CFNM wife vs husband homemade wrestling

Update: 10.08.2018

W-530 "Wife's victory"

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Mixed wrestling, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

It's a story of young couple, just married and going to their first wedding night. Action starts at afternoon, in girl's home - not so late for going to bed. Laura is a gymnast and swimmer, she likes to have a lot of physical activity and she offers him a tennis match, after defeating him with easy she goes to her daily fighting workout while he cleans the tennis court. When he finishes his job, he removes his clothing and goes to the bedroom and finds his young wife beating a large punching bag. When he will return from the shower, they has some playful erotic wrestling in the bed when she knees him in the groin, puts him in schoolgirl pin then straddles his face and it turns to sensual facesitting with handjob. Finally he asks her for real competition and it ends with his defeat. Laura found her lovely way to receive the greatest pleasure and their wedding night turns to continuation of her victory poses over his face.

Laura, the female fighter, says: "I have always been fast and strong, faster and stronger than the average man. When I was a teenager I discovered that many boys liked to be dominated by me, I wrestled them down and they got turned on. I suddenly started to like this and I had a lot of boys and young men. Some of them didn't like being dominated physically, they got very embarrassed and some even started to cry from being ashamed. Had to show these guys that a big strong girl like me could also be warm and loving. I found my husband when I was 21, he was quite skinny and I had my way with him on the second date. He told me that before me he never had thought about being with a stronger girl but he admitted he loved being helpless under me. Luckilly this is the way I want it too and we have now being married for 25 years. This wedding night my husband and I had a foreplay turned into a wrestling session. We grappled in the bed, once I've kneed him in the groin then straddled him in schoolgirl pin. "Aaaah! It's not fair! Why you pressing my groin with your knee so cruelly?", he screamed. "Because I'm a girl. I'm allowed to do all that I want. And you're disallowed to hurt me!" I answered. "You are a cheater! You've placed your knee in my groin with full force then  straddled me  when I was helpless in pain. It's not fair!", he cried. "I'll defeat you anyway", I've told to him. We decided the best out of 3 matches, I was dressed in black gym leotard, he was completely naked. The first match was tough and long, he came at me aggressive and fast but I held on. He was able to avoid my legs and had me on the defensive for the first 10-12 minutes. Then he got careless and tired and couldnt maintain the pace and struggle of the match. Being that I grew up doing gymnastics and swimming, my flexiblity enabled me to get my legs involved when it appeared there was no way I could. It really seemed that he would get his first victory over me but when I was able to sneak my legs up, trap his head and slammed him to the side the tide changed in my favor. we both know from previous matches that once i get him in a head scissors victory is near. he was grunting, panting, and squirming trying to free himself. I even asked him if he was ok, worried he was over exerting himself as his face was bright red. He assured me he was fine so I continued and i held him in my legs for at least another 5 minutes as he wasted a lot of energy trying to get out. I realized his struggles were getting weaker and i was sapping his strength from him so I became more aggressive and eventually turned that hold into me sitting on his chest. His arms were contained and useless as i sat on him, my crotch near his chin looking down into his eyes. I could see the frustration, and the look of defeat in his, he could see the sparkle in my eyes. it was such a sexual turn on for me and yes I noticed for him too giggles. I taunted him telling him he was done and finally after a few minutes of resisting he submitted to me. we took a 10 minute break and started round 2. I could tell he needed moe time but i was feeling good and fresh as if the first match hadnt happened. This time I came at him hard and fast, got my legs around his body first, sapped his strength and then got him in another head scissors. In less than 5 minutes I had him in the same position that i had him for the end of the first match. I looked into his tired and defeated eyes and said, you know I won, admit defeat and he did. I sat on him, flexed and said still the undefeated champion, girls rule! From that position I also announced that this has me so excited and he knows what to do. I will keep this clean but we did have alot more fun that night. I think more and more people are not just accepting that the male is the stronger because he is the man. More often women are now challenging men and finding out that they can compete and can win. I credit my wins over my husband to my flexibility, my endurance and stamina, my leg strength, my quickness and ability to apply a second hold while my legs sap his strength. I am also very competitive and hate to lose especially if it is just assumed I'll lose because I am a female. I am a woman, and I am 3 inches shorter and 40lbs or so lighter than my husband and I am undefeated against him. his muscles may be stronger for burst of power and in the short run, but mine are stronger in the long run and I have proved that to him over and over."

Tim, the male fighter, says: "I provoked my wife into a friendly fight, and let her win. I've told: "Oh honey, you are beautiful! You're looking so sexy in your gymnastic outfit, your martial arts workout made me horny. Just a thought of being overpowered by a woman is very much a turn-on, especially if she is attractive like you!" She whispered to me, "I hear you like to wrestle. I can do that." She was pretty, and I took her up. What started as a foreplay session on the bed turned into wrestling, and I let her get on top, I didn't have to pretend. She was strong. Laura liked to dominate too. I held her hands down when I took her, and it transported her. She struggled a little, never enough to alarm me, just to make me more excited. When she was on top, I encouraged her to hold my hands down, and struggled just enough to get her hot. Never enough to get away. While sitting on me, she teased me. "Why do you get so hard when I sit on you?" I admitted that I liked being dominated that way. She asked, "Didn't you ever fight girls when you were little?" "Yes" I replied. "But not like this." She sat astride me for awhile. She gloated over for me for a time. Then she moved up a little on my body. Caught my arms under the crook of her legs, and sat back. Both of us knew I was totally helpless at that point. She put her hands on my throat, said "I could kill you now." Her weight was on my crotch, I was totally aroused, and totally in her power. I was never afraid of her. She was my wife. Still, to be in her power that way, excited me beyond belief. She said "Im not going to let you up until you come." Then she proceeded to make me. The most shattering orgasm of my life. If you can trust a woman to let her overpower you, and submit, you may open up something you never thought existed."