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sister vs brother mixed boxing femdom match

Update: 08.03.2019

B-562 "Champions family night"

Gallery size: 330 Full HD pictures

Mixed boxing, 330 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

The marquee outside announced the World title fight. The champion will be making his 11th defense of his title. In his dressing room the young powerful champion sits with his head in his hands. H e is very concerned about his fight tonight. Not about winning the fight , he is very sure that he will defeat his opponent. His concern is about who he must fight. At just 22 years old he is the youngest Champion in league history, and he is undefeated in 32 fights. Tonight however he will be facing a difficult challenge. Tonight he must fight and defeat his younger sister. 

That’s right, he will be fighting his own sister. She is just 20yrs old and has worked her way up to the number 1 contender spot. Tonight’s challenge is a mandatory title defense. He has no choice he must fight her.   

In the Champions dressing room he begins to get ready. He slips out of his street clothes and looks himself over in the mirror. He is in superb shape and looks every bit a champion. Standing there naked he can clearly see his rippling muscles in his arms, legs, shoulders and abs. Satisfied he goes to his gear bag and pulls out his white string thong. He steps into it and pulls it up. He takes several seconds and adjusts his large and bulging manhood in thong. Sitting he laces up shiny white boots, they are tight to his calf and stop just below his knees. He then wraps his World Title Belt around his waist. Finally he pulls on white fingerless MMA type gloves, he is now ready to head to the ring.

In a smaller dressing room the Champions sister is also getting ready. She pulls on shiny black pantyhose. A very dark red, sparkling leotard and black boots. Her leotard is very high cut thong cut. To say that she is beautiful, is a vast understatement. She very well may be one of the most gorgeous women in the world. Her looks are very deceiving, even though she has a stunning figure, she is also extremely strong and completely ruthless. She will show no mercy.  

With both fighters in the ring the announcer begins: 

“FIGHT FANS, this is a 5 round fight and it is for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!! As an added bonus this will also be a brother vs. sister fight. In the white corner. Making the 12th defense of his title - please welcome the WORLD CHAMPION LARRY DENASON! And in the red corner, his opponent and sister making her first title challenge the number 1 challenger CORRINE DENASON!!!"

The crowd screams wildly as Corrine is introduced. Almost no one has seen a fighter as beautiful as she is. 

The refs instructions are over quickly and both fighters return to their corners. Larry takes some time to adjust his large bulge in his thong. Across the ring Corrine pulls up her pantyhose and adjusts her thong leotard. 

BONG!!! The fight has started. Larry and Corrine exit their corners and close in on each other. Larry begins flicking his very powerful jab. It is both very fast and very strong. It takes  him only a few seconds to find the range. Jab, jab, jab. Larry lands his first three jabs on Corrine’s cheek. It’s clear that her brothers fast start and powerful jab have Corrine backing up and covering.  

Corrine tries to land a jab of her own, but misses wildly. Larry moves in quick on her and lands a  jab of his own. Corrine’s head snaps back and Larry takes full advantage of his stunned off balance sister. He sends a big right hand winging into the side of Corrine’s face. Corrine stumbles forward a few steps. Her gloved hands reach out and grab her brother’s shoulders. As Larry backs up Corrine drops the mat on one knee. 

With her knee and both of her hands on the mat, Corrine’s head falls forward. The ref moves in quickly sending Larry to a neutral corner. He then begins to count over Corrine:


Corrine has gotten to her feet and is slowly beginning to rise off the mat:


Corrine has gotten ton her feet and the ref asks her if she wants to continue fighting. She nods her head and answers “YES-YES, I’ll keep fighting. The ref steps back and signals both fighters to continue. Larry rushes in and begins to throw punches. Lefts and rights come flying at Corrine from all directions. She desperately tries to cover up and protect her face. 

As the punches fly at her she back peddles till she is against the ropes. All she can do at this point is to cover up and try to weather the storm. Punches come at her from almost every direction. Larry lands a hard right hand to the side of his sisters face. Her eyes grow wide her hands fall to her sides and she again drops to her knees. The ref sends Larry to a neutral corner and again begins to count over Corrine:


Corrine has gotten to one knee and is pulling herself up by the ropes: 


Corrine has gotten back to her feet by the count of five. Just as the ref tells them to continue the bell rings saving Corrine from further punishment. It is the end of round one. It’s been  very tuff round for Corrine as she has been down twice. She loses the first round to Larry 10 to 7. The two knockdowns have cost her dearly.  

The bell starts the second round. Larry is off his stool very quickly, He wants’ to end this fight as fast as possible. Corrine, still shaken by the two knock-downs see suffered is very slow to her feet. As they come together Larry pick-ups just where he left off. His jab is hard, fast and very accurate. JAB!!! JAB!!! JAB!!! Three very hard jabs land on Corrine’s face, she stumbles back against the ropes and covers up. JAB!!! JAB!! JAB!! Three more very hard jabs have Corrine’s head bouncing front to back as well as side to side. 

The round continues with Larry jabbing and moving, and Corrine covering and ducking. The ref has to break the fighters apart several times. With only about 1 and a ? minutes left in the round Larry has slowed his attack on his sister. His punches come much slower now and have lost some of their power. He is still the aggressor and continues to use his jab to good advantage. 

With a little less that 40 seconds left in round two both fighters are in the center of the ring. In a huge surprise Corrine has started to pick up the pace and has landed several pouches of her own. Her jab has actually snapped Larry’s head back a few times. Although he is still in command of the fight Corrine has begun to fire back at him from time to time. With only 20 seconds remaining in the round The Champion is looking to coast for the rest of the round to save his strength. Corrine has other ideas. Larry throws his jab but is slow to bring it back. Corrine throws her right hand over top of his left jab. It lands flush on the champion’s jaw. 

The punch is stunning. It is by far the hardest punch Corrine has thrown thus far. The champions head snaps back and his eyes roll up into his head. For about 2 or 3 seconds Larry is out on his feet. His eyes flutter and he quickly grabs the top rope for support. Everyone in the arena sees his knees buckle for just a instant. The ref begins to move in when the bell sounds ending the round. The scoring is much closer in this round. Larry had dominated the round except for the the last 20 seconds. In that short space of time Corrine almost sent the world champion to the canvas. However, Larry still wins the second round by a 10 to 9 score. 

In the champions corner his team works feverishly on him. They have very little time to try to revive the stunned champion. Ice, smelling salts, and water are all use on him. It is easy for his corner man to see that he is badly shaken. He knows that his younger sister almost knocked him out. 

The third round begins with a rejuvenated challenger quickly off her stool coming out to face a damaged and shaken champion. Up off his stool the champion takes two steps and comes face to face with Corrine. She instantly begins to throw punches at her brother.  JAB! JAB! JAB!, three quick hard jabs has Larry backing up away from Corrine. She instantly senses that she has hurt him again. All three of her jabs have landed flush on his face. 

Sure that she has hurt him again Corrine moves in on the champion. JAB!! JAB!! BAM!!!! Corrine lands a very hard and powerful right hand body punch to the champions abdomen. Larry staggers forward two steps and drops to his knees holding his mid-section. The crowd goes wild as it sees the champion down. The pay-per view announcers are stunned by the action they have just seen.

“He’s down, the champion is down!! The second announcer tries to describe the action, The champion was hit by a crushing body shot after taking two very strong jabs. He is on his knees and the ref is counting. 


The champion is struggling to get to his feet. He is on one knee and trying to stand. After reaching a six count he is on his feet and is holding out his gloves for the ref.   

Back on his feet the champion tells the ref Yes-yes, I want to keep fighting. I’m ok, not hurt I want to go on.” The ref agrees and signals both fighters to continue. No one knows what is going to happen now. Larry has never been knocked down before.  He looks dazed and unsure of himself. Also his left eye has begun to swell from the many jabs he has taken. 

There is just over a minute left in the third round as the fighters begin again. Corrine comes straight at her brother very swiftly. Using a two handed attack she throws punches as fast and as hard as she can. The champion  is desperately trying to cover up but is having great difficulty stopping all of his sisters punches.   

With time running out in the third round the champion is taking a horrific pounding from the challenger, his sister. He is now bent over at the waist with his hands held in front of his face and his arms and elbows in tight to his body. Corrine continues to pound on him and her punches have begun to get thru his defense. 

DOOM!! BOON!! Two hard right hands crash into the side of the champions face. KA-POW!!!! A left upper-cut smashes between his arms and lands flush on his chin. The punch is like a explosion in his head. The champion is stood up straight frozen like a statue. He teeters for a second or two then topples over onto his back, his arms still held in a fighting stance. 

The ref moves in and sends Corrine to a neutral corner. Corrine stands very casually in the corner believing she has won the fight and knocked her brother out. The ref begins to count over the champion for the second time in this round.


Miraculously the champion has gotten to his feet. The crowd cheers wildly as he stands upright. The ref again asks the champion if he wants to continue

“How about it champ, want me to stop it? You’ve been down twice now. Let me end it for you" 

Again for the second time in this round the champion tells the ref: 

“NO-NO!!! don’t stop it. I can go on, I’m not done yet. I can still win the fight.” 

As the ref finishes his questions the bell ends the round. And as he ended on his feet the ref lets the fight continue. However, the champion having been knocked down twice by his younger sister he loses this round  by a 10 to 7 score. 

In his corner Larry’s corner man works feverishly trying to revive his battered fighter. His eye has swollen and he cannot see as well as he should. He is dazed and breathing very deeply. The corner man believes the champion has little chance to win this fight and retain his title. The bell sends the battered champion out to face his challenger. 

BONG!!!! Larry very slowly gets off his stool and stands up. He raises his gloves to his face and moves out. Corrine is waiting for him in the center of the ring. As he gets close he reaches out with his jab trying to hold Corrine off. There is no chance of that, his sister is ready for him and shows him no mercy. 

Larry’s jab misses badly. Corrine just swats it away easily. Seeing his face and his very weak punch Corrine knows the her brother is done. He cannot win the fight. BANG!!!! POW!!!! KA-BOOM!!! Three very hard punches slam into the battered champion. He is unable to take her punches and survive them. His hands freeze in place in front of his face. He staggers back several steps and falls backward, landing on his back face up.   

It is an extremely heart breaking picture in the ring. A beloved champion on his back his arms held in front of his face still trying to cover up, his manhood stiff and bulging in his thong. His eyes closed as he lies out cold. Even more difficult is the picture of his younger sister standing over him with her arms in the air, a smile on her face as she see him lying at her feet. 

The ref moves in and sends her to a neutral corner. Then the count is started:


The fight is over the champion has been knocked out.  At this point Larry’s corner man rushes into the ring an kneels beside his beaten fighter. As the announcement is made and the belt is wrapped around the waist of the new champion, Larry remains unmoving on the mat. 

“Fight fans, the winner of this bout and now the new CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!! CORRINE DENASON!!!"

Corrine walks slowly around the ring with her arms in the air. She never once comes to see how her badly beaten brother is as he still lies out cold on the mat. It takes several minutes to get Larry to his feet and back to his corner. His corner man almost carries him back to his stool. It then takes almost 10 minutes to get him back to his dressing room. Still wearing his boots and thong Larry  looks up as his corner man. “Knocked out, she knocked me out. Took my title and left me lying on the mat out cold. How could she beat that badly? How could she knock me out.” Larry unties his boots and removes his thong. All he can think about is losing his title and being knocked out. He makes a solemn promise to revenge his defeat and regain the title.

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