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fighting nude muscle woman CFNM erotic mixed wrestling femdom lift and carry

Update: 03.05.2019

W-570 "Jane's dominance"

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Mixed wrestling, 220 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

I had continued to see Jane at work most every day. The weekends were difficult to endure at times because I did miss seeing and talking to her. We actually did not talk about our match, but discussed, more and more, her involvement in the woman's wrestling club that she had briefly told me about just before our match.

"I'm winning most of my matches, but it's become so mechanical. There's really no challenge to it any more. I don't mean challenge from the other women, they're tough. But there's not a lot of enjoyment anymore."

"So why continue?"

"It's a real good work out, and it keeps me motivated to stay in the gym and stay in shape." Jane was not muscular, but had amazing strength and when she had to lift something, or when she had on a pair of shorts, you could see that the muscles in her limbs were present and defined. She did not show them off, but if one was curious enough, they were conspicuous.

I felt that I wanted to do something to motivate her to keep up her workouts. "You know, if there is anything I can do to help you, I would."

"As a matter of fact. " She didn't finish, but continued the cookie batter.

"Jane? What? Come on, you know I'm here for you." She ran out and I thought I saw a tear run down her face. I figured the best thing to do now was leave her alone and go about my business. 

The next couple of days, she was very aloof. Conversation was confined to, "Hello, how are you today?" The weather even seemed to be off limits. I resigned myself to not talking to her and I had wondered if I had done anything to upset her. I never thought I would find out.

The weekend came and went without seeing her. When I went back to work on Monday, I was told that Jane had called in sick and would not be in for the rest of the day. As I had gone into the kitchen to retrieve my lunch from one of the large refrigerators, I noticed an envelope on one of the shelves with my name on it. I was a bit confused by this and thought it strange to leave an employee his pink slip in the refrigerator next to his lunch bag. But, I took the envelope and my lunch and went outside expecting this to be the last meal I have on these premises. As I opened the envelope and pulled out its contents, I noticed it was nothing official, so my fears of being unemployed were alleviated. Even better, I saw that it was from Jane. Her massage was short and to the point. She said she needed to take a day off from the daily grind and she really wanted to talk to me. Included were her phone number and that she would be expecting a call during my lunch time.

"Hi, Jane. Are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm so happy you called. I'm sorry about the other day. I find it difficult to talk to someone about my hobby. Although you have been very supportive, I can't seem to get by our society saying that women shouldn't get involved in this kind of sport. I am afraid of someone over hearing our conversation and saying something to your wife about what we are doing. I'd hate to get you into any kind of difficulty."

"Let me worry about that. Would you like to meet sometime and talk more?"

"Yea, and I think I could do that any night this week. My husband's out of town and the kids are able to take care of themselves for an hour or two."

"Tomorrow night ok?"

"Yes. Meet me at The Frog Pond, I'll let you buy me a drink. Ok?"

"Eight O'clock." 

She was there at five minutes to eight, I had been waiting for her for ten minutes. "Hi, hon. Drink?"

"Sure, a beer. I love beer on a hot night." I got a pitcher, knowing we would finish our first quickly, and I didn't want to waste much time going to the bar and being ignored by the barkeep. 

"Again, I'm sorry about the other day. I'm so insecure about this thing I love to do so much that I feel I will turn people off."

"You know you don't turn me off. I've wanted to challenge you to another match, actually." 

"Really? I would love to beat your - um, I mean wrestle you again. Hee-hee," Her Hee-hees, could really piss me off, but I knew there wasn't much I could do about it. "When could we meet? I have until eleven tonight," she said in a very sensual voice. We immediately finished our beer and ran to my car. I put the key in the ignition and went no where because I wasn't sure where we had to go. "Oh, I'm sorry," she said. She had forgotten to tell me that her woman's wrestling club provided sparring rooms for members, these rooms were quite private. Also, at this time, no one would be there. There were no matches tonight and most workouts were ended about now. Therefore, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. There was also a code that said the private rooms are just that. 

We arrived and there were some people working out in the gym who looked as if they were ready to call it a night. I followed Jane toward the rear of the building where there were three separate rooms. We walked into one of them. It was nicely equipped with ample room to wrestle. The far wall was one giant mirror. On another wall were chinning bars. There was a closet full of free weights, wristlets and anklets. There was a bathroom with two showers off of this room. The mats were spotless, because another one of the rules was, when you're finished in the room, wipe down the mats. There were all the necessary solutions, rags and mops with which to do this. 

"You didn't bring any wrestling shorts?"

"Got them on, Jane. Thought I'd be totally prepared. How about you?

"My locker is over there, and it has everything I need. But, you know, I think I'll just wrestle you in my shorts. Unless there is strong objection." I had none, but knew that I would become weaker at the sight of her gorgeous tits coming at me. 

She disrobed slowly and in front of me, still in red thong leotard. I was getting a hard on and couldn't hide it. She had noticed, "Oh, nice. I've got you where I want you already, huh? Are you going to be able to wrestle me with that thing sticking out like that?" She walked over to me as she was speaking and grabbed my erection. She slowly took off my shorts and started to stroke me ever so gently. 

"Go to your knees." I did. She never let go and got in back of me with her arms around me and my manhood firmly in her control. I was so weak that I went down on all fours. She turned me over on my back and put me into a reverse head scissors. My face was shoved up into her ass. She squeezed her ass around my nose so hard I thought it was going to be stuck there. But then I felt the most exquisite and wild sensation and I started to explode. The first squirt I thought had hit the ceiling, and everyone after that was just a bit less intense as the last until I had finally come to a complete rest. I felt my heart pounding. I also felt her powerful legs still around my neck and my face in her ass, but she had let up and didn't squeeze me. In fact, I don't think her legs squeezed me at all. Just enough to keep me prisoner in her thighs. I tried to get up. 

"Stay where you are, rest a minute. I'll be back," she said while kissing me on the forehead. It felt so good. She left, but was back quickly with a glass of water for the two of us. I sat up, took a sip and gave her a big kiss. We embraced. Her arms were strong but in this situation, they felt so good. Of course I realized that soon, they may not feel as good. "Thanks for the water. It helps."

"I hope so, because you're going to need more after I get finished with you, wimp. Hee-hee."

"Mr. Wimp to you, lady."

"Earn it!" 

With that the challenge was made. I put her into a headlock and gave it all I was worth. I knew I had hurt her because she groaned slightly. Then I felt her hand sliding up between my shoulder and my chest. She pushed off and was out of my hold, as if I never had my hands locked. 

She said, "Just wanted to see what you got. Sorry, hon, it's not enough and now the party's over." 

Her eyes were smiling at me. I knew that I'd had it. I started to back away, but the corner betrayed me and I was feeling her forearms on either side of my neck as her hands were clasped behind. This was a punishing hold and the only thing I could do was hold on to her powerful forearms. I felt how hard they were and I slowly went to my knees. She adjusted the hold so that I was looking up at her. Her tits were coming closer to my face and she put me in between them so that I was having trouble breathing. She was nice enough to let up a little for me to catch my breath. She pulled me out of the corner, pushed me backward and I was flat on my back with her legs encompassing me into a powerful grapevine. Her hands were on my chest as she did some push-ups. Actually, she did ten as she counted them out. I was in agony, but she continued to workout and use me as a mat. 

"I want to see how many times I can make you beg for mercy. I want you to put your hands together, like you're praying, and say, 'Please. Jane, mercy.' Ok?" 

How was I going to argue with her? I shook my head yes and put my hands together, "Please, Jane, mercy." 

Girl in red leotard inflicted one more shot of pain with her legs, then let me go. I laid there trying to recover from the pain that Jane had subjected me to. She then stood on me. Both feet were on my chest. She reached out her hand to the wall for balance and then put her foot on my throat. My hands instinctively went to her calf to try and pull her foot off my throat. I could not lift it up, but I was now feeling the extraordinary muscles in her calf. "My goddess."

"He can't help you, now honey. Feel that power? That's my whole body, babe. You have no chance, none, nil, nada. Beg me for mercy again." 

Her foot put a little more pressure on my throat. I put my hands together and again said, "please, Jane, mercy." She got off me and waited until I got up. As soon as I did, she attacked. Her arms were around my waist. She lifted me and squeezed. Her teeth were clenched. I felt every arm muscle constricting my ribs. My hands were pushing her arms down, but they weren't moving. They were just killing me. Again, my hands went together, and in the best voice I could muster, I said "please, Jane, mercy."

"Say it again!" I did. She let me go and I fell to the mat. I was on my stomach and felt her feet coming around my head. "Start kissing," she demanded and my lips were on her feet before she finished her command. 

Girl in red leotard then moved away from me and commanded me to get up. As I did I kept her in sight, backing away until I was on my feet. Again she attacked me and lifted me over her shoulder. She carried me around the room, until she decided to slam me into a corner. "I liked the way that felt, I'm going to do it again." Bam! I hit the corner again. She didn't let go, but let me slide down her back. All the way down, I kissed her back and then her ass. She pulled my head through her legs. With my feet still up in the corner of the room, she sat on my face and smothered me. Between being crunched up in the corner of the room, and Jane using me as a stool, I was trying to let out a scream. She pulled my face further up into her and told me to stop whining. I wanted to tell her I was screaming, not whining, but I felt it would be a better idea to see things her way. She was grinding me into her and smiling down at me. She was also beginning to get turned on. 

Abruptly, she let me go and quickly pulled aside a crotch of her leotard. She got me between her thighs again and snapped me back in her crotch. "You're going to pass out soon, hon. Unfortunately, you won't see or hear me cum. But I want to thank you in advance." She started to grind me and pull me further up into her. Her thighs constricted my head. I tried my best to stay awake, but the lights started to go out just as I thought I heard Jane let out a loud groan. When I awoke, she was laying next to me on her side. "How do you feel?"

"Like I've been run over by the most beautiful steam roller in the world."

"Cute. And flattering. Do you remember what happened?"

"Yea, I think so. You were using me as a dildo, right?" Jane found this quite humorous, but agreed it was true.

"How many mercies did I hear, tonight?"

"I think three."

"Not enough." 

"Please, no more." As if she didn't hear me, she was on top of me again. She was sitting on my chest and her mighty thighs were around my head. I could hardly talk. I gently tapped her legs and she loosened up a bit before begging, "please, Jane, mercy."

"Four," she smiled, still not finished. She positioned me in front of the mirrored wall and put me into a punishing figure four head scissors. Punishing and humiliating as I could see myself being annihilated in the mirror by my captor. She had the hold very well cinched in and then started to move her hips from side to side. I was flopping around and just held on to her legs. There was nothing I could do. I was helpless. I tried to put my hands together and beg for mercy, but she kept moving too fast. Finally she stopped. 

"Please, Jane, mercy."

"Five. How do you feel? Wanna wrestle Jane again?" She had a hold of my jaw with her strong hands as she taunted me. She made sure I was looking in her eyes and said, "When are you going to get some lessons? I've gotten no competition from you. Now you have to pay. I'm going to have some fun with your pathetic self. Don't move!" 

She went into the other room for a bit but was back in a number of seconds. She had a silk scarf and I wondered what she was going to do with it. I soon found out. She wrapped it around my neck and pulled me up to her face. "We need to get you hard. Can you do that for Jane?" She asked as she held and tightened the scarf with her left hand and flexed her mighty right arm. I started to become erect. She brought her forearm down to my mouth and I worshiped it by kissing, licking and gently biting those sinewy muscles. She allowed the worship for a while as she knew it turned me on to be made to kiss her muscles. Now I was quite hard. She took the scarf and tied it around my balls and penis. This kept me erect as Jane began to have her fun. 

Again she stood on my chest and her foot found my throat. I started to groan, but Jane informed me that she wanted to hear no whining on my part, or else I would not be rewarded. I tried my best not to groan, whine, whimper or otherwise to make this gorgeous creature unhappy. I gritted my teeth as her foot continued to pressure my throat. She was looking down in my eyes. She smiled, "Are you scared? Do you feel terror crawling on your body.? It wouldn't take much for me to kill you. A little more pressure and you won't live. How does it feel to have a woman in red leotard, in a position to decide whether you shall live or not?" She had a feral look in her eye. 

I was becoming frightened that she didn't realize how close she actually was to rupturing my wind pipe. I was helpless and motionless. Then suddenly, her foot left my throat and I gasped for as much air as I could. When I was breathing normally, her foot was flat on my face. I started to kiss it, but she slapped me with it. "Did I tell you to kiss it?" Now she was wiping her foot on my face like one would wipe their shoe on a door mat. I said nothing and did nothing. I accepted her foot on my face and did not resist. The she put my nose in between her big toe and the next one and squeezed. She was laughing. "Are you humiliated? Ha ha, lick the bottom of my foot while I squeeze you some more. " I followed her commands. Finally, she dismounted me. She stood over me and looked down at her beaten foe. "I'm going to give you a golden shower the next time we wrestle and you don't give me ample competition. Do you understand me?" I acknowledged that I did. "And we will wrestle again. There is no option."

Then she sat on my chest and started to grind her pussy in my chest.


"Come on babe, make Jane feel good," she exhorted as she continued to grind. She reached around and removed the scarf. I was still hard and she slid down my body, very slowly. She was torturing me, but in a very sensual way. Soon, her lips were on mine and our mouths opened. Her kiss was strong and definite. Jane was going to get what she wanted. 

Her legs squeezed my erection and made it more permanent. "Show me what you have, honey, I want to feel you explode." Not long after her command, I did. She screamed and we both enjoyed the moment, then continued to hold each other. 

When I awoke, Jane was asleep in my arms. I kissed her on the forehead and got up to leave. On my way out, she said, "You're wonderful. See you at work."

"Yes dear." 

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