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CFNM ballbusting femdom woman victory pose

Update: 12.04.2019

B-567 "Becky The Ballbuster"

Gallery size: 240 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Let me tell you a story about my cousin Becky. Becky and I were about the same age at the time and we were both in high school. Becky was always a little dominant of all men, but she seemed to like pushing me around more. I guess it was because we were family. She often talked about what it would be like to actually beat up a person. One day after walking home from school, I made the mistake of smoking in front of her. She knew that I was not allowed to smoke and threatened to tell my parents, unless I volunteered for a small experiment. I kept asking her what it was, but she would not answer, she just told me that she would be over to my house at 4. She knew that both of my parents would not be home until after 5 sometime, and that would give her plenty of time. She arrived at exactly 4:00 and then took my down to my basement. She then told me what her experiment was all about. She has always wanted to beat up on someone and cause pain, just to feel the power. Well, I was going to be her victim. 

I wasn't too sure about this, but the alternative couldn't be as bad, could it? If she were to tell my parents I would probably get grounded for a month, so I decided to go along with her plan. 

It was so nice to give me a briefing first. She was planning to fight dirty like a woman should to a man, causing some degree of pain. I was not allowed to fight back of course; that would ruin her fun. I decided I could take it and live with it a little better than the alternative. Well, being late May and warm I was naked. Becky was dressed in tank leotard, and she was wearing a pair of boots with about three inch heels, the heels weren't spiked but they were pretty close. 

Her first move was to kick me square in the balls with the tip of her boots. I guess I didn't expect her to abuse my balls, because I was totally unprepared for her move. There was a lot of pain causing me to grab my crotch and fall to my knees. She was very excited to see me in such pain, and told me that she has always wanted to do that. After a couple of minutes I was able to get on my feet again, I was looking a little defensive after that move so she warned my that I was not allowed to fight back. I started to wonder it this was really a good idea after all. 

The next blow was a kick to my stomach, which I was able to survive without much effort. I could see the disappointment in her face that the kick was not very effective. She did not have much upper body strength. I knew that she was going to do a lot of kicking. We also agreed that she shouldn't make any marks that people could see so my face was pretty safe. That left all of the areas that were covered normally by clothes. Her next words were very painful in themselves. 

"Well, I guess I know where I need aim for from my first kick." I was now starting to get really worried, that first kick was pretty painful. Just then her left foot came up real quick between my legs but this time the tip of the boots missed and the heel hit my left nut right on. I instantly fell to the ground, lying on my side, holding my nuts. She allowed me a minute to recover, then ordered me remove my hands, while still lying on the ground. She then took a quick shot at them with her right boot hitting my right ball this time; now both of them were in pain. 

She allowed me a little time to recover, and I then rolled onto my back. Big mistake. She told me to lie still and raised her foot above my nut sack. She just left it there for a few seconds building up the moment and then brought it down smashing both nuts at the same time. Talk about pain, I thought I was going to puke right there on the floor. 

"Stop acting like a little baby and get your hands away from my target," she yelled. She then walked up to my head and proceeded to step up onto my shoulders and down to my chest. This was not too bad; she only weighed about 115 pounds. She then proceeded to walk all over my chest and stomach, bouncing a little with each step. She was enjoying the sound of my breathing; it was sort of going into rhythm with her bouncing. 

She then said, "What would happen it I were to walk on your balls for a little while?" Without waiting for an answer she proceeded to step onto my dick, and was walking in place on my dick and balls. She then added a little bounce to her step. She noticed that she was having a hard time hitting her target all of the time; my balls were not staying in place, which gave me some relief. She then stepped back on my stomach, walked up my chest, stepped up onto my face, and jumped off. Her next words were a total shocker to me. She immediately ordered me to go on my knees before her. 

I immediately rose to my feet and started to leave saying, "This has gone to far." She then threatened to tell my friends what I was allowing her to do down here and that she had beaten me up. Well, I decided that I couldn't have much left to go through, and it had to be better than the humiliation of what I have already done. I kneed before her. 

"We'll take care of that thing right now," my cousin said. With that she again kicked my in the balls. I couldn't believe it was possible to hurt any more than before; I kneed before her than immediately fell to ground in pain again. 

I was on my back again. She stomped on my balls with her stiletto heel and shifted all of her weight to that foot. I immediately passed out from the pain. When I finally woke up I looked at my watch and it was 5:00. My balls were still throbbing. Becky was gone but there was a note. 

It read: “Don't ever tell anyone about this. It is our secret. I will keep quiet under one condition: you allow me to beat up on you again. I want a chance to smash one of those nuts of yours.”

Reading the note made my balls throb even more.

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