armlock mixed wrestling tag team leotard female domination match

Update: 05.05.2017

W-460 "Family tag match"

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Things have been going great for Conner Berwyn and his son Casey. They have not lost a match in over 8 months. 3 months ago they won the The World Tag Team Championship in their division. 

Tonight they will defend that title against the only team to ever defeat them.

As their music begins Conner and Casey head to the ring. They climb the steps and enter. Both father and son are in top shape. Both have trained for this match very hard. Standing in their corner they have a look of determination on their faces. They both wear their gold and jeweled world title belts very proudly.

Across the ring their opponents stand in their corner. They too have the same determined look. The only advantage they may have is that they have beaten the champions before. Mary Ann and Cathleen Berwyn know the champs very well. Mary Ann is Conner's wife and Cathleen is Casey's twin sister. No matter who wins the title will stay in the Berwyn family.

Mary Ann and her daughter Cathleen are absolutely gorgeous. They both have great bodies and look fabulous in their thong leotards. Seeing Cathleen it is hard to believe she is only 16 yrs old as is her twin brother Casey. Their red leotards and black pantyhose look fantastic on them.

In the Champions corner Conner and his son make last minute adjustments to their ring gear. They are wearing tan tights and white boots. Both men also have on their world title belts. After pulling up their tights they await the announcements.

"Wrestling fans this is the main event. It is for the WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!! In this corner they are the challengers. Mary Ann Berwyn and her daughter Cathleen Berwyn. In the opposite corner. Their opponents THE WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS!! Conner Berwyn and his son Casey Berwyn"
As the champions names are called a wild cheer comes from the crowd. The arena is full to capacity with fans. Many of those fans are teenage girls who have come to see Casey wrestle.


The ref has given both teams her instructions. This is a 2 out of 3 falls match. Winnable by pin or submission.

In their corner the women get ready. They pull up their pantyhose and adjust their leotards. Across the ring the man remove their world title belts and place them over the turnbuckle in their corner.
Both teams are now ready to wrestle.

Conner will start for the champions and Mary Ann for the challengers. Mary Ann has beaten her husband before, in fact she is the only person to ever defeat him. Conner looks at this match as a way to vindicate himself, he badly needs a victory over his wife.
"BONG!!! BONG!!! The bell starts the match. Both wrestlers exit their corners and lock up, the first fall has begun. Conner and Mary Ann struggle for a few seconds when Conner gets her in a SIDE-HEAD LOCK. Mary Ann tries to pry Conners arms away from her head, but he has her very tightly. Quickly Conner does a HIP ROLL on her taking Mary Ann to the mat. Tightening his hold on her Conner soon has Mary Ann kicking her legs and twisting from side to side trying to get free.

After a minute or two Mary Ann is able to escape and get back to her feet. She and Conner lock up again and this time it's Mary Ann who come out on top. She slips behind her husband and twists his arm up into a HAMMER-LOCK. With his arm twisted up behind his back Conner is soon up on his toes trying to ease the pressure.
For the next 8 minutes Conner and Mary Ann wrestle back and forth. First it's he that has her in a painful hold, then a few minutes later she has him in a hold. As the exchange of holds goes on the fans begin to see that Conner is slowing down. He is breathing hard and is having difficulty escaping from Mary Ann's holds.

A trip out take down lands Conner on his back with Mary Ann on top of him. She locks his legs in a GRAPEVINE and spreads them wide apart. With her hands on his shoulders Mary Ann is attempting to pin Conner. He struggles to keep one of his shoulders off the mat. However, with his legs spread apart there is tremendous pain in his groin. After struggling for over 2 minutes Conner is almost finished. He cries out to his son and tag team partner: "Help me son, help me!! She's got me I can't get up!!" Stretching his arm as far as it can go Casey reaches to tag his father. After several misses the two men touch finger tips.

Mary Ann rolls off Conner and goes to her corner and tags in Cathleen. Conner rolls out of the ring onto the apron and lies there exhausted. Casey enters the ring to face off with his twin sister. It is clear from the start that Casey is no match for Cathleen.

The two teens lock up and Cathleen quickly takes her brother to the mat. Her first move is to split her brothers legs wide apart. Pushing on one of his legs with her boots, she pulls the other one with her hands. Casey screams in pain as he is split apart. "AAAAAA, your tarring me apart!!" After only a few seconds Cathleen uses one of her hands to put a CLAW HOLD on Casey's abdomen.

Casey screams in pain as his Abs are squeezed by his sisters fingers.

Casey is now panic stricken. His legs are being split and his stomach is being clawed. He twists and turns trying to break free he stretches out his arm looking for the tag. "Dad where are you? I need to tag out. She's going to rip me apart. HELP ME DAD HELP ME!!!" Conner however cannot help his son. He is still lying on his back just outside the ropes.

Releasing both her holds on Casey, Coleen gets to her feet. Grabbing one of his boots she lifts his leg and begins to twist it very hard. She then begins to work over his other leg. Finished with his legs Cathleen pulls Casey to his feet. Casey is very wobbly he has difficulty standing. Before he collapses to the mat Cathleen jams her arm between Casey's legs and grabs the back of his tights. She wraps her other arm around his head and lifts Casey off the mat. Holding him chest high for a second or two Cathleen slams him down across her thigh.

Casey screams in pain as his back hits her leg. "My back - my back!! Oh god it hurts!!" Not giving her brother any time to recover Cathleen again lifts him into the air then slams him down.
With Casey draped over her leg Cathleen takes his chin and pushes down on it. With her other hand she pushes down on his thigh. She now has Casey caught in a KNEELING BACK BREKER.
Casey struggles to pry her hands off his chin. Falling that he then tries to get them off his leg. It's no use Cathleen has a tight hold on him. "DAD I NEED A TAG!! SHE'S GOING TO SUMIT ME!! TAG ME DAD PLEASE TAG ME!! It's no use Casey's dad Conner is too far away and and is still on his back on the ring apron.
After only a few more seconds Casey can hold out no longer. He's finished and has to surrender the fall to Cathleen.

"Let me go Cathleen. PLEASE let me go!!! I give up, you win. Please stop!! I SUBMIT!!! I SUBMIT!!"

The ref calls for the bell and the first fall is over. Cathleen pushes Casey off her thigh and he falls to the mat landing on his back. 

All Casey can do is lie there on his back. He can't mover or get to his feet. After a few seconds his father and tag-team partner Conner come to him and kneels down beside him. He takes Casey's hand and asks "Are you OK son? Can you get up? I'll help you if you need it. Casey almost breathless tells his dad "Sorry DAD, I lost. She beat me, Cathleen beat me again, just like last time." Taking his son's are and helping him up Conner tells him "It's OK Casey. It's only the first fall. We'll get them next fall. Don't worry".

Father and son return to their corner to get ready for the next fall. Across the ring Mary Ann and Cathleen are celebrating their victory. They high-five and hug. Cathleen tells her daughter "Great job Cathleen. I'm so proud of you. That' twice now you've defeated your brother. You are so much better that he is".

Casey spends the few minutes between falls trying to get ready to wrestle again. He pulls up his tights and adjusts himself. He seems to be ready, however inside Casey is frightened. He is afraid of his sister and what she might do to him. He know that she is a much better wrestler and that she is stronger. He knows that if he gets caught in the ring and can't tag out she will defeat him.

The bell for the second fall rings and both wrestler begin to circle. It is very obvious that Casey is tentative. He back away from Cathleen with his hands out in front of him as if asking her to leave him alone. The fans at ringside can see the fear on his face, he doesn't want to be beaten by her again. Cathleen does not share Casey's fear. She knows she can take him. Moving swiftly Cathleen grabs Casey's arm and twists is it up behind his back. Casey grimaces in pain from the HAMMER-LOCK she has him in. He is up on his toes and is grabbing at his shoulder as Cathleen pulls up on his arm. Next she pulls his arm out straight and twists it into an ARM-WRINGER. Casey is again up on the toes of his boots. Suddenly Cathleen reverses the WRINGER driving her brother to the mat on his knees.

Over the next several minutes Cathleen moves from hold to hold working over Casey's arms and legs. Each arm is twisted and bent. She then takes Casey to the mat and begins to work over his legs. All Casey can do is scream in pain as he is battered by his sister.
On the outside of the ropes Conner shouts to Casey to tag him. "Tag me Casey, tag me!! Don't let her submit you son!! Stretch out and tag me." As Cathleen continues to work over Casey's legs he stretches his arm s far as it will go. After several near misses Casey is able to just touch his father's finger tip.

Conner enters the ring and his son Casey rolls out under the bottom rope. Casey lies face up on the ring apron unable to get to his feet. As Conner and Casey exchanged places so did Cathleen and Mary Ann. Although Conner was hoping to face Cathleen he is met by his wife Mary Ann.

Mary Ann goes immediately to work on her husband. As he approaches her, she lands a vicious side kick to Conner's mid-section. Conner instantly drops to his knees holding his belly. A second kick lands on the back of his neck sending him crashing face first onto the mat. Mary Ann is on him in seconds. She sits on his back and cups her hands under his chin. As she pulls up she traps Conner in a painful CAMEL CLUTCH. Conner screams in pain as his neck is bent back, "OH NO, my neck. You're going to break my neck." Mary Ann hears Conner's screams and asks "You ready to give up?

Submit to me and I'll let you go!! Come on Conner submit!! Knowing that if they lose this fall they will lose their titles Conner refuses to concede defeat. "No won't give up, You won't beat me this time!!"

Falling to get her husband to submit Mary Ann begins to work over Conner's legs. Flipping him onto his back she grabs his boot and viciously twists his leg. Conner rolls from side to side tying to break her hold on him. He reaches up to his knee and grabs his leg in pain. Changing the hold Mary Ann steps on one of Conner's boots using her hands she splits her husband's legs wide apart. Conner claws at his legs, he cups his hands over his manhood as he screams in pain. "AAAAAOU!!! It hurts, it hurts!! You're going to tear me apart!! PLEASE MARY ANN PLEASE!! LET ME GO!!!
As Conner once again cries out to his wife to stop, Mary Ann again asks him if he is ready to submit to her. "You ready yet Conner? Submit and I'll let you go. Come on give up, I've got you. You can't escape we're going to take your titles!!" As she shouts at her husband to give up Mary Ann changes holds. Bending his leg around hers and pull the other leg out straight Mary Ann puts Conner in a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK. Again Mary Ann shouts at Conner "How about now. You want to give up yet? It' only going to get worse for you. Submit to me Conner." Showing great courage Conner gives his answer "NO I WON'T SUBMIT!! I CAN TAKE IT, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME GIVE UP!!"

All though Conner has shown his courage he has taking a beating in this match. Mary Ann has proved to be stronger, faster and more skilled that her husband. He will not be able to refuse her requests for his submission much longer. It has also become obvious that Mary Ann has no intention of pinning Conner. It seems like she will only be satisfied with forcing him to submit.

After punishing Conner for several minutes Mary Ann releases the FIGURE-FOUR she has on his legs. Conner pulls his legs up as he lies on the mat and rubs his painful knees. He looks to his corner to see if his son Casey is able to tag him and enter the ring. However Casey is still on his back just outside the ring ropes. Conner knows that he must finish the match alone.

As Conner lies on the mat unable to get to his feet, Mary Ann runs to her corner and tags in Cathleen. The match will now be a father vs. daughter match. Cathleen runs to where her father is lying on the mat. She grabs his boots and rolls him face down on the mat. Standing over him Cathleen drives her knee down into her father's back. The teenage girl has been waiting a long time to mix it up with an adult wrestler.

Conner screams in pain as her knee impacts his back. "OOOOHHH!! My back, my back!! Cathleen gets to her feet and again drives her knee into his back. "AAAAAUU!! You're going to break me back Mary Ann!!" The battered male wrestler does not know that he is facing his daughter, he never saw the tag. For a third time Cathleen's knee slams into her father's back. This time she lets him know who he is wrestling. "It's not mom, it's me dad. You're wrestling me now."

Reaching down Cathleen grabs Conner by his hair and arm. She pulls him to his feet, reaching between his legs then grabbing his head Cathleen lifts him off the mat and slams him down across her thigh.

Cathleen pushes Conner off her thigh and he falls to the mat. He make no effort to get up as he is completely immobilized from the pounding his back has taken. Cathleen turns to look at her mother, Mary Ann holds up on finger. She is telling her daughter to slam her dad one more time.

Cathleen again pulls Conner to his feet reaches between his legs then lifts him off the mat. As She holds her father in the air he cries out to her. "No Cathleen no, please don't!!! Don't slam me again!! Please not again!! But it is already too late as Conner crashes into her thigh once more.

From outside the ring Mary Ann shouts to her tag team partner and daughter: "Now Cathleen now. Finish him, make him submit. You can do it honey, you've got him he can't escape. Make him submit!!!"

Nodding her head Cathleen rolls her father onto his back. She bends his legs at the knees and steps on his thighs. Taking his boots she locks them with hers. Reaching forward she grabs his arms and pulls them up behind his. Rocking back and forth several times Cathleen lifts Conner off the mat up and over. Cathleen now has her father trapped in a devastating CELLING HOLD.

Conner is dazed and disoriented by the pain of this hold. He begins to scream. "HELP ME, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! She's got me I can't get away. HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME!!" Although he is screaming for help Conner has not given up, there has been no submission.

Cathleen still holding her father tightly in the hold shouts to him. "Give up dad, don't make me do this. Submit the match I don't want to hurt. SUBMIT DAD, PLEASE SUBMIT!!!"

The ref seeing that Conner is now helpless and that Cathleen does not want to hurt him any longer ask Conner if he's done. "Conner it's time to give up, don't make her do this to you!!"

With no strength left to fight with Conner at last surrenders to Cathleen.


After his submission Cathleen quickly drops her father to the mat. 

During this time Casey has gotten to his feet just in time to hear his father submit. He instantly realizes that they have lost the match and their titles. Seeing his father lying on the mat Casey hurries to his side. Conner is on his back, it is arched up and he is holding it with both hands. Casey kneels down beside his dad. "She beat me Casey, I'm so sorry she beat me." Casey listens while his dad talks.
"Dad what happened? Mom did this to you?" Casey believes his mother was the one that beat his dad. "NO son no, not mom. Cathleen beat me, she made me submit to her. I've lost our titles. We're not the champions anymore". A stunned Casey can hardly believe that Cathleen has done this to their father. "Cathleen did this to you? She was the one that beat you? How, how did you lose to her?"

Conner still in pain tells Casey: "So strong, she is so strong. No match for her, she's too strong for me. She made me submit". Casey helps his dad to his feet and both men limp back to their corner. As they await the announcement the ref takes the World Title Belts from the men's corner and hands them to both women. Mary Ann and Cathleen wrap the belts around their middles and buckle them on. Then the words that neither man wanted to hear:

"The winners of the second fall and the match in two straight falls and now the new WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPONS MARY ANN and CATHLEEN BERWYN !"

The new champions raise their arms high in the air as the crowd cheers. Across the ring both men hang their heads in shame. They watch as the new champs Walk around the ring acknowledging the cheers of the fans. As they get close to the beaten males they point to their belts and smile. Back in their dressing room the men remove their boots and slid their tights down their legs and off. They both stand there in only their jockstraps. Beaten and humiliated Casey holds his head in his hands. Conner just shakes his head in disbelief. "HOW, how did they beat us so easily? We've lost our titles. They have now defeated us twice. What are we going to do Casey? We may never be able to get our titles back. They are just too good for us!!"