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Update: 18.03.2022        W-720 "It's title night for the league"

Mixed wrestling, 440 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

There are three titles up for grabs tonight. First is the heavyweight championship of the world. In this match The Champion Bjorn Von Rolfe will be taking on the number 1 contender Lexie Diamond. Most all of the sports writers consider this match to be a joke. No one has given Lexie a chance. The Champion is 6’ 4" tall and very athletic. Not a weight lifter type body but very strong. 

On the other hand, Lexie is 5’ 9" and has a very sexy build. In fact she is cover girl beautiful. She is also a fantastic wrestler. Both wrestlers are unbeaten. Bjorn has never been beaten and his record is an astonishing 52 &0. AS for Lexie she is also unbeaten with a record of 18 &0. 

Both wrestlers are in their dressing rooms getting ready. Bjorn strips out of his street cloths and grabs his gear bag. He reaches in a pulls out a shiny metallic purple thong. He slides it up his legs, then stretches it over and around his very large manhood. He then laces on shiny metallic purple boots and finally wraps the World Championship Title Belt around his waist. 

In another dressing room his opponent is also getting ready. Lexie also slips off her street cloths. She pulls on shiny black pantyhose, over her hose she stretches a metallic bronze thong cut leotard and bronze boots. Lexie Diamond is now ready to wrestle. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the size deference is very obvious. What is also obvious is that Lexie must cut the Champion down to her size if she has any hope of winning. The bell starts the match. BONG!!!! Both wrestlers exit their corners and close in on each other. As Bjorn gets close he reaches out to grab Lexie. She however acts first. Using her legs she sends a powerful SIDE KICK into the champions leg.

Bjorn is stunned and stumbles just a bit. Regaining his feet he again moves toward Lexie. Using the same tactic again Lexis’s boot crashes into Bjorn’s leg in almost the same spot. The Champion tries to move but instead he falls to the mat grabbing his leg. 

This is just what Lexie has been waiting for, it get the Champion down to her level. Grabbing one of Bjorn’s boots she pulls his leg off the mat. Holding tightly to his shiny purple boot, she stomps on the back of his thigh. Again an again, Lexis’s boot slams into his leg. Bjorn is stunned by what this little girl is doing to him. 

The Champion twists from side to side trying to get free. He reaches out as far as he can in a effort to grab the ropes. He efforts are hopeless, with out both his legs he has no leverage. Lexie then drops that leg and picks up the other one. She instantly begins to stomp on that leg. In just a few seconds Lexie has the World Champion screaming in pain. "My legs, my legs!!!!! Oh dear god, my legs!!!!" 

After struggling for quite a long time Bjorn finally is able to grab the bottom rope. He instantly cries out to the ref. "Ropes, ropes, I’m in the ropes!!!! Make her stop. Dear god please make her stop!!!" The ref instantly calls to Lexie, "Let him go Lexie, he’s got the ropes. Come on, let him go"!!!! Lexie releases Bjorn’s leg and lets it drop to the mat. 

The wrestling fans in the arena are stunned by the beating The World Champion is taking from Lexie. So far he has been unable to get even one hold on her. It seems as though she is much faster that the Champion and has a plain to defeat him. 

As for the Champion, right now he is struggling very hard just to stand up. He needs the ropes to get to his feet. Pulling on the turnbuckles he has gotten up off the mat and to his feet. He is in his corner holding tightly to the ropes. All the fans instantly see the huge DEFEAT BONER between his legs.   

Tired of waiting for the Champion to move out of his corner, Lexie charges in. The Champion tries his best to move out of her way but his legs fail him. He stumbles forward to the center of the ring. Waiting for him is his female opponent. She lands two lighting quick kicks to his legs. The first kick slams into the Champions left leg. Instantly that leg buckles and the Champion begins to drop to the mat. Before he falls completely, Lexie sends a second kick to his right leg. The Champion collapses face first to the mat. 

Lexie moves in fast and taking his boots she rolls him over face up. Wrapping his leg around hers, Lexie puts Bjorn Von Roffe The World Wrestling Champion in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. Before the ref can even get close to ask if he wants to submit, Bjorn begins to scream. 


Knowing that she is the new World Champion, Lexie instantly releases Bjorn’s legs from the hold. All he can do is lie on the mat unable to get to his feet. He is the picture of defeat. Lying on his back, his hands covering his face as tears pour from his eyes and his giant DEFEAT BONER standing stiff and erect, like a white flag of surrender and defeat. 

It takes two trainers to lift the now former champion off the mat. With his arms draped around their shoulder Bjorn is carried to his dressing room. The great Swedish wrestler can not even get his ring gear off, all he does is just lie there.      

The second match is getting ready to start. The challengers are entering the ring they are the team of Carol Ann Dematteo and her partner Katy O’ Malloy. They enter the ring wearing copper colored very shiny metallic leotards, with shiny tan pantyhose and copper colored boots. 

Next comes the World Tag Team Champions. Allen Crawford and his partner, Michel Astor. Together they are known as "The Dazzlers" The Champions come to the ring in shiny black pantyhose, shiny black thongs and shiny black boots. They are both wearing their gold world title belts.

With the intro’s over the wrestlers a waite the bell. Katy O’ Malloy will start for her team and Allen Crawford will start for his. The bell sends both wrestlers out to face off. Allen moves slowly almost casually out of his corner. Katy races to her opponent. As she gets to an unsuspecting Allen she gets behind him, she wraps one arm around his head and the other across his temples. Two seconds into the match and Allen Crawford is trapped in a SLEEPER HOLD. Allen’s eyes grow wide with fear. He opens his mouth to scream, but nothing comes out. The World Champion is terrified.

As Allen struggles to get free his tag team partner is shouting to him "Fight Allen, fight!!!You have to get free!!! Don’t let her knock you out!!! Fight!!!!! Words of encouragement are great, however at this moment the terrified Champion is slowly slipping into unconsciousness. His arms have lost their strength. First one then the other drop to his sides. Then his head slumps forward and his upper body goes limp. Next his knees buckle and he slowly slumps to the mat. 

Holding his head and chest off the mat Katy calls to the ref "Come on ref, check him out!!! Is he knocked out yet?" The ref lifts Allen’s arm up and lets it drop. Twice more she does the same thing. She then lets everyone know "He’s out!!! Allen has been knocked out!!!"  Katy drops his head and chest to the mat. 

The first fall has lasted 46 seconds and "THE DAZZLERS" have been beaten. They are now down one fall to none. Michel enters the ring and races to where his partner is lying. Allen is stretched out on the mat unconscious. To add to his humiliating defeat he now has a large DEFEAT BONER in side his pantyhose and thong. It takes Michel almost the entire three minutes between falls to revive his partner. 

As the second fall begins a very shaky Champion waits for the bell. To Allen the bell sounds like a canon going off in his head. Allen and Katy lock up and Allen’s world explodes. Katy shows off almost every wrestling hold she knows. She works on his arms, his legs and his neck and shoulders. To his credit, Allen takes a world of punishment with out submitting.

After taking a horrible beating at the hands of the challengers, Allen is at last able to make the tag. Michel Aster enters the ring and Allen collapses on the apron. He will be unable to get back into the ring. Allen is finished for the night. 

As the Champions change wrestlers so do the challengers. Entering the ring is Carol Ann Dematteo. Carol Ann is bigger and stronger that Katy and goes right after Michel. As they come together in the middle of the ring, Carol Ann raises her arms in the air inviting Michel to a test of strength. It is instantly clear that Michel should have study for the test. 

After interlocking their fingers, Carol Ann swiftly bends his fingers and hands back. Michel grimaces as she bends his hands. His face becomes a mask of pain, his knees buckle and he is slowly driven to the mat. "My fingers, oh god my fingers!!! " Michel tries with all his might to fight back. He is however, just not strong enough. 

Looking back at his corner he sees the terrifying sight of his tag team partner lying on the ring apron unable to tag in or help him in any way. Continuing her assault on the Champion she bends his hands even farther. Finally, Michel topples over on to his back. With her still bending his hands back, Michel’s shoulders are now flat on the mat. The ref quickly drops beside Michel to check and begins the count. ONE-TWO-THRE. Michel is just able to get one shoulder up. 

Carol Ann lets go of his fingers. She is not done with him yet. She begins to work over his legs. Pulling one of his shiny black boots off the mat, she twists it into LEG LOCK. From there she twist his leg back and forth, causing Michel great pain. After working his leg over for several minutes, she switches to his other leg. Using the same LEG LOCK one that leg, Carol Ann has destroyed Michel’s ability to move quickly. 

Continuing to work over Michel’s legs she uses several other holds to weaken him. Michel is now a mess. His face reflects the pain he is in. He is very near total exhaustion. Desperate to end the torture he is in he looks up at his female opponent. "I’m exhausted Carol Ann. I can’t fight you any more. Pin me, please just pin me!!! I won’t fight you. Just pin me!!" 

Carol Ann just shakes her head NO!! Now she knows she can finish him off and win the titles. Twisting his leg around her, Carol Ann puts Michel into a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. The male champion begins to scream in pain. "My legs, my leg’s oh god, she’s going to cripple me!!! I can’t take any more!!!"  

Hearing Michel’s screams the ref knees beside him "Is that it Michel? Are you finished? Has Carol Ann beaten you? The Champions answer come instantly:

"Yes yes, I’m done, she’s beaten me!! Please ref please, make her let me go!!! Oh please, let me go, let me go!!!!" 

Having heard that the ref asks "Are you submitting the match Michel? You have to tell me, has Carol Ann defeated you?? Are you giving up?" The devastated Champion screams his surrender. 

"I’m submitting the match!! Carol Ann has beaten me, I give up!!! No more, no more. Please god no more!!! I give up, I give up!!! She wins, I give up!!!" 

Michel’s submission brings two things to an end. The match and their time as World Champions. Carol Ann releases Michel from the figure four. She stands over him looking down on his rock hard DEFEAT BONER. He remains were he is on the mat, unable to get to his feet. He and his partner have taken a horrible beating. Perhaps the worst beating that two men have ever taken from two women in the ring. They will be years living this down. The will never be Champions again. 

It’s time for the third match of the night. It will be for the junior pro championship. Out in the crowd a chant begins, WE WANT TONY, WE WANT TONY, WE WANT TONY. The Tony they are screaming for is the junior pro Champion Tony Rossi the 18 yr old fantastically handsome junior pro Champion. Those doing the chanting are his fans, they are filling half the arena. Tony is a huge star in the league. He may be the biggest star the league has. 

Back in his dressing room Tony can hear his fans chanting his name. He loves the fact that he is hugh with all the teen girls. He is quickly out of his street close and into his wrestling gear. He wears a shiny gold metallic thong, matching boots and of coarse his shiny world title belt. 

In another dressing room Tony’s opponent is also getting ready. 18 yr old Tammy Underwood pulls on her shiny black pantyhose. She then stretches a skintight shiny white metallic leotard on. Then shiny white boots. Tammy is now ready to wrestle. 

Both young wrestles are now in the ring. The chants of TONY, TONY are almost deafening. The World Champion stands in his corner waving to his fans. He blows kisses to the young girls. He then unbuckles his Championship Belt and holds high over his head as he almost prances around the ring. He completely ignores his opponent. 

The bell sounds and both young wrestlers move out of their corners. Tony attacks quickly, getting a HAMMER LOCK on Tammy. He has her arm bent up behind her back. Already there is a look of pain on the young girls face. After a minute of two, Tony exchanges the HAMMER lock and stretches her arm out straight. Taking her wrist he twists it. He then sends her flying across the ring and slamming into the corner turnbuckle. 

Slamming into the turnbuckle has knocked the breath out of Tammy. She grabs the top rope for support. Tony follows her into the corner. This is were he turns into a vicious fighter. His first move is to land a very hard punch to Tammy’s mid section. The punch hurts her very much. Things, however are going to get much worse for 18 yr old girl. 

Tony is ready to end the match quickly. He begins to throw punches with both hands. Tony’s fist crash into Tammy’s face snapping her head back. He next drives a hard punch into her stomach. His fore-arm then slams into her chest dropping her to her knees with her arms crossed over her chest. 

With Tammy down on her knees in great pain, Tony struts around the ring with his arms in the air. He acts as though he has already won the match. His fans also think that he has won. They begin cheering TONY-TONY-TONY!! As he prances around the ring. He does not notice as Tammy gets to her feet. He does not hear or see her moving in behind him. 

Kneeling down behind the Champion, Tammy slams her arm up between his legs. Tony’s eyes grow wide and he opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out. He very quickly moves both of his hands grabbing his manhood tightly. Finally something comes out of his mouth "Oh god, she crushed me!!!! My balls, oh dear god, she’s crushed my manhood!!!" 

Tammy takes advantage of the stunned Champion and pushes him into the corner turnbuckle. She turns him around as he is still holding tightly to his 18 yr old manhood. Now it’s Tammy’s turn to pound on him. The World Junior Pro Champion is helpless in the corner. 

With both of his hands holding tightly to his manhood, Tony’s face and upper body are wide open to attack. The first punch she throws lands on Tony’s cheek. The second lands on the opposite side of his head. The World Champion has just taken two very hard punches. His head rolls back against the padded turnbuckle. 

Now Tammy begins to attack his mid-section. She lands a hard punch to his stomach just above were his hands are holding his manhood. A loud moan accompanies the punch, "OOOOOHHH!!" Tony instantly moves his hands to his mid-section reveling a large DEFEAT BONER in his shiny gold metallic thong  

Tammy lands two more very hard punches just above Tony’s hands still holding his stomach. Those two punches buckle Tony’s knees and he slumps to the mat. He hits his knees and falls face first onto the mat. Tammy takes his arms and pulls him to the center of the ring. As he lies there, Tammy grabs on of his legs and bends it back into a SINGLE LEG CRAB. It is just like a Boston crab only using just one leg. With her boot she stands on Tony’s boot, pinning his free leg to the mat. 

Tammy now has The World Junior Pro Champion Locked into a leg split as well as the crab. Tony begins to scream in pain. "Oh she’s tearing my apart!!! Oh my god it hurts!!!! Oh it hurts!!!!" Hearing Tony scream, Tammy shouts to the ref "Ask him ref, go ahead and ask him!!! Does he submit to me? Have I beaten him?" The ref does as she is asked. As for the Champion he wastes no time surrendering to his female opponent. 

"I submit- I submit!!! She’s beaten me!!!! Make her let me go!!! I can’t take any more!!!! I give up!!! Please it hurts, Oh god it hurts!!! I give up, I give up!!!!" 

"Let him go Tammy, he’s given up. You’ve beaten him let him go!! Tammy lets go of Tony’s leg dropping it to the mat. The now former champion lies there for a minute or so then rolls onto his back. Most of the teenage girls in the crowd gasp just a little as they see Tony’s DEFEAT BONER as many of them have run to ringside to check on him. He remains on the mat just barely conscious. 

As for Tammy she stands over her defeated male opponent. She has her arms raised in victory. It takes a few seconds for the teen girls to realize that a girl just like them is now the world champion. They quickly begin to cheer Tammy-Tammy-Tammy as the ref buckles the world title belt around her waist. It seems as though they have a new hero. As the beaten former hero lies on the mat unable to get to his feet, leave the ring or do anything about his large DEFEAT BONER. He softly moans in pain his face shows the pain he is in. "Beaten, I’ve been beaten!!!!! I’m not the champion any more!!!! Oh, no-no, I’ve been beaten by a girl." Finally Tony is helped to his feet and back to his corner. He needs to hold tightly to the top rope reveling his rock hard BONER.