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judo teens mixed wrestling leotard girl headlock femdom fight

Update: 01.02.2019

W-557 "Success in a new league"

Gallery size: 440 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 440 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s taken awhile but he I am a big success in this league. In fact I am the Champion of this league and have been for almost 2 years. Life is good and I am making a ton of money!!  My current record is 38 & 0, and I am making the 21 defense of my title. My opponent for tonight will be the number 6th ranked challenger. She will be making her second attempt at winning the title. In her first attempt, she was really no match for me. I pounded her all around the ring and finally got her in a BACKBREAKER. She held on for about two minutes before she screamed her submission. That was almost a year ago. Since then she has gone 9 and 0 defeating 5 men and 4 women. 

A quick peek tells me the arena is filled to capacity. Almost 6000 fans have come to see me wrestle. I am a very popular wrestler in this league. At 41 years old I attract a little older, a little classier and a much richer crowd. The promoter loves it as they are willing to pay a higher ticket price. In truth many of my fans are middle-age women. They seem to love me. There are also a large group of guys that also seem to like me. It’s great to have so many fans. 

It’s time for me to get ready to wrestle. I quickly slip out of my street cloths and begin to get into my wresting gear. First I slip into a white spandex jockstrap. It enhances my male bulge, forming a perfect pouch. Next, I wiggle into very shiny tan pantyhose. I lace on shiny white wrestling boots. Then comes my prized World Title Belt. It is very shiny with silver and gold metal work crusted in sparkling stones, with a leather belt. I wrap it around my middle and buckle it tight. I slip into a sparkling white ring jacket and I am ready to head to the ring. I pause for a second just thinking about our last match. “the last time I wrestled her, I had no trouble defeating her. If she hasn’t gotten better in the last year and a half I’ll beat her again”.  

Then I hear some polite applause and know that my opponent has entered the ring. The lights suddenly go dark, my entrance music begins and I step between the drapes. As soon as I do the fans go wild. There is cheering, screaming, whistling and loud applause. Almost all of the fans begin to chant my name  “DAVID – DAVID – DAVID!!!! over and over they shout it. It is completely overwhelming the reception I get from the fans. 

With both of us in the ring The announcer begins. 

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is for THE WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! It is a one fall to a finish pin or submission match. First the challenger she is making her second try at winning the title. Daphne Sharp!!!! AND making his 21st title defense The World wrestling champion DAVID MAXSON!!!!"

As my name is called the cheers and screams begin again. I know from our experience that Daphne is 23 years old and has been wrestling since she was 17. For someone so young she has lots of wrestling experience. This is my first match since turning 41. I’ll need all my skill to win tonight.   

With the intro and instructions over  both I and Daphne are back in our corners. I do a little stretching. Then I reach down to the top of me boots and pull up and smooth out my shiny pantyhose. I take a quick look across the ring at me opponent. Daphne is wearing a black bra, a black thong and over her thong black pantyhose and boots. I am very surprised by how she looks. She seems bigger that I remember and much more muscular. I’ll need to watch for that. 

DONG!!!! The match has started. I move out of my corner and toward Daphne. We lock up in the middle off the ring and test each other out. Collar & elbow we each try to gain the upper hand. 

Again my mind goes back to our last match “She seems to be much stronger!! I hope I can handle her.”  Making a quick move I get behind Daphne and get a HAMMER-LOCK on her. As fast as I can using the HAMMER-LOCK I drive her down to the mat. She hooks my head and flips me over her shoulder. We both get to our feet and move to lock up again. For the next 6  minutes Daphne and I exchange holds. HEAD LOCKS, ARM LOCKS, BEAR HUGGES, LEG LOCKS, we use all of these holds on each other. The momentum of the match swings back and forth between both Daphne and I. Finally I am able to take Daphne to the mat. I am breathing heavily, the fast paced action of the match has gotten to me. At 41 years old I no longer have the stamina I once had. 

With my mind racing I know what I have to do, “I have to finish her off. She is too strong and too fast for me to win a long match.”  Getting her by her ankle I scoop her ankle off the mat and  twist it as hard as I can. Daphne instantly begins to scream. “My ankle!!! My ankle!!! You’re going to break my ankle. 

I instantly think “good, I need to slow her down and weaken her. As I twist her ankle, I stand on her other one pinning it to the mat. I also spread her legs as wide as I can. Daphne grabs at her thong between her legs. “You’re spitting me in half!!! You’re going to tear me apart!! AAAAAAH!!! OHHHH!! 

At that moment I step off her ankle that is on the mat trying to get a better hold on her. Before I can do it Daphne slams her boot into my abdomen very very low. Her heel crashes into me well below the elastic waistband of both my shiny pantyhose and my white jockstrap. My eyes grow wide, I open my mouth to scream. 

That’s all that happens. Nothing comes from my mouth, including air. Stunned, shocked and unable to move I can’t get any air into my lungs. I’m frozen like a statue. Suddenly tremendous pain explodes all over my body. My hands fly to my manhood holding it as gently as possible. 

With my hands between my legs I stagger back a few steps then drop to the mat on my knees. My mind is clouded with pain I can’t seem to control my body. “I can’t move. I can’t think!! She kicked me right in my manhood. Oh god it hurts.” Daphne is quickly off the mat and moves in behind me. Grabbing my arms just above my wrists she pulls my arms away from my throbbing painful manhood.   

Slowly she pulls my arms back behind me. As she does using my hands she also twists them. Daphne now has me in a sitting SURF BOARD.  I am on the mat in a sitting position. My legs are stretched out in from of me and my arms are bent back behind me. Between the pain in my arms and shoulders and my manhood I am in very serious trouble. 

My mind again races “She’s got me tied up. I can’t get away. The pain in my shoulders and between my legs is draying my strength.” Suddenly she pulls me up off the mat by my arms. For several seconds she holds me in the SURF BOARD. I struggle pulling my arms one way then the other. It’s no use, I can’t get free. 

As my arms are being pulled back behind me, I realize I’m in serious trouble. My manhood has begun to swell. I am in the first stage of getting a DEFEAT BONER. “Oh god I’m getting hard. She’s going to beat me.” All I can do is look down at my swelling manhood. 

Daphne releases both my arms and they drop to my sides. I stand there unable to mover either arm. They are still attached to my shoulders, but I can neither feel them or move them. Daphne very quickly realizes how much trouble I am in. She see me standing in front of not moving and she also sees the tell tale signal that a male wrestler is in deep trouble. She sees my stiffening manhood. I’m getting hard.

It’s then that she grabs my arm and twists it into an ARM WRINGER. My knees buckle and I begin to slump to the mat. Daphne feels me dropping and pulls me up. She pushes my back into the ropes. Then instantly pulls me off and whips me across the ring. I slam into the ropes on the opposite side and am shot back towards her. As I close in on her she raises her arm and throws a FOREARM SMASH at me high on my chest. 

Her FOREARM smashes into me right were my neck meets my chest. The smash is crippling. No one has ever hit me that hard in my entire career. Instantly I can’t breathe. My eyes roll up into my head and I come very close to losing consciousness.  I stagger back several steps and fall straight back onto the mat. 

My situation is this, I am flat on my back on the mat. My legs are stretched out and so are my arms. I can’t mover either one of them. My manhood is stretched out tight against my jockstrap and my pantyhose in a growing DEFEAT BONER, I am dazed and only about half conscious. “I can’t move! I can’t get up! She’s going to pin me. I’m going to lost my title!!  

What I don’t know is that Daphne has no intention of pinning me. That’s too easy, she wants to win big!!! Lying on the mat, Daphne comes over to me. She reaches down and grabs me by my hair and pulls me up-right into a sitting position. She then drops in behind me and wraps her black nyloned legs around my mid-section. She instantly begins to squeeze me. 

As she does this she grabs my head and pulls it back hard. I scream in pain as she does, ”AAAAAHHH!! My neck, my neck!!!!” she then wraps her arm around my head getting me in a DRAGON-NECK BREAKER. I am now trapped in a combination submission hold. 

Holding me by only one arm she has her other arm free. I quickly begin to claw at her arm that is holding me in the NECK BREAKER. With her free arm Daphne grabs my arm, bends it up behind my back into a HAMMER LOCK. The 23 yr old challenger now has me locked into three different hold, an Abdomen scissors, a Dragon neck breaker and a Hammer lock. It’s only a matter of time before she defeats me and takes my title. 

Here now is the picture of what is happening to me. I am sitting on the mat with my legs stretched out in front of me. My manhood has swollen into a huge DEFEAT BONER. Daphne’s legs are wrapped around my mid-section squeezing me as hard as she can. My head is bent back into a DRAGON NECK BREAKER and one of my arms is bent up behind me into a HAMMER LOCK. I am completely trapped and unable to move or even attempt to escape her holds on me. There is nothing I can do to help myself. All I can do is scream in pain.


Being held this tightly there is nothing I can do to even try to get free. And even if I did manage to escape from these holds what could I do. I’m exhausted and badly hurt. “She’s got me, I can’t get free. The pain is too much for me to bare. After 21 tries someone is going to take my title from me.” It’s then that I hear her call to the ref “ASK HIM REF!! ASK HIM IF HE SUBMITS TO ME? HAS HE HAD ENOUGH? IS HE READY TO GIVE UP? GO ON ASK HIM!!!

The ref nods sadly. He knows that I am all but finished. I’m caught in a merciless combination submission hold and have no way to escape. He kneels down beside me:

"How about it champ? Have you had enough? Do you want to give up? Are you ready to submit to her?" 

Having heard the ref ask me, everybody in the arena knows what my answer has to be. “I’ve got no choice, I’ve got to submit!! She’s got me and I can’t take any more!! OH god I’m going to lose!!!” 


Those were my last words as World Champion. Daphne has defeated me and taken my title. After she let go of me I dropped to the mat on my back. I was in pain everywhere, my neck, my AB’s, my manhood. I could not get up, I could not even move. All I could do was lay there immobile. 

The new champion Daphne Sharp was standing over me with her arms in the air. The crowd was cheering for her wildly, so much for loyalty. After about a minute my trainer leapt into the ring and was kneeling down beside me. There was a look of complete and total disbelief on his face. “What happened to you? Why, how did this happen?”  Almost gasping for breath “GGGot beat. SShe defeated me. Made me submit. I’ve lost my title.” 

At that moment the ring announcer begins. She is almost breathless with excitement:

“Wresting fans, in a tremendous upset, the winner of the match via multi-hold SUBMISSION. And now the new World Wrestling Champion. DAPHNE SHARP!!!!" 

Still lying in the center of the ring, the belt ceremony takes place directly over me. The ref retrieves the world title belt from my corner where I left it and raises over her head for everyone to see. She then proceeds to wrap it around the new champions waist. Daphne now wearing the title belt raises her arms over her head to the cheers of the fans. 

After several minutes the new champion leaves the ring and all that is left is me still lying on my back and my trainer. “Please, help me up. I can’t do it by myself. Still in pain, she hurt me bad. It takes me and my trainer almost 5 minutes to get back to my dressing room. I am now sitting on the bench with my head in my hands. Tears are streaming down my cheeks. “I lost, I’ve lost my title. She beat me, how could she have defeated me so easily? I was the World Champion and she beat me!!” 

After several minutes I unlace my boots and pull them off. Finally able to stand on my own, I get to my feet. With tears still running down my face I slowly work my shiny pantyhose down and peel them off. I’m left standing in just my string thong jockstrap. “Beaten, beaten!! How could I have got beaten so badly? I have to get my title back.   

Three months later I am back in a dressing room getting ready for a title match. Unfortunately for me this is not the champions dressing room and I won’t be wearing the title into the ring. As most of you know I am no longer the world champion. In a match those three months ago I was defeated for the title by the current champion Daphne Sharp. Tonight is the rematch for that title. 

In this dressing room I am getting ready to take back my title. Having just gotten out of my street cloths I am standing naked in front of the mirror. I am in the best shape I can possibly be in. I have been working out and training hard for almost 3 months. I’m as ready as I can be. Satisfied at how I look, I begin. I slip on a black string jockstrap. Over that I wiggle into black sheer and shiny pantyhose. Then lace on shiny black boots. Again I stand in front of the mirror. My muscles ripple. I have a very masculine bulge in my hose. I look and feel like a champion. 

Having done the introductions and instructions both Daphne and I are in our corners waiting for the bell to start the match. Looking across the ring at the champion she looks no different than the last time we wrestled. I however and much more cut. I feel stronger and faster than ever I’m ready to take back my title. 

As I look at her I can’t help but think “Yea, that’s right. I am stronger and faster that last time. This time it’s you that will be screaming their submission.”  The bell rings and we both begin to circle. As we start to lock up, Daphne grabs my arm and twists it very hard into a WRINGER. This is the same move that she got me with in the last match. 

I quickly move to grab the ropes behind me. I don’t want to use the ropes to break the hold, I just don’t want to whipped across the ring. Before I can take any action Daphne kicks my arm that is holding the ropes. My hold on it is instantly broken. Daphne pulls me away still twisting my arm. 

Pain is now shooting up and down my arm and across my shoulder. Then it happens, she pulls me very hard and whips me across the ring. Remembering the powerful forearm smash she hit me with in our last match I raise my arms high on my chest for protection. Instead she drives her knee into my abdomen as hard as she can. Pain explodes in my belly like a bomb going off. 

I am instantly stopped in my tracks. I grab for my middle as I double over in pain. I am now standing in front of Daphne bent over at the waist holding my middle with both hands. I am almost completely defenseless. Daphne wastes no time attacking me. 

Coming beside me she grabs my head and then sends a crushing KNEE LIFT into my face. I am instantly shot straight up and topple over onto my back. “She’s got me again. Oh god I’m down. I can’t see right. I can’t feel my arms or my legs.” 

Daphne has sent me crashing to the mat only semi-conscious. I try to move my arms and legs but they won’t move. Daphne drops down beside me. With both hands she digs into my abdomen and squeezes as hard as she can. She has me in an AB CLAW.  I am very quickly overcome with pain and fear. My legs kick wildly and I begin to scream in pain. “My Abs, my Abs, you’re ripping me apart!! 

For over two minutes Daphne claws and rips at my stomach. One of her hands reaches down below the elastic waistband of both my pantyhose and my jockstrap. Why doesn’t the ref see it? The black nylon of my hose as well as the string and pouch of my jock is caught between her fingers.

The ref has come over to me and asks “What do you think David? Has she got you? Are you ready to submit yet?” I shake my head NO!! Then tell her “NO-NO, not going to submit to her. Not this time. I can still win!!” I am trying to be brave and continue the match. 

I look up at the match clock on the score board, we’ve only been wrestling a little over two minutes. I am stunned, It’s felt as though we have been wrestling for 30 minutes or more. I am glissining with sweat. I am gulping air and the pain has drained my strength. I’ve got to get free. I can’t let her beat me again. I want my title back.  

Daphne has other plans. She suddenly releases my Abs from her claw. My hands fly to middle and my legs come up into the fetal position. Those at ringside can hear me moaning. “OH, OH it hurts. Oh god it hurts. AAAAAAAHHH!!  

Daphne  has taken her time getting to her feet. There is no hurry, I’m not going any were. She reaches down grabs my arm and pulls me to my feet. I offer no resistance, I’m like a rag doll in her hands. She twists my arm and sends me rushing across the ring into the ropes. I am shot back at her, as if fires from a canon. 

Daphne is waiting for me just beyond center ring. She lifts her leg and drives her knee into my mid-section as I get close enough to her. “OOOOOOOHHH!!! AAAAAAAAHHH!! My hands again fly to my belly and I drop instantly to my knees. I can’t breathe and most of the fans sitting close can hear my gasping for breath. “Can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!!! Oh god someone help me, I can’t breathe”. 

Twice more I am pulled off the mat and slung into the ropes only to feel Daphne’s knee explode into my mid-section as I fly back. For the third time I am back down on my knees in front of Daphne. I am very badly hurt, I don’t believe I can take much if any more of this punishment. 

Here she comes again. As I am down on my knees I begin to panic. “No No, not again!! Please not again!!  But Daphne can’t hear what I am thinking. Again she repeats what she has done to me. This time as I am shot back at her she ducks under my arm, wraps her leg around mine and begins to squeeze and pull. I am trapped in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. 

The clock says we have been wrestling for just under 4 minutes. Well really only Daphne has been wrestling, I’ve been taking and complete and throe beating. This time I don’t wait for the ref to ask I begin screaming my surrender instantly. 

“Ref, ref!! I’m finished she’s beaten me!! I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!"

Several seconds go by before the ref comes toward us:

“IS that it David? Are you giving up the match, do you want me to stop it. Are you submitting to Daphne?" 

I can’t believe she is asking me these questions. She must have heard me submit, why hasn’t she rung the bell?

“David, did you hear me? Are you submitting to Daphne?" 

I again instantly scream my surrender.


Thankfully I hear the bell ring and a few seconds later Daphne releases me from the STRETCH. I drop the the mat grabbing my belly and again bringing my legs up tight in the fetal position. 

Ten minutes later I am in my dressing room sitting on the bench. I am staring straight ahead but not seeing. Tears are pouring from my eyes like a river. I can’t stop crying, both from the pain of the match and the humiliation of a second defeat by Daphne. 

There are many thoughts going thru my mind. “Beaten again. That’s twice she’s defeated me. I will never again wear the World Championship Belt. My career is a disaster. I untie my boots and pull them off. I slid down my pantyhose , sit and pull them off. Standing again in just my black string thong jockstrap the tears start to pour from my eyes again.

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