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mother vs son mixed wrestling lift and carry backbreaker

Update: 31.01.2020

W-609 "Mommy's Little Jobber"

Gallery size: 230 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 230 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

"When I see this match I would like to be in the guy's place, I guess most of you do. Thus, the ideal mixed match is the match I'd like to have.

Beforehand, I expect the girl to defeat the guy after a good struggle. If it goes back and forth, with the guy at times getting the upper hand and then the girl turning the tables around, much better. A match is sexy in itself: those curved legs, toned arms, soft shoulders, smooth armpits trapping the poor guy once and again are sublime. I prefer breast smothers over underside smothers, but both are more fantasy than reality and I'd rather see them as finishers after an exhausting fight. I also love the fight to end with the guy senseless on the mat and not springing back up after being released as if nothing had happened.

Because of my fantasy, a sexual ending in which the girl locks the guy and masturbates him "against his will" is also very arousing.

The girl should be fit and curvy, not a skeleton model nor a weightlifter. The outfit should be leotard and showing as most as possible of the legs, guy does't need any clothing. His outfit may go off before or during the match".

Are you agree with this opinion of mixed wrestling fan? Look at this gallery - you'll find this hot action inside!

That morning when Timmy's mom went to the living room to do her aerobics, she was about to close the sliding door, but stopped at the last minute and left it open, then went about her exercise.

Timmy had woken up late since he didn't have to go to school. Coming downstairs in his pajamas, he noticed his mom in front of the TV, bouncing around, not wearing her spandex, but this time, only a tight little pink leotard.

Timmy stopped in his tracks, mesmerized by the jiggle of her ass cheeks, which he could see like never before. How he wanted to touch and squeeze them.

Stopping at the living room doorway, his cock stiffened and pitched a tent in his pajamas. He reached down and began to stroke it softly as his mom's ass clapped.

Her leotard was ridiculously tight and small and only covered a fraction of her cheeks. He could see practically everything, even a bit of her pubic hair poking out.

Suddenly then, his mom stopped her movements and craned her neck around, making direct eye contact with Timmy.

At first she had a startled, aghast expression, and Timmy quickly removed his hand from his pants and took a couple steps back.

But then, she smiled and did something that shocked Timmy.

She bent over, all the way, and touched her toes, bouncing a bit while doing so, giving Timmy a view of her ass like she'd never really given any man before.

Then she rose up slowly, running her hands along the silky skin of her long legs, until she was standing totally upright, with her hands on her hips.

She titled her head slightly backwards, let out a breathy moan, and ran her hands passionately up her stomach, up to her breasts, which she cupped for a minute or two, rubbing, pinching and caressing them.

It was at this time she looked over her shoulder and saw Timmy jerking off wildly.

As soon as they made eye contact, she smiled and he appeared to cum in his pants, and then nervously ran away, back up the stairs to his room...

His mom suddenly felt a pang of guilt deep in her stomach. What had she just done?

It was like that whole morning she'd been on auto-pilot, like something was controlling her. She'd not even thought it through when she put on that leotard instead of her usual work out attire.

And that tease she'd just given her son, what was that? She'd not planned that. It just happened spontaneously.

But as guilty as she felt, the whole thing turned her on immensely. She could feel her pussy soaking wet and she did something she hadn't done in many, many years.

Ana went to Timmy's room to see her son laying into bed and jerking his cock. She leaned over him meanwhile her breasts were testing the cut of her leotard to the limit. Bent forward, the effect of gravity on what are decent sized mammaries was beautiful to see. Ana has never liked the comparison with honey dews, but that is the shape they take when she is standing upright, and bent forward, only the stretch fabric of the leotard kept all that soft, ripe flesh from hanging free.

What the leotard could not prevent, however, was the side view of her breast flesh, or the pointed nipple shapes that formed beneath her, covered as her nipples were. Timmy loved what he saw.

"What are you doing up young perv?" she asked. He smiled and made up an excuse. He didn't dare tell her the real reason, which involved the spectacle that had just taken place in the living room.

"Get away," he said, although he actually liked it. "I', 18 y.o. adult man, you're not the boss of me," he fired back.

"Timmy, I'm your mother, you better start respecting me as such," she said.

Timmy knew, his mother liked to brag about how she spent her afternoons in the gym and liked to armwrestle the guys, achieving a few victories. She was well built and muscular.

He was aroused by her sole presence. He was sure she would be the wrestling partner he was waiting for, but he never dared getting into a struggle. That's when he decided to give it a try. Timmy told her he would like to wrestle her and she told him about doing it in the Basement Brawls. That made him horny because he almost always got erections and orgasms while wrestling.

And it happens soon!

It's Timmy's first match in the Basement Brawls and for his debut he's been pitted against his own mother. Jimmy is an 18 y.o. lad and only comes up to about his mothers shoulders, he's thin with blond hair and wearing a blue speedo with blue boots and pads, but he does have a very attractive set of abs. His mother, Ana, is a voluptuous, large breasted woman who's also blonde wearing a low cut pink leotard that shows off a lot of cleavage, white knee pads and pink boots. The match is a complete beat down where mom beats her son from pillar to post. Mom delivers a terrific beating, a real heal-style mean beating, stomps in the corner, lots punches to his helpless belly, bashing his head into the turn buckle. A lot of corner punishment and hanging him off the ropes, with lots a of power moves like suplexes, back breakers, pile drivers, and a lot of Breast smothers. Ana really uses her size to her advantage and just tosses her son around the ring, but her absolute favorite thing is breast smothers, she loves shoving her tits into her sons face. Fighting action ends with Ana stripping her son's speedo, placing him in the corner upside down in a tree of woe, and jerking him off until he comes all over his face.

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