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Update: 11.12.2020

W-654 "New wrestler"

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Tonight a brand new wrestler in the World Senior wrestling League will be making his debut. Ted Samson a well known and loved wrestler who has just turned 50 yrs old Is joining the league. Over the course of his long and very successful career, Ted has held the World Title on 3 different occasions. In addition to the World title he has also held the Tag-Team title twice. He has decided to return to wrestling after a 12 yr retirement. 

For the past 6 months Ted has been training and working out to get ready to wrestle as a senior wrestler. Tonight is the culmination of all that work and training. He is as ready as he can be. His body is in fantastic shape. There is no fat on him at all. His skills have returned and he seems ready. 

In his dressing room Ted begins to get ready. He is quickly out of his street cloths and digging into his new gear bag. Out comes his jockstrap and his tights. Ted steps into his jock and pulls it up. He adjusts his manhood in it. Sitting on the bench he pulls on shiny black tights. His tights fit him like a second skin. He next slips on a very bright red thong. Finally he laces up bright red boots. The former champion is ready to start his next career. 

In a second dressing room, 52 yr old Cathy Brooksdale is also getting ready. It is she that will be Ted’s opponent in his first match. Cathy is a seasoned performer. She has also held titles as a younger wrestle. She is also very well liked by the fans. Cathy pulls on shiny tan pantyhose, her hose have a sparkle and shine to them. She then wiggles into a very tight gold thong cut leotard. Cathy is very proud of her body and likes to show it off. Her leotard is very tight and you can see her nipples thru it. She laces up her shiny gold boots and now she is ready. Cathy is very excited to be facing Ted in his first Senior’s match.                

Both wrestlers are now in the ring, and are getting instructions from ref. The female ref shakes Ted’s hand and welcomes him to the league. “Good to see you again Ted, welcome to the senior league. Good luck!!!” Ted nods and thanks the ref. After the instructions Ted and Cathy hug each other. They have known each other for a long time. They wish each other good luck and return to their corners. 

Cathy, quickly pulls up her sparkly pantyhose and adjusts her thong. Ted tightens his tights and both are now ready.  BONG!!!! There’s the bell the match has started.  Cathy is quickly out of her corner, she hopes to take advantage of Ted’s long absence from the ring. She slips in behind him, taking his arm and wrenching it up into a HAMMER LOCK. There is a look of surprise on Ted’s face as Cathy Twists his arm higher and higher. Soon Ted is on the toes of his boots trying to ease the pressure. 

Cathy’s plain is to keep as much pressure on Ted as she can. With that in mind she licks the back of his knee and drops him to the mat. With Ted on his knees, Cathy grabs his other arm and pulls it up behind him. She now has him in a SURF BOARD ARM STERTCH. This hold is commonly called just a SURF BOARD. To add as much pressure as she can to the hold, Cathy plants her boot between Ted’s shoulder blades. 

With Cathy pulling as hard as she can, Ted cries out, “OOOOOUU!!!, my shoulders!!! OOOOOOHHH!!! God this hurts!!!” for now Cathy is content to just keep the hold on Ted for as long as she can.  Her goal is to tire her opponent out then pin him. As for Ted, his immediate goal to escape Cathy’s punishing and painful hold. 

It takes him several minutes, but Ted is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. He quickly gets urns to facet to his feet and turns to face Cathy. She moves in, but Ted is ready for her. He side-steps her move and grabs her by the arm. Twisting it as hard as he can, Ted flings Cathy into the corner turnbuckle. He is on her quickly. He first slams a very hard forearm into her chest. Cathy screams in pain and tries to cover her breasts with her hands. Ted them slams a hard punch to Cathy’s mid-section. The punch drives the air out of her lungs. 

After several more hard punches, Cathy is able to escape from the corner. She is however hurt. With one arm she is covering her breasts and with the other she is holding her stomach. Ted is quick to move in on her. As he comes at her, Cathy drives her boot between Ted’s legs kicking him in his manhood. 

Ted is stunned. He grabs for his now throbbing and painful manhood. Clutching his hands between his legs Ted drops  to his knees.  Cathy is still gasping for breath and cannot act on her downed opponent. For a minute or two both wrestlers are dazed and unable to move. Cathy, holding onto the top rope and Ted on his knees are both trying to get back in the fight. 

52 yr old Cathy Brookside is the first to recover. She moves toward Ted, who is still on his knees. As she approaches, Ted is ready for her. He has been playing possum and as she gets close, he drives his fist into her abdomen. The punch stuns Cathy. She grabs at her belly and drops to her knees right in front of Ted. 

Now both wrestlers are face to face, on their knees. They each begin to throw punches at each other. BAM, BAM, BAM!!! Cathy and Ted trade punch for punch. Ted is shocked at how hard Cathy can punch. It does not take long before Cathy wins the battle of the fists. A hard right hand crashes into Ted’s jaw and sends the 50 yr old male wrestler toppling over onto his back. 

Ted is now stretch out face up on the canvas. The ref moves in to see if he can continue or if he’s been knocked out. Ted is conscious but now must get to his feet. The ref begins to count over Ted:

"One-two-three- four-five-six-seven!!"

Ted has made it back to his feet. 

After a few seconds while the ref checked Ted over, the match resumes. For the next 8 or 9 minutes both wrestlers exchange holds. First one then the other is in control. Ted works over Cathy’s legs and abdomen. He puts her into LEG LOCKS, STEP OVER TOE HOLDS and several AB CLAWS. She concentrates on his arms and upper body. Ted is subjected to HAMMER LOCKS, WRIST LOCKS She also subjects him to a SHOULDER BREAKER. This is where she jams Ted’s head between her knees, lifts him off the mat and then Slams his shoulder onto her her out stretched thigh. 

The SHOLDER BREAKER has devastated Ted. He is now stretched out on the mat. He is holding his now very painful shoulder with both hands. The ref moves in on Ted kneeling beside him. "Ted are you Ok? Do you want me to stop it? Do you want to submit the match?" After a lifetime in wrestling, Ted has no intention of giving up. "No-no!! I’ll be Ok. I want to continue!! Not going to submit!!" If nothing else, Ted is a very courageous man. 

Ted gets to his knees and then to his feet. He as well as most of the fans in the arena, know he is in big trouble. His right arm is almost useless. The shoulder breaker has made him a one armed wrestler. Cathy is also aware of this and moves in quickly. Her first move is to grab Ted’s injured arm. She does and cranks it up behind his back. Ted begins to scream instantly “My arm, Oh god my arm!!” The look of both fear and pain on his face is frightening. Ted’s eyes begin to flutter as if he is about to pass out. 

50 yr old Ted Samson is almost finished. It is obvious to everyone that he is beaten. The ref again moves in on Ted. "Come on Ted, she’s got you!! You know you’re finished!! You can win. Let me end the pain!!" And for the second time in this match, the courageous male wrestler refuses. "No, I won’t submit to her!!" 

Cathy knows that she has Ted in big trouble. She does not want to inflict more pain on him. As she is very close to him she whispers in his ear. “PLEASE Ted, don’t make me hurt more. You know I’ve got you. You know you can’t win. Submit Ted, please submit!!” Ted’s one word answer is NO!!

At this point Cathy has no choice if she wants to win the match. She pulls Ted to the mat. As he lies there face up, Cathy moves to drape her legs across Ted’s chest. Ted struggles to escape but he just does not have the strength left to do it. At this point Ted is stretched out on the mat with Cathy’s legs draped across his chest. 

She grabs his arm and pulls it out straight. Grabbing it with both hands Cathy gets Ted in the “ROUSEY ARM STRETCH”. Within a few seconds Ted Samson is screaming his surrender to Cathy.


Cathy instantly lets Ted go. She quickly steps back, not wanting to look like she was standing over him in victory. 

Ted is completely exhausted as he lies on the mat unmoving. Cathy thrilled with her victory over the former champion, is none the less saddened by his defeat. The once great champion of the world stretch out on the mat in total defeat. 

The ref raises Cathy’s hand in victory. She lifts her arms over her head as the cheering crowd reacts to her. Back in the center of the ring, Ted has slowly gotten too his feet. He very carefully makes his way back to his corner. He holds his injured arm in his other hand. 

Back in his dressing room Ted is just too hurt and just too tired to get out of his wrestling gear. He is standing at the mirror looking at himself. There is a knock at his door and in comes Cathy. She walks directly to Ted and puts her arms around him. “I’m so sorry Ted. I didn’t want to hurt you. Why didn’t you submit ? I had you, you couldn’t escape. Why didn’t you submit?”  Ted looks at her then says Pride, Cathy. Just male pride. In all my years in the ring I’ve never been defeated by a women”. Holding her hand he then tells her, “You given me my first lose to a women. You beat me very easily. You are a great wrestler and I hope a friend. I also hope the next time we meet,  I‘m a better opponent for you.” With that Cathy gives Ted a kiss on his cheek and leaves. 

Ted then slowly begins to remove his ring gear. He unties his boots and pulls them off. Standing he slides down his shiny yellow tights and pulls them off. He is left standing in just his jockstrap. One thing is very clear, Cathy has given Ted a large DEFEAT BOONER. The top of his manhood is sticking out of his jockstrap. Ted removes his jock and heads to the shower. His manhood hard a stiff. It will be some time before he can live down this defeat.