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mixed wrestling holds free description leotard femdom submission fight

Update: 30.07.2021

W-687 "The new champion"

Gallery size: 320 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 320 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It had been several weeks since Mark Starr had returned from Japan; he had gown there to defend his wrestling title. He had come home defeated. The Asian Champion that had forced his submission had refused to accept the North American Private Club championship belt. The owners and matchmakers of the clubs were not sure who the real champion is. The decision was made to hold a tournament to crown the next champ. The top five rated wrestlers would be matched against each other to decide the next champion. The matches would take place over a weekend and feature Mark Starr the former champ, Kim, Tom, Debra, and Julie. Jen Komai the Asian champ who had defeated Mark for the North American title had refused to participate.

The Las Vegas club chosen to host the matches is full to capacity the first round is about to begin. In their dressing rooms the wrestlers are preparing for their fights. Tom sits in an easy chair he is dressed to wrestle, Black satin thong jockstrap, black boots and black silk thigh length robe. Toms opponent in the opening match Debra begins to put on her wrestling gear. Light tan pantyhose, white wet look tights, white boots and a white sequined satin jacket. The time for the match has come.

The crowd cheers as the wrestlers enter the ring. The referee calls them together and gives her instructions. The bell opens the match as Tom and Debra circle each other. Debra moves first taking Tom’s leg and flipping him on his back. She steps over and bends his leg in a toehold. Tom slaps the mat and grabs his leg as Debra twists and bends it. Debra releases the hold and stands on one of Tom’s boots. She takes his other boot and twists his ankle as she spreads his legs in a split. Tom twists and turns trying to escape the hold. Debra stomps on Tom’s thigh as he cries out in pain " OH IT HURTS – YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK MY LEG". Debra looks down on Tom and says " GIVE UP TOM OR I"L SPLIT YOU IN TWO". Tom wiggles and twists he pushes on the mat trying to escape it takes him almost five painful minutes to reach the ropes. For the next ten minutes the two wrestlers exchange holds and slams first one then the other is trapped and twisted lifted and slammed.

The end comes with sudden swiftness Tom slams Debra to the mat. She is slow to react he takes her leg bends it at the knee tucks her other leg under his arm and flips her over. Tom has Debra in a Scorpion Death lock. As the referee leaps into position Debra is already screaming " I SUBMIT – I SUBMIT - PLEASE TOM LET ME GO – I SUBMIT". Tom lets her fall to the mat holding her knee as his hand is raised in victory. Tom is the first wrestler to advance to the next round.

The second match of the evening pits Kim against Mark. Kim who started out as part of a tag team has made the climb to the top of the singles rankings. She enters the ring tonight all in black, neck to toe long sleeve sheer body stocking over a black satin thong and matching bra with black patent leather boots. Kim’s opponent is the former champion, Mark Starr. It has been a little over a month since Mark has returned from Japan after being defeated by the Asian Champion. Mark’s trainer is concerned about the match; he feels Mark needs more time to get over the loss. Mark is in his standard ring gear jockstrap, white dance tights and white boots as he waits for the bell. Kim is puzzled by the strange look on Marks face; she has never seen that look on another wrestler before. As the match starts both wrestlers circle each other looking for an opening. Mark seems to be backing up not wanting to lock up with Kim. Kim makes her move by grabbing Mark’s tights hooking her arm over his head and suplexing him to the mat. Mark makes no move to get up so Kim takes his leg and bends it into a step-over toehold. Marks eyes grow wide and he flails his arms wildly.

He rolls from side to side reaching for the ropes. Mark seams to have forgotten how to wrestle; he has no idea how to counter Kim’s toehold.

Kim is stunned as this once proud champion flips about trying to escape. Kim now has Mark’s boots in her hands he is flat on his back as she tucks them under her arms. Mark offers almost no resistance as Kim turns him over. She pulls back on his legs as she bends his back Mark is trapped in Kim’s Boston Crab. Mark wastes no time as he cries out to the referee " REF-REF- MAKE HER STOP-PLEASE - LET ME GO –I GIVE UP – I GIVE UP". The match has lasted just over two minuets as Kim’s arm is raised in victory. For the second time in just six weeks Mark the former champion lies on the mat in defeat, this time he has been completely humiliated He may never wrestle again.

The second night of wrestling will feature Julie, Tom and Kim. Before the Tournament began Julie was lucky enough to draw the short straw and get a by in the first round. In the matches tonight Tom won the coin toss so it is Kim that must face Julie.

The wrestlers approach the ring for the first match. Kim dressed in a body stocking, thong, bra and boots this time all in green. Julie looks like the beach girl she is. She wears a skin tight red one peace, with high cut thighs and a low cut back just like baywatch, nude pantyhose and red boots. The ref gives her standard instructions and signals for the bell. The next forty minutes are an incredible display of athletic ability and wrestling skill. Kim and Julie wrestle each other to a standstill. Hold after hold slam after slam first one then the other gain and loose the advantage. They’re wrestling gear soaked with sweat; chests heaving with ever breath neither fighter wanting to make the first mistake. Kim whips Julie to the ropes and drives her knee into Julie’s stomach on the rebound. As Julie doubles over her head is trapped between Kim’s thighs. Kim reaches around Julie’s middle lifts her up off the mat and power bombs her. She is stunned as Kim pulls her to her feet. Julie is again whipped to the ropes and kneed. Kim is merciless as she sends Julie flying into the corner smashing her back into the turnbuckle. Kim’s knee smashes into Julie’s mid-section four times as she begins to overwhelm her opponent. Julie is dragged from the corner and flung to the ropes. As she bounces off Kim is waiting and traps her in an Abdominal Stretch. Julie screams in pain as Kim tightens the hold. The ref asks her if she wants to submit, and Julie refuses. Kim slowly works the hold tighter and tighter. Julie is asked for a second and then a third time if she wishes to give up and still she refuses. Kim continues to work the hold as she feels Julie weakening.

Kim uses her free hand to grab Julie’s side in a one handed claw. Kim asks Julie "HAD ENOUGH",  "GIVE UP BEFORE I BREAK SOMETHING" she tells her. Julie’s will to fight comes to an end as she cries out " YES – YES – I’VE HAD ENOUGH- LET ME GO KIM PLEASE- I GIVE UP – I GIVE UP". Kim releases the hold and Julie slumps to the canvass legs drawn up clutching her mid-section After having her arm raised in victory; Kim kneels down to help Julie to her feet as she does she tells Julie " YOU ARE A GREAT WRESTLER – YOU FOUGHT VERY HARD".  The final match is now set Kim will wrestle Tom for the championship.

During the next two hours the club offers the crowd a half dozen preliminary type matches. These fights are between the newer wrestlers just starting out.

In their dressing rooms the wrestlers in the championship match prepare for battle. Kim takes a hot shower and gets a complete rub down and massage from her trainer. She needs to recover from her match with Julie. Tom spends his time lying on the training table fast asleep. He watched Kim’s match against Julie; he is absolutely sure he is the next champion. As fight time approaches Tom and Kim change into they’re wrestling gear. Kim pulls up black pantyhose stretches skintight silver metallic tights over her body and laces up silver boots. Tom puts on his jockstrap, steps into and pulls up skintight white satin wrestling trunks and ties his white patent leather boots. They both want to give the crowd all they could ask for.

The match is twenty minuets old and the crowd is on its feet. Both wrestlers have set a blistering pace. Each has shown tremendous wrestling ability and great athletic skill. This is probably the finest display of scientific wrestling they have ever seen. Tom has Kim in a hammerlock and cross face. He is pulling up on her arm and twisting her neck as hard as he can. Kim is on her toes trying to grab Tom or the ropes hopping to escape. The ref asks her to give up but she refuses. Slowly Kim works her way to her corner and steps through the ropes. The hold is broken as she bends to catch her breath and rub her shoulder.

Kim moves carefully out of the corner and circles Tom. They lock up at center ring each trying to get the advantage. Kim strikes first ducking under and trapping Tom in a full nelson. He twists and turns his upper body in an effort to escape. Kim tightens the hold as she lifts him off the mat. Tom’s neck and shoulders ache as Kim swings him back and forth.

Tom’s shinny white boots kick the air as he struggles to get free. In a lighting quick move Kim slides her arm around Tom’s waist and squeezes.

She lifts him up and flips him over in a suplex. Tom’ body quivers as it crashes to the mat on his neck and shoulders. Kim takes Tom’s leg and drives her knee into his. He screams in pain as Kim smashes his knee and leg over and over again. Tom is on the mat writhing in pain reaching out with his arms trying to get the ropes in an effort to escape from Kim.

In a panic he claws the mat as Kim takes his boot in her hand. She pulls his leg around and bends it at the knee. She lifts his other boot raps her leg over his and drops to the mat. Tom is trapped in a figure four leglock. He flails his arms wildly; covers his face with his hands as he screams in pain. Back and forth he rolls pulling at his legs; hands reaching for the ropes. The end comes for this proud wrestler as he cries out "PLEASE KIM LET ME GO – I SUBMIT – NO MORE – PLEASE- I SUBMIT". The crowd noise drowns out Toms’ cries Kim pulls tighter on the hold as the ref is finally in position and asks him if he’s had enough. Tom screams out his answer "YES- YES- I’VE HAD ENOUGH- MAKE HER STOP – PLEASE!!! – I GIVE UP – I GIVE UP". Kim releases Tom at once and leaps to her feet. Her arms raised in victory as the Championship Belt is placed around her waist. As Kim turns and waves to the crowd she sees Tom lying on the mat his head in his hands tears in his eyes. She stops to help him and he asks her " I GAVE UP KIM WHY DID’ENT YOU LET ME GO". Kim tells him "I’M SO SORRY TOM I DID"ENT HEAR YOU SUBMIT – I HOPE YOU’R NOT HURT" as she helps him out of the ring she promises him a rematch very soon.

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