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Update: 05.02.2021

B-662 "Rocky vs Persy"

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Rocky is still hurting.

Mentally. Physically.

After notching his first mixed-boxing win, with a 2nd-Round KO of his friend and sparring partner, Nancy, Rocky had much loftier ambitions for his next fight.

He stepped into the cage for the first time, awaiting a straight-up mixed fight, and got simply demolished by his opponent that evening, Ilsa "The Iceberg" Vandenberg. It was ugly. She beat the living hell out of him throughout the entire fight, leaving him lying in a bloody, injured heap in the middle of the ring when it was all over, with her foot firmly planted on him.

Once she removed her boot from his body, the medics rushed in and raced him to the nearest hospital. He had broken a few bones, was bruised all over his body, and needed IV, stitching and meds.

Once he got back home... he took a while to recoup. Gathering his thoughts. Wondering where to from here. Should he fight again? Was it worth it? This is something he dreamed about doing, but has turned into a nightmare.

Who's to say if he stepped back in the cage again that he wouldn't fight someone as strong, or stronger, than Ilsa? And she could have killed him!

Does he need to work on his biceps? Get bigger? Or just go back to boxing?

Who could he fight?

Well, as it turns out... luck was about to knock on his door... or call his phone.

His phone rang, and it was his Nancy. She told him she got a tip that a female boxer from overseas was coming to the U.S. and wanted to fight a guy. That kind of boxing is frowned upon overseas, so she decided to visit the U.S. to do it. Here's the amazing part... she's the daughter of Iranian royalty.

Nicknamed "The Princess of Pain".. Persy is a total knockout. A spoiled brat herself, she's used to getting her way with all men. She beats up women for fun, and pummels men, too.

Everyone is afraid of fighting her, for fear of retaliation. Well, to her, that's no fun. She wants to pummel a guy in a REAL fight, with no inhibitions.

She thinks she has a better chance of finding the kind of fight she wants in America.

She also wants to make a statement that America has lost its way, and is weak. Persy wants to make an example out of someone, and do it on a grand stage.

So, who does she fight? Well, she's not going to box any prize fighter. She DOES want to box a guy who has experience. She wants to fight someone who she thinks she can beat, but might put up a battle before she knocks him out.

Wanting to do this in a major market, she narrows her location to the Los Angeles area.

Her handlers put out feelers to the boxing gyms in the area. That being said, Nancy picked up on it, and actually submitted Rocky's name to them. It was a shot in the dark, but she thought "what's the worst that could happen?"

Nancy told Rocky she did that, and Rocky was like: "What in the world are you thinking?"

Nancy responded that it's a long-shot, but maybe this is the challenge Rocky would need, and that she has faith in his ability. She should know, he knocked her out not too long ago in a big (rematch) fight.

Well, a few days passed... and Nancy gave him an urgent text.


Rocky was like: "What the hell?" Then the phone rang, but from an unknown number.

Rocky: "Hello?"

Caller: "Is this Rocky?"

Rocky: "Yeah. Who is this?"

Caller: "My name is Ahmed. Do you have a moment?"

Rocky: "What is this about?"

Caller: "Have you ever heard of Persy.. The Princess of Pain?"

Rocky: "Yeah. Why?"

Caller: "She is coming to America next month..."

Rocky: "OK. What does this have to do with me?"

Caller: "You are a tough boxer, too, correct?"

Rocky: "Yeah. Sure. I think so."

Caller: "Good. Because she wants to fight you."

Rocky could not believe it.

Rocky: "Are you serious?"

Caller: "Very serious. She wants to fight a man. She wants to fight a tough boxer. She wants to fight an American boxer in America. She has looked at all men, but she wants to fight you."

Rocky: "Why me?"

Caller: "You told us you were interested, right?"

Rocky then remembered Nancy said she submitted his name.

Caller: "You said you would give her a good fight and knock her ass out."

Rocky: "Oh yeah... I guess I did."

Caller: "Persy likes you. She thinks you have spunk. She says you'd be the perfect American man to knock out in front of his own country."

Rocky then started to get pissed.

Rocky: "She says WHAT?!"

Caller: "I think you heard me okay."

Rocky paused for a moment, clenched his fists... and replied: "You tell her I'm looking forward to pulverizing the princess all over the ring! Got it?!"

No reply.

Rocky: "Got it?!"

A different voice answers the phone... a female one: "This IS the princess. I am going to pulverize YOU all over the ring, knock you out, then you'll find yourself on your knees, bowing down to me."

Rocky: "Bring it, bitch!"

Rocky hangs up his phone, then almost throws it across the room. He is SO pissed.

He hears a chirp from his phone, and knows it's Nancy, asking if she can call him.

Nancy calls him, and Rocky tells her how pissed off he is. She tries to calm him down, so she can spell it all out.

First, Persy is visiting the U.S. so she can pummel, knock out and utter humiliate an American male boxer in his own country, for all to see. She's not gonna sign on to fight a big-name pro boxer. That makes no sense. She wants to pick a good-sized male boxer who she feels she can make an example of. And of all the hundreds and thousands of male boxers to pick from...

She chose him.

Rocky got humiliated in his last fight. He doesn't intend on having that happen again.

Maybe the stars all lined up, or something, for him... but THIS was the fight he needed.

Nancy helped Rocky spar, to prepare. She also made him make the same promise he made to her during their last fight.... to pummel his opponent all over the ring from the opening bell to the grand finale knockout. He wasted no time pledging to do just that.

The fight will wind up being part of one of those mixed fight nights Rocky has fought in before.

He arrives at the arena, and enters the men's locker room. He puts on his usual red and black outfit, then starts hitting the heavy bag.

Persy enters the arena, to much fanfare. Cameras clicking, flashes blaring. She's the star tonight. She soaks in all the attention, then enters the women's locker room. She puts on her outfit... turqouise top, hot pink boots and gold gloves. Very fashionable. She starts hitting the heavybag, too. She loves the attention, but starts getting into her zone.

Many fights have come and gone. Sure enough, Rocky is the only guy left in the locker room.

A guy enters the room and yells, "Guess who's in the main event?!"

Rocky turns and looks at him.

Guy continues: "You ready for the big show, Rock?!"

Rocky slams his gloves together and makes his way to the tunnel.

A guy knocks on the door to Persy's locker room and asks: "You ready for the main event, Persy?!"

Persy responds: "I'm ALWAYS the main event."




Rocky climbs through the ropes, into the ring. He proceeds to shadow-box and then flex his muscles for all to see. He is stoked!

Then his music stops. And new entrance music blares over the loudspeaker.

The fans all get on their feet.


Persy, once again, basks in the boos (and some cheers) from the audience. She climbs through the ropes, shadow boxes, then flexes her mighty guns for all to see.

The referee has both fighters come to the middle of the ring to tap gloves, and to agree on a clean fight.

Persy leans in, and warns Rocky: "PAIN!"

Rocky leans in, and replies: "Bring it."

The two go back to their corners. There is obviously some bad blood here. Rocky remembers what he has to do, though.


The bell sounds, and the fight is underway. Rocky charges after Persy. Persy swings at Rocky, but he swerves out of the way, and nails Persy square in the gut. Rocky then proceeds to pummel away on her face... throwing many left and right hooks on her. Persy finally deflects one of the punches, and nails Rocky in the gut. She follows up with a few punches to Rocky's face. Rocky fights back, punching Persy in the gut and face again. Persy reponds with a few more punches to Rocky's face. There's a lot of back-and-forth right out of the gate here.


The bell sounds, and Round 1 is over, but Persy and Rocky are still throwing punches.

Referee breaks it up, and both fighters go back to their corners.

THIS is a fight.

Both catch their breaths.


Round 2 starts, and the two charge at each other. Persy swings and misses at him. Rocky retaliates with a bunch of left-and-right punches that push back into her own corner. While she is pinned there, Rocky pummels her repeatedly... several punches to her face and belly. He does not let up. After a few more punches, Rocky nails Persy with an uppercut that sends her flying back into the corner, and plop on the canvas, sitting up.

The referee starts counting. Persy shakes the cobwebs, gets up and charges at Rocky. Rocky aims for her belly, but Persy leaps and punches Rocky in the face. Persy takes advantage of the stunned Rocky, and pummels him back into his corner. Persy snarls and says "This is how it's done." then starts pummeling away at Rocky's gut and face. Persy then spins Rocky around and punches him again, then winds up nailing him with a mighty uppercut, sending him flying in the air, and crashing down onto the canvas.

The referee begins to count. Persy plants her foot down on Rocky and flexes her muscles to everyone, then points down at him. "This is the best you got? America is weak!" Rocky hears this, and starts getting up at around the 7-count.

Persy replies: "Oh, you want more, yes?!"

Rocky replies: "Bring it!"

Persy charges at him, and swings, but misses.

Rocky nails her in the gut with a few mighty right jabs, until the bell sounds.


Persy staggers back to her corner. Rocky does the same towards his.

For only two rounds, this is one tough fight.

One more to go.


Persy and Rocky charge at each other. Rocky swings and nails Persy in the gut. Persy reponds to a hook to his head. The two trade punch-after-punch. Persy starts getting the upper-hand and nails him in the gut and head. Rocky starts to bleed.

Persy then says: "Now to knock you out for your whole country to see."

Persy unwinds another huge uppercut, but Rocky eludes it. With Persy's arm up in the air, Rocky hammers her in her rib cage, repeatedly. Persy is reeling. Rocky pummels her face and head mercilessly, with blood coming out of her nose and mouth. He hammers her into the corner and wails away on her again. He then spins her around, and punches her to the middle of the ring.

"Now it's time to send you back home." Rocky unwinds and nails her in the chin with a mighty uppercut that sends Persy flying in the air, and crashing her back on the mat. The referee counts to ten.



With the fans cheering him on, Rocky plants his foot down on Persy's belly, flexing his muscles for all to see.

Rocky went from zero to hero in one fight.