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woman vs man wrestling lift and carry aerobic femdom

Update: 25.01.2019

W-556 "Kathy vs James"

Gallery size: 380 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, ballbusting, 380 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It was his sophomore year of college and James had been dating Kathy for a few months now. They made a pretty good couple. He was on the wrestling team and she was an aerobics instructor. He was one of the top grapplers on the team and he'd only lost one match all season. She'd gotten certified last year and now led a weekly night class at the college.

For some time James had fantasized about wrestling Kathy. He'd always wanted her to be impressed with his athleticism. He wanted her to know how strong and fast and awesome he was, physically. She had come to many of his matches and she seemed adequately impressed, but every now and then James would say, "I'm gonna wrestle you, Babe. I'm gonna make you submit" and she would laugh and say, "I don't know, Hon. I think I might be in better shape than you." This would always bother James, slightly and make him feel like he had something to prove with her. 

It was true that she did work out more. Which wasn't saying much since he hated that stuff and believed mostly in just practicing his wrestling technique. But she exercised a lot more than him. Heck, she went to the gym every day. She did her aerobics and she weight lifted. She taught her class 4 days a week and 3 days a week she hit the weights. She actually did the weights for 2 and 1/2 hours, which seemed like a lot to James. But still, she was just a little aerobics instructor and after all she was a girl. James may not have been Mr. Universe at 5'9" and 140 pounds, but he was a guy and that's what counted. James saw himself as a serious wrestling stud so he knew it was silly to feel insecure around her. However, that nagging need to prove himself just didn't go away.

One day after class he told her he wanted to play wrestle with her. "Play wrestle?" she said.

"Yeah, you know...I'll show you some moves. We'll practice them and then we'll go at it a little bit."

Kathy smiled at her boyfriend, flattered that he wanted to teach her something. 

"Okay. Let me change."

"Cool." James was already dressed and ready in his throusers. He felt primed. He felt quick. He felt lean and mean. 

When Kathy appeared from her room she wore a form-fitting, black sports leotard that showed off her tight, firm body. Kathy looked like she worked out a lot. She had a great ass and very muscular long legs. Her legs were actually thicker than James's. He attributed her bigger leg muscles to all the jumping and kicking she did in her aerobics. But even Kathy's upperbody was thick. Her arms and shoulders were well-developed and she had a thickness to her back that made her look kind of buff from behind. And Kathy was definitely not skinny at 6'3" and 135 pounds.   

"You look good," he grinned from his knees. 

"Thanks," she said, getting down on her knees with him. He went through the paces with her, showing her how to make a headlock, a half-nelson, a full-nelson...just a few of the basic moves. She picked it up fast and seemed very able to do each thing he showed her.

"You think you got it?"


"You wanna go a few rounds?"

"Okay." The two went at it. They rolled around and giggled as they grappled. At first they were both a little tentative, but they began to wrestle harder as each got more into it. James did some of his more creative moves, swinging her up into a shoulder-pin and then later a cobra-clutch and he controlled much of the match, of course, but he was surprised by how much force he had to use on his girlfriend. Kathy was strong. And she was heavy. And she was solid.

After about the 4th pin, James eased up on her. Something he quickly regretted doing. From a pinned position, Kathy pulled a stunning turnover. She grabbed James into a headlock and pulled his whole body down to the floor. James could feel himself unable to resist as she twisted his body by the neck. She dragged his limp weight under her and got on top of him. She straddled his body tightly with her thighs. She grabbed his wrists and pinned them back over his head. He tried to explode up at her, but she held his thin frame in place. Kathy grinned down at her beaten boyfriend.

James smiled uneasily from below. "Heh...that's pretty good..."

"It's easy," Kathy said, smiling.

"Oh yeah?"


"Well, let's see you hold me down like this."

"Okay. Try to get up." 

"Oh don't worry. I'll get up." James began to squirm , applying pressure on her arms and surging up at her with his legs. But the aerobics instructor held him down firmly. Soon James began to wriggle in an attempt to move sideways. "You're like a little worm," she said laughing, struggling to hold him. His legs were kicking and flailing now under her so she wrapped her legs around his, tightly, to restrain them. Then she spread his thighs wide in a painful grapevine. James screamed. His skinny legs couldn't handle her legs which were muscular and powerful. She stretched his legs wider still and watched his face grimmace.

"I think I got ya..." she sang.

"Yeah, that's...that's good..." he managed to blurt out.

"Yeah...real easy too..."      

"Oh yeah?" he said, trying to still sound tough.

"Uh-huh..." she said, confidently.

"Well, we'll see about that..." But James didn't see about it. He was in a lot of pain and he couldn't move and every time Kathy flexed her leg muscles she made it hurt a little bit more. A few minutes of this and nothing changed. James was groaning now and trying not to cry from the hurt the strong girl was putting on him.

"Do you give?" she asked.

It took him a few prideful seconds to answer. "Y-yes..."

"Good. I beat you." She released him. James groaned a little bit more as the feeling in his legs came back.

"Man..." he said, "You really got the drop on me, there."

"It was easy."

"Yeah, I'll show you easy," he said suddenly, jumping on her from behind. James's injured pride left him no choice. She had badly bruised his ego and he needed to redeem himself. He went after his girlfriend like she was a real opponent this time. He would not underestimate her again.

But in under a minute the aerobics instructor was on top of him and he was fighting for his life: James jumped on Kathy. Kathy picked him up. Then she slammed in down on the floor and got on top of him. James couldn't believe the way he was being pummeled. Kathy was seriously strong and it was really embarrassing. She pinned him with another strong-legged grapevine, making him yelp again and again. "Ha, Ha. I got ya again. This is so easy," she oozed.

"Alright. That's it. No more playing around," James said angrily. He was furious. "You think that's wrestling? I'll show you wrestling." Kathy seemed amused by her boyfriend's tantrum. She'd never seen him like this before.

He dove at her in a fury of holds and maneuvers, designed to confuse and befuddle her. It worked. He was so fast, she didn't know what he was doing and he began to work her into a pin. But then Kathy got her legs around his slim middle and she squeezed him tight. The girl squeezed the air out of him with her legs, leaving him gasping and helpless. "Oh!" he gasped, feeling himself being overpowered by her again. His arms flailed and his legs kicked. He grabbed her ankles and tried to pull her strong legs apart. He couldn't. Then Kathy wrapped one of her arms around his neck and pulled his head down into her chest. Her headlock was brutal on him and it held him still. "My little squirming boy," she cued as her body dominated him. The aerobics instructor moved the wriggling wrestler over on his side and then turned him over on his back with little difficulty. James grunted and squirmed the whole time, but his girlfriend controlled him easily.

"Damn!" he howled in frustration. "You keep getting so lucky on me..."

"I'm just stronger than you," she said, matter-of-factly.

"Kathy, you are not stronger than me..."


"Really...Let me up and I'll show you." Kathy smirked at James. The poor guy, she thought. This was really important to him. But still, what was she supposed to do, pretend to be weaker than him? 

"Fine," she said, releasing him from her strong arms and legs. 

"Let's go again," he said with an intense look on his face. They faced off on their knees again. James dove in swiftly, taking her from behind and swinging her muscular body over to his right. But Kathy braced her feet and legs into a sitting-squat position. Then she pushed off the floor back at James pushing him backwards and down into the floor. Her heaviness pummeled him, but he still had his arms locked around her torso. He tried to use it to his advantage. But she slid her body up him so she could get one arm around his neck. She put him in another headlock and began yanking on his neck really hard. He grabbed her arm with both hands and tried to pry it off, but her bicep only tightened, hurting him more and forcing him to back off. She was lying on him sideways now, her hip leaning into his ribs, her weight crushing him. She grabbed one of his legs under the knee and pulled it up toward his chest. It was easy for her because his legs were so skinny. He tried to resist, but apparently her arms were stronger than his legs. She maneuvered herself into a kneeling position and before James knew what was happening, his girlfriend picked him up off the floor in a cat's cradle, showing him how totally stronger she was than him. "Aw man!" he hissed, awkwardly and feeling very embarrassed at her superior display of strength. She was stronger. There was no denying it. She could take him, for real.

"Do you give?" she asked, still holding him and crushing his leg and neck together. He tried for a few instants to escape, but she was hurting him too much. "Y-yeah..." he gasped. She lay him down on the floor. James looked at her with a pained expression on his face. He was humiliated. 

"How much do you weigh, anyway?"

"Oh, I weigh 152 pounds."

"You gained weight."

"I know, 17 pounds. It's muscle." Kathy looked back at him casually. "Yeah, I knew I was stronger than you the first time we went out."


"I could see it. My legs were bigger than yours. My back was tougher. I was more fit."

"Your back? Your back's not tougher than mine."

"Your back's squooshy."

"It is?"

"Yeah. It looks squooshy. And when I hug you I can feel it. You're soft. You're not solid like me."

"Really?" He actually recognized this too, although he didn't realize that she had noticed. When they hugged, he always felt like she was hunkier, hulkier.

"Yeah really. You're skinny. You don't even go to the gym. It's kind of wimpy," she said, approaching him after he stood up. Kathy took him up in her arms and gave him a strong hug. She lifted him off the floor to show him how light he was. Again, he felt himself succumbing to the strong girl. "Face it. You're not so strong, Honey. But I love you anyway." James's face turned bright red. He'd never felt so humiliated.

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