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W-499 "Friends and partners"

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Paul and Nicky have been friends for most of their lives. They grew up on the same street. They went to Elementary school, Middle-School and High school together. In public school they both wrestled on the middle school team and then moved to the high school team together. They both made varsity in ninth grade and they both won their state championships in 11th and 12th grade.
After graduation they both went to the same collage and both won national titles. They both graduated and were offered jobs that would not even cover their bills. A four year collage education got them jobs making less that a street sweeper. The suddenly it came to them, why not wrestle for a living? They are young very good looking and have a lot of wrestling experience.


After 5 months in the world league wrestling school a new tag team was born, “The YOUNG STUDS”. It was time now to go out and sell themselves to the wrestling fans of the world. Their very first match was to take place in just 4 days, everyone in the promotion had high hopes for The Young Studs. Now is was up to the fans to vote yes or no on the two young wrestlers.

Their first match is against a non-rated tag team. A husband and wife team that had been champions long ago. As they step between the curtains and start down the isle There is an amazing response. It is as almost every woman and young girl in the crowd begins to scream as The Young Studs pass be. Paul and Nicky look at each other not believing what is happening. The females in the crowd are going nuts for them.

As they climb the steps to the ring the cheers and wild screams grow louder and louder. Both young men raise their arms to wave to the fans and the reaction is beyond wild. The 24yr old wrestlers unzip their ring jackets and slip them off. There is an audible gasp from all the woman. The Young Studs have on shiny black pantyhose and very tightly stretched shiny black singlet’s. They are so tight that they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Every muscle is visible every curve of their bodies stands out. There is however one unbelievable thing that is very visible. Neither of the young men has worn a jockstrap under their singlet’s. Every inch of their manhood’s stands out very clearly. One other thing, every female in the crowd is staring at their enormous bulges.

The bell rings for their very first pro match. The match quickly becomes a no contest as The Young Studs dominate and destroy their opponents. They win the match in two straight falls pinning the wife and forcing her husband to submit. The crazy thing is that as the announcement is made almost all of the females in the crowd jump up on their chairs and are screaming for The Young Studs.

The promotion sees the new tag team as a chance to increase attendance. They very quickly book The Young Studs for other matches. Over the next 6 weeks the studs win 5 matches in a row. They are now the talk of the league and have filled every arena they have appeared in.

Now matched against a team of two brothers, themselves a very popular team. The two brothers are 28 and 30 respectively and are ranked number 7 in the world. Most of the fans think that The Young Studs have been moved ahead to quickly. Most think they do not have enough experience to beat such a highly ranked team.
Thomas and Quinton Bally are known as The Executioners and they too have a winning streak going.


Thomas and Quinton come to the ring in black pantyhose black thongs, boots and masks. It is impossible to tell which one is which. The Young Studs are in their trademark skintight singles, black pantyhose and boots. After all the intros are finished both teams return to their corners. Thomas will start for The Executioners and Paul will start for The Young Studs.

Over the next 37 minutes the fans are treated to one of the most action packed matches anyone has ever seen. The Young studs win the first fall when Nicky traps Quinton in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH. The hold forces Quinton to cry out his surrender and submit to Nicky. Fall two is also a real barn burner The Executioners make a stunning comeback when Thomas whips Paul into the ropes and hits him with a vicious Cloths Line as he rebounds off the ropes. Thomas then drops across Paul’s chest hooks his leg and rolls his shoulders onto the mat. Paul struggles and tries to fight out of the pin attempt, but Thomas grabs Paul’s skintight single and holds Paul down for the count “ONE-TWO-THREE!!!!” The refs hand slaps the mat. Thomas has pinned Paul to win the second fall.

Paul gets to his feet and screams at the ref that Thomas pulled his singlet. It is to no avail The ref will not change his mind. An angry Paul has just suffered the first defeat of his life. The match now stands at one fall each.

Nicky talks to his partner all during the rest period. Paul is still livid at being pinned. As the bell nears Paul calms down and gets ready to wrestle again. He pulls his single tight were Thomas pulled it. Over the next 6 minutes The Young Studs batter their opponents around the ring. First Paul pounds Thomas brutally. The young wrestler is beaten badly and struggles to tag his partner and get out of the ring.

As for his partner Quinton, there is a noticeable reluctance to enter the ring and take on either of The Young Studs. There is good reason for his reluctance, as he step between the ropes Paul is there to greet him. Several minutes later Quinton is a batter and beaten wrestler. He had no chance to mount any offence at all. The end comes as Nicky traps Quinton in a Ceiling Hold. In just seconds Quinton has had enough and is screaming his surrender:



And just that quickly it’s over. The Executioners have been defeat. Their winning streak comes to an end as does their chance at a shot at the title.


A few days later The Young studs learn that they have been moved up to the number 3 contenders for the tag-team title. Just days after that they sign a contract to wrestle the number 1 contenders.

The match signing causes a huge stir In the world wrestling league. Both the number 1 and 2 contending teams protest The Young Studs jump to the top. However, their protests fail to change anything. The match stands.

As match day arrives it is all too evident why The Young Studs were jumped over some others and put directly into a challengers match. Outside the box office at the arena is a sign that says SOLD OUT and there is still several hours to go before the match.

The number one contenders for the title are Alex Loven and his wife Veronica. They are both 31 yrs old and have a lot of experience. Alex wrestles in bright yellow tights and boots. His wife wrestles in a low cut, high leg yellow leotard, shiny tan pantyhose and yellow boots. Tonight will be no different.

In their dressing room they talk strategy. They want to punish The Young Studs and make them pay. It is their belief that they can make the Studs submit to them twice and that is what they are going to try and do.

Across the hall The young studs are also getting ready for the match. Off comes their street cloths. They reach into their gear bags and pull out their wrestling gear. First they both wiggle into shiny black pantyhose. Then they stretch shiny black singlet’s up their legs and over their taught and muscular bodies. Their singlet’s fit them very tightly, like a second skin. They leave nothing to the imagination.

Next comes shiny black boots and a sparkling black jacket.

With all the pre-match stuff over both The Young Studs and their opponents Alex and Veronica return to their corners to wait for the bell In the opening fall Nicky with face off against Veronica to open the match. 4minutes into the match Nicky has tagged off to Paul. The young Studs still have Veronica in the ring unable to get close enough to her husband to tag out. Sweat covers her face as she struggles to make a tag.

A battered and nearly exhausted Veronica becomes easy prey for Nicky. Hoisting the gorgeous 31yr old wrestler onto his shoulder, Nicky traps her in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER!! It takes Veronica only seconds to submit the fall. “IGIVE UP, NO MORE!!! I GIVE UP!!!!"

The Young Studs have won the first fall. Alex races to his beaten wife and tag team partner. She lies face up on the mat moaning in pain. “I’m sorry honey. I thought my back was going to break. I’m sorry I lost the fall.

The second fall lasts only a few minutes. With Paul and Nicky tagging in and out Alex has little chance of taking on both The Studs. The end comes a Paul traps Alex in a Figure-Four Leg Lock. The 31yr old wrestler has no choice but to join his wife in submitting to The Young Studs as he cries out his surrender. “I submit- I submit!!! You’ve beaten me, I SUBMIT!!!

Alex’s submission ends the match and sends the number 1 ranked team crashing down in the rankings. Having been beaten in two straight falls the husband and wife team fall out of the top ten all the way down to number 13.

Over the next several months The Young Studs win 5 more matches defeating several of the other top contenders. Then it happens, they are signed for a world title match. The Young Studs will wrestle the World Champions for their titles. The champions are a set of 28yr old twins a girl and a guy. They have been the champions for 3yrs.
Match comes and finds The Young Studs getting ready for the biggest match of their lives. As usual on go their shiny black pantyhose, then their shiny black singlet’s and boots. They follow this with their sparkling ring jackets.


Across the hall in the champions dressing room the twins are also getting ready. Trevor Gilbert and his twin sister Trina slip off their street cloths and grab their gear bags. Trevor steps into a spandex jockstrap and pulls it up. Next he slides shiny white pantyhose up his legs and over his butt and manhood. He laces on shiny white boots and ties them tight. Next to him his sister pulls on shiny tan pantyhose, then a white leotard that is high cut in the leg and has a deep V front. She too wears white boots. They help each other buckle on the World Title Belts, then each zips up a sparkling ring jacket.

With intros and instructions over both teams return to their corners. For the Champions Trina will start the match against Paul. At the bell both wrestlers move out of their corners and move to lock up.
Paul very quickly demonstrates his ability’s. In just seconds he has Trina howling in pain. Paul and Nicky tag in and out never letting her get close enough to tag in her brother. After four minutes Paul slams Trina to the mat for the third time. He hooks the back of her leg and rolls her shoulders onto the mat. She makes a very weak attempt to kick out, but fails. The ref counts the one-two-three on her to end the first fall Trina has been pinned.


Trevor rushes to were his sister in lying on the mat. He kneels beside her and helps her to her feet. Trina is in bad shape. She expended a lot of energy in that fall and will have problems starting the second fall.

Resting in their corner Trevor tells his sister to make the tag as soon as she can. She agrees and gets to her feet just before the bell. After several minutes of punishment Trina is finally able to tag in her brother.

Trevor enters the ring and walks straight into meat grinder. Over the next 6 minutes Trevor is battered and pounded by The Young Studs. It quickly becomes obvious to all the fans in the arena that Trevor and Trina are going to lose the titles. As the end draws near for Trevor, Nicky locks on a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK. In just seconds Trevor is screaming in pain. His legs, uncased in his bright yellow tights are bent and twisted. After just a few more seconds Trevor has had enough and cries out his surrender:

“ENOUGH-ENOUGH!! I surrender!! You win, I’m finished!! You’ve beaten me. I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!!"

And that is that. The Gilbert’s are no longer the Champions, with both brother and sister having been defeated in two straight falls.
"The winners of this fall and the match in two straight falls and now THE NEW TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD The YOUNG STUDS!!!!"


The crowd goes wild, especially the young girls, teenage girls and the grown women.


The Young Studs defend their titles 11 times over the next 8 months. Over that same time period attendance at their matches has risen over 40%. In most towns and cities were the champions appear the league has been forced to move to larger arenas. Ticket sales for their upcoming title defiance’s are very close to being sold out. Next week Paul and Nicky will be making their 12 title defense. That will be a league record. As of now they are the longest reigning champions in league history. As of 8 days before the title match the entire arena is sold out. Also much to the promoters joy there 13 title defense is now 93% sold out, and their 14 title defense has been moved to an even larger arena and it is more than 85% sold out. The STUDS as well as the promoter are making fantastic money.

Match day comes and The Young Studs arrive at the arena. This is their first time in this arena and it is huge. This will be the largest crowd they have ever wrestled before. Outside the entrance door, hundreds of fans are waiting for them. Most are young girls, some are grown women and a few are older women. All want the same thing, to see and touch the world champions. It takes Nicky and Paul almost 10 minutes to get thru the crowd of fans.

As they have been doing since they won the titles the STUDS go straight to the front of the arena to check on the marquee. There in letters a foot and a half high and lighted brightly their names stand at the the top of the card.


Neither of the Studs know the Grable sisters nor do they care. It’s not that they have no respect for them it’s just that they are fighting champions and will face anyone. They have been told the the Grable’s are a young team that is trying to get noticed.


In their dressing the girls have started to get ready. At 19yrs old June Grable is the younger of the two. Her sister Jen Grable has just turned 21. Both girls are stunningly beautiful. Great bodies and fantastic legs. Both girls step into then slid ultra-shiny tan pantyhose up their legs and smooth them out. They then wiggle into very tight, sparkly white leotards. Their leotards show every curve of their bodies. They are high cut and come to just an inch below their pantyhose. They also have a very deep V front revealing their fantastic breasts and showing huge amounts of cleavage. They lace on shiny white boots then slip on their frilly white ring jackets.

Just across the hall the champions are also getting ready to wrestle. They will be making their 12th title defense. Off comes their street cloths, out of their gear bags they pull their pantyhose, singlet’s, boots, jackets and their world title belts. Both of the STUDS pull on black sheer pantyhose. Both wiggle and stretch into skintight shiny black singlet’s. Neither of the STUDS wear a jockstrap under their singlet’s. The fact that everyone can quite clearly see their manhood’s has become their signature. It’s why they have so many female fans and why they pack the arenas were the STUDS wrestle. Finally they both strap on their World Title Belts and slip into shiny black ring jackets.

The crowd goes wild as THE YOUNG STUDS make their way to the ring. Every young girl and grown woman wants to reach out and touch them. It takes the Champions several minutes to get to the ring. All four wrestlers wait in their corners as the introduction is made.

"Wrestling fans, this is the Main event!! It is a two out of three falls pin or submission match. This match is a title match and is for THE WORLD TAR-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP in the white corner. They are ranked the number 9 Contenders. They are the GRABLE SISTERS!! And in the opposite corner making the 12th defiance of their titles. They are the undisputed Tag-Team Champions Of The World THE YOUNG STUDS!!!!"


All four wrestlers come to the center of the ring for instructions. The Grable Sisters, 21yr old Jen and 19yr old June are given almost no chance of defeating The Young Studs. This will be the girls very first title match. Whereas The Young Studs have had 11 title matches to their credit.

The wrestlers return to their corners and get ready to wrestle. Nicky and Paul adjust their singlet’s and their black pantyhose. Jen and June also smooth their pantyhose and adjust their skintight shiny white leotards. All are now ready to wrestle.

For The young Studs Nicky will start the match, for the Grable sisters it will be the older of the two Jan. BONG!!! The match begins and both wrestlers exit their corners. They slowly approach each other looking to lock up. As they get close Jan launches a side-kick slamming into Nicky’s mid-section. The 24 yr old champion doubles over grabbing at his stomach. Jan quickly grabs Nicky by the hair and sends a knee lift into his chin as he is bent forward. Nicky releases his his stomach and grabs for his chin. Jen then sends another powerful kick into Nicky’s unprotected stomach.

The champion drops to his knees holding his mid-section. Jan drives a kick into Nicky’s chest sending him sprawling onto his back. A badly stunned Nicky is now on his back looking up into the ring lights. His hands are clutching at his belly protecting it from another kick. His legs are pulled up from the pain in his abdomen.
Nicky’s 21 yr old opponent Jen drops to her knees beside Nicky. Wrapping her hands around his neck she begins to choke the champion. Nicky kicks his legs wildly and grabs for Jen’s hands. As he does she instantly releases his neck from the choke hold.


Before the champion can respond she balls her hands into a single fist and slams them down into Nicky’s stomach. Twice more her double ax handle fists crash into his belly. Having only been in the ring for less than a minute Nicky is winded, disoriented and in a great deal of pain. He needs to tag out quickly or he will be beaten.
Then is happens, Jan stiffens her fingers. She raises them high over the downed champion and plunges them deep into his belly. Nicky instantly screams in pain, “AAAAAHH!!! She’s got me!! OMG, she’s got me!!! OOOOOOHHH!!! She’s tearing my stomach out!!!!” Pain is etched on Nicky’s face as he struggles to escape the hold. His hands grab at Jan’s as he tries to pull them free of his stomach.


For many in the arena this is a terrible moment. A very popular champion trapped in a crushingly painful submission hold just seconds into a title match. One look around the arena sees hundreds of girls and women crying. They however are not the only one crying. Up in the ring the world tag-team champion also has tears running down his cheeks. The pain of the hold clearly showing on his face.

“ AAAAAAHH!!! OOOOOUUU!!! I can’t get free!! I can’t break the hold!! IT HURTS OMG IT HURTS!!!! As the seconds tick by it becomes clear that Nicky cannot escape Jen’s claw hold.

The fight has seemed to go out of him. His arms have fallen to his sides, his legs are stretched out on the mat and wide apart. There is little body movement except for his chest heaving as he breaths.
Seeing his poor condition the ref knees down beside him:


“Is that it Nicky? Are you done, do you want to submit? I can set you free, but you have to tell me. Are you ready to submit??"

Everyone in the arena knows what his answer must be.


The ref calls for then bell and the first fall is over.


Paul rushes to were his partner is lying on the mat. Nicky-Nicky, what happened? Are you hurt, can you get up?” Kneeling beside his beaten partner Paul is stunned by how Nicky looks.

His face is a picture of pain and fear. There are tears still running down his cheeks. “No not yet, can’t move, can’t get up. Just let me rest hear.” As the defeated champion remains on the mat the Ref/announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans, in only 1 minute and 12 seconds the winners of the first fall by an AB-CLAW submission The GRABLE SISTERS!!!!"


Back in their corner The Grable Sisters stand looking down on The Young Studs. Paul is still trying to help Nicky to his feet and back to their corner. Nicky must be able to start the second fall or they will lose it on a technicality. It is obvious the Nicky is still in pain as he stumbles bent over back to his corner.

With just a few seconds to go before the second fall begins Nicky is still hold his stomach with both hands. He is also breathing very deeply a sign that he is has not recovered from losing the first fall. Recovered or not the bell rings and he must start the second fall.
BONG!!! Jan exits her corner and looks across the ring at Nicky who is still in his corner holding the ropes with one hand and his stomach with the other. Slowly he staggers forward toward his opponent. Jan is all over him, she quickly takes Nicky to the mat and begins to work him over. She bends and twists his legs and arms. With every new hold Nicky cries out in pain. "AAAAAAAH!! OOOOOHH!! AAAAAAUUU!!" After several minutes Jan gets to her feet and tags in her sister June. As June is tagging in, Nicky rolls toward his corner and at last tags in Paul.


Now it will be 19yr old June facing 24yr old Paul. Paul and June lock up and struggle for dominance. Almost instantly Paul is surprised by June’s power and speed. It is all he can do to keep up with her. Over the next 5 or6 minutes the two wrestlers exchange holds on each other. Both wrestlers have their arms and legs twisted, stretched and bent.

The tag-team champion dominates the early moments. He manages to get his 19yr old opponent into several painful holds. A hammer-lock has the teenager up on her toes and grabbing at her shoulder. She openly cries out from the pain. “My arm, OOOOOHHH!! My arm. Just a few seconds later it is Paul that is crying out as June has him locked into a surf-board, on his knees with his arms pulled back behind him. “OMG!! She’s breaking my shoulders!!!”

Back and forth it goes between the two wrestlers. It becomes obvious to Paul that he is on his own in this fall. As he looks across the ring he sees Nicky just outside the ropes on his knees holding his stomach. Nicky will be no help to Paul.

As the fight between the two wrestlers continues, it slowly becomes obvious that Paul is beginning to tire. June goes to her corner and tags in Jan. She takes over just as sister left off. Jan methodically works over Paul. His legs and arms are again attacked. She then begins to work on the champions back. Jan folds one of his boots over the other. She cups her hand under his chin. She digs her shiny white boot in the small of his back and pulls as hard as she can. Paul is now trapped in a BOW & ARROW hold.

He does everything he can to escape the hold but cannot break free. As the pain builds he begins to scream “OMG, it hurts!!! My back, she’s breaking my back!! Help me Nicky, please help me!! It is no use however Nicky is still on his knees just outside the ropes.

After a minute or so, Jan releases Paul and tags in her younger sister. Now 19yr old June will be fighting Paul. Not that there is much fight left in the tag-team champion. Paul has rolled onto his stomach and lies face down on the mat. June continues the attack on Paul’s back.

Standing over the champion June drops her elbow into Paul’s lower back. The 24 yr old champion moans in pain as his 19yr old opponent drops a second elbow into him. “OOOOOHHH!!"

Paul’s mind races knowing he must escape this torture. “I’ve got to get free. I can’t take much more. We have to get back into this match, or we’ll lose our titles.”

Dropping onto Paul’s back June hooks his arms over her knees, cups his chin and pulls him into a Camel – Clutch. Looking closely the fans can see that Paul’s face is a mask of pain. His eyes are open very wide and his mouth is open as if to scream. The ref sees that he is in trouble and knees beside him. “Paul, are you OK? Do you want me to stop the match? Are you ready to submit to her?”
In almost a whisper Paul answers her. “NO-NO!!! Can’t submit, have to escape. Not beaten yet!!”


Still trapped in the Camel-Clutch Paul struggles to get to the ropes, as they are his only chance to get free. Inch by inch he claws and crawls his way toward them. Every few inches he stops to gulp in some air. Every few inches he stops to rest for a few seconds. Every few seconds the ref kneels down beside him and asks “how about it Paul, are you ready to submit?” Every few inches Paul gasps his answer “NO-NO, won’t submit!! I can still win!!”

Finally after an almost 4 minute struggle Paul wraps his fingers around the bottom rope and quickly screams for the ref to break her hold. “ROPES!!! ROPES!!! I’m in the ropes, break the hold!!!

Get her off me!! Let me go! I’m in the ropes!!! at last June is forced to let Paul go.

The 19yr old girl pushes Paul’s arms off her thighs and lets go of his chin. Paul is finally free for her CAMEL-CLUTCH. As she gets to her feet all Paul can do is lie there, with one arm draped over the bottom ropes gasping for breath. After a few seconds the ref comes over and tells Paul, “You have to get Paul. If you’re not going to wrestle I’m going to count you out.” With that the ref begins her count. As the count reaches 15 Paul begins to rise from the mat. He grabs the top rope and slowly pulls himself up. He just beats the count of 20 before getting to his feet.

Although he is on his feet the 24yr old champion is in bad shape. He stands holding the ropes bent over gasp for air. The ref moves in asking him if he wants to continue. “How about it Paul, do you want to continue? Please, let me stop it. You can’t take much more. Submit the fall before she hurts you.” The battered champion shakes his head NO!!!!

The ref signals for the match to continue. June moves past the ref, grabs Paul by the arm and pulls him off the ropes. twisting his arm she whips him across the ring into the ropes on the opposite side. As Paul springs back at her she drives his knee very low into his abdomen. He instantly doubles over grabbing at his belly. He takes two or three steps and drops to his knees.

This time his 19yr old opponent takes no chance of his getting back to his feet. A powerful kick to his back sends the 24yr old male wrestler crashing face first onto the mat.

On the mat Paul is stunned. He cannot get to his feet and is struggling to remain conscious. On the outside of the ring Nicky has finally gotten to his feet and has been watching the action. He knows his partner is in big trouble and needs help. “Paul-Paul, tag me. You’ve got to tag me. Don’t let her beat you!!!” What Nicky does not know however is that Paul is already beaten. Dazed, confused and groggy Paul cannot make the tag. He can no longer get to his feet. He is only waiting for June to pin him.

June however has no interest in pinning Paul. She could have done that minutes ago. Quickly she moves to were Paul is lying. She steps on the back of his thighs and locks his shiny black boots around hers. Reaching forward she grabs his arms and pulls them up behind him, as she does she gives them a twist. Everyone in the arena knows what she is about to do. From outside the ring Nicky tries to get his partner to fight out of the hold. "Nicky, wake up. Don’t let her do this to you!! Fight out of it. Come on Nicky fight, please don’t submit".

However, just like Nicky in the first fall the fight has gone out of Paul. June pulls up on his arms and begins to rock. Once, twice, three times and Paul comes up and over. Looking straight up into the ring lights Paul is caught in a Ceiling Hold. There will be no escape for the tag team champion, his female opponent has his locked into a crushing submission hold.

The pain of the hold quickly overcomes the champion. His manhood begins to swell inside his singlet and he begins to cry out his surrender:

"OH NO!!!! She’s got me!!! She’s got me!!! I can’t get free, she’s got me!!! I GIVE UP - I GIVE UP!! I’m finished, she wins. I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!!! Let me go PLEASE!!! I GIVE UP!!!"


The ref calls for the bell ending the match. As the bell signals the end of the match it also signals the end of The Young Studs reign as world tag-tem champions. It seems a sad ending for two fantastic young men and excellent wrestlers. Both men being beaten, forced into submission and losing their titles.

As for the new champions they are jubilant in victory. They hug and raise their arms high over their heads. As for the former champions Paul remains on the mat with Nicky kneeling down beside him.

Just barely conscious Paul in tears as he talks to Nicky. “I’m sorry Nicky, I’m sorry!! I got beat, we’ve lost our titles. OMG she’s only a teenager. How did she do this to me??

Nicky tries to comfort his friend and partner “It wasn’t just you Paul. I got beat to, they defeated both of us.”

Paul remains on the mat unable to get to his feet. Nicky remains next to his friend knelling beside him. The announcer stands directly over the beaten men as she makes the result official:

"The winners of the second fall, and the match in two straight falls via submission. And now the new WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS THE GRABLE SISTERS June and Jen."


The sisters come to the center of the ring standing right over were the former champion remains stretched out on the mat with his partner next to him. It’ obvious to both girls that Paul’s large manhood is stiff inside his singlet. It’s clear he has a defeat boner.

Trying to ignore Paul the new champions raise their arms over their head as the ref wraps the title belts around their waists and buckles them on. Both girls wave to the fans as the cheering continues.

Slowly Paul gets to his feet. Both men come to the new champions and shake their hands. Then bent over Paul with the help of his partner Nicky slowly stumble across the ring and step between the ropes. Badly beaten the former champions make their way back to their dressing room.