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teens high school cfnm erotic mixed wrestlig leotard femdom fighting

Update: 06.12.2019

W-601 "School Champions"

Gallery size: 410 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 410 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Yes I was the undisputed wrestling champ & captain of the school wrestling team, even dominating the heavier guys, everyone knew a session with me in the mat means lying on your back flat in two minutes. I was the district champ & will vie for the state honours this year. 

As I passed the adjacent mat I could see Ananya the captain of the female wrestling team.The most curvaceous body I have ever seen…. But it was not typically soft female body, but every part of her was toned to the T she exuded strength & certain feline grace. 

I was always dismissive of female wrestling & was always ridiculing & making fun of the gals. 

Ananya had joined me in near the water stand I was just taking a gulp & admiring her taut rear when she suddenly turned back eyes flashing. What are u lukin at… pervert… I was taken aback I have not noticed that she could see me in the newly installed mirrors on the wall. My ears went red with embarrassment, I had always had a thing for her but may be at some level I was intimidated by her so we had never talked & this is not the way I wanted to be acquainted to her. Er… nuthin…I said. Her face was red she pointed a finger at me & said I know u very well u dumbass.. u think females are only show piece only eye candy. 

I asked her out on a date. One day I took her to my place, we got close, we kissed & soon we were soon groping around. I felt her hands tightening in a passionate embrace & I started kissing her neck. Soon my hands started pulling her top. Though I have felt them while wrestling, I was amazed at the size of her breasts. They were not only big but very firm, her years of sports & exercising has developed her chest muscle to such an extent that they can easily held her huge breasts firm. My teeth tore open her shirt now she was all over me kissing & biting she removed my tees & started nibling my chest .I was over the top now I lifted her & she wrapped her legs around me. Now as I just undid the buttons of her skirt. She stopped, she slid down off me & said no, not that. I said why baby we both want that u know. No not me… I cant forget the insults.. I cant do this, but that’s past baby I am sorry for those things I love u. but she was not one to give in. No u know u r my first BF & its not that I don’t love u but I also hate u for what ur beliefs. I said what beliefs.. those are not beliefs but fact. A girl cant outwrestle a boy. No way we are far stronger then you. But we have more endurance & flexibility surely u must have understood that atleat when we wrestled, Countered she. Yes you are but still in a fight it’s the muscles which decides the outcome, u need to have balls to have that baby. I said & flexed my biceps. Oh u think so don’t u egghead u have only beaten boys in fight so u don’t have any idea of a girls strength. Now this brought a smile in my face, which infuriated her even more. What the hell I said do u think Ananya I can beat up any boy in the school. U think any girl can even give me a decent workout in a fight. No one dare come in my way if any one does he will be pasted. Or she will kick ur sorry but said she. You get worked upon silly matters I commented seeing her red face she was looking very beautiful now she was angry. Lets finish what we were doing its much more fun than arguing. She looked at me for a moment then a her lips parted in a hint of smile u know what lets do that but in a different way. U wrestle me if u win I wil never bother u about these & you can have me anytime anywhere u want. But if u lose u will hafto declare infront of all the school that I am a better wrestler & will never trouble the girls team &…….. with that her eyes glinted in a suppressed smile. The third condition I will tell u after I win. Ha in your dreams gal I said, but what kinda fight wrestling without a referee wont take us anywhere, we both are good enough not to be pinned by each other. 

Not freestyle wrestling silly I have something in mind… something which will settle the debate forever which will pit the male body against the female body in test of superiority where the loser cant dispute the winners supremacy. What do u have in mind I said. Lets wrestle she said no pins, the match will be no hold barred until one of us gives in to the other & accepts that she is superior. I corrected he is superior, but what about the rules. You will wrestle in the nude and there are no more rules dumbass we wrestle till it's clear who is the superior sex is. You were boasting about male strength & how cause u have that lump between your legs that you're superior to us I just wanna prove that wrong. That’s why no hold barred fight where the we find out who is superior the male body or the female… who quits first. 

Now the ideas of the fight intrigued me as I was dying to have that girl. I was sure of a win & wanted the spoils of the match so I agreed. Ok I said lets go to the basement, there I have mats for my practice. I led her down the stairs.  I came out of my jeans & shorts & she rolled down her skirt. She started stretching on the mats & while doing my own warm ups I was astonished to observe her flexibility. She caught me looking & smiled perv.. … Soon we had worked a thin film of sweat & were ready to rumble. She wore a black gym leotard. I had shaved my pubes so now she was staring at my exposed organ. My 8 inches cock was dying to explore her juicy cunt, her nipples on her 36DD breasts were erect under leotard. That naked piece of meat will soon be my slave she said. That girl will my worship my staff you cunt I retorted. With these we came together, being wrestlers we both started with hand to hand grappling. We exchanged holds for sometime. Until she dived for my legs but instead of flattening I met her charge & wrapped my arms around her torso. She lifted my right leg & pushed me back to make me off balance. But I leaned & joined my hands between her legs & fell sideways so that while falling I can take her down. Now we both were in the met her hands were between my legs & mine between her. I could feel her moistness. I tried to use my strength advantage to turn her from that position but to my surprise found out that a girl is not so easy to turn. The fat distribution in a females lower body makes her far harder to turn & due to her flexibility she twisted her upper body such a way that I could not get her on her back. While I was engaged in turning her I had forgotten that ours was a no hold barred fight with submission as the objective not pin. I was forced to remember that when one of her hands cupped my balls & the other started mauling my penis. That’s not fare I screamed that’s illegal. It’s no hold barred baby she whispered mischievously, it’s male vs female body, I am just taking advantage of male weakness. It was hopeless to continue I screamed my submission. She got up in a flash like a coiled spring uncoiling & putting her foot on my chest hit a double bicep shot. Oh the best boy wrestler of the college whom none can defeat is whimpering under the feet of the female champion nice isn’t it she said. I got up gingerly she actually had not applied much pressure on the hold its just the terror of what can happen has made me submit. I was alright physically but psychologically damaged with my weakness so cruelly exposed. I don’t remember losing a fight since long & never so fast. 

We squared up again now my thighs close together to protect my weakness. This hampered my foot work she was dancing around me while I was in a very defensive position. She took advantage & quickly took me down & in a flash she was on my back. She held my head pressed on the mat riding me. Now I will show one more superiority of girls. Saying this she reversed our position her legs clamped on my head as her hand went between my legs & soon she was jerking my male organ. I was helpless in her vice like grip & was not able to get free. She kept jerking me I had to do something so in desperation I've tried to insert my tongue in her warm hole but I was able just to lick her clit through a leotard. Ohh she said I was waiting for it but you will get a surprise she said. We continued like this for about 10 minutes in which I made her cum thrice but she did not relinquish her scissor & after ten minute my penis lost the wrestling match between her hand & my cock & gave in. The orgasm had taken all energy out of me I lay flat on my back on the mat as she got up again & this time put her feet on my male pride & said lesson two girls are better sex warrior then boys. Our sex organ is far superior to yours. We have better endurance in sex games, a vagina can easily defeat a penis in sexfight.

I got up & again we locked up but now my confidence was shattered. I was on the defensive & for the next thirty minutes we were grappling furiously she was the attacker she scored many takedowns but my ultradefensive tactics meant that she could not get an edge on me but rode me several time. Whats the matter stud the district champion is being run to the ground by a girl. She was attacking with more vigour now as I was tiring. Her huge breasts were bouncing up & down & sweat had formed a thin coating on her but she was in better condition than me I was sweating profusely. My tired physical condition effected my concentration as she scored another takedown. I flattened myself on my back again glad to have sometime to rest. She took notice of my tactics & smiled a little then started goading me. When this did not work she started rubbing her pussy all over my back this distracted me & as I lifted my head to peek she got me in a chicken wing. She lifted my body enough to slip her legs in & secured a scissor. She turned me & made me immobile. Now with her ankle she started rubbing my cock which already was in attention posture. Fearing that if I ejaculate I will weaken I started to furiously push & pull my way out of the hold after about five minutes I succeeded & broke her hold. As soon as I broke away I scampered out of her reach. Look at the little pussy prick running away from the championess she remarked while rubbing her breast & vagina. Her comments were challenge to my maleness so I attacked with vengeance but she expertly side stepped me. Then catching my shoulder blades in she suddenly jumped in air & her legs clamped shut around my torso while falling she rolled to one side & quickly clamped my head in a hug. My air supply was cut off with my face pressed on her ample bossom & she had clamped her legs constricting my chest making breathing difficult. Soon I had to give in as I had no more energy to break her hold, my strength had given away to her superior endurance. She again stood up & instead putting foot on my body gave me some bodybuilding pose & did a double summersault with her ponytail bouncing in the air she announced lesson three feminine endurance negates masculine muscles mass. Estrogen helps us sweat less & regulate our body heat while testosterone make u guys sweat like pig. Guys are just afraid that gals will beat them that’s why u have time limits for fights. Otherwise girls will always win. 

I was in my last leg now throughout our match this girl had bested me, humiliated me hell I never even got a chance to mount an attack I was faring very poorly in this battle of sexes. Now to finish it off she said her hands raised in boxing stance. Here I thought I had an advantage as males had significant upper body strength advantage over females. I was tired but was prepared to put in my last effort to defend my male pride. She was fast & with blinding speed hit me with three punches in my face & retreated. I was tired & not so nimble on my feet still I charged taking quite a few shots but I got her this time with two well placed shots on her boobs. She staggered back her pain obvious in her facial features. I smiled for the first time since the start of our competition, no holds barred right. She snarled u will pay for this I did not hurt ur balls when I could have but as now u have broken the sanctity of this competition see what happens. Saying this she charged. I was prepared with few more boob shots she took two & seemed like she was sliding down on my body on a clinch. One hand on my shoulder & the other hanging free. She suddenly brought one hand up smashing my jewels. My mouth opened up in a big O emitting a silent scream. As I started slipping down on the mat my hands clutching my balls, I was on my knees when I looked up in terror at her oncoming fist BAM. With one well placed punch on my chin I was in dreamland. 

I awoke in my bed half an hour later with my hand & legs tied to the bed post. After the grueling fight she had carried my 74 kg body all the way up on her shoulders. She stood infront of me clad in black leotard in all her female glory. Tomorrow in school infront of everyone you will accept me as the superior wrestler & hand over the boys captaincy band to me. Neither you nor any of your cronies will ever harass my girls. And to end the evening here is the finale, she unbuttoned her purse & brought out a dildo & a video camera. If u ever go back on your word. She kept the camera on the side stand & mounted me suck ur championess. I sucked her clits & my tongue kept going in & out of her hole. She pulled me up by my head & made me kiss her anus & pussy as a sign of my defeat & female superiority. Then she put on the dildo & fucked my brains out to seal her win. Now with utter disdain she mounted me again she said to show the superiority of my organ over yours I will piss on you. With this she let loose a golden stream warm liquid drowsing my face & whole body she took special care to piss on my cock which shrinked under onslaught. After this she dressed put the camera back on her bag & said since that days humiliation I was looking for an opportunity to avenge my gender. With our wrestling match cut short this was the only way to prove my point. So lesson four is that female are not only superior here (pointing at her pussy) but here also (pointing at her head). She left me in pain defeat & humiliation.

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