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CFNM erotic mixed wrestling femdom forced handjob cbt

Update: 05.04.2019

W-566 "Wife's surprise"

Gallery size: 210 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 210 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

George is reading the sports section when Julie says,  I ve got a surprise for you!  George looks up from his paper. Julie continues, "I have known about your secret interest for a long time." George asks, "What?" Julie says, "I have caught you watching mixed wrestling matches but slipped out of the room. I have watched some of your DVD s and have been turned on by them. We have never discussed fetish and I wonder - Why!" George said, "I thought you might think I m a pervert so I have never mentioned it. Actually - I have always wanted to wrestle - YOU!"

Julie and George spend the next 15 minutes discussing the match and what the loser will do. They decide: 2 out of 3 falls; no time limit; win by oral submission & sexual submission; no kicking, kneeing, punch with closed fist or joint holds; chokes, slaps, genital holds or joint holds are allowed. The Loser must service the Winner in whatever way the Winner chooses.

George & Julie shake to agree to the above and head to our gym room. Hoping to have an easy victory and sex, George completely strips his clothes off for wrestling. Julie removes her dress but stay dressed in black gym leotard to prevent George's lustful touches. Julie and George enter the room. Both step onto the 12  of padding on the mat. They walk to the middle of the area. 

Julie and George circle one another looking for an opening. Both are looking for areas of weakness. Julie sees George s 8  erect cock and grabs it. She twists quickly sending him to the mat. She digs her finger nails into his cock as she continues to twist. George lies on the mat; kicking the mat impotently; screaming from the Hold he cannot escape watching as girl in black leotard slowly jerks him off. George struggles to escape. George slaps at Julie. Julie easily blocks George and counters with a slap that knocks George silly.

Julie grabs George s cock again. She squeezes, pulls and twists simultaneously. George screams in pain and pleasure at the same time. Julie has dominated the match from its inception. George is being completely confused and dominated by Julie s pain-pleasure approach. After working on his cock for several minutes; George shoots his load which surrenders the 1st fall to Julie. He is amazed at her ability to control a man. Julie feeds George his own cum. She rubs the remainder all over his face & hair as a move to humiliate him. Julie had won the 1st Fall in less than 5 minutes. George lays on the mat recovering while Julie  walks back onto the mat. George is shocked the way that Julie woman-handled him. George gets to his feet and they start again.

Julie dives at George knocking him to the mat. She quickly gets on his chest. He struggles to escape but Julie moves her leotard clad pussy within an inch of his mouth. George is torn between escaping and eating her wet pussy. Julie taunts George which causes his erection to return. George fights through it and escapes. Julie catches him; turns him on his back; traps his hands to his side. Julie alternately slapping and kissing him. George wants to be in control and bucks Julie off. Julie quickly gets behind him and applies a Choke Hold  Body Scissors Combination. George desperately tries to escape. Soon his struggle begins to lessen. George begins to pass out as the Choke Hold takes its effect and the Body Scissors restricts his breathing. Julie stands; looks down at her defeated foe and says, "George face your victress and masturbate!" A dejected George complies. Julie laugh. Julie says, Eat it NOW! A tearful George complies. 

Julie says to him, "Doing this to a man is all empowering! Watch him squirm and try to escape is a rush! Look in my eyes, see the total control I have over you!"  George nods. Julie forces George to milk every last drop of cum from his balls.

Julie sits on her demoralized foe; pulls a crotch of her leotard aside then moves her pussy up to his mouth and commands him to eat her out.

George follows Julie s instructions. Julie marvels at George s subservience.

Julie laughs in her dominant position, I'm stronger than you!"

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