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cfnm mixed wrestling leotard high cut bodysuit femdom street fight woman win karate

Update: 14.10.2016

W-431 "Who is stronger?"

Gallery size: 190 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

It's a friendly fight of 18 y.o. couple, both of them must know who is stronger and who will be a dominant partner in their relationships.

Alan, the male fighter, says: "Now I'm sure, females absolutely love to defeat a male opponent in something like wrestling. My girlfriend Lucy has always known she could beat me in a fight. She has always preferred sexual relationships where she has control. It was a rule for me, I enjoy my face being ridden cowgirl style. Lucy is competitive and like to win at anything she does. This includes a friendly wrestling match with a male partner. Daring girl enjoying winning and also turned on by it. She had said when we wrestled that when she was trying to pin me and I was trying to get out of it and she would start to feel me weaken and she would keep going for the pin that she totally loved the feeling of being in control and taking over! My girlfriend gets very excited when she beats me. Dominating a man really turned her on and she was the one that always initiated cunnilingus after she destroyed me. So for her, wrestling was an extreme turn on but only after she was victorious. After she wrestles me into a SGP, with her knees pinning my forearms and her hands pinning my wrists, she looks down at me, struggling to get free from her SGP, and says: I am your all powerful dominatrix and you are my helpless sex slave! Wearing her sexy leotard and siting on my naked body in a victory pose, she enjoys teasing me about superiority of girls".

Lucy, the female fighter, says: "CFNM represents the sexual tension of the unattainability of the woman being clothed and the utter vulnerability of the male. Here it's the woman who's dominant (or the aggressor) and the male who's portrayed as submissive and abused. The nude body has inspired fear, awe and many other emotions that are usually both conflicted and repressed. It gives Me great pleasure and delight to have my male opponent strip down naked during fight because his nudity drives him under My control. I know that stripping him is a way to strip him of his worldly persona and symbolically of any residual armor he may have due to his ego. I enjoy the instant attitude adjustment usually accompanied by the barometer of arousal that he'll shyly try to hide behind his hands. Nothing amuses Me more than seeing My naked male opponent try to find shelter to hide from Me. Finally all that resistance fades when he comes to the stark realization that there is nowhere to hide and nothing to hold on to... there is only surrender in his nakedness and submission to Me. I like wrestling with men, and got much more turned on during a struggle and winning the struggle. I really like ending up on top and pinning men which I defeated and the cunnilingus which inevitably following my victory (wrestling generates A LOT of sexual energy) always best when I won!".

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