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mixed wrestling muscle female bodybuilder headlock femdom fighting woman wins

Update: 07.02.2020

W-610 "Barbara vs Jim"

Gallery size: 310 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

I had gone to Barbara's apartment, where we were accustomed to work-out on a wall to wall mat that she had set up in a spare room, to take some advantages of her. If you could see Barbara you would understand why I wanted a little side action. She was always beautiful growing up, but now she is a gorgeous amazon, with long and gorgeously muscled legs, a flat and hard midsection that tapered up from a slim waist to luscious tits and perfect shoulders. Top all of this off with blue-green eyes and long blonde hair and you would know where I was coming from. 

Barbara always worked out in a leotard outfit that half displayed her gorgeous breasts and had a T-back. There was little left for my imagination. After a week of work-out sessions she looked ripe for a little fun. 

With Barbara working the handles and the foot plates of the cross trainer, I was able to enjoy both a direct front view and a reflected rear view of my wife's body in harmonic motion.

The upper part of the front looked like any other leotard. It had inch wide shoulder straps, a scooped neckline that revealed the first couple of inches of Barbara's cleavage, but no more than that, and wide cut arm holes that allowed for freedom of movement, but exposed nothing very daring. It was the bottom half that was cut to bare more than most leotards are designed to do.

Most leotards have their leg holes cut to the thigh. Some are cut higher on the thigh than others, but this one was more extreme. It did not even touch my wife's thighs. Neither did it touch her waist on either side. The fabric was shaped from the underarms, diagonally down to either side of Barbara's hairless pubic mound. It width was no more than three inches where it hid her navel, and at least an inch narrower where it went between her legs. It covered the essentials, but it was scandalously scant.

Barbara's rear view was even better. My wife's buttocks were bare, absolutely nothing covering those delicious globes of flesh. The first sighting of any fabric was at the top of her buttock cleft, and from there it rose to either side of her shoulder blades in an elongated vee, joining the front beneath each arm, and rising over each of her shoulders.

On this day I waited until we were about ten minutes into our regular routine before coming over to her and closing in a clinch. This in itself was not too bad, but I took the added pleasure of planting both of my palms against her gorgeous ass. This was too much for Barbara. She pushed me away and said, "what are you up to?  Let's just stick to our work-out, shall we?" I just grinned. Barbara didn't take too kindly to this either. "I said break it off, didn't I?", she said softly. When I still stayed exactly where I was and made no move to relinquish my clinch Barbara shoved me again and said, more angrily now, "Let go, Jim". My male ego made me think that she was just being coy, so I went a little further and dug my fingers into the luscious flesh of her ass. "Let me go, Jim, and I mean it", she almost snarled. By this time my macho was in control and I ignored her demand. If I had only realized what I was in for I would have heeded her. But instead I took her warning with lightness and amusement. And because I did I was taught a lesson - a lesson I learned the hard way. 

Barbara gave me one more warning, "Damn it, Jim, I said let go". I just clinched tighter and grabbed more of her ass. "Come on, Barbara, you know that you love......." That's as far as I got before her knee exploded in my groin. I released her quickly and almost doubled up in pain. Then, before I could even get a breath or straighten up, Barbara moved in and grabbed my head in headlock. I immediately felt her arms squeeze my skull and felt my face compressed against the side of her breast. 

I tried, off course, to wrench my head free, but Barbara just tightened her grip until I saw stars. I vas about ready to tell her that she could let loose when she started to pump my head up and down. After four or five of these wrenching pumps I was ready for her next move. She yanked my head do used a hip throw to flip me over and down to the mat. I landed so hard that the breath was knocked from my body. 

Once on the mat I was too stunned to attempt any retaliation. Barbara's headlock crunched down on my head and my face got mashed into her luscious breast. As the moments ticked by her hold on my head got tighter and tighter. This drove me to attempt to escape but all my efforts were futile. Barbara held me in a vise of steel. I couldn't believe what power she exerted. When I tried to maneuver around she just followed me and bore down even harder. "C'mon", I squealed, "let me up. I was only fooling". "Maybe your were, Jim", she retorted, "but I'm going to teach you a lesson so that you won't try anything like this again". "C'mon", I reiterated, "Let's cut this shit. I mean it, Barbara I'm getting pissed off". 

"You should have thought of that sooner, Jim. I asked you to cut it out and you just laughed at me. Now you have to pay the price."  This last angered me and I arched up in an effort to break free. It didn't work. Barbara just squeezed harder until I thought that my head would come off. Then, suddenly, Barbara released the headlock and I was free. But free for only about two seconds until her thighs closed around my head in a scissorhold. I felt her muscular thighs close and start to crush my head. 

I don't know how many of you men out there have ever been scissored between female thighs. But for those of you who haven't let me assure you that you have never felt anything so devastating in your life. Barbara's thighs snapped around my head and the insides of her thighs smothered my ears, mouth, and nose. The powerful coils of an anoconda snake could not have squeezed any harder.  I saw stars and I involuntarily slapped the mat with my hands as my consciousness started to slip away. My motions alerted Barbara how close I was to blacking out. She released the scissorhold and went for another punishing hold. 

I was rolled over onto my stomach and I felt Barbara lie down on my back. Then before I know what to expect, Barbara's arms snaked under my armpits and then around to lock hands behind my head in a full nelson. I struggled beneath her but was unable to dislodge her from her dominating position. I bucked up, only to be slammed down by the full weight of her body to the mat again.  She held me in this hold for about two minutes while I thrashed about. Then my frenetic movements rolled us over so that Barbara was on her back, with me over her, still locked in the nelson. I had been better off on my stomach, for no sooner had we rolled over than Barbara opened her thighs, wrapped them around my middle, then locked them together in a brutal scissors. 

The fire in my abdominals was instantaneous as her scissors cut into my middle. I felt as if I vas being stretched beyond endurance, cut in two by a powerful vise, and pressured by a neck snapping bulldozer.  I thought that I was going to be subjected to this torture until I could not stand it any more. But I was wrong. Barbara had other punishments to inflict and she proceeded to clamp me in one of them.  She released the scissor/nelson combo and while I dizzily tried to recover, she caught my head in a reverse head scissors - me lying on the mat on my back, and Barbara's body on top of me, she lying on her stomach, and her crotch right over my head and her thighs scissored around my head. 

Once Barbara started to squeeze I experienced the most head; splitting and excruciating pain and pressure that I have ever known. The minute she exerted full pressure I started to get dizzy, my ears started to buzz, and I felt lightheaded. In no more than a half minute I realized that I was on the way out and I frantically slapped at her thighs. Thank goodness Barbara knew the universal signal to let go or I would have been unconscious in only a few more seconds.  She let me loose and I remained stunned on the mat. I saw her get up on her feet and move away, her back to me. I had a flash of inspiration - her back was to me, and now was the time for me to escape. I got to me feet as quickly as I could and made for the door. But before I reached it she came up behind me and grabbed my hair, pulling me back to the center of the mat. "No you don't", she said, yanking my hair. "You don't get off that easy. I'm not finished with you. You still have to be taught that when I say something, I mean it." 

With that statement she moved in front of me, reached back over her shoulder with one arm that circled my neck, then using her hip flipped me over. I landed on the mat with such force that for a moment I did not know where I was. Seconds later I felt the full weight of her body fall on me and the breath was knocked out of my lungs.  Then with lightning speed she immobilized my body with a brutal grapevine that spread my legs, pinioned my arms, and smothered my face in the valley between her breasts. She turned on the pressure and I felt that my legs were being torn apart, that my body was being stretched beyond endurance, and that I would soon be suffocated by her tits. 

Suddenly she released the hold, only to mount my body and straddle my shoulders and neck with her crotch. I was not stupid enough not yo know what she planned next and I screamed "NO, NOT THAT" I glanced up into her face and saw a look that I didn't like there.  What's the matter, Jim? I thought you wanted something like this".  "YOU'LL KILL ME", I screamed back at her.  Please don't..." She cut me off by sliding forward so that she sat squarely on my face, covering nose and mouth.  I arched up - I flopped back down on the mat - I twisted I wriggled - I thrashed my arms and legs - my body went into wild contortions. Then, as her crotch smothered my face and cut off my air I started to panic. My body went into spasms that jerked it around as if it were being given jolts of electricity. Then everything started to cave in and I went limp. 

Barbara got up off my face, rose to her feet, stamped her foot directly into my midsection, and said, "That should teach you a lesson. Next time you think of getting fresh and I tell you to stop, you'll remember this. If ever I have to do this again it will be much worse for you". With that she left the room and I lay beaten, thrashed, and humiliated on the mat.

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