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mixed wrestling hold thong leotard bikini woman vs man fight

Update: 26.02.2021

W-665 "Draw!"

Gallery size: 540 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 540 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, bloody action.

Rocky's feeling pretty good about things right now.

After getting annihilated by Ilsa "The Iceberg" in a cage fight, he rebounded to knock out Persia, the cocky "Princess of Pain," in a more familiar boxing match.

The cage fight still haunts him a bit, as his embarrassing slaughter still stings.

But he's not sure if/when he'd step back in THAT ring again.

A few months have gone by, and he hasn't been able to meet up with his friend Nancy for any sparring sessions lately. After a few back-and-forths of rescheduling, Nancy finally told him what she's been up to.

She signed up for the same kind of "Rage in the Cage" fight night that Rocky entered.

She has pummeled and beaten a guy in a cage before, but not in front of a big crowd.

Her bout was coming up in about a month.

She says she was hesitant to tell him about it, knowing how bad his last experience was. She says he should reconsider at some point and give it another go. She does invite him to come and watch, but Rocky has mixed feelings about it.

She's been working with both a former star MMA fighter and a former star pro wrestler, who have been training her for this specific kind of bout. She says she's very excited about this next fight, no matter who it's up against. She texts Rocky an updated selfie, showing off her englarged biceps. Nancy is more toned and muscular than she's ever been.

These fight cards are difficult to participate in, because they take months to clear and confirm. It gives her time to prepare, which she has dedicated herself towards. Win or lose, she loves what benefits she's already reaped from just the preparation.

That said, she says she cannot wait to enter the cage and destroy whoever her male opponent is. She has a lot of pent-up rage she needs to unleash. Nancy makes it clear she wants to bloody and injure someone. She even bought a blood-red outfit to unveil that night. She sounds ferocious, almost to the point of "scary" to Rocky. He's never heard her like this before. But he's taking some mental notes. Perhaps this is the kind of intensity he needs in order to do this again. He says he'll be there on fight night.

She is excited to have him there.

Rocky, admiring his friend's determination, starts to prepare himself, pumping iron, running, etc... and even submits his name for a future cage fight, as well. The booker says the expected, it would not happen for a few months, but Rocky seemed good to go. He was getting fired up. A few months couldn't get here any sooner.

The day of Nancy's fight, Rocky gets a frantic phone call from her. She says, whoever her opponent was, he got injured and had to withdraw from the event. Apparently, there are no other options. She is devastated. She trained so hard for this, and now she can't partake in her dream. Yes, she can probably wait a few months to do this all over again, but there's no assurances.

Rocky: "Are you SURE they can't find an opponent for you?"

Nancy: "Yeah. It's too short notice. All the guys on future lists that they can get a hold of tell them it messes up with their training schedule. They don't want to give me a girl to fight, since it's a guy-vs-girl event."

Rocky's wheels are spinning. There's a brief, but lengthy, pause over the phone.

Rocky: "Hey. See if they'll sign me up."

Nancy: "What? For what?"

Rocky: "To be your opponent."

Nancy took a few moments... then replied: "What? Why? Are you sure?"

Rocky: "Look. You wanted this fight, right?"

Nancy: "Yeah, but..."

Rocky: "But nothing... Fight me."

This is not what either of them had in mind leading up to this day.

You get the sense Nancy growing a little uncomfortable about this idea.

Nancy: "Hey. I know you mean well and everything, but..."

Rocky: "Look. You want this fight. You need this fight. I need to fight, too. Yeah, it's a little odd, but didn't you say it doesn't make a difference who your opponent is?"

Nancy: "Yeah."

Rocky: "Yes! And didn't you say we needed a rematch?"

Nancy: "Yeah."

Rocky: "So let's do it. Ignore the friends stuff. I haven't seen you in a few months anyways, so fuck it. I need to beat the living hell out of someone, and so do you. Who cares who it's up against. It's not like they're plucking people off the streets to do this. Everyone who fights signs up for it, knowing what they're getting themselves into. I know it. You know it. Let's fight!"

Nancy starts getting pumped up.

Nancy: "Ok. Lemme check with the booker to make sure this can work. I'll call you back ASAP!"

Rocky: "Cool! Lemme know."

Nancy hangs up. Rocky feels pumped just thinking about it all. it all seems so surreal, even if it doesn't happen.

Nancy calls back a few minutes later.

Rocky: "So, what's the word?"

Nancy: "We're good to go! They okayed it! You owe me a deposit, since I sent one in your name to clinch this."

Rocky: "I'll send it in ASAP."

Then a brief pause.

Rocky: "So, this is gonna happen huh?"

Nancy: "You got it. And you're gonna get it!"

Rocky: "Hahaha. Yeah, I know. Don't underestimate me."

Nancy: "I'm not going to have time to do that while I'm beating the shit out of you."

Rocky: "Hold up a second. You honestly think I'm just job for you. Cause that ain't gonna happen."

Nancy: "I know..."

Rocky: "I have my own score to settle. Tonight we go from good friends to lethal opponents."

Nancy: "Don't you think I already know this? Now look, you better be ready for this. I want to FIGHT. I want to beat the living hell out of someone. I want to make someone bleed, feel pain and wish they never stepped in the cage with me."

Rocky: "I'm more than ready. I've done some training, too. I know what you plan on doing. I'm gonna step in that ring and punish WHOEVER comes into join me."

Nancy: "Good. Looks like we're both ready for our... fights."

Rocky: "Hope to see you there."

Nancy: "I'll be waiting."

The two hang up. The fight is set. Both get the fight they want and need. Who would have ever thought it would be against each other?

Several hours later, Rocky shows up at the arena. The folks there escort him to the men's locker room, where he dons his long black tights and yellow boots. He psyches himself up, smacking himself in the head, hitting a heavy bag and flexing in the mirror. His brief training has him feeling pretty good. He flexes his larger-than-before muscles in the mirror, while keeping a stone-cold face. Nancy is her friend, but she wanted this, too. She knows her fight was gonna be a bitter, bloody brawl.... AND that she could suffer, much like he did in his last cage fight. One thing's for sure... that was NOT going to happen to him again. His opponent is going to suffer the same kind of damage he felt... if not more.

Nancy shows up at the arena. The guys try to flirt with her, but she will have none of that. She is escorted into the women's locker room, where she unzips her bag and suits up in her new blood-red top and boots. She's excited, yet focused. She psyches herself up, too... also hitting the heavy bag, lifting a few weights and flexing in the mirror. There is no WAY she's going to lose to her opponent, she tells herself. NO WAY. Yes, she's friends with Rocky, but not tonight. She came to pulverize a tough guy in front of a huge crowd, and that's what she's gonna do. Period.

As it turns out, their fight is the first one of the evening.

A promoter peeks in the men's locker room door and asks Rocky if he's ready for revenge. Rocky says: "HELL YEAH!" and smashes his right fist into his left hand.

Another promoter peeks in the women's locker room door and asks Nancy if she's ready for the big time. Nancy says: "OH YEAH... you better get an ambulance ready for him... maybe even a hearse!" and shows off her guns to the promoter, who is very impressed.


The ring announcer grabs the mic... "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Rage in the Cage Male vs. Female Fight Night! Are you ready for the first fight?!" The rowdy audience responds with an enthusiastic "HELL YEAH!!!"

She continues... "OK... making his way to the ring, 6-foot-1, weighing 245 pounds... Rocky!"

Rocky gets a lot of boos, but climbs up the ring steps and into the cage. He's pumped up, but there's no mystery who will be joining him this time. Rocky flexes his guns, ready for her.


Out from the shadows, heading towards the cage comes an extremely fit and well-muscled raven-haired beauty. She has a scowl on her face as she approaches the cage. This is not the Nancy Rocky remembers... but maybe that's a good thing. This will help him focus. Nancy climbs up the steps, into the cage and through the ropes. She marches around the ring, flexing her muscles for all to see... especially Rocky.

The cage door locks. It's now just Rocky and Nancy.

Both are at opposite ends of the ring... ready to pounce on one another.


The bell sounds and the two charge at each other and grapple in the middle of the ring. After a long grapple, the two shove each other off.

Nancy points to her face and taunts Rocky: "Go ahead and take the first shot! Pussy!"

Rocky wastes no time and smashes his right fist against Nancy's head.

She is stunned that he reacted so quick and fires off a right hook to Rocky's head.

There... the first shots have been fired.

Nancy motions to punch Rocky again, but kicks him in the gut instead. With his head down, Nancy grips him in a side headlock, squeezing his head. Punching it a couple of times, too.

Rocky punches her in the back a few times, then grabs her back and falls backward, taking her with him, slamming her back on the ground. Rocky pounces back up and then drops an elbow on the back of her head as she's lying down. Rocky picks her up by the hair and puts her in a side headlock, smashing her head and face with his free fist. He then grabs her hair again and head-butts her. With her a little wobbly, Rocky lifts her up and body slams her to the mat.

As Rocky walks over to her feet, she sweeps him off the floor by kicking his leg. She pounces back up and grabs Rocky by the hair, lifting him up. While holding his hair, she slams her knee into his chin, which hurts him bad. She then runs over and gives him a clothesline, making him fall to the canvas. She picks him up by the hair again and brings him over to the corner turnbuckle, then starts slamming his head into the turnbuckle several times. Still grabbing him by the head, she slams it into the steel cage, then rubs his face up and down the cage. His face is a mess now.

She lets him collapse to the canvas. She flexes her muscles, then approaches him again. This time, he sweeps her legs and she lands on her backside. Rocky pounces on top of her and, while holding her head with his left hand,  starts punching away at her face with his right hand. He's relentless. He picks her up by her hair and flings her into the cage wall. She comes crashing onto the mat.

He's not done with her yet.

He picks her up and hoists her over his body, like a weightlifter would lift a dumbell over their head. Then, he justs lets go and drops her behind him, like she was nothing. She just dropped about 8 feet down onto the mat.

He takes her by the hair and brings her over to the turnbuckle and starts ramming her head into the turnbuckle over and over again.

Rocky: "Let's see how you like it!"

With her pinned in the corner, Rocky rams his knee into her gut, then starts punching her gut left and right, knocking the wind out of her. Now that she's leaning forward, Rocky puts her in a head lock, then lifts her up and suplexes her to the ground. He picks her back up and hoists her up for another suplex, but this time, drops her on her head, like a jackhammer.

Rocky goes to pick her back up by her hair, and she finds enough energy to punch him in the gut, and then give him a solid uppercut to his jaw.

She picks Rocky up and body slams him. Then she jumps up and drops a leg over around where his neck is. Nancy goes to pick him up and hoist him over her head, like that weightlifter-dumbell reference before. Then she just lets go and drops him behind her. The crowd loves it.

She then heads to the corner and climbs up the corner turbuckle. As he's still lying on the mat, Nancy jumps way high up in the air, and drops an elbow down, just below his jaw.

Nancy then picks him up by the head, plants his head just above her thighs and lifts him up for a piledriver. She then piledrives him right on his head. Nancy then hops on top of him flexes her right biceps for the audience to see, and starts punching his face over and over.

Rocky is now in survival mode. He reaches up and grabs Nancy's face with his left hand, squeezing her face, then takes his right hand and grabs her throat. Now her arms are flailing, unable to hit him. She's trying to pry his hands off her. He rakes his fingers across her face, which puts her in pain. He is able to free himself.

Rocky kicks her in the gut, then lifts her up in the air for a piledriver, which rams her head onto the canvas.

Both fighters are slow getting up, but Rocky gets up first. He picks up Nancy by her hair and takes her towards the turnbuckle where he punches her in the face twice. He manages to climb up to the top rope, carrying her up, turning her upside down as if to body slam her... then he jumps off the top rope and bodyslams her to the canvas below.

Both are struggling to get up again.

Rocky gets up first and lifts Nancy up by her hair before the ref and crowd can count to 10. Rocky could have possibly won this fight if he let her just lay there, but the bout continues.

Rocky puts Nancy in a side headlock and starts squeezing as hard as he can. Nancy is wobbling, but starts punching Rocky in the front and back. She takes her fingernails and rakes Rocky in the back from the neck-down, then pulls his pants down to show his butt, as he lightens up his grip on her, Nancy takes her arm and slams it right under his crotch.

Rocky leans forward, in obvious pain. Nancy puts him in a headlock, and gives him a DDT.

Nancy summons the strength to lift Rocky up by his hair, and drag him over to the corner turnbuckle, where she rams his head into the top turnbuckle. She then carries him over her shoulder as she climbs up to the top rope. Amazing everyone in the arena. Nancy lifts him up over her head for a suplex... from the top rope! She then leaps backwards from the top rope and suplexes Rocky all the way down to the canvas, where they both crash on their backs.

This takes the wind out of both of them.

Both struggle mightily to get back up.

There's only so much more these two can take.

Both get up before the 10-count. Both grapple in the middle of the ring... their hands behind the other's head. Both punch each other back and forth in the gut. Then both punch each other back and forth in the face.

Finally, both wind up with knockout punches at the same time, and punch each other in the face at the SAME EXACT TIME. Both fighters have knocked the other out. Both bloodied fighters crash onto the mat, next to each other.

The ref counts to 10.



An end to one of the greatest fights anyone has ever seen.

Both gave it their all. Both inflicted as much punishment as they received.

The audience rises to their feet and applaud the two fighters, who are still knocked out.

No one officially won this fight, but both will be leaving the arena as winners.

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