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Update: 30.06.2023        W-787 "A different league! Men's women"

Mixed wrestling, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

At a small arena tonight is wrestling night. Several of the most popular wrestlers will be on the card. In his dressing room Dr. Jammie Hayler is just about to get ready to wrestle. Most of the preliminary matches are over. Of the 6 prelim matches the men have lost 4. It is very humiliating to lose a match in this league as it usually means that you have also lost you wrestling gear. Of the 4 men that lost their matches, 3 of them also lost their wrestling gear. 

They were forced to return to their dressing room naked except for their boots. AS for the two women that lost, They were forced to return to their dressing rooms wearing only their shiny pantyhose, their bras and their boots. 

None of the wrestlers in the co-main events are worried about this, as none of them think that there is any way that they can be defeated. Back to Dr Jammie Hayler, he has slipped off his street cloths and is now reaching into his gear bag. He pulls out a pair of shiny light blue tights. He carefully wiggles into the tights. They are footless just in case he loses them. Next he stretches a skintight light blue singlet over his tights Then comes shiny white boots. The Dr is ready to wrestle. 

Across the hall his female opponent is also getting ready. She wears almost the same gear as the Dr wears. She pulls on shiny tan pantyhose, over that she wiggles into an white singlet and white boots. Now both wrestlers are ready to fight. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the match is about to start. Dr. Hayler stands in his corner looking across the ring at his opponent. In the other corner, Sara Winfield is also looking across the ring at Dr. Jammie Hayler. She can’t help but see his muscled body and his fantastic legs all wrapped up in light blue nylon. His pantyhose and singlet leave nothing to the imagination. 

The bell sounds and the match is on. The Dr. races out of his corner and straight a Sara. Before she knows what is happening he has taken her down and she is now on her back. Just seconds into the match and Sara is in trouble. Dr. Jammie has taken her down to the mat. He moves to get the pin on her. 

AS he tries to pin Sara he loses his equilibrium and suddenly she has turned the tables on him. Now it’s Dr. Hayler that is struggling to keep his shoulders off the mat. He bridges up as high as he can. His singlet is now stretched as tight as it will go, across his manhood. Although he can’t worry about that as Sara has him very close to a pin. 

A stunningly quick move by Sara has Dr. Hayler face down on the mat and locked into a painful BOSTON CRAB Almost instantly she has Dr. Hayler screaming in pain. My back, oh god my back!!! Please Sara please don’t do this to me!!!! You’re going to cripple me!!!

Sara makes no move to lessen Hayler’s pain. If any thing she bends his back even tighter. The fans at ring side can now see that Dr. Jammie Hayler has a swelling rock hard DEFEAT BONER inside his singlet. Wanting to end the match, Sara bends his back even farther Finally it is obvious that Dr. Jammie Hayler can take no more pain. 

"Ref-ref, stop the match, Please stop the match!!! She’s got me, I can’t take any more!!! I submit!!! I submit!!!! Oh dear god Sara, please Let me go!!!!! You’ve beaten me!!! I give up. You win!!!!!"

Rather that letting him go, Sara asks him "You know what this means don’t you? It’s then that a sobbing Dr. Hayler answers, Yes-yes, I know what this means!!!" With that understanding Sara release her defeated male opponent. 

As the beaten male wrestler lies on the mat his victorious female opponent begins to strip him. She quickly pulls the shoulder straps of his singlet down his sides. Dr. Hayler does nothing to stop her. He lies quietly as she pulls his singlet down his chest, then over his manhood and down his legs. In only a few seconds Dr. Hayler is naked except for his shiny black pantyhose. 

Sara grabs the waist band of his pantyhose and pulls them down his legs. She then stretches them over his boots and off. Dr. Hayler is now naked except for his boots. He lies on the mat with his rock hard DEFEAT BONER sticking straight up in the air. With tears flowing from his eyes he asks Please, please someone help me. I need to get out of this ring." Quickly the ring attendants get him to his feet and back to his dressing room. 

In his dressing room he lies on the table naked except for his wrestling boots. His manhood is still hard and stiff . It’s then when his female opponent walks. "What do you want? Haven’t you done enough to me already?" She walks over to him and begins to untie his boots. "I just wanted to see how you are. And also I’ve brought your gear back from the ring. Here is your singlet and here are your pantyhose! I was just trying to help."   

It’s now time for the second match. This will pit 19 yr old Donty Lucien against 18 yr Carol Douglas. Donty comes to the ring wearing a yellow singlet, yellow pantyhose and yellow boots.

His female opponent enters wearing An orange singlet, black pantyhose and orange boots. After all the preliminaries both wrestlers return to their corners to wait for the bell. BONG!!! The bell sends both young wrestlers at Each other. Although she is a year younger that her male opponent. 18 yr old Carol Douglas has more experience, this being 19 yr old Donty’s first match. 

The young male wrestlers inexperience shows, as Carol comes right at him. Before he can stop her Carol sends a hard front kick directly between Donty’s legs. Her shiny Orange boot slams into his manhood. Instinctively Donty’s hands fly to his injured manhood. He screams in pain and cries out, "My manhood, oh dear god my manhood. She kicked me in my manhood!!!" 

With Donty bent over at the waist. Carol grabs his head and holds it tightly as she sends a KNEE LIFT to her male opponents chin. Donty is dazed by the KNEE LIFT. He staggers back into the corner draping his arms over thr top rope to hold himself up. Even in his dazed condition, he knows that the corner is a bad place to be.  

Releasing the ropes he tries to exit the corner. Sadly for Donty, Carol is waiting for him. As he takes his first step out of the corner. She drives a devastatingly hard punch to his lower abdomen. The punch causes him to drop to his knees. Once again Donty is in a very bad position. On his knees looking up at his female opponent. 

Carol grabs Donty’s arm and pulls them up behind him. She then places her orange boot in the center of his shoulders and pulls. Donty screams in pain wile his arms are being pulled. "AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! My arms my arms!!!! You’re going to rip my arms out!! Having his arms pulled behind him, causes his singlet to stretch tightly over his chest and abdomen. It also reveals his swelling manhood as Carol continues to punish him. 

Suddenly, Carol kicks him in his shoulders driving him face first into the mat. With her opponent down, Carol steps on the back of his thighs. She then reaches forward and grabs his arms. Slowly at first she begins to rock back and forth. In only a few seconds she lifts him off the mat and up into the most painful hold in wrestling MEXICAN CEILING HOLD, Donty screams in pain as Carol holds him tight. "It hurts, oh dear god it hurts!!! She’s going to break my back!!! I can’t get free!!!! Someone please help me!! I can’t get free!!! Hearing the 19 yr old male wrestler screaming in pain, the ref moves to his side. What do you say Donty? Have you had enough? I can stop it for you. Just tell me what you want me to do. Are you finished? Has she beaten you?  Mercifully the end comes for Donty as he screams his surrender to Carol. 

"I submit, I submit!!!! Oh please Carol let me go!! You win, you’ve beaten me!!! I’m finished!!!! I give up, I give up!!!!! Please-Please, I GIVE UP!!!!!"

Carol releases her male opponent Donty. He drops to the mat on his back. His singlet still stretched tightly over his rock hard manhood. Carol steps over Donty now straddling him. Looking down on him she asks. "You know what is going to happen now, don’t you Donty? Looking up at her with sad eyes he tells her "Yes I know. You defeated me and now your going to strip my." 

Moaning in pain, Donty feels the shoulder straps of his skin-tight singlet being pulled down and off his body. He now lays on the mat wearing only his shiny pantyhose. They reveal his very large DEFEAT BONER. Carol then grabs his pantyhose and pulls them down and off. Now for the second time tonight a beaten male wrestler lies on the mat stripped of his wrestling gear, having been defeated by a female. 

Donty slowly gets to his feet and makes his way out of the ring. Striped and humiliated by his female opponent. Back in his dressing room Donty sits on the bench with his hear in his hands. Still naked and still with a huge DEFEAT BONER. Beaten, I’ve been beaten by a female. How could she do that to me. She forced me to submit to her!!! 

"I’ll tell you exactly how I beat you. There standing in the doorway is 18 yr old Carol Douglas the female that just defeated him. "Here I brought these back to you, you may need then again sometime. With that she hands Donty his singlet and his pantyhose. "How I beat you is that I am a superior wrestle to you. You are strong but you don’t have the wrestling skills that I do. With that Carol moves close to Donty. She places both her hands on his chest, then pulls him in and kisses him hard. You know that I’m crazy about you!!

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