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Update: 04.08.2023        W-792 "Challenge night at the gym"

Mixed wrestling, 450 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

It's Challenge night at the wrestling gym. Tonight the ladies team will be Challenging the men's team for the gym Championship!!!! The men have held the Championship for 3 years in a row. Now however due to several men having to change locations for their jobs the men's team is quite new. The men's team is Bob Oliver 24 yrs old a new father and male model handsome.

Next is Michel Westbrook. 26 yrs old single and very rich!!! Then there is Roger Nelson, 42 married with three teenage children. Both his wife Janet and his three kids well be here to watch their father wrestle. 

Ok, first up is Bob Oliver at 24 he is the second youngest member of the male team. He will be facing off against Betty Reilly 36 yrs old and the mother of 4 2 boys and 2 girls. All of witch are hear to see their mother wrestle. 

Bob is first to the ring, he is wearing a tan jockstrap and tan boots. The 24 yr old male wrestler receives cheers and whistles. He is wildly popular. Across the ring is his female opponent. She is wearing a shiny black leotard, light black pantyhose and black boots. Her name is Violet Johnson. She is tall for a girl almost as tall as Bob. She has light Coco skin and dark hair. 

The bell sends the two wrestlers at each other, Violet side steps Bob as he rushes toward her. In just seconds she has total control of the male wrestler. Violet has both of Bob's arms Pulled up behind him in a DOUBLE HAMMER LOCK. 

As Violet works the hammer locks Bob screams in pain. "My arms , my arms, your breaking my arms!!!! Oh please, please stop, I can't take much more." Violet completely ignores Bob's pleading for mercy. Holding his arms, she then kicks the back of his knees taking the male wrestler to his knees. 

As Violet was a last minute replacement for an other wrestler Bob had no time to work out a pain to defeat her. With the twin Hammer Locks still held on him tightly. And now on his knees he is struggling to get free. Out in the crowd Bob's young wife is in tears as she watches her husband being tortured by his female opponent. 

And tortured he is, with his arms bent up behind him he has no control or ability to force a break of the hold. Now for the second time Bob cries out in pain. "Please, please Violet, don't break my arms!!! Oh god, it hurts!! AAAAAAOOOO!!! My arms!!!! 

Violet has worked her boots under Bob's Just as he cries out she lifts his Tan boots off the mat bending them up. She is now in complete control of both his arms and legs. The male wrestler has no way to escape from the hold. Once again he cries out "My arms, my arms!!! Please let me go, your breaking my arms!!! Hear him cry out the ref then asks him, How about it Bob. Have you had enough? Are you ready to give up the match?" The 24 yr old brand new father Gives his answer!!


The black 24 yr old female wrestler releases her opponent and he drops to the mat. His chest is moving up and down as if he is sobbing. Inside his tan jockstrap he has a rock hard DEFEAT BONER!! Bob is the first of the men to lose his match. 

Next to enter the ring is Michel Westbrook he is 26 yrs old and single and rich. He comes to the ring in shiny white pantyhose and white boots. Michel will be facing 36 yr old Betty Reilly the mother of four 2 boys and 2 girls. Betty's husband and her 4 children are in the arena to see her match. Betty comes to the ring in a bright yellow leotard, with yellow pantyhose and yellow boots. Michel expects to make very short work of Betty. 

For almost 15 minutes the two wrestlers exchange holds and escapes. Booth of their arms and legs receive a punishing working over. At the 17 minute mark a strange thing begins to happen. The 10 years younger Michel Westbrook begins to slow down. Betty takes full advantage of Michel's exhaustion. 

She puts him in several very painful holds. Every hold she puts him in tires him ever farther. It also does one other thing. Michel now has a huge very hard manhood inside his shiny white pantyhose. 

Grabbing Michel by his head she shoves it between her legs. She then grabs him around his middle. Lifting him off the mat she flips him onto her shoulder. Betty now has her 26 yr old male opponent caught in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. Almost instantly Michel begins to scream in pain. "My back, my back!!!! Oh dam it hurts!!! She's hurting me, she's going to break my back!!!" 

The ref moves in quickly "Is that it Michel, has she got you? Are you ready to submit the match to her?" And now for tonight the second male wrestler is ready to give up, to his female opponent. 

"Oh god, she's got me!!!! I can't get free, I submit, I submit!!! Betty wins the match!! She's beaten me!!! I Give up!!! I give up!!!"

Betty drops Michel to the mat. He lies there unmoving stretched out on the mat his manhood standing up straight like a flag poll. Humiliated and beaten. 

The third match of the tournament has 42 yr old Roger Nelson facing off against. Lee Ann "Tiger" Radcliff. At 36 she has 6 years on Roger. Lee Ann is the biggest, the strongest and fastest wrestler on the women's team. Roger is very distinguished looking man. He appears years younger that his age. He too is strong and fast. 

Lee Ann comes to the ring wearing a leopard print leotard, with brown pantyhose and brown boots. As for Roger he is wearing a light blue skintight singlet, light blue pantyhose and light blue boots. 

The bell rings and the match is on. Roger moves vey cautiously, he does not wish to get beaten like his other male teammates. His caution is wise and he is able to attack first. He takes Lee Ann off her feet and grabbing her boot he twists her leg as hard as he can.

Now for the first time in three matches it's the female wrestler crying out in pain. "My leg my leg! Oh. My leg your hurting my leg. However, Lee Ann's cries of pain only cheer Roger on to do more damage to his female opponent. Lee Ann the "Tiger" twists and turns trying to escape. Roger move to stop her movement by placing his boot on her chest. Now every time she moves her breasts are squeezed by his boot. 

After struggling for several minutes In a desperate move Lee Ann reaches up as far as she can and grabs Roger's manhood. She now has his manhood locked in her fingers. Now it's Roger's turn to scream in pain. "My manhood - my manhood, she got my manhood!!! Oh dear god it hurts!! She's crushing me!!" Seeing what's going on the ref tells Lee Ann to release Roger's manhood. 

Lee Ann lets go of his manhood, however the damage is already been done. Roger has been substantially weakened. Lee Ann grabs him by the arm and whips him into the corner. She very quickly follows him in. Her first punch slams into his already painful manhood. 

His hands fly to his manhood covering it as he tries to protect it from further damage. As he cupps his hands over his manhood, Lee Ann slams a hard punch into his exposed jaw. The punch send the now battered male wrestler to the mat. As he lies on the mat right in front of his opponent, She takes farther advantage of him. She stomps him first in his chest and next right into his now swollen and hard manhood. 

Roger screams as she stomps him. "My manhood, oh please not my manhood!!" Roger now has a huge swollen manhood that he can no longer hide. Lee Ann pulls her opponent to his feet. Roger is dazed and groggy. The fight has been taken out of him. Lee Ann again claws his manhood. Roger is up on his toes trying to ease the pain. Lee Ann pulls Roger to the center of the ring. "Get on your knees!!" Her battered opponent instantly complies and drops to his knees. With her left hand still clawing his manhood. She wraps her right arm around Rogers neck.

Lee Ann now has her male opponent bent back into a DRAGON NECK BREAKER. And a PENIS CLAW!! The ref asks Roger "Do you wish to submit Roger? Has she beaten you are you ready to give up? Instantly Roger answers

"Yes-yes!!!! I'm ready to submit!! She's beaten me, I give up!! Oh please make her let me go!!!! I submit- I submit!!!!"

Roger's wife and his daughter are in tears, his two sons sit with their heads in their hands. His entire family is distraught by his defeat. The male team has just suffered it's third defeat at the hands of the woman. 

The final match is almost ready. 31 yr old Don Taylor will be facing 19 yr old Wendy Hollis. Don comes to the ring wearing shiny tan pantyhose and tan boots. Wendy has on a white leotard, black pantyhose and white boots. With both wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. 

BONG!!! the bell starts the match. Don moves quickly out of his corner and toward Wendy. As he tries to lock up with her, Wendy throws a hard right hand the connects with Don's chin. 31 yr old Don Taylor drops to the mat like a rock. 

Almost everyone believes that he is out cold before he hits the mat. He lies on his back unmoving. Before the ref can get to him Wendy pulls his legs up tucks his boots under her arms and flips him over. Wendy now has Don locked into a BOSTON CRAB.  

The pain of the crab brings Don back from being out cold. He instantly begins to scream in pain "My back, my back, she's going to break my back!!! Get her off me, someone get her off me!!! She's going to paralyze me!!! 

The 31 yr old male wrestler is trapped by his younger opponent. Being trapped in a BOSTON CRAB is only half of Don's problem. He is such a position that he cannot win the match. On top of all that he now has a rock solid DEFEAT BONER inside his shiny tan pantyhose. There is only one thing to do and now Don, does it.


Wendy drops Don on the mat. The beaten male wrestler just lies there at her feet. After several minutes the ring attendant comes to Don. What do you say Mr. Taylor, can you get up by your self?" Don tells him that he can't get to his feet by himself. The attendant helps Don up and back to the dressing room. In the dressing room all four of the beaten male wrestlers are there is some form of dress. One has gotten all of his gear off. Another is lying on a dressing table unable to move. Suddenly one of the beaten male wrestlers speaks up, "Look at us!!! We are a disgrace. All of us, beaten and humiliated by the women wrestlers. Not a single man won a match, not one. I know we are all in great pain. But we have to work harder for next year. We have to win a match or two!!!!"

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