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superheroes fantasy femdom mixed wrestling leotard ms.marvel beats superman

Update: 21.04.2017

W-458 "Ms.Marvel vs Superman"

Gallery size: 140 Full HD pictures

Freestyle mixed fighting, 140 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, bloody action.

1/12/2012, New York, humanity is shaken by what has just been learned on live television!

Lex Luthor has called Superman to show up tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden Of NY for a battle to the death with a warrior chosen by the villainous Luthor by threatening to detonate a nuclear bomb if Superman does not show up.

Now the population is asked, why this statement of Luthor challenge because a fight live in the building more 'famous in the world before the whole world? He truly is a warrior strong enough to defeat the strongest man in the world? And why now? What do you want in return? At Madison we are preparing everything for the challenge of the century tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Superman's home appears worried not so much for his opponent but a trap that can be clever Lex Luthor could concoct and is considering some assumptions can be protected for present her figure and that of the spectators.

So he decides to intervene with its proposals on live television. Superman calls the CBN that sends broadcast worldwide, The Man of Steel seems sure of himself and in front of microphones declares that he is ready for the challenge, not fear anyone and especially wants the ring is transformed into a sort of impenetrable cage for anyone on one side than the other. So a real ring of death where everything will be decided inside.

Luthor who attended the request calls live on television and reassures Superman accepting his proposals. At this point we just have to wait the next day for this to be "THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY! "

The next morning all the newspapers report the news on the front page of course, and everyone wonders who can be tremendous warrior who could kill Superman and especially why he accepted this challenge impossible!

The wait is unnerving and the world awaits impatiently the evening!

And 'now, are the 21, all the MSG is packed inside a huge transparent glass cage encloses the RING, everything is ready and now only awaits the arrival of the two fighters. GET SUPERMAN, lauded by all the crowd the man of steel greets his fans and enters the RING, now only waiting for the arrival of the mysterious squire of Lex Luthor, the wait is about to vanish now little lacking ... ..eccolo INCREDIBLE ... bUT, it is not a HIM but a sHE, people screaming with amazement but also excited because the one who will have to fight with Superman has a sculpted physique and sexy than ever we had seen before! The woman enters the ring with a firm gait of whether and with his eyes fixed on the man of steel that can not help but notice the attractiveness of the warrior that is going to meet. The Amazon is dressed as a warrior with a couple of blacks knee-high boots, a sexy black thong that emphasizes a bottom tonic that seems stone from what is round and muscular, the navel discovered that seem designed with well-defined abs and a top silver in the narrow steel which highlights a tonicissimo breasts overflowing that almost can not be is so big! The face is beautiful, pronounced lips and eyes and black hair! Superman seems embarrassed, but also fearful as it is noted in the woman's eyes that security ever seen in any other opponent before. Meanwhile, some people in the audience can not resist the disturbing AMAZON excited and approach the ring visibly in high spirits, security has its work cut out to hold off the neo-fans of the beautiful warrior! Meanwhile the presenter like a script presents the two contenders and obviously presents Superman because he knows everything, but when it's time to present the woman prefers to give her the microphone because she obviously knows nothing, the warrior grabs the microphone and safer than ever pronounces the following sentence: "I AM STEEL-GIRL because they are hard as steel, I come from Krypton, and yet I have been among you all this time and lived as long as you did not know LEX who promised me that if I had defeated SUPERMAN I would grant me to become assie him the MASTER WORLD, I accepted because I'm sure I'm stronger than Superman, and you'll soon know when you hand over her dead body! I trained for years for this moment and now it is time. Now I want to fight as a warrior because I have already said enough!"

The presenter receives the microphone away from the woman and immediately starts the battle! Superman appears visibly worried, the rider approaches him with a safe pace and even the director can not be indifferent to its charm so much so that the camera-person after the man framed the huge breasts of the warrior who seems to explode in ' armor as he approaches his contender, the woman delivers the first punch with a right hook but the man of steel manages to parry and tries to fight back with a kick to the stomach reaching the girl followed by two punches to the face. It seems incredibly not hear any of the shots and indeed with safe grin murmurs Superman .. "This is all your power? Congratulations, but I thought better now prepare to die! The wonderful horsewoman pounced with a leap into Superman grabs him by the throat and raising it by force of arms throws him violently to the ground in front of him! The audience is amazed, soon he becomes clear that she has an edge over the man of steel, understand that it is very strong and that perhaps there will be hope for Superman, the difference in strength is immediately evident and terrified starts screaming too scared because now he sees his favorite ground with the woman threatening approaches the prey, and so it is! The warrior is approaching and came to the body splays his legs up to his chest, she looks at him and mocks him kneeling over him on the chest pinning his arms with his knees, still dazed Superman realizes that this may be his last fight and tries to react writhing but nothing can ', the Valkyrie on him without trying much keeps it at bay like a child, after waiting that Superman would tire in free herself, the woman looks at him and his steady screaming voice: Now Superman die, I'm too strong, no man can beat me, now I will kill you slowly making you suffer ... prepare to dIE! The woman begins to beat his face poor Superman with all his power, 1 2 3 4 cutters shots that seem to pull the man of steel head every time a punch goes to the target! Superman is esamine with his face full of blood, and from his mouth come these words that never before dreamed of listening to "Just have mercy" She laughs and taking the man of steel game invites him to speak up because they do not feels ... Superman humiliated mercy 'screams but she has none and indeed want to have fun and enjoy the stage stretching on the body now massacred our superhero rubbing and with swollen breasts and hard starts to use it as a weapon and starts to hit the face man of steel in the middle of these huge breasts appears more and more devastated.
The screaming people want the woman to stop and beg mercy for Superman while others are unable to contain his excitement at seeing these huge breasts repeatedly hit the face of Superman and swell out of proportion to any impact risking every time to leave the bodice and begin masturbating without brake. MSG is a delusion, dividend screams, screams of terror and meanwhile the show in the continuous ring, the woman he realizes now that Superman is one step away from defeat and wants to humiliate him before the world gets up takes it on himself and raising it as a trophy yells: This is your superhero ?? This is the unbeatable superman ?? Well now he will not remain a pile of bones, you are well aware that the show begins! The tremendous warrior and throws it into the air before it touches the body on the floor hits him with all his might with a terrible blow to the stomach that makes him stay in the air for a moment and then throws him into the ropes with a calcium-aimed at reducing superman's face in agony now reduced dying. By now it expects only that the agony for the superhero to end as soon as possible, that the disturbing warrior has a shred of pity and Superman to end as soon as possible so as not to make him suffer. Instead taking advantage of the stage the woman wants to make a spectacle, conscious of his unbridled beauty begins to move sensually to the ring and draws upon whether the cameras resulting in what looks like an act of love so she begins to rub in the glass cage wall supporting the huge breasts that have contact with the glass appear giants and spread out the legs start to fondle. People went crazy, he had never seen a body so irrepressible in his entire life, and it seems impossible that one who is in front of them is the woman who is going to defeat the most 'strong man in human history. The men in the front row can not withstand such great sensuality and start kissing madly forgetting to be in a public place, but believe me they are to understand, he had never been seen most 'exciting world! Now the ferocius  warrioress obtained the attention and finished the little show returns to take care of the poor Superman suffering that continues to struggle on the ground trying unsuccessfully to get up or at least to kneel. She grabs him by the hair and lifts it with one hand, led him in front of him and with the other hand settles other two devastating punches to the face that make you pass out the superhero then kisses him on the mouth bleeding and then let it fall dead body in front of him. Now Superman is on the ground face down with the now swollen and bloody face reduced to a pile of broken bones. The woman then tip your foot behind the man of steel back and taking the limbs begin to push as hard as he wanted staccargliele. Superman screams of pain uttering piercing cries that cause only enjoyment of the terrible warrior until his arms are broken by a tremendous noise that leaves terrorized those present, and also the viewers! Superman is going to be killed now the world is beginning to prepare for the end, the warrior is too strong for Superman, is destroying it and now seems to be missing very little! In fact, the woman takes the microphone and screams: Look at your hero, how can 'defend you in the future a man who was killed with ease by a woman? I am now on your superhero superhero indeed rely on. And now to make you forget it destroy him in the true sense of the word !!! Watch out world! The woman gets closer to the lifeless body of Superman lifts him weight with one hand, taking him by the collar and starts massacrarlo of punches in hitting the face with full force on both sides of the face until at some point the warrior screaming loudly settles a front final FIST that destroys what was left of the Superman passing it from side to side face !! Superman is DEAD! THE WARRIOR THE KILLED! And now he raises his arms in triumph while with the heel of the boot rests in the chest Superhero dead on the ground now without face! THE WORLD 'astonished and now what will happen ??

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