody, what are you doing?? You can’t do this, you can’t beat me. I’m the best wrestler. You can’t beat me." 

It’s at this moment that Melody realizes that maybe Trevor is not the best wrestler in the family. She reaches around his head with her arm, putting more pressure on Trevor. Within a few seconds Trevor is screaming his surrender. At two minutes and 12 seconds of the match, Trevor has had enough and surrenders to his wife, Melody. 

"Oh please, let me go!!! Let me go!!! You win, you’ve beaten me!! I can’t take any more!! I’m done!! I submit!!! I SUBMIT!!! OH PLEASE MELODY PLEASE!! YOU WIN, I’M DONE!! I GIVE UP!! YOU’VE BEATEN ME!!! I GIVE UP!!!"

As Trevor was bent over Melody’s shoulder, his manhood continued to swell and stiffen. As he surrendered the match to his wife his rock hard manhood was stretching his light blue tights a long way. Just after he admitted his defeat and surrendered to her, Melody dropped her husband to the mat. 

It took almost as long as the match for Trevor to get to his feet. He tried very hard to look like everything was alright. However, he could not completely hide the humiliation and embarrassment of losing  the match to his wife in such a quick fashion.  And the huge Boner in his tights is a dead giveaway. Now after the 5th match the score is now women 3 men 2

Over the next 4 matches the wives won 3 and the husbands won 1. Of the 3 matches the women won, two were by pin and one was a submission. The score now read Wives 6, husbands 3. With nine matches completed there is only one left. 

1st announcer, The match that everyone has been waiting for is just moments away.

2nd announcer  yes it is and the excitement is growing. The last match of the night will feature "Alex Vs Judith" Judy Lamond. It would be safe to call Alex and Judy the king and queen of the wrestling league. 

1st announcer, That is a very accurate description. Both are at the top of the league. With Alex as the Champion and Judy as a high ranking contender."

You can almost feel the excitement as the wrestlers head for the ring. First is the challenger, Judith Lamond. Judith comes to the ring wearing a bright yellow sports top with matching yellow high cut spandex panties, dark tan almost brown pantyhose and yellow boots. As she enters almost all of the women in the arena cheer for her.  

Then comes the champion. As the men cheer for Alex, the women can’t help but look. He is stunningly handsome, very athletic and all man. He is wearing shiny black tights, a very shiny black thong and black boots. To say that Alex has a very large bulge in his tights is a big understatement. Almost all the other male wrestlers are very envious of Alex and the woman wrestlers all want to be in the ring with him. 

The Announcer begins:

"This is the final match of the evening. The contestants are Alex Lamond the league champion vs his wife and top contender Judith Lamond. This is a one fall match to a finish and it is for the league title" 

With the preliminaries out of the way, it is now bell time. BONG!!!! That sound sends both wrestlers out of their corners and at each other.  As they close in on each other, Alex lands a vicious forearm smash right on the tip of Judith’s chin. 

Her head snaps back and she falls back onto the mat. There is no movement from her. Alex wastes no time as he drops across her in a CROSS BODY PIN. The ref is there instantly and begins to count. "ONE, TWO, THRE" Judith is able to kick out at the last possible second. 

Giving his wife no time to recover, Alex pulls her off the mat. Twisting her arm into a WRINGER  he whips his wife into the corner turnbuckle. Judy slams into the turnbuckle with tremendous force. Before she can slide to the mat, Alex jams his forearm under her chin and holds her up. 

Judy is now gasping for air as Alex puts pressure on her neck. Not satisfied with just cloaking her, he now begins to pound her chest with his free forearm. Blow after blow slams into to her chest as she is held against the turnbuckle. After what seems like an hour to Judith, the ref finally forces Alex back and lets Judy out of the corner. 

Not being trapped in the corner any longer seems to have done Judith very little good. Alex has her on the mat and is working her over. He seems to be trying to torture her with every hold he knows. Right now he has her yellow booths in his hand and is twisting her leg as hard as he can.            This heartless torture goes on for several minutes. Judith’s arms and legs are bent and twisted. Hold after painful hold is applied to her. 

Announcer #1: "It is extremely doubtful that Judith will be able to take much more of this type of punishment"

Announcer #2: "I agree completely. This match is all but over. Alex has had total domination of his wife, Judy. She can’t recover from this type of pounding"   

Alex pulls Judy off the mat after applying many painful holds on her arms and legs. Once again Alex twists Judy’s arm and whips her into the turnbuckle.  This time she slams face first into the pads. Backing into the opposite corner, Alex runs as fast as he can, wanting to slam into his wife with his shoulder. 

Racing across the ring, Alex does not see Judith move very slightly to her ring. He continues to run full speed toward his wife, Alex is certain that this will end the match in his favor. At the last possible second, Judith drives her elbow backward into Alex. The point of her elbow slams into him between his upper-lip and his nose. The blow is as if he had been hit with a sledge hammer. Alex straightens up and then topples over on his back. He is stretched out on the mat unmoving.

Announcer #1: "He’s down, the world champion has been knocked down. Just as he was about to win this match, he has been sent to sprawling to  the mat on his back!!!"

Announcer #2: "From where I sit, Alex looks to be unconscious. Is it possible that he has been Knocked Out? Has his wife, Judith knocked out the world champion?" 

On the mat it is in fact possible. The world wrestling champion has in fact been knocked out by his wife. The biggest problem is however, that Judith is in no condition to take advantage of his situation. She is hanging onto the ropes holding herself up. 

The ref moves in and tells both wrestlers "Come on, both of you. If you don’t start wrestling I will have to count you out." Judith has heard the ref and tries to get herself together. It is very doubtful That Alex has even heard the ref. At the count of 19, Judith is off the ropes and moving toward Alex. As for Alex he is moving on the mat trying to get to his feet. 

Announcer #1: "For about a minute there I thought that we were going to have a double count out. It did not look as though either wrestler could continue"

Announcer #2 "That is absolutely correct. The world champion, Alex was very clearly unconscious and lying on the mat" 

Announcer #2 "YES!!! And as for his wife, Judith looked as though she were finished. It appeared as if there was no way she could continue"

Alex has at last staggered to his feet. He looks very wobbly and unsure of himself. On the other hand Judith looks like she may have regained some of her strength back. She attacks her husband with all the fury she can muster. 

Still unsteady on his feet, Alex can’t fight Judith off. She grabs his arm and twists it up behind his back. With his free hand Alex paws at his shoulder as he cries out in pain "OOOOOHH!!! AAAAAA!!!" After several minutes of torturing his arm, Judith grabs his other arm and twists it behind him. Judith now has both her husband’s arm, they arm pulled back behind him. "OOOOOHHH!!! OOOOOHHH!! OOOOOHHHH!!! Alex is openly and loudly moaning in pain from the SURF-BOARD Judith has on him. 

For almost the next 7 minutes Judith continues to lock one painful hold after another on Alex. After 3 minutes working over his arms, she forces him to the mat and works over his legs. Judith moves from STEP OVER TOE HOLDS first on one leg then on the other.  Too ankle twists on both of his legs. As well as several other very painful holds. 

On the mat, Alex lies face up with his hands covering his face. Almost all the fans in the small arena can hear the champion softly crying. Alex has been dealt a tremendous pounding by his wife. 

Announcer #1 "The World Champion has taken a horrible beating from his wife Judith. Currently he is on the mat unmoving. All of the fans can hear him softly sobbing in pain"

Announcer #2 "As it appears now the champion looks to be unable to hold on to his title. No the mat, crying openly I can’t see how he can win this match"

Judith now wants to end the match. She rolls Alex face down on the mat. He continues to cry and sob. Showing no mercy toward her husband, Judith stomps on his back several times. Each time she stomps on him he cries out and his crying gets louder. 

Believing the time to finish him has come Judith steps on the back of Alex’s thighs. She then reaches forward grabbing his arms. 

Announcer #1 "OH my god!! I can’t believe that Judith is going to do this to her husband!!!!!" 

Announcer #2 "He will never survive this!! He is facing certain defeat!! He has no chance!!"

With both his legs and his arms held tight Alex struggles trying to escape. Soon realizing that it is hopeless and that he is trapped, he begins to scream in fear. "NO-NO, DON’T DO THIS TO ME!!! OH GOD JUDITH, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO ME!! But it is already too late. Judith has begun to rock back and forth. In just seconds she is able to lift Alex off the mat and up and over. Now staring up at the ring lights Alex is trapped in a MEXICAN CELLING HOLD. 

With pain shooting up and down his back, Alex has no choice but to surrender the match to his wife. 


Now Judith wants some payback for his treatment of her early in the match. She has no intention of letting Alex go this easily. The crowd is stunned by what is happening the women in the crowd begin to shout out. SHE’S GOT HIM. WOW, SHE’S GOT HIM!!! SHE’S GOING TO BEAT HIM. SHE’S GOING TO TAKE HIS TITLE!!! 

It is all too obvious the Alex agrees with the women. His already large manhood has swelled up and gotten stiff and hard. 

Announcer #1 "It’s very clear that the world champion is finished. His manhood has begun to swell and get hard" 

Announcer #2 "Yes, it’s obvious to everyone in the arena that Judith has given her husband an enormous DEFEAT BONER!!!" 

Back up in the ring a now beaten and terrified champion again cries out his surrender’ 


With his now second submission Judith releases her husband. The beaten now former champion lands by the side of the ring on his back. 

With his defeat the women in the crowd go wild calling out Judith’s name. as for the men, they all seem to be hanging their heads in shame. As for Alex he remains face up on the mat with his hands covering his face, trying to hide his tears. 

In her corner a very happy Judith has just gotten the world title belt from the ref and wrapped it around her waist. With her arms in the air she accepts the cheers of the crowd. Across the other side of the ring his trainer has come to Alex and has kneeled down beside him "What happened? How was she able to defeat you like that. Are you OK?"  Crying and sobbing Alex tries to answer. "NO-no!! I’m hurt, she hurt me bad. Had no choice, had to submit!! Oh god she beat me bad, I’ve been defeated!!!! 

The trainer then asks Can you get up Alex, can you get to your feet? Alex is forced to answer "no-no, can’t move my legs. Pain in my back, too much pain!! It is decided to let Alex just rest for awhile on the mat. 

As he lies there Judith comes over and kneels down beside her husband. "Oh Alex, I’m so sorry!!! Are you Ok? Can you get up? Stretched out on the mat, with a massive boner between his legs Alex opens his eyes and looks up at his wife. "No-no. I can’t get up yet. It hurts too much to move. You beat me bad, Judith. Oh god, you really hurt me!"

After almost 8  minutes, Alex’s trainer is able to get the beaten male wrestler off the mat and slowly they stagger back to his dressing room.

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